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Detroit still undecided on T-Mac

(photo. Marc Morrison)

It’s like there’s no middle ground: NBA teams either make decisions that seemingly take no forethought (e.g. New York re-hiring Isiah Thomas and subsequently pissing off Donnie Walsh), or they overthink decisions that should be easy. The most recent example of that? Detroit still mulling whether or not to sign Tracy McGrady. Why wouldn’t Joe Dumars make the move? From everything we’re hearing it’s a one-year, vet-minimum contract, so no risk there. It’s not like you’re throwing off the chemistry of a championship-contending group. In fact, T-Mac might make some people pay attention to an otherwise irrelevant team. And looking at Detroit’s roster, they don’t have anybody with the same combination of scoring/playmaking ability as T-Mac. Rodney Stuckey and Rip Hamilton can score, Ben Gordon can shoot, and Will Bynum can dish, but T-Mac can do it all (when healthy, of course). McGrady would actually be the best passer on that team. About the only drawback would be him taking some minutes away from developing youngsters Stuckey and Austin Daye, but those two could also learn some things from the vet … Ever since we heard about President Obama installing an NBA-caliber court at the White House, we knew it was only a matter of time before some of the League’s top guys made their way to D.C. to get in a run with Barack. Yesterday, it was LeBron, D-Wade and Carmelo ballin’ with the President — although it wasn’t at the White House but in a gym nearby. UConn women’s star Maya Moore also played in what was basically a goodwill exhibition for some wounded war veterans. Magic Johnson and Bill Russell were also there; we couldn’t confirm or deny reports that Russell got on the court and send a ‘Melo dunk packing. No media was allowed inside, because according to the White House press secretary, Barack “just wanted to play.” … Jeff Van Gundy on the new-look Heat: “They will never lose two games in a row this year. There is now no good way to defend them. They are unguardable.” Van Gundy also said Miami will break the 72-win record for a season, and that only the Lakers have a “remote” shot at beating them in a seven-game series … So about those Knicks. According to the NY Daily News, the decision to hire Isiah almost caused Donnie Walsh to quit, as he’s been trying to move Isiah completely out of the picture and get Chris Mullin more involved in running the team. What does Isiah do so much better than anyone else that the Knicks can’t find somebody who won’t cause friction in the front office and who won’t actively turn off the fan base? Surely there has to be some no-name guy who knows a little about the draft and free agency who can work as a consultant and would be a less of a potential disaster. You can find 10 dudes in Brooklyn named Jamar who can scout college players and take a part-time gig … The Dime crew was in Baltimore this weekend for the Red Bull 2-on-2 Revolution tour. Lots of talent out at Cloverdale Park (Melo’s old stomping ground), but in the end, Philly-bred duo Tyrone Hill and DeSean White copped the $2,000 check, prize pack and bragging rights. Next stop? August 21 in Washington D.C. If you’re in the area and want to play, sign up here … We’re out like Dolan’s mind …

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  • jackass

    yo first!!! august 21 DC see me on the court… anyone?

  • me

    tyrone hill……..THE tyrone hill?

  • Jerry

    Heat will be good, but not THAT GOOD. Theyll wil 60 games. I mean cmon if Lebron can win 60+ on a similar roster -bosh/wade what can he do on a roster similar +bosh/wade…… Im not the biggest lebron/wade fan but you have to admit they have a pretty good team even though we wont know how the chemistry is ATM. But i dont think itll be too big of a problem.
    -BTW, had lebron left for another team,lets say, the bulls with Bosh, would Jordan/magic/other be calling him out still? I think the face that he and Wade played similar roles on their teams in years past puts his credibility (on winning a ring by “himself”) down a little.
    Just think about, if he went to a team of lets say Lebron,Bosh and Boozer for example, would he have still been criticized for taking the “easy” route.

    -Btw, im a lakers fan..Go lakers!!

  • hadoken

    glad im not the only one who thinks the heat can get that 72 win record. this team is going to take the win record and phil’s second repeat threepeat. boo hoo for phil and la. go heat!!!

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    i’m so diappointed for tracy, a player once won
    the king of scoreer in the NBA, now no team want
    to sign with him, so i think the attitude and working hard is very important for anybody, nomatter who is he.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    the NFL sees the AI / TMAC scenarios all the time when aging superstar runningbacks aren’t able to dominate like in their prime….only thing is neither player seems capable of playing an Old Glove role and get their chip…that’s what’s said…

    and I’m with #2…is that 40 year old Tyronne Hill running shit…he’s one of my favorite Cavs of all time by far…him an Popeye Jones need to go yell at somedoctors for the handprints left in their skulls, but other than that Tyronne was cool….


    Zeek gets a bad rap.

    Starbury (with a sane mind)

    This would’ve been a playoff team and probably better than this years Knicks. Hell, he even had mccurry playing hard.

    Lay off him. And if I remember correctly, Scott layden put them in cap jail not Isiah

  • common sense

    finally JVG speaks sense, I predict the same outcome, two of those stars combined alone would stand a chance to win 70+ games let alone three. Im honestly struggling to see how they would loose a game. Also, try playing zone against Wade or James, they would surely get to the rack and finish, game over league, GAME OVER.

    Lets face it, Lebron won 60+ games twice without Wade and Bosh, and Wade carried a scrub heat team with no players but Haslem to 5th seed in an albeit weak conference. We will witness history this season never witnessed before in the NBA. JVG said it best, ‘better hope the lockout comes one year early’.

  • welcome back to reality

    not trying to hate or anything, but jvg must be toking off of mike beasley’s bong


    I know JVG loves running his gums but surely he should know better. What he’s saying is just plain stupid. 60/65 wins is a best case scenario. Talent is one thing but shit like chemistry, consistency, injuries and the fact that even the worst teams in the league are filled with PROFESSIONALS makes winning 70 plus highly unlikely……..

    and keeping my hater hat on….. Zeke needs to fuck right off, and anyone saying lay off him needs to fuck right off too. He is terrible. Constant quick fixes and short term answers to long term problems are NOT how to run an NBA team. It seems like every player he signed or traded for was either a scrub or someone who could put up good stats on bad teams.

    and finally, i feel bad for TMac, but really, why WOULD and team want him. He isn’t good enough to make a difference to a teams record, but he is good enough that it affects a team when hes in and out of the lineup and bad health is a guarantee.

  • Chris

    The Heat won’t win 73 games for one simple reason: hunger. They aren’t as hungry as Jordan’s maniacally possessed Bulls were. 65 wins tops…still a great season.

  • Yucca Man

    Does anyone remember the last team everyone thought would be the greatest ever? The last team everyone wondered how they could ever lose a game?

    2004 Lakers. How did that turn out?

  • Otto

    Anybody else suspect that Van Gundy deliberately made these statements just to add more pressure on the Heat and relieve his team of that pressure. Is it a psychological ploy or an honest assessment?

  • karizmatic

    Van Gundy is the king of hyperbole…that’s become his schtick. He says things he knows are wildly outrageous just so he can seem more interesting as a “sportscaster” No one should take what he says too seriously.

  • NTstateOFmind

    “but those two could also learn some things from the vet”
    …what? how to coast and take days off? not the locker room presence i want around my young guys.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Heat win 58-62 games. They may get to the ECF if the team chemistry is there, but there is just no way in hell they get close to 72/73 wins.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Stuckey is 24 yrs old. He’s pretty much finished developing. If he doesn’t take a giant leap forward this year and have an all-star caliber season then I’d say he’s reached his peak.

    Personally I like JVG but I don’t think any of his wild predictions have ever come true so I take it with a grain of salt.

  • Sporty-j

    Why would a team want to sign McGrady unless hes trying to compete for a ring. If im a scrub team like the Pistons i would not waist my time and just look to build towards the future with young studs who may be able to challenge the power house teams of the NBA like Oklahoma City has done…

  • downtownbrownclown

    better than the bulls’ 72-win season? please… if they’ll be 20-0 for the first 20 games then i’ll ride on the bandwagon… i doubt that they’ll have that certain chemistry to go along…. anyway, McGrady would be a fine addition to the pistons… but t-mac should join the knicks even for just one season… or even phoenix so that he can rehabilitate there… he “was” a fun player to watch, and i’d like for him to make a comeback, hope he goes to a contender, or a team that can still use his talents.

  • Chise


    Constant quick fixes and short term answers are the recipe that has gotten the Boston Celtics to 2 NBA finals in 3 years.

  • s.bucketz

    T-mac to the celtics…complete the 2002 NBA All-star team!!!

    Where did you hear that donnie walsh is tryin to bring Chris Mullin in besides pure speculation from their friendship??He is trying to bring in Warkentein (the Nuggets former exec)..or hes tryin to groom Allan houston for the job eventually…but you guys jus felt like throwin somethin random out there..thas cool too


    @20. No, the Celtics completely bottomed out, acquired some young talent and high draft picks and then packaged those for established and respected players who they knew would help create a winning environment and make the most of Paul Pierce’s last few years in his prime.
    What Zeke did was make a series of ill thought out trades and signings with no real plan.
    Bringing selfish jackers and players who havnt proven anything who could never fit in any system all together is completely different from what the Cs did.

  • Stunnaboy09

    T-Mac to the Pistons makes no sense, unless they trade Prince and Rip (they should) then their stacked at the wing spot and its just gonna take minutes away from Stuckey and Daye. While Stuckey is what he is at this point, he is their best player capable of getting a solid 18-20 points a night. I can actually see a Bynum/Stuckey backcourt working out in some situations.

    Like people pointed out LeBron took a bunch of scrubs to 60 wins. Now exchange Mo and Antwan with Wade and Bosh and add in a Haslem (Varejoa with some offensive game) and other srcubs and I say the Heat win 60-63 games first year and maybe 2-3 years down the line after some MLE additions they may pull off a 73 win season.

    People don’t realsie those 3 are going to get MAJOR burn, if one of them breaks down (I nominate Bosh) then they may be in trouble.

  • Ian

    remind me again how did tmac get votes when we did the whos better tmac or manu?? no one wants this bum.

  • ab_40

    72 will never be broken simply because these guys don’t want to play hard all the time. lebron is more woried with making money then with the game. Wade wants to but he’s more baller than businuess.

    Tmac to chicago made far to much sense. Detroit? With tay, hamilton, stuckey, daye even jerebko. not a good fit.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com/2010/07/lebron-james-is-not-jesus.html#more haslem


    I was wondering the same thing.

  • Claw

    T-Mac talked himself out of Chi-town with his starter talk, needs to accept his position as a reserve. That’s what killed AI.

    72 games? Hell no, they might not get as many wins as the Cavs did last year. These guys got old dudes and scrubs filling in the roster and I’m not sold on Bosh and holding down that frontcourt.

  • BiG_RoB_n_CaLi

    @Yucca Man

    That year Laker team had Payton and Malone who were old and Kobe had his drama going on plus Shaq was coming off injuries that year. This Maimi team will have three all-stars/superstars that are in there primes I doubt they will win rings this year but may get the best record this season

  • Fish

    Employing T-Mac is far from a no-brainer. Guy may have been talented but has developed a really bad attitude over the last half decade. You always hear him speak like he is the Man, and how dare anyone suggest otherwise. This has continually led him to be detrimental to his team. Personally I wouldn’t have him anywhere near my team chemistry.