Smack / Aug 8, 2010 / 12:08 am

Dirk’s Dwindling Championship Hopes Take Another Hit

photo. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Despite the fact Dirk Nowitzki signed a new four-year contract with the Mavericks this summer, the realistic oddsmaker knows Dallas’ championship window for the Dirk era only has a couple of years left — if it hasn’t been slammed shut already by the likes of Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade and Baron Davis — before it’s officially rebuilding time. The Mavs took another hit this weekend, as rising star Rodrigue Beaubois broke his left foot while playing for Team France, a setback in the young guard’s development. At worst, Roddy B could miss three months, and while he’d still be able to play most of the season, he’d lose valuable time in his offseason training. It’s been expected that Rick Carlisle will look to start Beaubois next to Jason Kidd next season, which could lead to a scary situation (for Carlisle) where Caron Butler or Shawn Marion has to be told they’ll be coming off the bench. Good luck with that … LeBron had his Akron bike-a-thon charity event yesterday, and during it offered a long-awaited thanks to some wounded fans. “To the city of Cleveland, my fans in Cleveland, my fans in northeast Ohio,” LeBron said, “I want to say thank you for the last seven years and the years that continue to go in the future.” Don’t worry, he’ll still get booed mercilessly the next time the Heat visit the Q … As we posted this edition of Smack, rumors were swirling that T-Mac has signed a one-year deal with the Pistons. What would a combo of Rip Hamilton and McGrady have been nicknamed in, like, 2004? “Lethal Weapon 2″? … The Bulls appeared to be done with collecting wing players when they signed Keith Bogans over T-Mac the other day — yes, Keith Bogans has become more coveted than Tracy McGrady — but word is they’re still talking to the Blazers about trading for Rudy Fernandez. At one time Taj Gibson was the focal point of the talks from Chicago’s side, but now it’s James Johnson. Even though Johnson (16th pick) was outplayed by Gibson (26th pick) in their rookie seasons, he’s still a great athlete and potential beast of a defender, a 6-9 guy who has the physical gifts to be schooled at guarding anybody from LeBron to Carmelo to Blake Griffin in the future. Johnson would be a good pickup for Portland … Meanwhile, Draft bust-in-training Joe Alexander has been working out for the Wolves. Of course. He’s right up David Kahn’s alley: a guy with a permanent “potential” stamp on his forehead whom no one else seems to want … Smush Parker wants back in the League. One of our favorites from the NYC playground scene — dude runs the cage at West 4th — Smush has been playing (and winning two chips) in China the last couple of years. “I’m going to end up at somebody’s veteran camp and try to make the team,” Smush told the New York Post. Probably shouldn’t put the Lakers on that list of potential invites … Speaking of playground buckets, Villanova point guard Corey Fisher dropped 105 points in a New York City summer-league game on Saturday. Crazy. We heard the main guy guarding Corey was a cat from Spanish Harlem named Jose Calderon … We’re out like Smush …

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  • YW

    haha, Spanish Harlem got owned

  • icey

    LOL Calderon

  • Stunnaboy09

    Haha nice jab at Calderon. Whoever was guarding that guy should be ashamed of himself, 105 points? DAYUM. Were they event rying on D?

    I think Chicago should take the risk and send James Johnson fro Rudy. Rudy is athletic as well (he was in the dunk contest) and a sweet 3 point shot. If he ever wants to meet that mystical next Ginobili he has to satrt somewhere, why not Chicago?

    T-Mac is a sad story, when Keith Bogans is picked over you man, you know your in a bad spot. Speaking of best lineups of all time, I gice you the 2004 Boston Celtics hell they sign Marbury and you got

    PG- Ray Allen (23/4/4)
    SG- Pierce (23/7/5)
    SF- Finley (15/5)
    PF- KG (24/14/5)
    C – Shaq (21/12)

    Sixth men J.O (20/10) and Sheed (17/6.5)
    Tell me they don’t win 70 games with that squad?

    Roddy breaking his foot is a sad thing, but if Butler canplay like Butler and Girk still has one more superhuman season left in him, Dallas might shocj some people and make a run

  • ab_40

    broken foot.. nasty. even with all the big names last years playoffs showed that they’re the little brother again to san antonio’s big brother status. houston remain in baby bro state.

    I can see lebron pull a kg and to be surprisingly injured every time they play in cleveland over the next two seasons. Boozer did that too. They don’t even know who he is anymore.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman


    YES in 2004 they could of maybe won 70+ games. In 2010-11 they wont win 70 games..

    Also heard Corey Fisher dropped 23-28 from three point land, crazy stuff.

  • pipdaddyy

    No offense, but ain’t noone winning 70 games with Ray Allen at the point, and btw Pierce is a 3. Ray is one of my favorites, but is certainly not a point guard.

  • JJ


  • That’s What’s Up

    70% from three-point land? Sorry Smush, they’ll sign CF before they go with SP.

    On a side note, I read an interview where David Kahn talked about his wife and how she had potential, but needed to focus on her speed drills and conditioning.

    His kids had no comment

  • That’s What’s Up

    crap – 82% !!!
    Call Guiness Book!

  • control

    Smush is pure garbage, one of the worst players to ever put on an nba jersey. He has moderate athletic tools, but literally zero iq. He should never be mentioned in same sentence as nba ever again.

  • couch potato

    calderon line was ice cold!

    Crazy how tmac is trying to get a job. I’ve been killing him ever since but he just got nothing now. Damn detroit getting him just to get some news in the offseason.

    Rudy to the bulls needs to happen

  • buffalo balla

    yep, Beaubois broke his left foot Dallas is done!
    (you’re KIDDing right?)

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com/ haslem

    I like: The big Leprechaun for Shaq, unless that’s lame as shit

  • Bub

    @ Dime, Spanish harlem had me laughin.

    Even though its a streetball game, at some point doesn’t it become personal when hes straight cashin for 10…20…30…40…50…60…70…80…90…100… on you? Calderon ain’t known for his D, but hot damn.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Rudy to the Bulls = Pointless. but i’ll take it.

    What the Bulls should be trying to do is sign a big man. It’s too late to steal someone like Javel McGee from the Wiz (which is what they should have done last year) but they can do that or somehow get Boozers contract voided.