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Giveaway: Decide Who Wins The Converse Poorman Weapon

Two weeks ago, we had a contest to design your own Converse Poorman Weapon before they dropped for the masses. And from all the submissions we got, we figured that we’d let you guys vote on the winner. Below are the Top 5 designs and some design inspirations, so let us know who should see their pair come to life.

Dion Gardiner
Here’s a shot of my Poormans using the Raptors color scheme. I’m sure there’s a joke in there about how poor the Raptors are going to do this season, but I’ll leave that to you guys.

Jon Broyles
Nothing looks better than a fresh white shoe. Plus, a little contrast with an off-white/white body doesn’t hurt either. (Especially with the classic Converse canvas.) I wanted to go almost Jordan-esque with the red/white/black, but as cool as this shoe is, it needed something else. I’ve been super into purple lately, and a purple/red combo definitely delivers a punch. A black toe will keep them cleaner longer and looks dope anyway, and the purple laces brings it back around.

George Clausell II
The inspiration for my shoe is being easy to wear, squads I like in college basketball and one of my nicknames. I picked the combination of blue and grey because you can rock that color combo with multiple outfits versus something like a loud green which you can only wear with certain clothes. Also, the dark blue and grey rep my G-Town Hoyas and the Carolina or sky blue reps the Tar Heels who I also like. The shoe’s are also tagged with one of my nicknames, “The Mayor,” because I am way better on defense than offense. I would tell cats before or during a game, “Welcome to Shutdown City and I am The Mayor.” It kinda stuck. G2 is just my number in my line of family G’s. Dad is G1, me G2, and of course my son is G3.

Jhiam Marasigan
I’m still hurting from Brett Favre leaving, especially when he singlehandedly killed The Pack last year… TWICE! This would look good with my new Aaron Rodgers jersey and will definitely ease the pain when they play again next year.

Kyle Griffith
I called them the “Dragons 1 Hi.”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below who should win.

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  • Large

    I vote Broyles.

  • control

    Doesn’t matter what colour you make it, shit still looks, smells and tastes like shit!

  • skifree

    I’m kinda liking the sweet tones from Griffith

  • Jacq Attaq

    Broyles all the way

  • Lady Tatas


  • beholla


  • JMath

    Broyles shoe is hot.

  • http://jughead.tumblr.com Jughead


  • Sweets

    Another vote for BROYLES!!!

  • Imanikeheadiwearchainsthatexcitethefeds

    I vote Jon Broyles, def the best color way

  • Nozomi Hitomi

    Kyle’s Dragon 1’s

  • Langz

    K Griffith’s design is off the chain…by far the best color scheme.

    K Griffith should win in a runaway!

  • http://www.dimemag.com BackInBlack

    Haaa control. Your so right, their all shit.

  • easy yeezy

    The G2 and Kyle Griffith designs are dope.

  • Diane

    I vote for Dion’s

  • Batman

    Purple laces all the way.

  • Celts Fan

    that’s constructive, thanks Control haha

    I like Kyle Griffith’s, then George Clausell’s.

  • Orange

    George Clausell II

  • rina marie

    Lovin the colorways on Broyles!

  • A Beast

    Personalization is mad corny.


  • http://www.carrieshare.com CarrieShare

    The purple and red is a very now combination.


  • little ozzy

    Dion Gardiner

  • wolfmask

    I would take Jon Broyles shoe out to a nice dinner, sleep with it. Then never call it again.

  • Drizzy Drake

    Dion Gardiner, I’d actually buy those given the chance.

  • karizmatic

    I’m going with the first ones Dion Gardiner’s joints, but George Clause’s are sick.

    That purple on the laces wasn’t a good idea to me on Broyle’s joints. Even though it appears everyone likes them.

  • Shoe Voter

    Dion Gardiner



  • Converse

    Dion Gardiner’s shoes ftw.

  • The Real Converse

    Broyles’ should be called the Gardiner 2. Same overall aesthetic, but upgraded.


  • Bryan C-Jello

    Hedo might not like the Raptor’s but I do. Dion Gardiner nice shoes.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    George’s shoe
    Dion and John’s pratically the same.
    Jhiam’s only apply really if you a Packer fan or like Sprite.
    Kyle’s are tight but bring the Denver Nuggets to mind.

  • Yerp

    Broyles’ mean.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    First line should have said George’s shoe should win.


    Only entry on the page is his/mine. I thought I won hands down lol. Where these other dudes come from lol. Plus yall (DIME) said:

    “We’ll go through and pick the one we like the most, and post some of our other favorites as well. Once you’ve e-mailed us, drop us a note in the comments and tell us some of your design inspirations and why we should pick your shoe. Good luck!”

    Anyway it’s all to the good, I am still top five dead or alive!

  • sweetv0mit

    Ima vote cheesehead

  • sh!tfaced

    The least shittiest is Brolyes…

  • derf

    Dion Gardner, Raptors shoe gets my vote

  • http://mschetterdesign.com mattmyblood

    BROYLES IS THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    The Dion Gardiner Raptors Shoe

  • Jess

    I vote Dion Gardner!

  • JEM

    I like Dion Gardners best. And I think Broyles are very similar, but I don’t like where he put the colours. Dion’s are better!

  • Marc

    I vote for Dion Gardiner!!!

  • Vijay

    I Vote for Dion Gardner.

  • Weezy no f baby

    George Clausell’s are way better, like a pair I would actually buy.

  • A-Town Down

    George’s are better than the rest. His look like adult shoes and the rest look like something kids would wear.

  • VB

    Mr. Clausell’s should win.

  • Sean of Warr

    I wouldn’t rock any of them by free choice, but if made to I would go with George’s.

    Some of these shouldn’t even be up here.

  • Teanwork

    In taking those look-a-likes out the equation I think you gotta go with George’s.

    I just wish he hadn’t personalized them.

  • ryan

    Dion’s FTW

  • A G also

    I gotta vote for my fam. and even if he wasn’t fam. those other shoes are ugggly cept for the Jordan copy.

    Still George should win.

  • Double up

    Clausell deserves this. Purple shoe strings on black, white and red….really?

  • AIMS

    Hmmmm? George Clausell II I guess I will vote for yours.

  • A sun

    George’s get my vote. I might have changed the laces but they still look the best overall.

  • Jut

    Broyles without question.

  • Ma

    Jon. Sorry guys.

  • terri

    Jon Broyles.

  • Espo

    Second one.

  • Teanwork2


  • Wifey

    Purple and red.

  • Byron


  • Grassia

    Jordan inspired with the Purple.

    Looks more Raptors inspired than the first one.

  • AD

    Yup. Broyles.

  • Goobydoo

    Clausell’s get my vote officially but

    I like Kyle’s though too.

  • Matt

    No. 2.

  • Omi Bird

    G. Clausell’s should get it.

  • A Q

    George’s but I wouldn’t wear them to ball with.

  • Steve

    Dion’s shoes hands down best ones

  • Notorious K.I.M.

    George’s win and I agree with A-Town.

  • V-Ness

    I give my vote for George’s. PG will there be any G4’s lol?

  • Boop

    George Clausell’s get my vote also. Did you really get Tha Mayor from that Spike Lee Movie “Do The Right Thing”? There was a guy on there called “The Mayor” …he was a bum lol.

  • The Bridge

    George’s, George’s and George’s.

  • Snatch

    George’s should win.

  • Da Big Dawg

    Gee them are nice! I vote Clausell.

  • Sicker than yo average

    George Clausells I would wear. The other’s not so much.

  • J

    I don’t know about all this ID bull. Custom is custom, let’s not put our names, or corny nicknames, on ‘em.

    Broyles is dope.

  • Martini

    I vote Clausell

  • G&S

    George should win. Converse are so out though.

  • Rockmarts Finest

    Yea Gee got those. George’s are the best considering choices.

  • Drenched

    George’s. Those others are crap.

  • Ang

    George’s! Those second ones are so ugly.

  • daghost

    Griffith wins…followed by clausell

  • datdood


  • Pretty Sneaky

    Yea Brother Clausell’s has it!

  • Ant

    Clausell the best
    Then Griffith

    the rest can be put away.

  • 500

    Clausell’s no doubt

  • The Kid

    I like George’s shoe.

  • Im buggin

    George’s or Poppi Gee’s

  • ZZ

    Clausells all the way.

  • YpsiRickitheDragon

    George Clausell II

  • Notre Dame

    That blues on grey is ill. Clausell got it.

  • Oh Henry

    Gee’s take the win!

  • The King

    George’s win.
    The King has spoken.

  • Projections

    George you deserve to win. Nice kicks.

  • Mr. Reason

    Look like skateboard shoes to me. I go with Clausells though.

  • thegame

    Dion Gardiner FTW!

  • Shade

    Clausell’s look like some Kanye or N.E.R.D. joints I gotta vote those.

  • bola

    there are several new names out here.. aside from celts fan, karizmatic, poppi gee and , of course, control the hater, i never read most of these guys posts.. did the designers called their friends up to vote or did they just do it themselves???? anyway my vote goes to the grey/blue colorway.. i will scrub the mayor tagline out if i ever purchase it though..

  • kijiji

    hands down

  • ramesh

    Dion and its not even close

  • michael


  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Dion Gardiner

    FOR THE WIN!!!

  • DeeBo

    Them Clausell’s look classic, gotta roll with them.

  • Nice Wit It

    George Clausell II. Fresh ones.

  • Jay-Roc

    Gardiners is nice


  • Mark H.

    Dion G. 100% Best sneaker there and you all know it !

  • Exar

    Dion Gardiner’s look the best.

  • Jay Pistle

    Dion Gardiner reppin the Raps!

  • VICTORious


  • paul

    Dion!!! Vote +1

  • B G

    Clausell without question.

  • So col

    George Clausell II’s I like!

  • J Cash

    George Clausell’s you could rock with the baggy jeans and something fresh up top. That blue is killin it. Those are it.

  • Big Mike

    G C’s win. That’s it, that’s all.

  • NGeo

    Georges, I could work with those.

  • Marvelous

    Clausells look smooth. Going with those.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    After going through all the votes, and discarding duplicates and ones from the same IP address, the winner is Jon Broyles. Congrats!