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How Much Do You Want It: The Miami Heat’s Battle To Be The Last Man Standing

One way or another, there are going to be a lot of broken hearts in Miami this year. Either the new-look Heat don’t win a championship, or they do, and three guys who signed this summer don’t end up getting a ring. Now that Miami has inked former West Virginia star Da’Sean Butler, the 42nd pick in this year’s NBA Draft, he becomes the team’s 18th player under contract going into training camp. So while it’s going to be an uphill battle for Butler as he works to come back from a torn ligament in his left knee, let’s look at the roster and try and figure out who will be on the outside looking in this year.

Nothing to worry about (6)
Dwyane Wade
LeBron James
Chris Bosh
Mike Miller
Udonis Haslem
Mario Chalmers

These six guys will play the majority of the minutes this year for Miami, and will ultimately determine whether or not they win it all.

Cheap veterans are safe (7)
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
James Jones
Eddie House
Carlos Arroyo
Juwan Howard
Jamaal Magloire
Joel Anthony

When you’re trying to win a title, you need guys with experience. These seven players were all brought in just for that. Think of them as the rest of the team from Ocean’s 11. The specialists.

Fighting for their lives (5)
Patrick Beverley
Da’Sean Butler
Kenny Hasbrouck
Dexter Pittman
Shavlik Randolph

And this is what it all comes down to: five guys, all making under $1 million, fighting for the chance to make history. So how do you think it will shake out? Will the Heat ride with their rookies Butler and Pittman, or will they give Beverley a shot, who last year was one of the last players cut from training camp? Then you Randolph, who since leaving Duke in 2005 has already played for three NBA teams. And lastly there’s Hasbrouck, who if he makes it, will have to sit out for two games after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated.

Looking simply at depth, it appears Randolph and Hasbrouck are expendable, so that leaves us with one. My prediction? They stick with their rookies. Both Butler and Pittman have first round talent. In fact, the Heat ranked Butler as the 21st-best player in the Draft. But we’ll have to see what happens this Fall.

What do you think?

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  • Ross

    Dexter Pitman makes it if he is within the wieght limits they decide on, cant have to enough size. This would be fourteen players, if there is fifteen then Butler makes it as a NBA wing/defense specialist. But theres a long road for him to be basketball ready let alone NBA ready. The other three look to D League or overseas.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Agreeing with Ross most def. they need Pittman if dude can get the weight right, which has to suck considering he already lost like a ton. Still he can be clog up the lane at least.

    Butler would provide energy off the bench if nothing else.

    The others better start looking at other squads and overseas.

  • http://www.netshype.blogspot.com netstar

    I really hope Butler makes it. If he rehabs properly, he can be a Jamaal Crawford type player for the heat off of the bench

  • Sporty-j

    Butler is going to be a beast IF he recovers properly. The dude was a first round steal, has tuffnes, and i loved his game at West Virginia. I think he will beat out James Jones for that back-up spot at small forward to Lebron and be a key contributer come play off time. With him and Mike Miller and Haslem coming off the bench to give the big 3 plenty rest whenever they need it or on blowout nights. My Heat will stay fresh and those guys might even average 30 minutes a night. Pittman reminds me of Perkins and will be the 15th man for sure. If Butler does not recover fully as expected. Mike Miller will play SF/SG when Wade or Lebron are resting and expect us to add Jamal Crawford or J.R. Smith next year with our MLE to cut down on EVERYBODYS minutes for sure especially Mike Miller who is no younging.

  • karizmatic

    I think it’s a no-brainer you just stick with the rookies and see houw things pan out.

  • frank katten

    Who came up with the name “Ocean’s 11″?!?! I’m a private contractor…

  • BeEqual

    ha ha.. nice Miami logo Dime.

  • Diggity Dave

    With Bosh, Haslem, and Howard, I don’t see a need for Randolph. I’d rather see Pittman and Butler get some burn in blowouts.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ BeEqual


  • RC

    I don’t really care about the fighting for their lives group. With those 13 vets on the team it’s a sure deep playoff run if not an NBA title for the Miami Heat. Unless the Celtics get it done one more time.

    Kobe and the Lakers got it easy on the west end.

  • IGP

    I think it’s funny when people say things like “My Heat”

  • http://facebook breon

    I feel as the rookies should get a shot at playing for the team because they will be. More determined to play at a top level with top players such as Wade, Haslem, James and bosh them younger players can and will run the floor.

  • jack 77


  • Larry

    I followed Butler through his career at West Virginia.
    If he can be healthy, he will be a force in the NBA, if
    given the opportunity.

  • http://bleacher arlisa williams

    It does’nt matter who on their second or third roster no one will be able to stop this team offensively or defensively all nba fans need to face fact this Miami Heat team has made itself a force to reakon with.