Ink, NBA / Aug 18, 2010 / 1:00 pm

J.R. Smith’s New Tattoos Are Ridiculously Amazing

In Dime #57, we showcased Chris Andersen‘s tattoos when we shot him at his tattoo spot in Denver. Already the NBA’s most tatted team, Birdman’s teammate J.R. Smith decided to get some work done this summer as well. Using the same guy, Tribe Tattoo’s John Slaughter, Smith went all out with his new ink that proves he’s “married to the game.” Check ‘em all out after the jump.

What do you think?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/boneystarks Boney Starks


  • NYK

    thug. he’s the reason why the other thug Melo is bolting as i post:


    can anyone explain to me, why would a trade make more sense to Melo or to the Knicks? I mean, he’s free to go wherever as a free agent next summer.

  • control

    “young money” has to be one of the stupidest things you can tattoo on yourself, next to a bullzeye on your asshole. Is he going to get it updated when he’s “middle age money” or “old money”?

    I’d just say his tattoos are ridiculous, not amazing.

  • Bizz

    That’s a very rocky marriage…he plays so unfaithful lol

  • kyle-lee

    He has young money cause that’s the record label he’s affiliated with as in lil waynes record label…

  • x0t


  • Detroit Dave

    Just cuz you make millions of dollars doesn’t mean you have common sense.

  • matula

    J.R Smith est l’un de mes joueurs preferées dans cette Ligue mais c’est tatouage sont horribles!

  • dj

    It says “young money” because he’s signed to Lil Wayne’s label and that’s their group name. Please learn something.

  • http://www.netshype.blogspot.com netstar

    neck tats are retarded

  • LakeShow84


    Another examples of a brotha on a stage and feeding hype into the “ignorant black black basketball player” machine..

    I dont care how much yo suit costs.. you put that shit on with all those tats you still look like a moron for havin all that ink..

  • toldyouso


    the reason why a trade makes sense for Melo and/or the Knicks is because he might have actually valued and appreciated the time he’s spent in Denver and wont want to walk away from the Nuggets without at least giving them the opportunity to retain players to fill the void caused by his departure. it also allows him the possibility to first sign the extension that the Nuggets have given him (who can offer him more money than any other team) and then move to New York. as for the knicks, they obviously would love to keep gallo since he has so much potential, but getting Melo takes care of their need for another frontline SF. also if they really plan on building a super team to rival Miami, i’m assuming they have their fingers crossed in getting CP3 as well so trading the expiring contract of curry and a player like gallo (who will command a decent-sized contract once his rookie contract is up) is something they must do. i know its new york and all, but they’re not the yankees. they cant just pay to keep eeeeveryone haha.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Count it as a blessing you can get that stuff removed. Dude would look real corny being 60 something with Swish and Young Money tatted on his neck.

    Again I think I typed it a few days ago in trends that need to go. Tats are really over-done and this is a really good example.

    Then you have Mike Tyson, Birdman getting stuff on their face and HEAD? Really?!?!

    Why not get “I’m the Sh*t!” tatted in your azz crack, i mean it’s really too much!

  • karizmatic

    I agree the tattoo thing is getting a little overblown…but I’m not a fan of tattoos anyway.

  • Young Gunner

    See what happens when you give black people money and free time…..

  • yoda

    it seems his IQ is equal to his vertical leap. and thats generous

  • Marcus

    Lol why is everyone hating?

    Those tattoos are pretty sik. Its his choice to have body art on him. It shows his passion for the game. Now if only he could stay focused for a full season and not be a distraction.

    Earl Smith III can make it rain, those tats just make him look fresh while doin it

  • chise

    If the nigga likes tattoos, let him get tattoos.

  • Taj

    Young Gunner you should call yourself young Idiot.. Chris Andersen (white) has as many tattoos, as the article stated. Is that what happens when you give white people money and free time?? I shouldnt even be wasting my free time responding to that, I should apparently be getting neck tats, IDIOT!!

    Go fuck your hat!!

  • BO-V

    young money tattoo aint a good look. is he good or even put out shit regular enough to be known as a rapper? fuck young money

  • control

    Young Money makes sense now…JR Smith and Lil Wayne both have the same life philosophies: throw enough shit out there and hope some of it goes in. Lil Wayne produces 20 bad tracks for every good 1, JR Smith throws up 20 bad shots for every good 1 of his.

    I’m thinking that MC Hammer and Antione FatWalker should get together with Lil’ Wayne and JR Smith, and go on tour. They can call it the “ballers and ballahs – old bankruptcy meets future bankruptcy tour”.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Hmmm don’t know. Where I am from tattoos don’t really = ……passion for the game lol.

    Everybody has their thing though so I ain’t trippin. Again long as you can get them removed I guess it ain’t so bad. However, there is this little thing called moderation.

  • jryu


    he only posted that to get a rise out of ppl.. don’t feed his trolling ego.

  • Slink

    I dig JR’s ink. Who cares if he doesn’t look what mainstream society would call “professional”, he plays basketball for a living and will never have to work a normal job. I say more power to him.


    I personally like tattoos, but good tattoos. Most Nba players tatt’s look like they were done in prison or something… Thats the thing I can’t get my head round, they have the money to go to the best tattoos artists in the world and yet they go to someone that tattoos like a drunk 12yr old with 3 fingers…..

  • That’s What’s Up

    If I was going to get tattoos I’d put them near the bottom of my shaft with the words “keep going” – so the ladies would know what needs to be done

  • http://www.fark.com the brown sound

    @25 – exactly!

  • SWAT

    do you…thts all you can say. i hv half sleeves so i can still wear polos to work if need be. i laugh at these young cats getting neck tats, forearm, full sleeves and havent even graduated college or high school yet. dumb ass thundercats. i hope ur rap career pans out. just think about it before you get it and make sure it means something, dont get caught in the moment. but like i said different strokes for diff folks i guess.

  • Young Gunner

    Im being dead serious. Just screams of ignorance. Im not comparing him and Anderson by any means but im sure Taj agree with Smith’s foolishness. Couldve done something more productive instead of getting another stupid tattoo

  • Coney Islander

    2 words…”Do you”.

  • Coney Islander


  • Ric Hardwood

    JR Smith is taking stupid tattoos to another level… your move Deshawn Stevenson… hehe

  • Taj

    Gunner, I do agree that it is much..

    But at the end of the day its their bodies and not something that happens when you give black people money and time. Dikembe Mutombo was black w/ money – he built hospitals and schools..

  • Young Gunner

    At the same time, you cant compare Mutombo and JR Smith in anyway, shape or form. Two very different lifestyles and personalities. And yes, IT DOES HAPPEN when you give black people enough time and money to do something seriously questionable

  • da real Rondo

    this dude is a clown. one of the biggest wastes of talent in the league. he want to be a thug sooooo bad, haha. he’s gonna end up like jr rider or overseas somwhere.

  • rangerjohn

    he has money, the man can afford better work then that, looks like his buddy got a gun and did it in the living room.


  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    Shouldn’t the Nuggets be in the Guiness Book of World Records by now?…NBA team with the most tattoos per player???

  • sh!tfaced

    Tatoo: Permanent proof of temporary insanity.

    That being said, it’s safe to say the insanity in Young Money isn’t temporary.

  • Roc

    Fellaz do ya homework…No he’s not signed to Lil Wayne’s label…….He got the Young Money name when he played up at 155th…..that was way b4 lil wayne’s young money label…

  • http://www.nba.com Michael

    Not having a tattoo is the new having a tattoo.

  • Geoff

    Each to their own. I personally would not go for the heavily tatooed look. It is not a ‘black’ thing, as there are many from other races with tatoos. Hopefully players don’t forget how they got the money for all these tatoos in the first place…NBA contracts. With that said guys are in the gym more than the parlour (hopefully).

  • Itsame

    1) The Birdman he was talking about with a tatoo on his head was Birdman aka Baby of Cash Money.

    2)Yes, if the dude wants tattoos, let him get tattoos. Nobody told “Hey Hugh, you got too many bitches, you look like a manwhore”. So get off his nuts

    3) Young Gunner, he can in compare Dikembe to JR, because as you said “This is what happens when you give black people money and free time”. THey are both black. He was just showing you that your statement is false because as you say “You can’t really compare the two because they have different personalities”

  • Desrat

    Obama is black, and now with money–he leads the free world.

  • Robb

    Does anyone know the significance of the Swish tattoo? There appear to be numbers in the letters. S has a 3, W has a 1, I has a 1, S has a 3, and H has a 1.

  • Hazeynights

    Ummm…Who cares…People stop Hatin…mofo’s steady throwin stones….take a look in da mirror..aint none of us perfect..Do You..Damn

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Uf. So many comments, don’t know how I feel about it.

    But I know that I’ll be pissed if every time he hits a big shot, he runs down the court with his head cocked back SWISH

  • capostat

    watch him show his neck while he’s skipping backwards from a 3 point basket.


  • gigi

    tatted guys are sexy

  • David

    young money means his family wasn’t rich, he’s the first in his fam to have money, not like old money who would be the slaveowner descendants and ish like that

  • CP

    NOBODY likes JR Smith…how could they?