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Jordan takes a second shot at NBA Draft glory

Given the “appeal” of Charlotte to NBA free agents, the lack of cap space the team had this offseason, and the fact that the Bobcats are actually coming off a decent year (losing their playoff virginity) and didn’t need to make any major trades, there were only like two or three realistic moves Michael Jordan could have made this summer to wind up in the headlines. And yesterday he made one of them by bringing Kwame Brown to the Bobcats … Granted, it’s just a one-year deal for the veteran minimum. And as far as backup centers go, you could do a lot worse than Kwame. But this is just like when the Knicks re-hired Isiah Thomas for those 20 minutes a couple weeks ago: What does Kwame do so well that you couldn’t have signed anybody else and avoided the bad PR and constant jokes? Charlotte could have inked Francisco Elson to a cheap deal and gotten similar production without becoming a punchline. But if anybody in the League can operate beyond the scope of public perception and not worry about his credibility, it’s Jordan … Right after Spain and Team USA played another nail-biter, it was announced that Spanish PG Jose Calderon will miss the World Championship due to a torn hamstring. He’ll reportedly miss at least a month, which could bleed into Raptors training camp. Not that the team is too high on Calderon anymore anyway — remember, they tried to trade him in the botched Tyson Chandler/Boris Diaw deal — but he’s still an important part of the rotation as Jarrett Jack‘s likely backup … From the “Consider The Source” files, apparently Antoine Walker has dropped 20 pounds since re-dedicating himself to an NBA return, and a handful of teams are interested in him. But that’s according to Walker’s uncle. That’s like one step above a player’s Mom claiming he’s grown more mature and is in the best shape of his life. Just about every NBA team could use another shooter and a vet with championship experience, but given his age and conditioning, what’s the difference between signing ‘Toine and signing Sam Perkins? … Over the weekend there was a short-lived rumor that the Hornets were interested in Allen Iverson. One reason it was believable was that New Orleans (again) doesn’t really have a backup PG for Chris Paul. Yesterday the team signed Mustafa Shakur to a partially-guaranteed deal, meaning he’ll still have to earn a roster spot in camp, but he’s in line to be CP3’s understudy … How good is Yi Jianlian? How good can he be? In a recent interview, Yi’s trainer called him “unbelievably fast” and said he’s trying to get Yi to play like Rashard Lewis, using the three-pointer as his bread-and-butter. We got a look at Yi with Team China at the World Basketball Festival, and he looks like he put on some muscle. The Wizards will be his third team in four NBA seasons; with some consistency and job security, he should improve over the next few years if he doesn’t keep getting traded … When we grow up, we want to be Bret Michaels. The guy hasn’t made a relevant piece of music in like 20 years, yet he still has good to amazing-looking women literally fighting over him and gets to do stuff like host last night’s Miss Universe pageant. Of course Bret still rocked the bandana in a room where everybody else was dressed to the nines … We’re out like the 2001 Draft …

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  • Steve Nash

    whoa @ Guatemala and Mexico…. mmmmmm

  • Steve Nash

    whoa @ Guatemala and Mexico…. mmmmmm

  • Stunnaboy09

    I don’t why nothing seems to get me more excited than watching a bunch of 10’s go at it in a ruthless cut-throat competition… about superficial beauty.


  • s.bucketz

    who really wants to play like rashard lewis??hes ass…

  • alf (from melmak)

    My memory is blurred on this but I think Kwame Brown made a respectable account on himself during his time with the Lakers.

    If Phil Jackson was convinced enough to have actually taken a chance on him, what is stopping Michael Jordan for doing a take two on the guy?

    Lastly, if you cannot trust Jordan, at the very least people will have to admit and nod that Larry Brown will maximize the players he is given and have a competitive team out on the floor night in and night out.

    What?! Bret Michaels hosted the Miss Universe pageant??? Was Hugh Jackman, David Letterman, or even Ewan McGregor not available? Heck, I would even take David Hasselhoff over him in a bizaare sort of way.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    59. Because I am not a poison. I will also chickenfoot someone with a Roth surname. And I may have a cinderella story.

  • Sam I Am

    @ Alf

    Where do you live??

    I see you be posting mad early

    ohhh btw Ms. Universe was GREAT! (http://tv.yahoo.com/slideshow/602/photos/1)

    – Ms. France looks amazing!!
    – Ms. El Salvador is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    – Ms. Croatia wowzers!
    – Ms. Czech Republic

  • JJ

    always wondered if Bret Michaels was bald under that bandana? i mean he is always wearing it!

  • http://www.my-dogshop.com/doggie-dining_elevated-dog-feeders.html Susan

    I think Kwame Brown made a respectable account on himself during his time with the Lakers.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Sam I Am

    I am from Melmak. :)

    Maybe it is just me but the Miss Universe pageant seem so superficial.

    If only based on looks, I am more into Amanda Peet, Maria Kirilenko, Anne Hathaway, Andrea Catherwood, and Norah Jones. Wierd me.

  • datdood

    those girls are all bad as hell!!! i like Australia the best though.

  • quest???


  • sh!tfaced

    Mexico was da shit!!!

  • Trey bing bay

    Gotta give it to Miss Columbia. Between her and Shakira why the hell haven’t I moved to columbia yet!?

    And Kwame, yeah ummm who cares.

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    Don’t know why a team like the Hornets doesn’t go after Patty Mills to backup Chris Paul. Unless CP3 still has nightmares from Patty in the 08 Olympics, hah!

  • SJ

    So, when you grow up you want to infect Pam Anderson with your homebrew STDs? I would have gone with another comment about how f’ing hot Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend is. She could have won Miss Universe!

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    “Not that the team is too high on Calderon anymore anyway — remember, they tried to trade him in the botched Tyson Chandler/Boris Diaw deal — but he’s still an important part of the rotation as Jarrett Jack’s likely backup…”

    Not Jose Calderon that folks were screaming got All-Star snubbed some years ago and had sand all in their pannies about it. LOL wow from possible All-Star snub to ….Jarrett Jack’s backup. Done.

  • fallinup

    Don’t know what country she was from but the chick with the bandana was DDAAAAAAYUM!!!!!.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    I wanted kwame on Miami. I dunno it was a weird dream I had. Like a nightmare that somehow turned out well.

    @alf: you know the name of the planet is Melmac , not Melmak.



  • bdk23

    i really think the reason why calderon completely fell outta the discussion as a “solid” point guard-cuz he was never great or a never a superstar- was because up until his 2nd yr he didnt have much competetion besides nash, billups,parker….Guys like cp3,rondo,roy, rose, d-will, westbrook,jennings,reke,steph, etc have completely S-H-A-K-E-N the shoes outttaaa jose. His softness and lack of speed is so bad he cant keep within a step and a half of these guys.

    When will Bryan Coleangelo learn european style is NOT going to win you games nor keep players in tact. Im not tryna be a racist but I’m sorry, I’ve been watching Coleangelo put his faith in overseas players so much and at times questionable moves (i.e. bargnani with #1 pic or 09 offseason pick-up/saviour He-Don’t Tukoglu) Its like he’s trying so hard to look like a genius but its backfiring.

    ps ms guatamala was by far the sweeetest dididididididididaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm!!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    The Miss Universe pieces were nice. But seriously, take away the 40 Oz of makeup they wear, and their “hair/weave”, and you can find five just like them on the subway everyday

    I don’t care how much weight Antoine Walker has shed. He needs electro-shock therapy to concentrate on the “jacking-shots” section of his brain – then he’ll get some looks from teams. When he gets out of his car he starts yelling “I’m open!”

  • WinDelRoj

    You can find all sorts of people who can take terrible shots, dont rebound or play defense and have championship experience… Adam Morrison?

  • Mtx

    if that grants him a 100 million dollar contract, then he definitively should paly like rashard

    @Trey bing bay
    Shakira is from Colombia, not fucking Columbia

  • LakeShow84

    @ SBuckets

    Yi wants to play like Shard because Yi is major dooky so playing like shit is actually an upgrade.. feel me??

    @ DIME

    We cant get a Miss Universe update?! WTF??

    lol Anyhoo

    Miss Guatemala really made me think about life..

    Miss Egypt made me feel warm inside..

    Miss France so bad.. bad in the best way..

    Miss Israel had tramp written all over her, god bless her..

    Miss mexico?? She was aiight lol

  • Chise

    Damn, no love for Miss USA? She was good enough for me…

    About Kwame, it’s funny how people say “he isn’t THAT bad.. his game is just under a microscope since he was the first pick, he’s really a serviceable big” <– Fuck that, he sucks. Period.

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 20

    You realize that Tony Parker is European right?
    Try to keep generalizations to a minimum…

  • control

    Side topic, Rondo withdrew from team usa. I don’t know if this correct or not, but apparently Rondo was saying something about how he’s the best pg in the world and deserves better teammates and more playing time. The guy is a straight out douchebag, and he’s barely top 10 pg in the nba…maybe he won’t even be top 10 once this season is done and some of the young blood grows.

  • JC

    MJ thought he was right about Kwame Brown. Then, he realized he was wrong. Now, he thinks he’s right again. This should be fun…

    Great news that Mustafa got a look from the Hornets. I’ve been waiting to see him play an NBA game for a while now.

  • bdk23

    @K dizz suck a mothafuckin dick

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    He really said that?? can i trust u on that lol i know u 2 go way back hahaha

  • K

    Miss Jamaica was the baddest

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 29

    Since you can’t handle that, here’s some mo for you.

    “i really think the reason why calderon completely fell outta the discussion as a “solid” point guard-cuz he was never great or a never a superstar- was because up until his 2nd yr he didnt have much competetion besides nash, billups,parker”

    In Calderon’s “2nd year”, he was the backup to TJ Ford.
    In his 3rd season, TJ was still the starter, got hurt, lost his spot, but Calderon said he could have it back cuz he knew TJ was a lil bitch who would destroy team chemistry if he didn’t start. That was the season he was an all-star hopeful.

    In calderon’s 2nd year, where you claim his only comp was Parker, Billups and Nash, it blows my mind that you can make that list and ignore Arenas, JKidd, AI, Baron, Sam-I-Am, DWill, CP3, Dre Miller…

    Don’t start none, won’t be none

  • http://www.guildwars2gold.org guild wars 2 gold

    I feel bad for hearing MJ resigning Kwame Brown,maybe he want to prove himself, kwame is not so bad just like the other people remarked, He also want to give Kwame a chance to prove himself. No matter want, that is a gamble. Good luck, Mj and good luck Kwame brown.

  • bdk23

    @k jizzed on your face

    yeah and i completely stand by my statement. first of all i mentioned cp3 and d will both , now lets look at the rest of your list b.diddy(injuries) guys like Jkidd,andre miller cool yeah they shoulda been mentioned but their style of play(transition buckets, first pass down low, jump shot from perimeter) favours calderons defence farrr more then the likes of new breed of point guards who are just taking that first step and blowing right by his ass. At least calderon hadddd the physical abilityies at one point to keep up within a half a step(maybe not arenas) and somewhat slow his opponent down…If you been watching raptors games like i have for the last few years youd notice that calderon is our biggest liability on the floor now and EVERY-SINGLE point guard in the league waits to come toronto so they can carve his ass up..