Smack / Aug 20, 2010 / 12:01 am

K-Mart isn’t buying Denver as an NBA championship contender

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

A lot of talk around the Dime office yesterday focused on 2011 NBA championship contenders. Are the Nuggets in the mix? One of our guys thinks so, which is why he says Denver shouldn’t trade Carmelo Anthony. But then again, Kenyon Martin doesn’t even sound like he thinks Denver can go all the way. “Al (Harrington) is cool,” K-Mart told the Denver Post about the team’s big offseason pickup. “Al’s my man, but I can’t see how we got better. You know, I’m going to be out and (Birdman) is going to be out (to start the season), so did we get better? I can’t say that we did.” K-Mart also said he completely understands where ‘Melo is coming from and doesn’t get why people are giving him grief for not signing an extension … Of course the Lakers are part of the championship argument. If Kobe cops his sixth ring next year, completing his second three-peat and taking down a super-talented squad like Boston or Miami, does he pull even with Michael Jordan in the all-time ranking? Some say Kobe would move ahead of Mike … How crazy is this? Serbia and Greece got into a bench-clearing brawl during their “friendly” exhibition yesterday, and Nenad Krstic had his goon face on. Nenad was clubbing people with his fists and throwing chairs, while Baby Shaq was charging after Serbs like he was trying to make it across the White Castle parking lot before they close the doors … Good news and bad news for the Bucks. The bad news is that Andrew Bogut‘s elbow injury could sideline him for the first month of the regular season. The good news is that Milwaukee is close to signing Earl Boykins to a one-year deal. Has any team gone from almost invisible to being so fan-friendly in such a short time? Between Brandon Jennings, “Fear the Deer,” the always-ReTweetable Bogut, Bango, Buckets Salmons, Ii>The Expendables reject Ersan Ilyasova and now Boykins, the Bucks are a team to watch … The Houston Chronicle had a good story about Courtney Lee, which had a part about why he’s always worn No. 11 until now. (Lee is switching to No. 5, since Yao Ming wears No. 11.) Lee will still write “11” on his sneakers and has it tattooed on his arm as a tribute to Danny Rumph, his college teammate who wore #11 and died of a heart condition at 21 years old … Stephen Curry picked the worst time to get hurt, spraining his ankle as Team USA goes into the home stretch of exhibitions before making that last cut for the World Championship. (Is it too late to add David West to the roster?) We know we’ve been all over Team USA (for obvious reasons), but check DimeMag.com soon for our full blowout FIBA World Championship preview. Who are your picks to land on the medal stand? … We’re out like effing with Krstic …

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  • rapTOr


  • IGP

    I don’t get why people say Kristic doesn’t fight fair…Baby Shaq could have used a chair too

  • Chise

    @ IGP


  • Joe’s Momma


  • 3ple2ble

    lol @ IGP

    nenad doing a melo… jab, run, jab, run… he would make ali proud… minus the bobby knight impersonation, though…

    and, who cares about effin’ with nenad? nobody mess with baby shaq!!!

  • http://www.guildwars2gold.org guild wars 2 gold

    It is no doubt, the Denver is not the competitor for the nba champine. Anthony has big possibility of leaving Denver and go to the big apple city.

  • ToAn

    now i really hope serbia and greece meet in the tournament…i guess they would not wait till the end of the match to throw some cheap shots at each other…and i think that nenad without a chair vs. baby shaq without a chair would be unfair….hope that curry makes the final cut, he is listed as day-to-day so it doesn’t look like a serious injury

  • Mavs All The Way

    KMART looked a bit “clean” on that picture. that was 1999.

  • me

    was watching the usa-france game on espn3. doesn’t eric gordon have a game like a young ray allen? yall should do a comparison piece. they both would kill you with jumpers if you gave them space, but are (were) quick enough to blow by you if you got too close.

  • 3ple2ble

    ray’s J is more “fluid” than eric’s… the latter’s form is too mechanical, too stiff… though, both seems to work well…

  • S-SiN

    Yeah, u’re right about ‘Melo’s contract and Nugs chances K-Mart, but why the fuck are YOU out all the time?

    WC Medal Stand – Spain, Greece, USA, Argentina/Brazil. In that partyicular order.

  • http://slcdunk.com AllThatJazz – Amar

    The media and the casual fans need to get off the nuggets jock. Since Melo and AI were first team mates we’ve been force fed a heavy stream of media saturation (endless mag covers, NBA TV puff pieces, etc). What did they do? Nothing. They got Billups and they go to the West Finals one year. (Shiite, Utah did that back before it was cool, in Millsap’s rookie year) I’ll be happy to see them suck for another few decades. (Remember when their brief shining moment in the modern era was getting to the 2nd round in ’94?) They can’t even do that with this squad.


    They aren’t even a 2nd round team. We all saw this as the Jazz playing without homecourt and without two starters and being forced into starting a mentally retarded kid beat their asses. And that Jazz squad got swept in the next round.

    If the champion can sweep a team that the Nuggets can’t even beat with so much going for them — how can the Nuggets contend for the championship?

    They dropping down to the NBA-DL or something?

  • control

    That Serbian fight was pretty funny. Though, in my experience, most Serbs will smile to your face all day, then wait for you to turn your back before attacking.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I’ve only read the headline and my first thought was “who is buying that K-Mart is a Championship caliber player”?

    Jason Kidd, and guys like him (Steve Nash, etc…) make guys into Max Money players when they aren’t – see A’mare 2010-2011

  • That’s What’s Up

    DIME – Why don’t you get a “where will the Heat end up this season” pool going with your readers. Take everyone’s predictions for total wins/losses and where they finish in the playoffs. Give away a T-shirt or something. You could have one of your interns manage an excel spreadsheet with all entries. Or easier, throw up an article on the site, readers will post their predictions, they can bookmark it and re-visit the link at the end of April. Closest/exact wins/losses wins the “shirt” and the tie-breaker is the round of playoffs they exit, the Title or no playoffs.

    Too many people think they are going 75-7, but I can see the future.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Man KMart is the shit, and he is telling the truth. I hope he comes back healthy 100%

    I agree about his ideas about Harrington, does he make them better? He gives them a scoring option at the 4 and thats it. He is totally different from every other big man they have.

    Al playing the 3? I don’t think so. Thats like saying LO can still play the 3, yes they can do it, but they aren’t guarding anyone on the perimeter at all, so the cons are way larger than the pros

    Nenad, he went to jail for that incident, that sucks. I watched it, and he got involved way late, then was backing up the whole way until he got that chair.

  • sh!tfaced

    Boykins playing for the Bucks? Fear the FAWN… LOL

  • Yo dime!

    Yo Dime, write up a style section article about these new UA kicks they bout to launch: http://www.cnbc.com/id/38787000

  • Three Stacks

    Krstic thought Slobodan Milosevic was back in power and decided to do some ethnic cleansing.