NBA, Olympics, Video / Aug 23, 2010 / 10:00 am

Kevin Durant’s Buzzer-Beating Block On Rudy Fernandez

As we said in Smack, Spain vs. Team USA might be the most entertaining basketball rivalry on the planet right now. If you missed the game, watch through the highlights from yesterday’s game, and make sure you catch Kevin Durant‘s buzzer-beating (and game-saving) block on Rudy Fernandez. If Rudy sticks around in the NBA this season, their first matchup could be interesting.

What do you think? Will Fernandez play in the NBA this season?

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  • D.I. Dollar

    OKAY, Spain got a nice lil squad. Keepin’ the U.S. honest.

  • mules

    still not as good as this one.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    That in-out move by Rubio with the reverse lay-up looks a lot like a travel to me. Especially when every player on Team USA was hit with traveling violations all game long…. but whatever

  • QazQami


    u have obviously no idea what the travel rule is … : /

  • thenatural

    @Chicagorilla – agreed, one in particular was on durant where he beat rubio or navarro with a quick first step and dunked… there was no way it was a travel.

    spain is good competition but i can’t get over how scrappy their squad is. running, one-footed three pointers? child please is what that gets… and i’m still not convinced rubio would be anything more than a rafer alston or jason williams in the nba

  • s.bucketz

    the travel rule is a lil different in fiba rules..especially when dribbling off the first step..a lot of nba players move their pivot b4 dribbling which isnt called in the nba but it is called in fiba…

    wuts good dime??wut was the point of writing smack when you could have jus posted this video up seeing as thas wut u watched instead of the actual game…wuts good??coodnt spring for that espn3 account??

    but i gotta co-sign that cristiano ronaldos girl is fiiiire…i dunno if i could b a foot fairy and rock a man bag for her but that bitch bad

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Poster #4

    You’re an idiot, please never comment towards me again. I feel like your stupidity may bleed through my screen, leak onto my keyboard, and absorb into the tips of my fingers. Slowly eating away about my body and mind until I start to make stupid comments like the one you just made.

  • Detroit Dave

    If Ricky Rubio was American, would he be a show boat?

    By the way that dude has the chance to be a solid player, I hope he doesn’t go to the T-Wolves tho.

  • flyp

    @3 That’s no travel. Euro-step, man.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Lol @ Chicagorilla, but still…that definitely wasn’t a travel, sorry bud.

    I DID see some sick basket interference on the USA pretty shortly afterwards, though.

  • bullish513

    In a best out of 7 we win in 5…In a tourney like this a hot team can get hot…a la Duke vs UNLV…

  • James

    The refs were shit in this game…but team USA to realize everyone wants them to lose.

  • default

    where the f**k is the travel on rubio? 1+1=2 steps… usa gets called for traveling all time because they’re not used to playing with this rule, they especially travel when they start dribbling (almost every time and they should be punished every time but it will ruin the game because they’re a bunch of dumb asses and can’t remember not to run with the ball in their hand, so the refs only call the most flagrant ones). americans invented this game but forgot how to play it along the way…