NBA / Aug 2, 2010 / 12:45 pm

NBA Free Agent Rafer Alston Opts To Coach

Rafer Alston, Dime #34

While most NBA free agents this summer have been working out deals, Rafer Alston has decided to spend his summer vacation a little differently: He’s coaching. The New York City streetball legend has been on the AAU circuit coaching the New York Panthers. Last week at the Desert Duel Memorial Basketball Tournament in Gilbert, Ariz., Coach Skip and his squad (led by blue-chip prospect Maurice Harkless) took home the crown.

Although Alston’s name hasn’t really surfaced with too many teams this summer, he without a doubt can still play. While his averages of 8.2 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.4 assists don’t suggest as much, when given the chance, he produced to the tune of 15-plus points nine times for the Heat last season. For teams in need of a backup point guard, he deserves a look. That is, if he hasn’t decided to trade in his shorts for some coaching slacks.

Keep in mind, Skip has coached at the Elite 24 before in addition to this summer’s games.

What do you think? Would Alston be a good coach?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/SportsNut2571?v=wall Ocie Clelland

    Skip to my Lou as a coach?? Wow! Maybe he will be a better coach than he was a player. Not knocking his skills as a player, but rather, his attitude. For someone who possesses the abilities that he does, he seems to be quite the troubled one. If I am correct, he did get suspended indefinitely from the team for making himself unavailable to the team after he lost his starting job to Carlos Arroyo. Now I ask you, is that the kind of person I would want coaching my team?? Like I said, I hope his attitude as a coach is better than his player attitude.

  • chris

    coaching seems like the wrong fit for him. it’d be like allen iverson coaching.

  • Joe’s Momma

    #1 Ocie Clelland got it right

    Skip ditched Miami because he wasn’t the starter anymore.

    That is why he is opting to coach, no team wants to add that headache for a backup to the backup.

    I like Skip, actually, I fell in love with him after he slapped Eddie House over the head in the playoffs. But what he did in Miami was just wrong.

    For a guy who is flashy, to change his game and become a floor general is pretty impressive. But Skip is no longer going to be in the NBA. With the free agent pg’s available, this guy would have been one of the better ones available if he handled the Miami situation better.

  • Promoman

    In fairness to Skip, it did get out that his sister had tried to committ suicide: http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/The_Baseline/entry/view/58828/rafer_alston_says_concern_for_sister_led_him_to_leave_heat

    There’s also conflicting reports that he told them all along what was going on and they used that as a reason to deactivate him.

  • Detroit Dave

    He probably has a good connection with the young high school cats. If I had that chance I would play for him.

  • sh!tfaced

    An uncoachable piece of shit like Rafer is coaching now?! LOL. Just look out for the karma, asshole…

  • me

    that’s a good look. It takes understanding of the game to coach, attitude is less of a factor i’d think. He always seemed to understand the game well. He should be able to light a fire under his players’ asses though, which isn’t a bad thing.

  • Skeez

    Im sure any Miami Heat player will tell you. If the organization knows you’re in a tight spot they will support you (i.e Mourning, Haslem, hell even Mark Blount). Skip bitched up when Arroyo beat him out as the starter. I know he’s wishing that it would’ve played out differently had he known the super friends were teaming up.

    With that said, I still wish him luck. Dude brought streetball to the mainstream and stuck around the L a lot longer than anyone could’ve imagined.

  • Thomas w

    We dont know what really happened …. i think he lost his starting job due to lack of production…. b ut he blew a great opportunity that will never come again……kids keep working on your game and watch your attitude it can cost you millions!!