NBA / Aug 5, 2010 / 12:30 pm

NBA Rumor: Delonte West To Boston, Chicago Or Dallas

After Delonte West officially hit the free agent market, the prognosticators began prognosticating where he’d end up next. We knew it wouldn’t be back in Cleveland, and the rosters in Los Angeles and Miami filled up quickly, so who was going to take a chance on the six-year NBA veteran? Well, according to Sam Amico via Twitter, the early word is that he could end up with Celtics, Bulls or Mavs.

With that said, let’s break down each situation…

Boston: A lot of Celtics fans, myself included, were sad to see Delonte go in the deal for Ray Allen. But, we quickly forgot after we won that whole championship thing. Anyways, the Celtics have been in need of a true backup point guard for awhile now, and especially with rookie Avery Bradley currently hurt. What’s one more “personality” for the locker room at this point?

Chicago: The Bulls are in it to win it. Maybe not this year, but they’re no longer messing around. Tom Thibodeau worked with Delonte when he was in Boston, so he knows what he brings to the table. Plus, their only real depth at the point guard position right now behind Derrick Rose is C.J. Watson. So it couldn’t hurt.

Dallas: Mark Cuban will take a chance on just about anybody. And why not? He could probably get Delonte at this point for real cheap. But, of all the teams mentioned, the Mavs have the most crowded backcourt to begin with. Would he play over Jose Juan Barea, Rodrigue Beaubois or even rookie Dominique Jones? Probably not. And it’s not like Jason Kidd and Jason Terry and taking days off at this point either.

What do you think? Where will West land next season?

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  • Bobb23

    Whats with all these ring chasers? He backed up to positions last year on a championship calaber team, now hes trying to hop on a great team and play a small role? His best chance is backing DRose…is he even on the second team on those other squads? Or maybe hes just not that good?

  • sean

    noone cares!!!

  • Heckler

    is delonte west classified as a point guard?
    didn’t he play mostly 2-guard in cleveland?

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Stop fuckin using the term “ring-chaser” like it’s a bad thing!!! Last I checked, Pau Gasol and Kobe are chasing a ring too!



  • Celticsdada

    FYI: Thibs never coached Delonte in Boston, Aaron. Thibs was in Boston from 200-2010, while Delonte was traded in the summer of 2007

  • sh!tfaced

    How about “Smeagle” or “Gollum”? My precious…

  • Bobb23

    @GAY….you know exactly what I mean, theres a big difference between Gasol getting traded to a good team, and this jerk running to backup Nate Robinson. I will never use the word Piggy-Backers in my life, two reasons why #1 im not gay #2 I like to use “big boy words”….but thanks for your correction

  • kg fan

    what’s wrong with tryin to sign on with a team contending for a chip? Dude got waived, if he doesnt care about gettin paid and playin for a lottery team, why not sign with a contender? People always complain about something, used to be about players signing just for money, now its for wanting to win.

  • ENEW

    Delonte back to the Celtics makes perfect sense. They could use his shooting and versatility off of the bench and he’d be quite grounded with the vets around him. Doc would help his career big time. Bring him back DA!

  • MBE18

    He would fit in perfectly in the triangle offense. The Lakers should take the gamble!

  • karizmatic

    His best bet is Boston…but man…have they become the junkyard and scrap heap of the NBA or what?

  • karizmatic


    I think West would fit well in the triangle as well, but he’s too much of a headcase…and I don’t know if he’d pick up the triangle as quickly as they want him to.

    I also don’t think West is ring chasing…I think the teams mentioned are the only ones really willing to take a chance on him at this point.

  • IGP

    @ Bobb23…what’s gay about the term “piggy backers.” Do only gay people use that word? I’m really confused by all the gay bashing on this site. DIME readers really have a problem with homosexuality. I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m alone here, but to me, calling someone gay (with the intention of being hurtful) is the same as calling someone a Nigger.

    Also…isn’t getting a ring the most coveted thing in the NBA? If I’m going to play in the NBA, wouldn’t I want to be on a good team so we try to play in the playoffs? Why would I want to play for a team like the Wolves? Players can pick any team they want, just like we can pick any job we want.

    Also, think about the best teams right now…LA, Miami, Chicago, etc. All premier US cities. Would you rather play in Newark or LA?

    I’m not a big fan of the Heat, and I admittedly hate the Superfriends, but damn if me and my friends wanted to join a team together and get paid millions, I’d fucking do that. Especially in Miami. Why would you live in Cleveland if you could do the same thing with your best friends in Miami? I think, especially with LeBron, there are so many other factors that it has to been seen on a case to case basis. But don’t hate someone for exercising their right to freedom.

  • http://High High Release

    He’s got that depression thing, that guns thing, and that lip thing. I don’t know who’d really want this boy.

  • J. Wells

    @IGP…Thank You. Couldn’t have said it any better.

  • mgballer

    you need to stfu with this ring chaser nonsense..if youre gonna make a point, at least back it up.. You just said that there was a difference between a player like Gasol joining the Lakers in comparison to West joining any contender. Shouldn’t it be considered worse if a so called “superstar” in his prime is joining up with another superstar in his prime bc he doesnt think he can get it done as the teams focal point?
    If ANYTHING point to Lebron. I mean what would u do if you were lebron and wanted to win a ring? Oh I don’t know, team up with two perrenial allstars and get other vet “ringchasers” to join you for less money? Dude if youre making a scene about role players that actually want to win a championship, then what does it look like when lebron goes to miami w dwade and bosh? You show me whos not trying to win a ring in the NBA and ill show you a player who probably doesnt belong in competitve athletics. WOW

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    He’s not a ring chaser. There are plenty of players at his skill level in the NBA. What separates these players is their stature in the game.

    Rookies that are just as good as Delonte still have potential to get better, either physically, technically, or emotionally. That’s why the younger players gravitate towards worse teams: those teams NEED players with potential.

    Veterans like Delonte are a known entity; teams KNOW what they’re getting from such players. A contending squad that needs a certain skill or player isn’t going to mess around and get a “potentially” good player whose ceiling is unknown when it can add someone they know is going to be decent. They need someone whose basement isn’t too low as opposed to someone whose ceiling could be high.

    Therefore, it seems as though veterans are chasing rings or piggybacking, and young players are just playing for money, but really it’s all about the teams needs.

  • Bobb23

    i apologize for my word choice, it was inapporpriate…but i think there is a big difference between joining an contender to make them better, and jumping on to a contending team to win a championship. The goal is obviously to win, but dont you join the nba to play? If the Mavs won the championship and west was on the bench behind kidd, roddy, terry, jj, and caron,does he even matter. This is obviously just my opinion, but I would rather contribute to a good team then jump onto a team that is just using me as Plan D. Just one man’s opinion, and again im sorry for the horrible choice of words.

  • K

    I’ll gladly take D west back on the C’s

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Bobb23: First off, I didn’t insult you. I didn’t call you names.

    Second, I wasn’t talking about Gasol being traded to LA. I’m saying that everyone in the league is, or should be, chasing a ring. Every player who cares enough to win, whether their team sucks or not, if they are competitive players then they are ring chasers.

  • Bobb23

    Im apologize….”piggy-backers” i meant to say

  • Reno

    Every single player in the history of the NBA (or any sport for that matter) is a “ring chaser”, that’s why you play the game isn’t it? To win a ring?

  • Yohnny32

    How bad does Joe Johnson want a ring? He stayed in Atlanta for $$, instead of going elsewhere to play with championship talent. Iverson is content with just playing, hes not even concerned with a chip at this point.
    Everyone has their own motivation…money for some people, attention for others, and I bet some of these guys just think they would look fly with a championship ring, even if they dont step on the floor.

  • Celts Fan

    Bring him back to the Celtics! We need more guard depth and he’d instantly be our backup PG (or 2 if you wanna play him and Nate together.) Best chance for PT though may be Chicago. Dallas makes no sense.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    We don’t need him in Chicago for several reasons, but i got two big ones.

    1) we don’t need another gun toating manic depressive hoolagan running the streets of the Chi, Lou Penella has that spot locked already.

    2) Lebron James already scortches the Bulls for like 40per game every time we play them, the last thing we need is to give him more motivation.

  • Seamus

    Surely he can’t be going to the Celtics..

    Do they even have cap room left?

  • daghost

    @ chicagorilla…i can tell u from the west side homie! i’m not from there, but again i’m feeling the same way. there is no reason why Chicago should ever accept Delonte into our organization. That dude is a walking time bomb and a killing machine. After that stunt he pulled with the shotguns, possibly literally lol…and as you said ‘bron is already looking for the next chance he has to annihilate/destroy Delonte (also possibly literally), and the last thing Chicago needs is for the dude to break wilt chamberlain’s single game scoring title. CHICAGO PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DELONTE!!!(he may try to feel on Rose’s mom then you’ll lose him to free agency as well….)
    Da Ghost has spoken.

    Da Ghost

  • J Tok

    Delonte has a shot going to Miami too. Him and LeBron are apparently great family friends. LeBrons mom always invited him over for dinner in Cleveland

  • wizfan

    i agree, every player in the league is a ring chaser. Some wanna earn their way, and others want the easy way (see: penny, stevie franchise). Delonte “I got the shotty in the case” West would make sense with the C’s because he’s a better point guard than Nate and avery bradley, he’s a solid defender, and KG’s psychotic self wont let him step out of line. But realtalk, he’s fits in best with the Heat, but we ALL know that’s not gonna happen. btw, is he still with LBJ’s mom?

  • kennypayne

    delonte west is gonna be blackballed from the nba for what he did with lebron’s mom. dont expect to ever see him in a nba uniform again