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NBA Rumor: Shaquille O’Neal To The Boston Celtics

I guess we can say the Boston Celtics are going all in and embracing their role as the old-timers of the NBA. This afternoon, A. Sherrod Blakely of Comcast SportsNet New England tweeted that Boston is extremely close to signing Shaquille O’Neal. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the speculation about matching the Big Aristotle with the Big Green was growing daily.

Just last night, O’Neal said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he thought highly of the Celtics. With his options running out – Atlanta wasn’t interested, Cleveland didn’t want him back and the Spurs didn’t want to get any older – there were reports about O’Neal considering big-money offers from Europe. More than likely, that was just a futile attempt to drive up his NBA value.

Now for most likely the veteran’s minimum, he joins a group of Celtics who seem to be stuck in Never Never Land. While some wanted to see Boston get younger this offseason, they retained their current roster while adding 32-year old Jermaine O’Neal and now the 38-year old Shaq.

Say what you want about Shaq, but last year he averaged 12.0 points and 6.7 rebounds a game. He could help this team on the court, especially against the Lakers. But, it is still to be determined how his presence affects the locker room – there is no clear alpha dog, no one Shaq will undoubtedly defer to – and also how minutes will be dealt once Boston’s frontline gets fully healthy.

Shaq gladly played a secondary role to LeBron James. That was an obvious move. But the last time he was on a team that lacked a single, commanding presence, O’Neal and Phoenix struggled to adjust to each other. With a solid core of veteran personalities, it will be interesting to see how Shaq fits in.

What do you think?

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  • the cynic

    Shaq would have made a lot of sense in Atlanta

  • That’s What’s Up

    The Big Leprechaun

  • Grant

    Him and KG are gonna have at it

  • bobby stew

    KG, Big Baby, Perkins, J.O., and Shaq. That’s disgusting. But then again I would hate to go against this group of old guys

  • LABaller

    one of my favorite players to my least favorite team..fantastic…

    at least i’ll root for them against the miami weak…

  • Quentin

    How do the Celtics not have clear leadership? KG became the head and heart of that team since he arrived in ’07.

  • Pareja

    It’s gettin’ interesting, if Celtics stay healthy, Heat will have to go to work. Celts will be tough, that’s for sure, they suprise us every time. With Shaq and old J.O., they are stronger than last year.
    And they were strong.

    I wish them luck even though i’m laker fan. Yeah, I don’t like Lebron that much. Karma will get to him.

  • kennypayne

    would hate to play that team with shaq in the playoffs, they would be real physical, almost like the classic 90’s knicks … kinda liking the idea … don’t think anyone in the league could match that size and toughness- kg, shaq, JO, big baby and perkins- that’s a badass front line.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Shaq does make bball sense in ATL, but he would flex his “I got 4 rings how many Drew got” schpeel if he doesn’t get mins at the end of games because he can’t defend the pick and roll and he can’t hit free throws. And that would ruin everything.

    Boston at that price is getting a steal. He would become the starting 5, JO can play backup 4/5. Gooch can backup KG. Once/if Perk comes back then they can shuffle as they seem fit. Those ACL injuries are not gonna heal quickly, but he is a young cat so that might help.

    Add another component to the LA vs Boston saga. Couldn’t think of a better situation. Shaq aint what he used to be, but he is a legit 5 who can suck up some rebounds, and they can dump it to him down low and get some buckets in the half court, 2 things that killed them in the finals. They won’t be able to double with the 4’s they got; KG, Gooch, and JO can all hit that 15-18 feet jumper with great success.

    Boston didn’t get younger, but they sure got better. They should give him 2 yr deal with a team option.

  • ballin

    as a boston fan, i’m all for this. if he’s truly a cancer, just kick him the hell out and tell him to stay away, a la what dantoni did to stefan marbury (btw, what the hell happened to him, anyway? still huffing glue on the couch?)

    i think shaq could be huge (pun intended) against bosh/dwight/gasol

  • LABaller

    thats also a VERY slow frontline..you run against them who is running to play some d? shaq aint..jo doesnt even have knees, kg has one but can still run..big baby wobbles when he runs..perkins has one leg till february at the earliest..

  • Stunnaboy09

    I say bring in the big Leprechaun, if Sheed retires our big man lineup of J.O/Shaq/Perk is actually pretty solid. Shaq and Perk can both take Howard 1-1 and J.O is actually pretty solid offensively. Him and KG will DEFINETELY go at it numerous times but knowing KG, Shaq better change his ways.

    Boston going all in for the chip this year man..

  • K

    with Perk out Shaq takes his place (less defense/ rebounding. more offense bigger body and knows how to use fouls better) and instead of Sheldon williams we’ll have J.O. getting minutes (YESSSS).. I’ll take it

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I would’ve been terrified of the front line of KG, Shaq, and JO about 5 or 6 years ago. Today, not so much.

  • sh!tfaced

    Yeah. Let’s go, Boston Has-Beens!

    Just hoping for one more hot-tub time machine moment is all I’m asking.

    Shaq and Big Baby on one team… watch out, buffet tables…

  • LakeShow84

    If Shaq joines Boston then Boston will make the Finals again..


  • LakeShow84

    Bostons style of bending the rules until they break and then they look around like they didnt do shit would fit with Shaq perfectly..

  • KnicksFan84

    When Boston does decide to tear it all down, it’s gonna get REAL ugly for a long time. Whole roster has to be gutted.

  • Jah

    Why not?

  • Sam I Am

    Rondo to O’Neal for the 1 handed dunk…

    This works I hope you all know that and will see that…

    I’ma be watching in stunning 3-D Hi-Definition!!!

  • JAX

    Sigh. As a lifelong Lakers fan, it would be a sad day to see him sign with the Celtics. Is the man broke? It’s obvious he’s blatantly chasing a ring but at what cost? He said at one time that he wanted to be considered an immortal. Now he’s in John Salley status. Shaq just wants to be relevant again. Shoulda stayed in LA where he was always relevant.

  • 2KUrtisBlow

    Wow…agreed one of my favorite players of all-time to my least favorite team of the moment. Now Bean -Town has the only player capable of fouling Rajon Rondo the right way on thier side. Still slows the Celts down on defensive transition . I like the move better than ATL cause they need to run a lot more than Boston to be successful and Shaq woulda hurt that. Boston on the otherhand plays a nice half court offense and Ray Allen coming off Shaq’s down screens watch out!!!!! Let’s bring some light to the LeBron situation>>>>Still get banged by super friends or da bulls or da maic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cha-Ching

    The man will be in the hall of fame with a LA jersey on. Staples is the house that Shaq buit. U sign with the green garbage??? Please….

  • eazy yeezy

    Damn guys, if this were 2003- Ray, Paul, KG, JO and Shaq would of been devastating. Just imagine if they’d kept Starbury on contract. This lineup would of been unbeatable as an NBA Live 03 squad!


    6th man: JO



    Id love him to sign their just so i could put a bet on the number of combined games played by Perkins, Shaq, JO and KG. I’m thinking like 20-25 after Perk trips in rehab, the O’Neals collide in training camp and never get a game and KG just disintegrates in december.

  • dredre

    The fantastic 4 has added a fifth big name

    but there is a huge log jam when perkins comes back, and shaq’s ego may get in the way

    the celtics need to trade rasheed wallace’s contract to the raptors for barbosa and the team would be perfect

    B3AT L.A! B3AT L.A! B3AT L.A!


    looks like TNA wrestling v WWE altogether

    Celtics becoming the TNa while heat and Lakers are the WWE

  • http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978337487 Alonzo Decurtis

    Shaq is nonetheless a leading player, I’m a fan of him. I can effectively picture that he strikes up while using the Celtics again great. Sure, he’s currently at the finish of his career, but he’s this kind of a force below the basket that he can assist any team. I wish him a great deal luck and success with all the Celtics.