Ink, NBA / Aug 25, 2010 / 5:00 pm

NBA’s Best New Ink

Other than working out, it seems NBA guys have spent their summer under the needle. Just recently, we’ve shown you J.R. Smith‘s ridiculously amazing tattoos, as well as J.R. Giddens‘ new inspirational ink. Now, thanks to HOOPSWORLD’s Alex Kennedy, we have the latest from Dallas Mavericks rookie Dominique Jones. You think he’s happy to be in the NBA? Check out “The Logo” in all its glory after the jump.

What do you think?

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  • The Journeyman

    I really hope for his sake he works HARD in order to become a somebody in the league…

    imagine him having to beg for work in the future (A.I.) or end up signing overseas.

    ehhhhh tattoos are the devil anyways! lol

  • Marcus

    Thats pretty sweet. Not a big fan of the calf/shin tats but who knows maybe he’ll make it work for him

  • dvs

    Where are these guys getting these tats from?? They look horrible.
    these players make so much money, go get some quality work done. it looks like a little kid did that for him..

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Are these guys serious with this tattoo stuff? It has gone past fad at this point. It’s just about the dumbest thing you can do to yourself.

    The ones on the legs aren’t so bad because they can be covered up, but the neck tats, and even worse the face tats are just down right retarded. Marcus Fizer is somewhere right now trying to get a job while having his entire neck and arms tatt’d up.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Put it like this…if the SOUTH heavily embraces it….there is a good chance that it’s a stupid thing to do.

    No Limit, Cash Money, Young Money, FUBU, Bloods/Crips, Souldja Boy, etc etc, if the South thinks its cool…it’s probably not.

  • Shot In Your Face

    +1 on Chicago’s comment on the South LOL

  • atticusmitch

    lol @ Chicago
    FUBu? do people even wear that anymore? Let alone is it even making clothes?

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    you’d be suprised at what the south still wears. They are usually 10yrs behind the rest of the world. Which is weird now because everyone seems to be following them. The true definition of the blind leading the blind i guess.

  • Chise

    @ Lmao you tried the shit outta my whole geographical region !(though I can’t say I disagree) Whatever tho, go Heat!

  • BeEqual

    am i just not up on Aron’s sarcasm?? because every single one of these tats is complete garbage.

  • Whatdahec

    #10, yeah, I don’t get what these last few articles claiming ‘Ridiculously Amazing Ink’…WTF??? The ink pics posted have been mediocre at best…

    Not to mention, what are they thinking? This is like getting a job at McDonald’s and getting a big McDonald’s Logo tatted on your leg…what happens when you leave the company or you can’t hack it and end up at Burger King?? Duh…

  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe

    That is such a bad idea. He’s now branded! Man, i can’t even come up with a scenario where that is going to look cool.

  • hahns

    i hope this kid stays in the league because if he ever has to stay to stay in, the tat is going to be a constant mocking reminder

  • http://www.NYtoCALI.com Aaron THe Great

    This is stupid sooooo DUMB

  • Legend33

    The stupid ones are the ones that get their team tat on them. Ask Billups how’s that Leprechaun on his arm working out! LOL

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    To be fair, it’s a tattoo that not one of us could ever get

  • IGP

    lmao @ “amazingly ridiculous tattoos” haha

  • SWAT

    @ chica u gotta b kidding me. Bloods and crips from the south…gangbanging started on the west coast, not to mention new york and new jersey having one the biggest blood population in the states.

  • SWAT

    @ chica u gotta b kidding me. Bloods and crips from the south…gangbanging started on the west coast, not to mention new york and new jersey having one the biggest blood population in the states. And for u just to make a general stmt about the south is pretty ignorant. Some parts of the rural south, I’m assuming are behind the times but u can mk tht same stmt about jus wack people in general, or about retards making general stmts about regions tht they hv only seen on tv.

  • SWAT

    Lol didn’t mean to post tht twice…my computer is trippin. Lol must b cuz I’m in htown right chica.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @SWAT, don’t get so worked up. If you don’t believe the south sucks then that’s cool. I was stationed in AL for four years so I did live there for a hot sec. And it sucked. Nice people though.

    I know Bloods and Crips were mainly a West coast thing, but Gangbangin is old news here in the Chi and in most places. The Chi was one of the worst places when it came to gangs. they are still around but they are about getting money. Not about colors and hats being turned to the wrong side.
    The south on the other hand, are so far behind they still trying to “Bang”.

  • Mike Mihalow

    More like “NBA’s best new attention whore”.

  • sh!tfaced

    way to suck up and kiss the league’s ass…

  • http://www.guildwars2gold.org guild wars 2 gold

    I think the ink of the NBA logo is perfect, not only extend the brand of NBA,make the fans know the nba and nba culture clearly.
    I think any company, any sports have their own culture, only make people know and accepte your culture, that they will love your company or the sports, so if one company or sport want to be good, the construction of their culture is very very important.

  • jonny taise

    co-sign the comment about these guys having lots of money and getting some pretty weak work done. very poor standard of ‘work’.
    its kinda sad to see these guys feel the need to get all tatted up.

  • TBlack

    Im from the south and I must say that it does suck here. That being said, we are definitely not 10 years behind anything. Atleast not where I’m from….

  • ab_40

    the average lifespan of a player in the leauge is what three years? gotta suck if you’re playing in spain or the dleauge with an nba logo on your leg.

  • fiyaman

    wow what a bunch a haters.. I have no tats will never get any n dont like em but lets be real.. thats 1 of the most creative ones.. agree with 16.. non of us here could get it at least he’s able to get it.. that his mark to say he made it..whats urs?

  • BeEqual



  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE


    Oh yea like Crucial Conflict, Do or Die and Twista have always been cool lol. On top of that why do other areas up North embrace southern stuff so hard? I went to New York a while back and they was playing the sh*t out of Stuff from the south.

    It ain’t just the south playboi (or should I say “son, or B or my dude”) that have dumb fads, trends and ect. (Nah mean, just tryna keep it 100 lol)

    LOL we can generalize all day.

  • ianny b

    That’s so not smart,that’s like tattooing this girl u just met name’s on your arm. How corny is that???

    Maybe he’s on David Stern’s payroll……….

  • SWAT

    LOL-“yo word to my mother B”-like GEE said every region has wack ish and stupid people. not every cat from the CHI is Common or Kanye. i understand u wanna big up your city but to knock a whole region bcuz u spent a few years in AL doesnt make sense to me. The south is so much more than the garbage thats on 106 and park and cash money records or big rims on caprices type ish. and i bet cats in LA still bang more than any other city. sorry fam i usually agree with u but miss me on this particular stmt.

  • SWAT

    and i agree with #16-its a tat we could nvr get so stop hatin. it’s like the soldiers tht get their squad tatted on them or the marines with the Semper FI stuff. they feel passionate enough about their job tht they want it on them for life-its an accomplishment. it’s showing that after all the hard work you have made it. who are you to say it’s wack?

  • control

    I don’t have too much of an issue w/ this guy’s tat, as SWAT just mentioned, it’s sorta like a military tattoo (I ain’t saying in any way that military service is anything like playing in the NBA). Making the NBA, even playing one fucking game in the NBA is a dream that damn near none of us will ever see, so good for him for being excited about it. That being said, it looks like a horrible ink job, like he had Steve-O give it to him after a few oz of coke or something.

    About the whole SOUTH thing, I agree 100% w/ Chicagorilla, the south generally sucks. There is a noticeable shortage of IQ the farther south you go, and it starts at the Canadian border and goes down from there. I’ve done a lot of traveling down south, and short of the places where a majority of the people who live there migrated from elsewhere, the people are pretty fucking stupid, and their likes/dislikes are just as twisted.

  • Whatdahec

    @33, you’re missing the point that armed forces guys get those tats KNOWING they’ll be in it to win it for years.

    Does it really make sense to get a Logo tat not even knowing how long, if at all, you’ll be in the NBA?

    If you’re gonna get a Logo tat, you should at least have been in the League for 2 or 3 years to make it legit…you have to EARN it, right?

  • catalyss

    J.R. Smith, you need to holla at Ron Ron’s therapist, you trippin. . . and this goes out to Chicagorilla and all others hatin on the South, J.R. is from Jersey and plays in Colorado, FUBU started in Queens, and the Crips and the Bloods originated in LA, none of that is the South, so who’s stoopid now? Stupid. Plus all the record labels you named are from one city, dat NOLA, you need to tat your mouth shut. . .most of the true American music originated in the South, yall need to read a history book, where do you think HipHop came from? Along with Jamaican dance hall, HipHop evolved from the blues and jazz, both of which began where? In the South. . . Tabernacle. . . Chuuch!!!