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Noah decides to shut it down; Iverson isn’t getting a choice

Joakim Noah (photo. Monte Isom)

In a couple of days we’ll have plenty of reasons to be distracted from an NBA free agency/trade “frenzy” that is suddenly moving slower than Skee-Lo‘s last album sales. The World Basketball Festival kicks off in NYC on Thursday, where we’ll get an up-close look at Team USA, France, China, Brazil and Puerto Rico in a series of scrimmages and exhibition games, among a million other things going on for the big four-day weekend … Joakim Noah won’t be there playing for Team France, as he’s decided to take the summer off while trying to avoid injury. He also won’t be stepping off curbs, using knives at home, or showering the rest of the summer just to be safe … Still no offers for the two most notable free agents left out there, T-Mac and Allen Iverson. At least T-Mac’s been getting some workouts and serious consideration; A.I. is being treated like moldy lunch meat in the fridge. If this really is the end for Iverson, how will you remember his career? … Meanwhile, Tim Thomas is expected to re-sign with the Mavericks any day now. Tell us again what Thomas brings to the table? He’ll make this list of video-game stars before he makes a list of impact players in the League … Shaq swears he’s joined his last team and that he’ll retire as a Celtic. Of course Shaq also said years ago that he’d retire before playing for a coach other than Phil Jackson, then said basically the same thing about Pat Riley. We’ll believe the Diesel is done when he’s sitting in the TNT studio every Thursday making Charles Barkley look small … The NBA might have to save the Knicks from themselves after all. While the team originally said their arrangement with Isiah Thomas was OK within the rules, the League is expected to pull the plug on Isiah’s part-time consultant role, according to CBS Sports. NBA personnel aren’t allowed to have contact with college players before they declare for the Draft, which obviously directly conflicts with Isiah’s role as head coach at Florida International. This whole thing was pointless and unnecessary for the Knicks anyway. If you need a part-time consultant that bad, call up Hubie Brown or somebody … You can’t blame Andris Biedrins if he assumed Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry don’t follow Latvian media outlets. But he should have known somebody would catch wind of his recent interview and relay it back to his teammates. Biedrins (translated) said “most of” the players on the Warriors are “egoists,” and that the relationships on the team are more professional acquaintance than friendship. “If (the Warriors) trade me,” he said, “there could be some nice changes involved. Maybe I’ll be on a better team with better teamwork.” Nobody is surprised when a consistently garbage team like G-State hates each other, but you’re not supposed to say it out loud until after you’re on a different squad … We’re out like Zeke …

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  • IGP

    I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a ballet

  • IGP

    Baller…goddamn iPhone autocorrects every word


    IVERSON is done nuff said he should join Starbury in China tag teaming asian chicks

  • steve

    damm skee lo is still dropping albums while AI is standing in the EI lineup?

  • ManilaFTW

    How many times do we have to hear the line “How will we remember his (AI’s) career” here in Dime?? AI already got at least 5 features about him when he “retired” last year. and maybe another 5 when he “returned” to the Sixers.

    Maybe it’s best to put it to rest and just to talk about him when something significant happens.

  • Dagger

    Ballet . . . LOL.

    About AI: the sad thing is, just like with Tmac, only very few people will remember how great he was. In hindsight it’s easy to consider him a player who was little more than an inefficient, undersized shot jacker who could never lead a title-winning team. Those of us who witnessed him in his prime, however, saw a truly great scorer who was most constrained by the limitations of his team. That said, to me Iverson ultimately embodied the misreading of Jordan’s legacy: players who grew up thinking Jordan was all about scoring and swagger but forgot about the defence and all-around play. Either way the league will miss him.


    Say what you will about Starbury but, in some way, by choosing to be in China, he has admitted and accepted that he’s an egoistical fathead all along and needs to be on a team where he has to be the number one guy, the hero and the big superstar. Not really caring if they win or lose, as long as he gets to jack up all the shots he wants and be worshiped by fans and teammates.

    At least he’s not in denial anymore, unlike A.I. and T-Mac.

  • Chaos

    Damn, i never really realized how many haters there out here . AI is at the later part of his career and yea he has made a shitload of mistakes but you cant deny that he was one of the best scorers in the league who could pass and get steals but was marred by mediocre teams, almost how lebron ended up before he hauled ass to South Beach. dude was all heart but just had an alpha male attitude, even when he was in Denver with Carmelo, Melo just seemed to take a bit of a backseat to him. But dude does deserve to end his career on a higher note than he did with memphis.

    TMac was a great talent all around and was considered a top 10 if not top 5 in the league but was just decimated by injuries, almost to the point of Penny Hardaway status. Hopefully he can get to the point where he becomes a 3rd option, good defender and playmaker on a team that needs veteran leadership. He didnt get past the first round f the playoffs but he damn sure played his ass off in a lot of those games you cant deny.

  • Chaos

    its funny because either one of these guys can pull a von wafer, bonzi wells, or starbury and go to china or europe and pull some forty to fifty point games out their asses easy.

    I still dont know how i feel about this incarnation of Team USA in the world championships. seems like we may get embarrassed unless KD becomes all world out there. but can you imagine team usa at the next olympics?

    Chris Paul
    Deron Williams
    Kobe Bryant
    Lebron James
    Dwayne Wade
    Carmelo Anthony
    Kevin Durant
    Chris Bosh
    Dwight Howard
    Danny Granger
    Brandon Roy
    Brook Lopez

  • sh!tfaced

    Biedrins should have just channeled Al Jefferson and said being traded from the Warriors is like going “from being an AMC Pacer to a Toyota instead” (or a maybe Beamer depending on what team he goes to).

    @ Chaos – think John Wall and Blake Griffin might have a shot – if everything goes well for them, IF. Steph Curry, Tyreke, and maybe young big men like Favors and/or Cousins as well…

  • Stunnaboy09

    Thank God Dime talked about players talking shit too foreign media, do they not realise that its gonna end up back in USA. Think after PP said he “was the best player” guys would start learning.

    Biedrins should just suck it up and play. When you shoot 16% fromt he freethrow line maybe he should be working on that instead of talking about friendships.

    AI needs to force the issue, unlike with T-Mac where he looked like a zombie sometimes Ai actualy is servicable and could help a team out. He just has to GUARENTEE taht he is willing to come of the bench. That is fucking key. Maybe his agent can tell him that.

    I really hope T-Mac finds a team, still think he would have been perfect with the Bulls, I mean really Bogans?

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman


  • 808

    Maybe the reason there are so many “Iverson haters” out here is because there is a lot of sht to hate on.

    I only had one NBA jersey in my entire 3-plus decades on this planet: Yup, Iverson. I sht you not. No Jordan 23, no Magic, no Bird, and definitely no Kobe. But in my wise old years, now I can see that AI truly was a cancer to every team he played on. Pound-for-pound best scorer ever?? Yah, OK. I’ll give you that. But a “leader”? A “winner”? A “champion”? Hell mf’n NO.

    Yah…his “PRACTICE” tirade is now a classic punch line…an old joke that even heads who DON’T follow hoops can mutter and look cool. But think about what AI was really saying there. That sht was NOT taken out of context. That sht WAS the context. This mf’er only cared about buckets. This mf’er only cared about playing HIS game….all the while spittin’ bullsht rhetoric that HE THOUGHT WE WANTED TO HEAR: “I don’t care about numbers, man. I want a championship.” Bullshit.

    Legacy? Dude’s only legacy is a shoot-first point guard who dressed hip-hop. Cornrows. Wicked crossover. Raspy voice. Me against the world. Hot Sauce with a jump shot.

  • porkpiehat

    My favorite part of the Biedrins interview was near the end when he implied he is not really that into playing basketball, that he has lost a lot of athleticism, and that he looks forward to retiring. Talk about burning both ends of the bridge! Retirement might come even sooner than he hopes. Save your money, Andy!

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Had a feeling Biedrins wasn’t really close with any of the American guys on the Warriors. Otherwise, I’m sure one wouldve told him how douchey his hair always looks.

    But seriously, guy needs to eat some powerbars and learn how to shoot a free-throw before he talks any shit about other player on the team.

  • Fish

    Will remember Iverson by seeing him play properly for the first time in the All-Star rookie challenge in 1997. Kobe played a great game too, but watching how effortlessly Iverson could just leave everyone behind him in the full court was just amazing. To be fair for his whole career a full-speed Iverson was something to behold; almost unique.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com/2010/07/lebron-james-is-not-jesus.html haslem

    hahaha! ballet it’s funny cuz he was first

  • karizmatic

    Biedrins just said what is patently obvious. Monta Ellis plays for himself…Don Nelson stopped doing anything resembling coaching a long time ago and the front office is a train wreck that happened a couple years ago and no one has bothered to clean up. Biedrins probably did himself a favor…now maybe they might trade him and “there might be some nice changes involvved.”

    How I’ll remember AI? One of the greatest little guys ever to play the game period. I could make an argument that he’s one of the top 20 players to play the game period. If his career is over it is really sad it had to end like this. Sad to see him go.

  • JA

    @808 – classic post

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Biedrins should asked to be traded to New Jersey. His hair would fit right in.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m not on either side of the Iverson debate. I don’t hate him nor do I like him. I always respected his game but unfortunately my memories of him are far and few between. I can’t even remember when he last played in a meaningful game or had an impact on a season.

    I liken AI’s career to Barry Sanders. Pound for pound one of the best ever, lightning quick, and a joy to watch. But niether were known as great winners and both left their respective sports with unfinished business.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    @ Fish:

    Wow I remember that too! I remember one play where he crossed up DFish at the free throw line and put down the most effortless two-hand dunk I had ever seen. Sick play. And he was making even SICKER passes to teammates and setting up nice plays. And then in the post-game interview, he said “I know everyone out here thought I was gonna come out and shoot all the balls and not pass and stuff; I wanted to prove that I could pass good too” or something like that. I remember thinking, “yeah, I totally thought he was gonna ball-hog the whole game; he surprised me!” and I was a fan after that. But then…that was really the last time I saw him play a game like that; he should’ve kept that going.

  • Promoman

    Spliff 2 My Lou:

    The difference between Barry Sanders & Allen Iverson is that Barry was truly fucked over by his team to the point of retiring while AI just fucked up every team he was on. Allen Iverson inspired every short player to ballhog, play shitty (if any) defense, think that they have swag while losing, and how to say what people want to hear while singlehandedly fucking up a team’s chances of winning in the long run.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    AI averaged about 7 assists his rookie year, but then switched to SG.

    AI isn’t in the league because of AI. He just couldn’t accept that he’s not who he used to be and play those 20-25 mins a night off the bench for some scoring punch. There would probably be nights where he’s at 30+ minutes because he’s hot from the floor but hey, he made his path now he has to walk it.

  • Ekstor

    I wouldn’t liken AI’s career to Barry Sanders. Barry was a class act all around and ultimately retired while still at the top of his game b/c Detroit refused to deal him. On the right team, he could have been a champion. As for AI, despite all the talk of him being on mediocre teams, he has gone through so many solid #2 players in his lifetime and never showed any ability to make it work. The one year he made it to the finals was b/c they surrounded him with scrappy players who didn’t demand the ball and thus, he could be the #1, #2, and #3 options.

    AI had the physical talents to go down as one of THE greatest PG’s ever. At least a few people here understand just how good of a passer AI can be when he’s focused on doing that. No other little guy I’ve ever seen had his combination of athleticism, length, toughness and durability. Unfortunately, he was also too headstrong for his own good.

    I remember another time where I think Brown wanted him to come off the bench for a short period b/c he’d been hurt (or maybe it was missing practice), he complained that MVPs are always starters… while that same week Tim Duncan had come back from an injury and willingly came off the bench for a while until he recovered from an injury as well.

  • sh!tfaced

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Barry Sanders play the same way as AI? A ballhog who didn’t pass the ball when he got it and he never ever played defense.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    I don’t disagree with you.


    I’m not comparing their characters just their how their careers ended and how exciting they were too watch.


    You are right ha ha. They are more similar than people would like to believe.

  • datdood

    biedrins is notorious in san francisco for being out at the clubs all the time. guy gets his contract and stops playing hard, rather just party hard and be eurotrash. this guy pulled a hedo before hedo.

  • bobby stew

    I’ll always remember A.I. as a young skinny kid at Georgetown with a fresh fade and the patent leather Jordan XI’s. That ill crossover and lightning speed that left defenders and cameras shook and confused. his later years of braids, armsleeves, headbands, and ankle-breakers were just gravy.

  • ben1en

    Hey Dime, did you see this? http://outofbounds.yahoo.com/?id=21303209 LeBron dunking on little kids. Didn’t pass at all… maybe Bosh and Wade should be worried. lol

  • MJax

    Wow, so many fair-weather fans.. Is this how you all will treat Lebron and Wade, and the likes if they get hurt or make some bad personal decisions? TMAC was a top 5 player in the league and now everybody is mad at him for trying to comeback. Then you’re on him if he leaves the L after an injury, cause he wasn’t tough enough, like he wants to be hurt.. AI will go down as the baddest offensive lil man to ever play,(several kats don’t play “D”). Because he can’t figure out a good plan for himself, now most want to treat him like a bum, and act like his swag wasn’t something they were diggin’. I feel for the stars of today if something happens to them in the latter half of their careers. Stay true to the players you choose to like, and ride wit em till they shut it down for good!

  • http://www.netz-frucht.de Oo

    T-Mac signed with the Pistons for a one year deal. I think he deserves this chance, two years ago he was an allstar and he is still only 31, means he is a year younger than Rip Hamilton. I hope he can redeem himself to a point where he can be sucessful. I mean if Grant Hill gets his ass up and down, why wouldn’t TMac?

  • Promoman

    @ sh!tfaced

    AI is a point guard and like a quarterback, is supposed to pass the ball. Barry Sanders’ task was to run the ball when it’s given to him. Like Eckstor said, Barry was a model teammate. His wanting to get dealt from the Lions was the only ripple he ever made. Too bad he did it too late. He didn’t hold press conferences bitching about practice, never cared about his numbers, and wanted to win. That’s why he walked away when he had a chance at becoming the rushing leader rather have stats for a team that didn’t give a shit about going anywhere. No knock against Emmitt Smith, but all the attention that he got got this past weekend was really Barry’s.

  • sh!tfaced

    @Promoman Okay, man. was just messing around. LOL. Think what Spliff was saying were about the similarities of AI and Sanders’ careers in terms of their talent and the impact they made on the court/playing field, not how they carried themselves outside of it, as teammates and as part of society and all that. just the way they played their respective games and how their careers ended prematurely.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    AI’s better off doing a reality show of how he’s tryna get back into the NBA.

    @ SPLIFF — i totally disagree with your Barry comparison.
    He was the man! His team just sucked perpetually. The times they made it to the playoffs, the other team’s defense made every effort to take him out of the game. And he still broke off some dazzlin azz runs.

    @ SPLIFF – i totally hate your Barry comparison.

    @ EMMITT SMITH – i totally know you know that Barry was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo better than you.