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Pass The Mic: Top 5 NBA Free Agents Who Could Play In The NFL

Words. Rob Kadivar

Late last week, Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall declared his intention to try out for either the Denver Nuggets or the Miami Heat should an NFL lockout go down in 2011. He made it clear he wasn’t joking by saying, “Not pursuing — I’m going to be on an NBA team. Seriously.”

This raises an interesting question: Which NBA players can say with equal confidence that, should they choose to, they will compete in the NFL?

People have thrown around LeBron‘s name, saying he’s such an athlete he could find success in any sport. This is likely true, but in compiling this list, a big thing to consider was whether or not the NFL would be a reasonable option. There’s no way LeBron would make the money he’s getting now in the NFL, and Dwight Howard might be the ultimate tight end, but the beating his body would take makes that a foolish option.

The following list is made up of players – all free agents – who could, should they choose, turn to the NFL for employment.

1. Javaris Crittenton
He wouldn’t be the biggest guy on the field, but he’s got height, he’s got some speed, he’s got hops, and it’s likely he’s got the hands to pull off third string receiver somewhere.

2. Delonte West
Delonte is aggressive enough to maybe cut it as a halfback, but again likely third string. At 180 pounds, he’d likely get tossed around and wouldn’t last in the league more than three seasons.

3. Kwame Brown
Let’s be real, it’s unlikely Kwame will find success on any team in the NBA at this point. At 6-11 and 270 pounds, he might cut it as a defensive lineman, throwing his hands up to contest any passes down the middle.

4. D.J. Mbenga
He’s not the most coordinated big man, so maybe put him at fullback so he can just try to clear a path for whoever’s behind him. He does, however, have the physical presence to create some space.

5. Rafer Alston
A tremendous athlete standing at 6-2, Skip would make a decent wide receiver on most teams.

Honorable Mention: Adam Morrison
I hear they’re already auditioning for cheerleaders on the team they’re bringing to L.A.

What do you think? Which players could you see suiting up in the NFL?

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  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Alston is “Slip” to my Lou??

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Haha. Perhaps he would be in the NFL. We’ll change it.

  • Pareja

    Gerald Wallace, Iggy.

  • Michorizo

    Lance Stephenson…I’m not sure if he could deliver a hit, but I am sure he can push people down

  • star_bury

    Ouch. Too soon? :)

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    I could be unique in hoping that kwame signs with the heat….

  • ICG

    Kwame Brown 6’11/270 beast at TE. He has ups and good hands.

  • ianny b

    Kwame good hands???That’s like DMx staying out of jail…

  • Detroit Dave

    Will Bynum and Nate Robinson would lock up the cornerback positions on my team.

  • Baby Huey

    Kwame Brown has good hands? That was sarcasm right?

  • http://fartoskon.blogg.se benji

    hello? IVERSON! Yeah old and not as fast but still, dude rocked years ago

  • ICG

    That was sarcasm. The only person who catches worse is that England goalie. Forgot his name.

  • WinDelRoj

    lmao @ 4

    quick trigger

  • ProFessa-J

    Im not sure who are free agents but here are some NFL worthy players.

    Cornerback-Chris Paul- speed, quickness, ball skills
    Running Back-Jameer Nelseon-strength quickness, smaller shifty guy
    Quarterback-Steve Nash- vision and height
    Wide Receiver- Dwyane Wade- Height, Pretty Strong and Explosive

  • ianny b

    @ICG His name’s Green, believe it or not that caused the whole of England to up-end the” Go Green” thrust

  • jackass

    what a fucking waste of read…

  • IGP

    I agree with Jackass. I love Dime and I love a lot of the articles that are “pointless,” but this article really had nothing of substance. It’s an intriguing idea, but really there was no supporting evidence for any of the players.

    Also, how does anyone say Kwame has good hands?

  • sh!tfaced

    Javaris and Delonte are definitely crazy and violent enough to be in the NFL. And Rafer has the ego, for sure…

  • Nice Wit It

    Pass the mic? Someone in the cipher busted a wack rhyme. This article was truthfully horrible.


    Kwame would still end up as a bust even if he played in the NFL.

  • icey

    adam morrison jokes are getting old..

  • DJ

    Any reason iverson isn’t on this list? Was he not expected to make the NFL if he didn’t choose basketball?

    Just a thought..


    They say AI was a much better football player than a basketball player in high school.

  • greg linscomb

    I got 2 from the rockets and they could suit up tomorrow. Chuck Hayes at nose tackle and Patrick Patterson at Tight End.

  • sh!tfaced

    Kwame would still be a bust even if he signed up with the WWE.

  • Krayzie

    No Joey Dorsey? Middle linebacker all day!

  • MSL

    Profess-a had the best list and at least put a lot of thought into it.

    Yes! Dwayne Wade would of made a excellent NFL receiver for all the reasons you gave.

    I read somewhere (Draft Express?) that Nate Robinson, ran a 2.96 sprint in the NBA combines.

    I think Derrick Rose would be good also. Maybe Rajon Rondo, Beabeaus, etc. as a DBack?

    Actually a lot of NBA players could be on this list and it doesn’t take some of the better player or a lot of basketball skill to be on this list, since we’re talking about the NFL and more so athleticism.

    I know back in the day Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, Mitch Richmond, etc. would of made good football players.

  • http://www.donthatemiami.com DONT HATE MIAMI

    All these old men out there talkin shit about the Heat when they have been out of the game for ever.