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Rajon Rondo left off final Team USA roster

Rajon Rondo (photo. Gary Land)

In a surprise move, Rajon Rondo made it easy for Coach K and Jerry Colangelo by pulling himself out of consideration for Team USA’s final roster going into the FIBA World Championship.

Rondo, along with Danny Granger, logged a DNP-CD in Sunday’s exhibition against Spain, which Coach K implied only happened because he wanted to give on-the-bubble guards Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon a chance to display what they could do. Considering that Rondo was in Team USA’s starting five in the previous tune-ups against France and Lithuania, his spot seemed secure.

“Rajon came to us and said he was going to withdraw from the team, that he had some family matters to attend to and some things to take care of before the NBA season,” Colangelo was quoted on USA Basketball’s website. “He did an outstanding job during our training, we appreciate the effort and commitment he made to our program and he completely has our support.”

As for Rondo’s side of the story, earlier in the day he talked to reporters and made it sound like he was going to be cut rather than withdraw.

“I think I’m on the bubble,” Rondo told ESPN. “Just looking at the obvious — I got a DNP last game. That pretty much speaks for itself.”

So here’s the final Team USA roster:

Guards — Chauncey Billups, Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook
Forwards — Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Rudy Gay, Kevin Love, Danny Granger
Centers — Tyson Chandler, Lamar Odom

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  • Detroit Dave

    Chauncey Billups withdrew his name from the list once it was obvious Coach K was gonna take CP3, D-Will and J-Kidd back in 2008 or 2007. I’m pretty sure Rondo will have another great year and probably try his hardest to embarrass the Chicago Bulls during their first meeting next season.

    Someone please explain to me, what the point is of having Westbrook and Eric Gordon? I know Russ is PG for OKC but he always plays the 2 for team USA.

    Why doesn’t Granger get any run at the 2? Granger is just as good as Rudy Gay.

    Am I the only one that believes the USA will regret not keeping Javala McGee?

  • Mr. TKO

    Well ain’t that some Shit…… After 2 and a 1/2 years of hating Rondo cuz he’s an Overated Boston Celtics player, I finally start liking him and then he goes and pulls some stuff likethis.

    Hopefully He really had a legit situation and he’s just not throwing a temper tantrum or something.

  • control

    If you are a fan of team usa, it’s for the best. Rondo was the worst guard there. He shoots worse than most of the Euro centers, and he didn’t even want to be there anyways. Rondo is a douche who just fucked around when he was there anyhow.

    Since I wasn’t going for team usa, I wanted to see him play there. Would be funny to watch him get torn up by no name guards from the other side of the world.

  • bobby stew

    My starters: Rose, Curry, Iggy, Durant, Chandler. Billups and Gay are my 6th and 7th men

  • control

    Like, did the guy seriously not know he had shit to attend to before the season started? Rondo just treated team usa like a chick who is kinda overweight, somewhat cute, but you just can’t get a hardon for her…you take her to a lunch date, but whenever she tries to nail you down for a solid dinner/movie/fuck behind dumpster date…you suddenly remember about every single lil’ thing you gotta get done.

    Fuck Rondo.

  • bobby stew

    Rondo may think team USA won’t win gold, so why be a part of that?

  • boomshakalaka

    Seems like Rondo got BUTTHURT because he logged a DNP-CD. He’s actin like a snooty biotch.

  • hahns

    rondo played well for team usa…if he got cut like rondo made it sound like, then they should have kept him and cut westbrook….

  • fallinup

    You gotta be able to hit shots. USA already has a troop of slashers in Rose and Westbrook. I’m fine with Gordon on the squad for his shots… and Curry… well Curry has totally impressed me. His defense has been beautiful. I see him in DWades firecracker mode off the bench…. making buckets and being a pest on D.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Rondo is an idiot. On some “you-can’t-fire-me-cuz-I-quit” tip.

    Maybe he’ll have some free time working on his jumpshot.

  • quest???

    FUCK RONDO hahahahahahahah

  • Heckler

    this squad sucks. is this really the BEST 12 players to compete?

    I mean, at this rate, Jerry Colangelo might as well just get NCAA college players to ball for the country.

    and (dare I say/type it) Coach K is making a mess with his lineups and rotations. at the end of the game against Spain, he had Iggy on the court in a spread offense. Iggy aint the type of shooter you want in the corner at crunch time; coach should have put in Danny G.

  • Heckler

    on a side note: I would have liked to have seen Gilbert Arenas on this team. after all the shit he talked about Coach K and Nate a few years back, it would have been FUNNY and ENTERTAINING as all hell to see Arenas try to make the team—soundbites galore!!

  • bullish513

    Some of you fools comments belong on yahoo not dime. Just hate…Anyway….Rondo is not an international player…he can’t shoot and team usa needs every guard to shoot against the zone in international play…why is Kevin Love on the team and not David West???…Love sucks…

  • control


    It ain’t hating to say Rondo is a douchebag and he isn’t suited to play basketball on a team that isn’t filled completely up with douchebags.

    Funny thing is, Rondo probably wouldn’t even win in his own “RedBULL RONDO RULES 2on2 TOURNAMENT!”. He’d probably get beasted using his “OWN RULES!”.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Rondo is a good player, I hope it is a legit “family” reason that he quit rather than his ego. But that team is loaded at the guard spot, they should be fine there. Inside is where they will get eaten up.

    But USA needs to stop shooting 3s all day. Just because the 3 pt line is shorter, doesn’t make it a good shot (you listening Rudy?)

  • phresh

    Stephen Curry shoulda gotten cut, he wouldnt have seen much playing time any way, rondo has way better defense Curry just was a zone buster

  • bob1

    This was a pretty stupid move for coach K. From his bizarre rotations I knew some bonehead move like this would be the result.

    For all the guys talking about Rondo not being able to make shots, take a good look at Rose, and to a lesser extent Westbrook.

    Rondo was by far the teams best passer, and for the pg spot easily the best rebounder and defender. On a team lacking size and in desperate need oh help on the boards, I don’t see why they cut their best rebounding PG. On top of it all, Rondo knows how to run a team full of stars and win.

    For some reason, everything about this team makes me want them to lose, just to prove a point.

    I’m losing respect for coach K and Jerry Colangelo by the minute here, with these questionable team selection and poor coaching decisions

  • bro jogan

    Rose is probably the happiest player in the world right now.

    After getting destroyed in the playoffs 2 years ago by Rondo for a triple double AVERAGE, he probably feels like he’s better than him.

  • Twon

    @bro jogan like Rose Destroyed him this past season…..but i am dissapointed in Rondo for this B!TCH move.

  • bumbaclot

    Seeing as coach K likes to bench the best players at their respective positions, I wonder how Durant would act if he got benched.

    Team USA sucks. All this fuss over spots that won’t even be theirs when the real players show up. Is coach K really going to keep rose or whoever on the team when cp3 and deron decide to play? The only guy from this team with a chance to make the final roster is KD. The rest of these bums are just keeping their places warm.

  • bro jogan

    @ twon

    I don’t know what games you were watching, to make a comment like that. The season series was 2-2.

    And to begin, Rose is the SUPERSTAR of his team, he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Rondo has Pierce Allen and Garnett who all need their own shots.

    That being said, when it was closer to a mano y mano match up like the 2008-2009 playoffs, Rondo abused him.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Awesome comment/analogy of the day!:

    control says:

    Like, did the guy seriously not know he had shit to attend to before the season started? Rondo just treated team usa like a chick who is kinda overweight, somewhat cute, but you just can’t get a hardon for her…you take her to a lunch date, but whenever she tries to nail you down for a solid dinner/movie/fuck behind dumpster date…you suddenly remember about every single lil’ thing you gotta get done.

    Fuck Rondo.

  • Michorizo

    I heard he quit cuz the guys were calling him Tiny in the showers after procatices and games…

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 18 – So this is Coach K’s fault?

    Lemme get this straight:
    Rondo starts 2 games then Coach sits him and Granger down to have a look at basically Curry or Gordon.
    Then Rondo quits, sayin he “saw the writing on the wall” and that “”Just looking at the obvious — I got a DNP last game. That pretty much speaks for itself.”
    WTF? Bitch move anyway you look at it. Shoulda just gave OJ a shot. At least he wouldn’t have quit.
    Everytime, I try to look past the fact that his own Boston teammates hate his ass and every point guard in the league think he ain’t shit without his hall of fame teammates, he pulls this weak shit…

  • JD

    USA just lost its best passer, best guard defender, second best floor leader and best pure point guard by far. Oh well. I don’t know who to be more pissed at, Coach K or Rondo. Coach K shouldn’t have sat one of his best players for one bad half against Lithuania. Rondo should have stayed, because he wasn’t gonna be cut. Or maybe it really is a family matter, which makes all this speculation moot.

  • control


    Rondo ain’t a floor leader, he’s a douchebag, and even on a team full of douchebags, he’s disliked. He’s a decent passer, to guys who are open, when he’s being guarded from 10ft away. He’s also pretty quick, but that is about it.

    I doubt it really is a family matter, because even his family doesn’t like him, and they were glad he wasn’t there chilling during the off season. Rondo was just being a lil’ bitch because he got a DNP. When the coach went to him and was like “yeah, I’m not going to play your crackwhore looking ass tonight, so I can see which one of these fucks I’m going to cut” you don’t think Rondo could have been like “er…I ain’t going to be around, sorry, got shit to do”?

    Rondo pulled a dick move anyway you can look at it.

  • ab_40

    Fuck you coach K.
    Damn I hate this guy.
    There go 8 assists per game and an effective tyson chandler.
    Thanks team usa for taking away the best or second best point in the tournament. Now they’re built like the 04 team which fineshed third. with this teams superstar being durant while that teams superstar was durant… too bad.

  • JD

    control, your a hater, you have no credibility, just shush

  • YpsiRickitheDragon

    Rondo has the best defense of all the point guards I don’t see how the would cut him.

  • YpsiRickitheDragon

    Rondo has the best defense of all the point guards. I don’t see how they would cut him. (but u never know)

  • Seamus

    I can’t believe some of the nonsense written on here.

    He was going through the same problems before he even started training with the USA. Coach K came to him and asked him to play and he went out of his way to. He obviously feels that his personal problems will hinder his performances and opted out in order to give the team the best chance of getting the W. He unquestionably would of been the starting PG because no one could pass, or run the fastbreak better than him on the squad.

    Anyway if I’m Doc Rivers I’m rubbing my hands together. Get him in the gym and get him shooting 12 – 18 footers.

  • NYC

    Mmmhh. I can’t wait to see this. Derrick Rose Running the point with his turnovers, out of control play, missed passes and forcing the issue like he did against Spain, until he hit those free throws and the last bucket.

    It’s funny, Rose would of been the goat in that game if we lost, cause he was horrendous up until that point in the fourth quarter.

    Curious move on Coack K or Rondo’s part (who ever is telling the truth), though.

    Derrick Rose didn’t play well at all in any of the exhibitions games, (at least Rondo played well against China, France and they all played terrible against a more physical, Zone oriented Lithuania), and Spain was tailor made for a guard like Rondo, with its spacing, fast breaks, man to man defense and no zone. But Rondo didn’t play. I blame Coach K for us not getting to see Rondo play against Spain. You guys saw that game. You know Rondo would of excelled in it. So why not play him Coach K? Mmmmmmmhh.

    Well, like Rondo or not (like somebody said), we lost our best passer, leader, big game player, penetrator, defensive guard and decision maker for Team USA.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we got blown out by Greece tomorrow. We’ll see. I predict 3rd or 4th place in the tournament with D.Rose (who’s not a real point guard) running the point and Westbrook in the games.

    This should be interesting. We’ll see!

    I’m also sure Rondo has a new hit list of guards for the upcoming season as well.

  • buffalo balla

    lets get this straight.
    rondo got cut.
    his family ain’t goin nowhere.
    rose won the game against spain.
    that is all…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    How is any of this becoming backlash and hate against DRose? hahahahahahaha

    Rondo is not nearly as good as any of you idiots are TRYING to make him out to be. He can’t f^k with Rose, Westbrook, or Curry in a NBA game and most certainly not in a FIBA game. The nicca is so overrated people are hating on the rest of the squad! This is crazy,

    I only clicked on this link to see what you had to say about this and of course you didn’t fail me! poster of the month goes to you my man.

  • bro jogan

    Chigagorilla and control are riding each other almost as hard as they are riding the d rose bandwagon while playing the angle of complete ignoramus 12 year olds who have only been watching basketball for 1 year.

    Calling rondo overrated while comparing him a bunch of unaccomplished guards display your complete lack of bball IQ. Its like saying igoudala is better than ginobili because he puts up better stats on a losing team.

    Rondo is 24 yrs old, nba champion, and is already 6th all time on career playoff triple doubles.

    Those other bums haven’t even made it out of the first round, or even to the playoffs for that matter in curry and gordon’s case.

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Old School Baller

    Team USA has no inside presence so they need outside shooting. Rondo’s lack of outside shooting finally catches up with him -——> http://clicky.me/1G0G

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Bro Jogan

    Were you the same poster who wrote that Rondo gave Rose the business because he avg a triple double in that playoff series?

    I guess Rose giving him 36 and 11 and winning the game on his own in his FIRST playoff game ever, was a good indicator of how Rondo was giving him the Biz.

    Also didn’t Rose have a GAME WINNING BLOCK ON RONDO during that playoff series…yes yes he did.

    Rose’s best teammates were Ben Gordon (you see how good he is now in DET), John Salmons (who was under used here in Chicago), Hirnich or Noah depending on who you are. And you think Rose is supposed to get out of the first round? with THAT team vs Boston and David Stern?

    Also If Rondo is such a GREAT rebounding guard (4.4per) then why does he only avg the same amount of rebounds as ROSE (4per) and LESS THAN WESTBROOK (5per)?

    Oh oh oh I know why, because you sheep are too stupid to watch the actual player instead of just following what ESPN says.

    And what about Rondo’s rookie year when there was no Big 3 (PP was injured most of the year) and Al Jefferson was the best player? 6ppg, 4rpg, and 4 asst….ahahahhaha

    I gave the lil Garden nome some props for his defense and even his passing, but when i see guys saying dumb ish like “He’s the 2nd best player on team USA”, “He’s the best player in Boston”, “He’s the best all around guard in the NBA” and blah blah blah, when I read those kinda comments that’s what makes me hate this guy. That and then when he does b!Tch moves like pulling out of “TEAM” USA because “He” didn’t get enough PT. Thats what makes me hate this kid.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Oh and as for Rose’s playoff Numbers vs Rondo?

    20ppg, 6reb, 6asst, 49% FG 80% FG

    Sure Rondo avg a triple double, of course he had Ray Allen dropping 50pts on Ben Gordon and PP getting countless buckets vs Deng/Salmons. It’s not like he’s creating buckets for anyone, he just stands at the top of the key waiting for them to come off a screen. Stop watching highlights and watch actual games.

  • control

    hoe jogan

    It is really ironic that you talk shit about Chicagorilla and I riding each other, and then proceed to give Rondo a better spit shine than he’s probably received from his bff in many a year.

    I wasn’t comparing him to any other guards. I was straight out saying those other guards were better than he is. He’s overrated as fuck, and has one of the most douchebag personalities in the entire league. Throw any one of those guards on a team with 3 HoF players and see how far they go into the playoffs, Rondo is a role player on the Celts.


    Glad I didn’t disappoint. You beat me to replying to this jogran fool.

  • Stunnaboy09

    A few things;

    Some things

    1. I hate how fickle people are sometimes. When D-Rose had ONE bad game everyone hates his gusts, he fits the game winning Ft’s against Spain, He’s the best young PG in the league. Rondo was to me maybe the 2nd bets PG on the team (Rose Rondo Billups pick em how you like)

    2. As much as I love Rondo, his ego is kind of annoying. Though none of us know the reason why he left (I personally think he said F it and left the team)

    3. Rondo is not a scrub. I’m tired of people saying that. he made the fucking All-Star team. He basically CARRIED Boston on his shoulders 2008/09 and in some stretches this year. His defence is very legit, maybe best PG in the league and he rebounds hard.

    4. As for the people calling him a douche’ say hello to Michael Fucking Jordan. I’m pretty sure most his teammates hated him and his crazy competitiveness. Hell tell me right now that the Lakers TRULY like Kobe and his ball-hogging/glory hunting tendencies. But they live with it. Same way Rondos teammates live with him.

    5. As for the “my Grandma shoots better than Rondo” like to see your grandma knock down threes like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIeb6FXp3N4

  • control


    Just to address your “few things; Some things”:

    1) I hate how everyone is, all the time, period. Westbrook better than Rondo btw, moving him behind Billups, Rose and Westbrook.

    2) Nobody loves Rondo, they just jock em. His ego is annoying though, I agree with you there.

    3) Rondo may not be a “scrub” but he’s only about 11-13th best pg in the league. He’s not best pg in the league, you are on fucking crack or something.

    4) Don’t compare Rondo to Kobe or MJ, ever. In any way, shape or form.

    5) All 4 of my grandparents are dead. They all shot better than Rondo…3 days AFTER they died. One of my grandmas was paralyzed and in a wheelchair. My 3 year old daughter shoots almost as good as he does, and she’s a little bit stronger.

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ control

    Haha, come on man if I remember well even you said after the HORSE contest your demoting Rondo from worst shooter to maybe top-10 worst. I would love to have a Noah vs. Rondo shooting contest. Maybe have Barkley announce it.

    Yes you can compare Rondos ego to Kobe and MJ. They are all huge. The first justifiably so, while Rondo still gotta earn it.

    And come on Rondo is top 7/8 Pg in the league. Him and D-Rose are on the same level, D-Rose is a better driver and shooter while Rondo a better passer and defender. That is going to be one hell of a rivalry in the next few years.

    Westbrook? Nah almost there needs to iron out his turnovers though and work on perfecting his already solid mid range. Dude is MAJORLY underrated though.

  • Stunnaboy09

    damn knew I fucked somethng up on my first post

  • onezero

    look guys, all im saying is..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  • onezero


    seriously, you want to compare 2 of the greatest of all time with a brat like Rondo? are u freakin kidding me

    “And come on Rondo is top 7/8 Pg in the league” then he is only no 7 or 8 and no better than top 5

    Rondo benefits from the 3 HOFs, simple as that

  • http://None Sac

    I can tell you as a non Boston fan one zero, but frequent Celtic watcher, Rondo carries the Celtics, not vice versa.

    At this stage of their careers, those guys are old and except for Pierce (sometimes), none of them can create their own shots at this stage (heck even including the young Perkins). Boston would self destruct with out Rondo.

    FYI. At different stages of the year, this and last year, when KG, Allen and Pierce were hurt, Rondo statistics, including scoring and assist actually went up, even when he was passing to Tony Allen, Perkins and Baby Davis. Go check it. His assist have nothing to do with those three ancient Hall Of Famers (and they’ll all tell you that).

    They actually hurt his progess at this stage. And he’s not a great passer, because of who he passes to; he just is!

    If you don’t believe that, check out the you tube clip in this years playoffs, where he double clutched in-between Mo Williams first, then saw a streaking Lebron and threw a wrap around behind the back pass just at the exact right moment for a dunk by Tony Allen.

    It was so nasty, if you watch the video you can see Lebron saying “DAMN”!! That’s right!

    That type of passing has nothing to do with who you’re passing to and I don’t think any other guard in the NBA could of made that pass. So stop Hating and start appreciating!!

    The man is real good!!

  • Kudabeen

    The team’s best distributor didn’t get PT in a game against the best collective team. Team USA struggled to get easy baskets and get their bigs involved in the paint. This is what Rondo was the best at.

    It is being a hater if you are saying Rondo wasn’t the best defensive guard. He was the best rebounding guard. Westbrook had a more up and down showing than Rondo, but Rondo hurt himself with taking too many chances on both sides of the ball. Yes on D they want that, but turnovers was the focus. He should have gotten some PT. Coach K claimed they already knew what Rondo and Granger could do and wanted to see the other guys who haven’t been playing. I thought that was a good indicator that Rondo and Granger had a spot because what they do well the other guys in their spot aren’t as good.

    Rondo’s quote makes it sound like ego as well as Coach K not communicating that he wasn’t going to play and why before hand. That is what I don’t get. Why not say to both guys that we are going to run the other guys to see what they have to offer?

    He doesn’t have any family stuff that is critical. He just didn’t want to be cut and he really shouldn’t have been, because they are going to need a distributor at times when they are struggling to make moves. Those games where Durant couldn’t hit anything it was Rondo making things happen.

    Rose wasn’t bottling up Rubio. Curry actually had the best showing against Spain with a messed up ankle.

    I wonder if Rondo has been having bad practices, because the DNP made no sense unless they were going to keep him.

  • http://None Sac

    Hey Kubabeen. I don’t know what to think. On Friday, Coach K said he was going to put some one else in the starting line up, while Rondo was scheduled to start against Lithuania; so I don’t know what the hell is going on and who to believe (Did Rondo want to leave and was to afraid to say that publically)?

    The one thing I don’t get though, is this; if Coach K really wanted to take a look at Rondo/Give him a chance (if we weren’t to assume that a NBA allstar/near finals/playoff MVP would get the benefit of the doubt, and he was considered a lock as everyone assumed he was) wouldn’t he play him in the Spain and Greece games to get a good look and see how he played (especially after that’s what he said he was going to do)? How could he decide of Lithuania, when Rondo played so well against France and Spain (and all the guards, except Westbrook played poorly against Lithuania).

    The other thing is; how do you go from starter to off the team? You can’t tell me the play of guys that were on the bubble (Westbrook, Curry and Gordon) convinced him in 1 game (Spain). Wasn’t that fools gold; while also not making sense?

    I don’t get it. Something fishy and don’t make sense indeed. But quite frankly, I don’t care! I just know Rondo’s is going to take numbers (if he cares) on all those guards on team USA next season. We’ll see!

    I’m sure Doc Rivers wants him to average 16-18 pts and 11-12 assist a game next year, with 75% free throw shooting. Let’s see!?

  • http://None Sac

    PS Kubbabeen.

    From what I understand he was having great practices and his team mates were raving about him him from day one (Durant, Billips, Iggy, even Rose, etc.). And if he got judged on Lithuania, what about the other games (France, China)where he played well?

    Why not let him play against Spain? That game was so conducive to a fast, skilled point guard like Rondo.

    Did Coach K all of a sudden didn’t want Rondo on the team (or did Rondo do/say something and why/what he did)?

    I’m not speculating nor I do care really. I’m just pointing out that neither Rondo’s or Coach K’s actions make sense, who ever was the instigator of this.

    Oh well! We’ll see! Lol.

  • JD

    I’m sick and tired of people saying “Rondo benefits from 3 HOFs” when in reality, they hurt his numbers. They take the ball out of his hands. You think D-Rose would score close to 20 a game on the Celtics? No, because he wouldn’t handle the ball nearly half the amount he does now. Rondo admitted that there are nearly no plays in the playbook for him, and the only time he makes a move is when a play doesn’t work out or on the fast break. On a younger team with less star power, Rondo would control the ball 90 percent of the time like the D-Roses, CP3s, Nash and D-Wills of the league.

    And stop talking about his ego, he’s probably the least selfish player I’ve ever seen play the game. He is unselfish to a fault, because I can remember numerous times he had a layup opportunity but passed it out to one of his teammates for an open shot.

    Anyway, if you can’t admit that, after the playoffs that he just had, that Rondo is a top 5 point guard in the league, than your a hater and an idiot. Magic Fucking Johnson called him the most complete point guard in the league. His jumpshot is not as bad as you all make it out to be. Its his free throws that suck, but that is his only glaring flaw. And if his first four years are any indication, he’ll come back better than ever this year, as he has improved in almost every facet of the game his first four years.

  • JD


    Agreed, this whole thing makes no sense on anybody’s part. Oh well, he’ll have more time to rest after playing the most out of just about everybody in the NBA this past season and more time to work on those free throws. I’ll be pissed if he shoots under 70 percent again this season.

  • http://None Sac

    Hey JD Thanks and I agree. You made some good points as well.

    Rondo’s shot is certainly not nearly as bad as haters make it out to be. His real problem is he just doesn’t like to shoot. And that’s one of the areas playing with the big 3 hurt him, cause he’s not required to shoot (cause he’s so unselfish); where if he played with other lesser players he would shoot/score more.

    Also, it’s not easy to play with those guys; if he was a chucker like Rose or Steve Francis, they would kill him and give him a hard time! They would run him off the team! Lol.

    You’re right. His real fault is free throw shooting. Rondo gets to the basket at will (shot or no shot), but when he’s not free throw shooting well, he’s stops driving to the basket and loses much of his half court scoring and penetration.

    I agree with you. I think Rondo will have a great year, and should average (I hope), 16-17 pts, 11 assist, 2.7 steals, 5 rebounds, 75% free throw shooting and 33% 3 point shooting.

  • Pimpicus

    I love how, pretty much, all of the negative comments regarding Rondo are coming from people who’s teams either don’t make the playoffs or got wiped out by Rondo and the Celts. The seething hatred makes me wonder if this kid has been out sleeping with their sisters/girlfriends or mothers. So what the kid has a ‘tude…what kid doesn’t? Some of you commenters are adults and look how you’re acting…you don’t know him personally to be talking like that. Btw…last time I checked, ESPN was a well-respected outlet for sports news/information with respected journalists and statisticians, some people, here, have decided that their input is more relevent and factual than that of a professional commentator…more insightful even. Good luck with that! Well, doubters, the numbers don’t lie and what they say is that Rajon Rondo IS, without question…among the top 5 Point Guards in the league. Sorry, haters. Deal with it!