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Recovery Plan: New-look Cavs getting over LeBron

The getting-dumped process is going pretty much according to plan for the Cleveland Cavaliers. First there was the emotionally irrational behavior (burning LeBron jerseys the night of “The Decision”), then the period of pretending like you didn’t want to be with your significant other in the first place (Dan Gilbert’s open letter), then the optimism when you remember there are other fish in the sea (only the Cavs couldn’t get any of them to take the bait), and finally the cosmetic payback work — new wardrobe, losing weight, better car, etc. — to make the one who dumped you feel like ass the next time you meet. Hence the Cavs’ new uniforms that were unveiled yesterday to a mixed response. Not many of us in the Dime office were feeling ‘em (a little too Hickory High-ish), but some like the simplicity and subtlety … (No joke, one of our guys said with a straight face that Cleveland’s best uniforms of all-time were the black paint-splash ones from the Shawn Kemp/Terrell Brandon era.) … Exactly how many games are the Cavs going to win in their new threads this season? Anderson Varejao injured his ankle yesterday in a Brazil/Spain friendly, and while it turned out to only be minor, it might have hurt Cleveland fans more as a reminder that AV is their third-best player … Go ahead and scratch Cleveland off the list of teams with which Carmelo Anthony would be willing to play for long-term. According to new reports, ‘Melo would be open to signing an extension with the Rockets or Nets should he be traded there, adding to his original favorites New York and Orlando … ‘Melo has never played with a big man as good as Yao Ming, and if Houston could keep Luis Scola rather than give him up in a ‘Melo trade, that’s a MONSTER front line trio. Too bad Kevin Martin almost certainly would have to be involved in a Denver/Houston swap, because a ‘Melo/K-Mart2 tandem on the wing would score more than Drake at a VH1 casting call … If Rudy Fernandez were closer in talent to, say, Rudy Gay, his summer saga would be a much bigger story. Making it very clear that he wasn’t happy in Portland last season, and then not getting traded like he wanted, Fernandez is reportedly ready to play hardball: no-showing training camp and refusing to play until the Blazers either trade him or let him go back to Spain. Any chance this all stems back to Rudy feeling he got screwed in the ’09 dunk contest? Because he’s only got himself and Pau Gasol to blame for that one. And maybe the memory of Birdman Andersen … We’re out like Rudy …

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  • chise


  • Young Gunner

    Carmelo Anthony in a Nets uniform? I dont see it. And I know im not the only one who thinks the Cavs are gonna stink (maybe even worse than Toronto). I guarentee that they’ll have a 30 point blowout loss at some point during the season

  • Curtis G

    Houston and Denver shoulod make that trade happen today! I could see Houston trading Scola, Budinger, and a couple of first round draft picks for him and I see Denver taking that offer for a few reasons. The number one reason being Scola. Scola is a beast in his own right. Everyone talks about the elite 20/10 club in the NBA, but there is an elite 15/10 club too… and Scola is the leader of that pack. Scola could easily be a 20/10 though were it not for the fact that he has to see duty at the 5 in addition to his natural 4 spot. And pairing him with a more stable and veteran point gaurd like Chauncey only makes him better. He won’t replace Carmelo’s offensive prowess but he’s as good a consolation prize as Denver’s going to get in this scenario. I don’t see the Nets going afer Kevin Martin because, let’s face it, why have two K-Mart’s on the same team that are injury prone. Denver’s had enough injuries and I don’t think they’d be willing to go that route again. I don’t see them going after Brooks either because they already have a veteran point and a promising young point that will presumably follow him. That leaves the obvious choice of Scola. With Scola, they’d probably have to throw in Battier and/or Budinger too and,again, these are players that would still allow Denver to compete at a high level. We don’t even need to discuss what Houston would get. All that said, a deal to New Jersey is not likely since going there would likely mean that the Nets would have to give up either Favors, Lopez, or (quite possibly) both. I don’t see the Nuggets having any interest in Harris either as (again) they probably won’t be looking at other gaurds or injury prone players; Harris is both. After that, there is no one else that the Nuggets could possibly want from the Nets unless they’re willing to pull a “Gasol” trade just for the hell of it. In any case, the Nets would probably be the last place (along with New YorK) that Denver would want to trade with as sending him to either of the franchises makes it look like Melo got his way and was sent “home”. I have been saying that Denver will trade Melo before the start of the season and, regardless of where he goes, I really feel like that will happen. Denver still has a competitive team if thet can get the right players in return and Houston (if that is really one of Melo’s preferences) is probably the best trading partner that Denver can hope for. Let’s see where this rumor goes….

  • ManilaFTW

    Someone has too much time in their hands. Can someone just read post#2 and then just re-post it’s gist?

    Okay thanks.

  • Curtis G

    ** Correction**
    Scola averaged 16/9 last year (not 15/10) and 19/9 after the All Star break… proof that he is capable of being a consistent 20/10 threat.

  • Curtis G

    @ ManilaFTW:

    That’s what’s wrong with society today; everyone wants to be spoon fed someone else’s version of stuff. Nobody wants to take the time read or learn anything on their own. Call it the “instant gratification syndrome” that has also allowed fast food restaurants and microwave food to become a commonplace staple of American society. While I think technology is a great thing for mankind as a whole, it is wreaking havoc on our literary and composition skills as a society. Just look at some of the incoherent sputterings that can be found on Facebook and Twitter. In any case, this isn’t a condemnation of you or anyone else that might take offense to this… it’s just an observation that I have noted as our society becomes more technologically advanced and your comment, while respected, is just the latest example…


    Cleveland took care of Lebron and his family. Gave Lebron Momma a lover and nearly a step-father1

  • Stunnaboy09

    Melo in the Rockets is a scary thought, Brooks/Lee/’Melo/Scola/Yao is a championship contending squad, and if they trade K-Mart at least Denver get a life-line in the building process.

    Am I the only one whose opinion of ‘Melo improved from this. He’s not trying to hype himself, made no media comments or trade demands and basically is just living his life. Mad respect, just hope he does what is best for him.

  • Young Gunner

    @Curtis G.

    I dont think he asked you all of that. Just summarize what you said in 2-3 sentences. Aint hard to do. You aint writing for ESPN

  • Curtis G

    @ Young Gunner:
    …and I asked him to read it for himself if he wants to know what “I” said…
    It ain’t hard to do.

  • Stunnaboy09

    @Curtis G

    I appreciate your point about our lazy media, but no one reads long ass ish like that. Even if you can’t make it shorter, paragraphing it and make it more readable also helps

  • Young Gunner

    @Curtis G.

    You shouldve made it shorter anyway. Some people aint got time to be reading long ass titangraphs online. Summarize that. It aint hard to do

  • Curtis G

    I feel ya… but that’s not how I operate. I have not indulged and do not indulge in the ultra short conversations that seem to be so rampant in not only everyday life but blogs like this as well. I am a writer by nature and when I write, I write to make a point and explain it… once. I have no desire to post one cryptic or incomplete message that needs to be defended or explained mutlple times thereafter. I’ll keep what you said in mind though about paragraphing post because (you’re right) I do forget to do that. But also know that folks who recognize me know that I am a regular and very few of my post are ever short and sweet.

  • Curtis G

    @ Young Gunner:
    I see what you’re saying, but if you don’t have time, then skip it. It’s not like you have to read everything that is posted here. But, like I said to Stunnaboy, I’ll keep the shortness in mind in the future, but know that I am a regular and all of my post tend to be this way. Some poeple want to know what I have to say and some don’t. I don’t generally care one way or the other, and I am sure you feel the same way.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Wow! Calling Jerry Springer. You are needed here at Smack.

    Anyway, I know I am under fire for this but I still maintain that a Carmelo Anthony-Andrei Kirilenko trade is reasonable.

    They are both at the last year of their contracts and their salaries are close. I am not that sure with the salary cap rules but should both choose not to resign, that would mean lots of cash to spend next season for both teams.

    Both players are very professional about thier situations but would their teams risk playing them when their minds might be somewhere else? And the change of scenery for both of them would not be so drastic.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as of its regular writers.

    60. Rainy days and Mondays never gets me down.

  • Young Gunner

    Not saying we dont care for your input. Just keep it short, simple and to the point. Borderline eyesore. But anyways, yeah we gotcha

  • weezy f

    aint been on here in a while ppl still think theyre espn analysts

  • Mavs All The Way

    blah blah…

    hear hear, ManilaFTW. Mabuhay!

  • Curtis G

    @ Young Gunner:
    We have an understanding, so we’re cool then!

    @ alf:
    We might still need Jerry Springer if you still trying to talk about tat Kirilenko-for-Melo trade! Aside from matching salaries, name me one good reason why Denver would pull the trigger on that trade when there are so many other (and better) trade partners out there!

    @ weezy f:
    I am pretty sure that comment is directed at me and I assure that I don’t think I am an ESPN analyst although I do get paid to analyze a lot of stuff on a regular basis. But while I am at it, yes, I am probably a better analayst than half the people they have at ESPN…

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Wow, I totally read all of the comments and then scrolled up–completely forgot about what the actual story was about. But yeah, Cavs will suck, uniforms are kind of lame yet straight, and Melo’s gonna beast it somewhere next season. I’m still hoping for New York but it would make the Rockets a beast in the West.

    But I definitely got zoned and stuck on that #2 monstergraph. Twighlight zone…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    #1 reason Dime shouldn’t hire shit from Melmak: If a Monday or a rainy day gets you down, that’s fine. But if they are in multiples/group forms, then rainydays and Mondays “get” you down. Don’t know why it works, but that’s English, full of bullshit rules that people should know about when they apply, ostensibly at that, for a job WRITING FOR MONEY. Not hating (alright I guess I am), just stating.

    And Curtis, you made some valid points, but spacing is key in most things. I hope Melo stays put, builds a contender and conquers all. His team is way more talented than the Cavs, and his GM isn’t awful, he should stick.

  • Curtis G

    @ Sans:
    Point taken.
    That said, I think Melo should stick too. If he leaves and goes to any other team (even the Rockets), he is essentially forcng Denver to break up the only team that can contend with the Lakers right now for the top spot in the west and, subsequently, giving the West to the Lakers. The Nuggets aren’t too far off and upgrading K-mart and/or JR would probably put them on par with the Lakers. My gut tells me he isn’t staying though because getting ousted in the first round five of the last seven years would wear on any player’s nerves and allegiance..

  • oscarisalakerfan

    Haha e beef because somebody wrote too much lol.

  • Smitsta

    @Curtis G: Blame the downfall of society all you like….I still ain’t bothering to read your long-ass comment. I’d like to see Carmello in New York but I’m just not sure how he’d co-exist with Amare. Not enough defense, ball movement and they’d be a 4th or 5th seed in the east at best.

  • Bobby Geez

    Carmello and Stoudamire can’t play together because they would both play the same position on the new york nets. Maybe a frontline of Carmello, Stoudamire and Boozer would work though…so perhaps the nets can make a trade for Brook Lopez to get Boozer.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ sans

    Thanks for the lecture. Appreciate it. Peace.

    @ Curtis G

    Here is my arguement for that Melo-AK47 trade.

    Kirilenko is equal or not that much far of from JR Smith at the 2. He is an upgrade to Renaldo Balkman at the 3. He is better than Al Harrington at the 4 which many believe is his natural position. AK47 can play multiple positions. He can even play the 1 for some minutes.

    Melo would give Utah a starting unit of Deron Williams, Raja Bell, Anthony, Paul Milsap, and Al Jefferson.

  • chise

    I wonder who finishes with the worst record in the NBA this season… Cleveland is gonna make a push. Maybe Minnesota? I don’t think NJ and TO are as bad as people say… but Cleveland? Jesus Christ

  • ManilaFTW

    Hmm. What happened in the last 20+ posts? can someone repost it in like 5 sentences or less? Thanks.

    Hahaha, sorry if I started the whole thing, no offense Curtis but yeah, spacing is integral to reading posts in a comment page.

    Melo for Gallo and Curry!

  • ManilaFTW

    @Mavs All The Way

    Melo should pack his bags and play in the PBA. hahaha

  • stupid

    ” I don’t see the Nets going afer Kevin Martin because, let’s face it, why have two K-Mart’s on the same team that are injury prone.”

    i thought we were talking bout ‘Melo…

    @curtis g.

    Kenyon martin is in Denver, Kevin Martin is in Houston,

  • Stunnaboy09

    Gotta love e-beef, can’t we all let this shit go already? It was just two fucking posts and we have all seen longer.

    Anyhow back on topic as much as I love alf, Melo for AK is a retarded trade from Denver’s part. Giving up a top-5 scorer to a division rival who took you out the playoffs for a washed up AK for a one year rental doesn’t seem smart. Unless AK somehow went back to 2004 and puts up his crazy stats can’t see Denver okaying it. I only see Melo going if young talent, cap relief and picks come not just one. Same reason I can’t see him going to Orlando. Trading to Houston, NJ and NY seem smartest destinations.

    Carmelo for Curry/Gallo/Randolf plus 2 future 1st round picks

    Carmelo for Murphy/T-Will/Damon James plus 1st round draft pick

    Carmelo for Jeffries and K-Mart

  • A-Slam

    welcome to Cleveland.. Harrison Barnes

  • john

    As a Miami Heat fan, I would accept a trade for Melo, something along the line of : Mike Miller – Udonis Haslem – Big Z for Melo.


    Do it Ryley.

  • me

    i stop reading if…….

    the comment is over 5 lines long.
    the number of comments goes over 10.

    curtis G has some LOOOOONG ass posts! ain’t readin that shit. stop bitchin and stop being so long winded.

  • me

    posts longer than a samuel jackson monologue.

  • AirKaris

    @Curtis G

    “it is wreaking havoc on our literary and composition skills as a society.”


    “It ain’t hard to do.”

    so we should do as you say, not as you do?

    just saying…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Just curious, how many of us skipped #3…


    I’m sure there were some good points, but fukkit it… I don’t read comments when the text fills my screen.

    @AirKaris: LMaoaoaoaoao!!!! Great point.

  • Paul Wall

    Alf- that is the reason why Dime will never hire you. You mentioned ak47 is better than Jr, balkman (who averaged 3min a game) and Al harington. Did you realize all 3 players are bench players? So were trading our Franchise player for a player who’s better than 3 of our backups? Get the fuck out of here. Maybe you should look into getting a job writing for Good Housekeeping.

  • Paul Wall

    Also, good post #3. Much prefer a response like yours than these guys who have one line responses or complaints about the length of a post. Keep up the good work.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I am probably alone on this one. I am feeling like Houston should keep K-Mart 2 and trade out Yao.

    Right now it’s a lot of people/teams crazy about Yao and he hasn’t really done anything. Dude ain’t gonna carry no team and he is not built for a whole season.

    Granted he can get you points but if I am Houston I get Melo and then somehow get another center and have a 5 by committee.

    I’m sorry just not a fan of Yao and been screaming for Houston to trade dude for a while.

  • http://Dimemag Smitty012

    CURTiS G clearly has no life . Your not a professional anaylist , relax. Your posting these things as if an NBA gm is gonna read it and follow you. Get a life get a job kid

  • That’s What’s Up

    Agree with GEE.

    Yao is a liability. Kevin Martin’s only liability is his seismograph hairline

  • That’s What’s Up

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should NOT hire me as of its regular writers.

    75: I would try to steal your girls

  • yo mama

    this trade works on espn’s trade machine. and it addresses all three teams’ needs/problems.


    Nets get:
    Carmelo Anthony
    Aaron Brooks

    Rockets get:
    Devin Harris
    A few of the Nets’ picks over the next several years.

    Nuggets get:
    Troy Murphy
    Kevin Martin

    Nets starters:

    PG: Aaron Brooks
    SG: Anthony Morrow
    SF: Carmelo Anthony
    PF: Derrick Favors
    C: Brook Lopez
    Bench: Terrence Williams, Jordan Farmar, Travis Outlaw, Johan Petro, Damion James

    Nuggets starters:
    PG: Chauncey Billups
    SG: Kevin Martin
    SF: Al Harrington
    PF: Troy Murphy
    C: Nene
    Bench: Kenyon Martin, JR Smith, Chris Anderson, Ty Lawson, Renaldo Balkman

    Rockets starters:
    PG: Devin Harris
    SG: Courtney Lee
    SF: Shane Battier
    PF: Luis Scola
    C: Yao
    Bench: Kyle Lowry, Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, Chuck Hayes, Jared Jeffries, Brad Miller, Patrick Patterson

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    LOL ^^^

  • common sense

    long posts are fine but the art of summarizing what one has to say in as few words as possible is more productive than writing essays. The way Curtis articulates himself is needlessly long. But he seems to be ignorant of this point, clearly judging by your apparent intellect you were taught that rambling is an unproductive style of writing?

  • Claw

    Is Austin writing this piece?

    Irrational behavior of burning his jersey after the Decision? Lebron should have burned his own clothes after doing the most idiotic, self gratifying, and insane self indulgent press conferences of all time.

    AK for Melo is ridiculous

    #1 reason you should never write about the NBA : Trying to rationalize an AK for Melo trade

  • LABaller


    why would Houston be dumb enough to do that?

  • Curtis G

    @ stupid:
    I was referring to Kenyon Martin and Kevin Martin ending up on the same team if Denver traded Melo to Houston for Kevin Martin.

    @ everyone else that has a problem with my original post:
    Like stunnaboy said, it is over with so why come in late rehashing things that have already been settled. Anyway, my original point is that I have a right to write a post that is as long as I want just like some of YOU have the right to post short inarticulate posts whenever you like. If you don’t want to read mine, grab your mouse and scroll past it!

    @Paul Wall:

    @ Air Karis:
    While “aint” isn’t the most proper English, let me point out two things; 1) I was using the words that Young Gunner and Stunnaboy had used on me and 2) it is an accepted part of regular English vocabulary. It’s not like I said I am “fensta” go make me a sandwich!

    @ Poppi Gee:
    If Denver would take Yao in a trade, that would be ideal. Unfortunately, until Yao proves he is healthy, his trade value right now is close to nothing if it isn’t zero already.

    Maybe you’ve got me confused with someone you know that is uneducated and jobless. Just know that this “kid”, isn’t a kid, and, yes, not only am I a professional analyst, but I am also (and primarily) a research professional, which is how I work as an analyst. I don’t have to lie or hide about who I am. Check the link below:

    and finally @ common sense:
    What? I suppose any writings more than a few sentences long are “ramblings” to you then? I guess books, magazines, news articles, and recipes are totally out of play for you, huh? Forgive me for writing a (moderately lengthy) fan analysis of a possible basketball trade on a basketball website. I’ll never do that again! Next time I’ll just write “Mane, I think dat Carmelo gettin at dem Rockets is the sh*t!” Perhaps everyone who didn’t like my original post will be happy then? Amazing! I didn’t know I had to dumb down my posts so people wouldn’t be offended by (what I thought was) a well thought out and written post! Sadly, this says a lot about America. It’s no wonder why the Japanese are kicking our asses academically!

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Thats What up

    Me too.. i’d try to steal the basketball wives too hahahaha

  • Claw

    @ Curtis – This isn’t a TPS report, being an analyst might be part of your problem. Just realize anything over a paragraph is 50% less likely to be read, the next paragraph another 50% less and so on. So at 5 paragraphs you are at 50%*50%*50%*50% so 6.25% read the whole thing.

    See at my 2nd paragraph I’m now at 50%, not a dig but reality on people’s attention span, mostly with comments.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Curtis G.

    I don’t know I think he has a great trade value right now. He is the icon right after Jordan for China. Before getting hurt he gives numbers.

    So if Houston could trick Denver into convincing them Yao can stay healthy, then by all means pull the trigger.

  • Curtis G

    @ Claw:
    I hear you, but the point is that I fully understood that some people might not want to read my long post; it was put there for the people that would. I just didn’t expect them to be complaining and whining about something that they could have just as easily skipped over with the scroll of a mouse. I regularly run across in inane, non sensical, and sometimes, downright inappropriate comments and postings on this site, but I never blast anybody for them because this is a blog and that is their right to post whatever they want until or unless Dime says otherwise. Oh well… that’s what I get for assuming people had common sense and intelligence though, I guess.

  • Curtis G

    @ Poppi Gee:
    I actually think the marketing potential of Melo’s brand in China is precisely why Houston makes the short list for him. He’s seeing people like Battier, McGrady, Shaq, and now Baron pulling in tons of extra revenue with these foreign companies and probably wants a piece of it too. Being with Jordan brand though, he can’t outright seek those types of affiliations because he probably has all kinds of non-compete clauses and conflict of interest exceptions in his contract. He probably is angling more for the market exposure that playing with Yao has brought to other players who’ve played beside him. If playing with Yao could catapult Von Wafer to near All-star status in China, think what he could do for somebody like Melo. And I won’t even mention the cult-like following that McGrady has over there because of Yao! Incidentally, that probably means that Melo would be against any deal to Houston that involved swapping Yao too and I am cool with that. I personally would like to see K-Mart go along with Budinger (and probably Battier or Patrick Patterson) and the two New York picks but, in truth, if this deal went down, there is no way Denver wouldn’t consider Scola first. Still though, if both parties would agree to it, I won’t deny that I would want Houston to do it.

  • Paul Wall

    Lol @ Curtis G. I love it

  • sh!tfaced

    WTF? A dude who actually reads all posts?! Aand answers each one too… Really?! LMFAO! Too much free time, man…

  • Curtis G

    @ sh!tfaced:
    I don’t read each one but I do try to when I have the time. Trust me, it isn’t difficult to do when you like to read anyway. As for having to much time, what can I say; some days I have a lot of free time and other days I don’t. After Friday morning, you guys may not hear from me again for a while though. And while you think I might have too much time on my hands, for me, it’s just evidence of my love of basketball during the down season of the NBA.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I think Curtis G has turned into the LeBron James of SMACK – I can see why people are hating on him but he’s just doing what he wants to do…

    Everybody just chill for a minute, damn. Don’t you people have any real problems to deal with instead of hollering at each other on DIME????

  • Claw

    Its this or getting on the discussion of Kobe catching MJ, and that discussion is just ridiculous even when I typed it.

    Anybody catch Pros vs Joes? I think Hakeem could still ball for 15-20 minutes in the NBA TODAY! He still has the moves and looks to be in shape. You forget how good he was, dude dominated in the post.

  • Chise

    People hating on a dude because he’s articulating. Smdh.

    @yo mama

    I get that your trade “works” financially and all but when you break it down Houston loses Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin, while getting Devin Harris in return. Don’t overthink it homie, you wouldn’t pull that trade if you were Houston.

  • ab_40

    melo should either stay in denver or go to orlando or houston. can you imagine him playing off of a real big. Another wing threath in orlando. Come on adding a player who’s capable of scoring 30 ppg to your roster is always a smart move. Well except if it’s new york… F new york sorry losers

  • sh!tfaced

    @ Curtis G – oh i aint doubting your love for hoops, man. that’s quite obvious. and you really put time on your posts too. damn. why not join the kobe debate in the next post? pretty sure they could use you there…

  • Curtis G

    @ sh!tfaced:
    I really would like to get in on that conversation, but all the Laker-Haters over there would absolutely kill me! Truth be told, I think Kobe has a better all-around game than Jordan ever had and regularly demolishes better compettion than Jordan faced. I still give the overall competitive edge and passion to MJ though; please believe that his documented extraordinary casino gambling has a basis in that fact. But that’s all basketball was for Jordan; a competition that he HAD to win. It just so happened that in competing, he happened to look d*mn good doing it.
    And that right there illustrates the one thing that Kobe has over MJ (and it’s huge); Kobe doesn’t just want to compete and beat you (like Jordan), he wants to destroy you. He wants to ruin your basketball experience now and forever and make you relive the nightmare in your dreams. As much as I think Kobe is a bit of an a**hole off the court, I cannot deny that the man is perfection on it. And from a basketball standpoint, that’s the only thing that matters. Had Colorado never happened, we likely wouldn’t be having a conversation about whether Kobe would catch Jordan, but rather, when it had exactly happened.

  • Curtis G

    @ claw:
    Hakeem could start the season as Yao’s backup right now and take the starting spot by the time the All-star break rolled around. He can’t be anymore of a defensive liability on the break than Yao is…

  • ManilaFTW

    Haha Curtis should be loving this. He opened up a whole new basketball argument.

    Did you just say Kobe has a better game than MICHAEL JORDAN?

    Better ‘game’ in terms of hotel rooms in Colorado, yes. In terms of basketball, are you crazy??

  • ManilaFTW

    come on Dime, end this thing and post a new Smack.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Hahaha late to the party today and I see that in the midst of no basketball news, the commenters are…hating on Curtis G.

    And the best part of it all was ManilaFTW saving me from smashing Curt’s Jordan/Kobe analysis with a lol