Smack / Aug 2, 2010 / 7:02 am

Shots Fired in Toronto; Hedo bashes Raptors for Bosh

Hedo Turkoglu (photo. National Post)

When Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo decided, even if he was trying to be as diplomatic as possible, to put Chris Bosh on blast following CB1’s departure in free agency, he forgot something: There are more than a couple NBA players who have been there, done that in Toronto and didn’t enjoy their experience. While Bosh politely defended himself without trashing his former franchise, Hedo Turkoglu took another route: “People have to realize something is wrong with that organization and nobody wants to go there any more,” Hedo told Fox Sports Arizona. “It’s not just the players who see this.” Speaking specifically about the Bosh/Colangelo spat, Turkoglu defended his ex-teammate. “It’s funny that people will talk behind your back. If (Colangelo) was feeling this way, why not have the guts to say it during the season? Why not say it to Chris? Now that Chris has left, it’s not nice to say those things. Chris has been a franchise player and he did a lot of good things for the Raptors. I don’t think Chris is the type of player to quit on his teammates.” … Is he right? Maybe, maybe not. But given the events of this past season, any criticism Hedo has of the Raptors will be taken by T-Dot fans about as well as Don King criticizing one of his broke ex-fighters … It was only a matter of time before Shaq-to-Europe rumors began popping up. Shaq has reportedly “tested the market” overseas, and would be willing to go if he could make $10 million a year or more. For a guy who’s pulled down almost $300 million just in salary over his NBA career — not to mention another eight or nine figures in endorsements, investments, and various entertainment royalties (watch out for those Steel and Kazaam DVD re-releases in 3-D) — you’d think Shaq would have no problem taking a smaller salary, but pride is a MF’er …

Zydrunas Ilgauskas took out a full-page ad in yesterday’s Cleveland Plain-Dealer thanking Cavs fans for their support during his 14-year run. Not that he should have been thinking about LeBron, but Big Z just made LBJ look even worse. Then again, LeBron could buy a whole edition of the Sunday paper thanking Cleveland and he’d still be a public enemy … The Suns had a training-camp invite extended to undrafted rookie Scottie Reynolds, but he decided to take an offer to play in Italy. What would you do if you were in Reynolds’ shoes? Take a non-guaranteed shot at making the NBA on a team where you’d be third-string PG at best (behind Steve Nash and Goran Dragic), or take the sure money in Europe but risk falling off the NBA map? … Not to accuse anybody of anything, but the watchdogs at the NBA should keep an eye on Ryan Anderson. “His body has changed dramatically since the end of last season,” Orlando Magic strength coach Joe Rogowski told the team website. “With two more months to go, we’re really optimistic with where he will be physically.” Just saying, have you noticed how many guys in Orlando appear unnaturally jacked? Jameer Nelson, J.J. Redick, Dwight Howard, Mickael Pietrus, Brandon Bass — then you have Rashard Lewis getting suspended for PED’s last year. Don’t be surprised if Anderson shows up to training camp looking like Lex Luger … We’re out like Euro Shaq …

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  • Magicman

    If you work out you might be jacked too.

  • alex “robocop” murphy

    if you’re not first, you’re last!

  • Quedas

    That really was a cheap, cheap shot at the Orlando Magic. Totally uncalled for and based on nothing but your rambling assumptions. You have a good product, Dime, no need to go scraping the bottom of the journalism barrel…

  • jackass

    first yo!!! reynolds ain’t gonna play in the NBA.

  • Rockco

    It’s always easier to talk smack when you don’t win and you’re not a guy that’s plays D anyways Hedo is finished

  • icey

    maybe bosh quit on the raps, maybe he didnt. but everyone sure knows Hedo did. Therefore he shouldnt have any rights to speak.

  • ratman

    Cmon…everybody knows nba players do steroids in the offseason. NBA doesn’t have any testing during the offseason and even when you get caught they’ll let you off with a warning..who can blame Ryan Anderson if he has to play against D. Howard in practice…

  • Pais

    Bosh earned his money. Did he know he was going to leave prior to end of season…by his own words he did. Did his play (or not playing) reflect that, again sure it did, not significantly but there was enough to know that he should have been traded while we had the chance. But whatever, cause the fact is his play throughout his time in the T.dot should’ve already earned both his paycheck and Toronto support regardless of what his next move was going to be.

    Turk on the other hand is a bum, I’ve seen him play for his country and it was a travesty. He quite often contributed nothing with little to no effort or interest just a sense of entitlement and arrogance. He displayed the same attitude during his tenure in Toronto and had the nerve to feel affronted the second his comittment and work ethic were questioned.

    And now he’s taking advantage of Colangelo’s PR blunder in order to lambast Toronto as a franchise and a city, as if say “see, it’s not me it’s the Raptors”. He’s a bum.
    I forgave Vince a long time ago, in Bosh’s case there’s nothing to forgive, but Turkyglue is a complete utter bum.

  • Pat

    Hedo’s an ass. Management of the raptors may have not been league best but the dude gets paid to either play hard or rest and heal hard in order to play asap but he gets caught at a club when he’s supposed to be home healing and resting so he can play again. Ass.

    Bass was promised bigger minutes this year but wait a sec; anderson comes back ripped. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  • Pareja

    I think that Hedo’s statement talks more about what type of person Hedo is than about Raptors organization.

  • Rafa23

    lol @ that cheap shot @ the magic. wtf is going on here? some subtle jokes are fine, but that was a bit too far guys. and just throwing in Brandon Bass even though he was like that way before he went to the magic? weak
    c’mon now

  • Arno

    This “quitting” thing seems to imply that you do your best or you quit. Actually, there are many different possibilities between those two extreme cases. And making their players give their best shot is a great part of makes a good organization.
    Most NBA players don’t play their best game during regular season, anyway, and there are even some coaches (Pop) who don’t play their best players as much as they could.
    BTW, why did the Raptors and the Cavs try to retain by all means quitters like LBJ and CB4 ?
    It seems that management doesn’t like free market competition when it comes to players choosing their team (and not only teams choosing their players)…

  • Josh Tha roc

    Hey guys check out this clip ‘suit up’
    the artist is my wife and the dude getting painted is my team mate


    let me know what you think

  • That’s What’s Up

    DIME’s got the right to suspect the Magic of “doping” – everyone does after Raw Lew got popped. Some readers just get their vaginas bruised too easily…

  • That’s What’s Up

    @Josh – your wife sure loves to paint other dudes.

    I got an idea for her to paint me while I’m holding a hotdog bun low that is cradling my salsiche. Holla at me!

  • Josh Tha roc

    Yeah she is a professional body painter so she paints a lot of women and men, but generally steers away from the salsiche. So can’t help you there mate.

  • jzsmoove

    who the fuck asked hedo for his MFing opinion? and better yet, who the fuck is hedo to give his opinion on this matter. hypocrite!! he was just fine signing on the dotted line on that guaranteed contract.

  • Mike Mihalow

    Z’s probably the only person on the Heat that I’ll feel sorry for when lightning strikes the team’s plane this season.

  • Quedas

    @ That’s What’s Up

    I was just saying that respected journalists don’t make “funny” insinuations about such serious subjects. But I’m not gonna waste my time arguing with you, as it is pretty obvious that your brain is even smaller than your salsiche…

  • That’s What’s Up

    what was that last sentence Quedas? I couldn’t hear because you were gargling your boyfriends nuts.

    Go fuck yourself you bitter Magic fan.

    These bitches make this site unbearable at times.

  • Quedas

    You’re really a class act, aren’t you, That What’s Up? Homophobic, ignorant, riddled with insecurities – you really are a full package of douchebaggery.

    For the record, I couldn’t care less if the subject of the “joke” was the Magic, honestly. I try to limit the impact sports have in my life. I just think steroid abuse is a serious issue affecting all sports nowadays, and these insinuations only stir an already bubbling pot of suspicion…

    Colorful metaphors about me being gay (I guess) aside, I honestly was trying to make a sports point and got distracted by your complete lack of intellect and common civility. It won’t happen again…


    (oh shit, I did it again…)

  • Dagger

    Turk is a fucking moron. He should be thanking Colangelo not only for giving him an enormous contract his play didn’t warrant, but shipping him out when he wanted. What will Turk’s excuse be when he shoots 40% and averages 11 points this year? “Ball?”

  • That’s What’s Up

    Quedas – it’s so nice to see words typed into a computer can bring even the most ‘civil’ and ‘intellectual’ person (presumably you) to a sub-standard level of behavior (post 21).

    have a great day, and try to be yourself

  • Quedas

    @ 23

    Oh, I wasn’t saying “I” was civil and intellectual. I was just pointing out how “you’re” incredibly not…

  • LakeShow84

    Very disappointed in last nights Boondocks..

    Wasnt that funny at all..

  • Kingralf

    Love the Lex luger reference…man that brings back childhood memories. I only say Slam against yokozuna und that Ship ;)

  • Kingralf

    Sorry, meant “on that Ship”

  • s.bucketz

    co-sign w/ Lakeshow…all it did was make me kinda wanna not eat fried chicken….buffalo wings on the other hand??i could do cuz ya kno…its buffalo

  • LABaller

    you do know lex luger got roid rage, stalked and killed that elizabeth chic that used to roll with macho man right?

    Shaq’s always been one of my favorite players ever..he’s really been disappointing me this off season specifically though with the way he’s handled himself. He could have been signed on a contender by now but his mouth/ego are totally outdoing his skill level at this point..would love to see him get on tnt with kenny and charles at this point or something…

  • K Dizzle

    1) LOL @ this fool, Turkoglu, givin his opinion about “players not comin to Toronto”,and “players not quitting on their teammates”….
    Fool, you just did both. Not just Raptors fans, but hoops fans in general liftin an eyebrow on dude…

    2) Big Z is a genius, but he did allow himself to be traded and he’s played thru major injuries *cough* sprained elbow *cough*, but that full page letter gives him a lifetime pass in Ohio, plus he gonna get that jersey raised

    3) After watchin Scottie Reynolds play this summer, there’s about 7 teams off the top of my head that he could get minutes on RIGHT NOW…

  • Brown

    Shouldn’t the Pacers be looking at Scottie Reynolds. They haven’t had a decent PG since Tinsley was healthy and young.

  • Stunnaboy09

    The Pacers already got Stephenson groomed to run the point but NBA teams are messed up. keep resigning the same scrubs over and over again instead of importing new blood. Smh.

    Turk got nothing to say, he played Toronto like fools and now he’s talking shit? Fuck him I jsut hope it was the system and not the player cuz Turk used to be beastly in Orlando.

  • baron


    You are now nothing more than a purveyor of massive faggotry. All the chicks in the world can’t cover up how faggy you have become. Lose the silk shirts you wear to those gay clubs and be a fuckin’ man again. Prima donna!

    So glad the Spurs had the sense to let him walk and let Manu shine instead. They had to stroke his ego and let him be a starter b/c his fragile self-confidence couldn’t handle being a 6th man on a Championship-caliber team.