NBA / Aug 9, 2010 / 11:15 am

Smush Parker Wants Back In The NBA

I guess once you’re in the NBA fraternity, you’re in it for life. (Try telling that to Stephon Marbury.) Anyways, although Smush Parker has been playing basketball in China with the Guandong Southern Tigers Hongyuan for the past two years (with two championships to show for it), the five-year NBA veteran wants back in. And according to Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, he’s going to do what it takes to get there.

“It’s about playing at the top level of basketball that there is,” says Parker. “I feel like I can play at that level and I’ve proven myself. It’s just about trying to get back.

“I’m just going to let the chips fall where they may. I’m going to end up at somebody’s veteran camp and try to make the team.”

If that’s the case, what teams might be in need of a 6-4, 29-year-old guard? Off the top of my head, the Pacers, Bobcats and Warriors all could use another guard on the roster, and the Knicks and Nets could give him a shot as well to fill out the roster with a local product.

What do you think? Will Smush ever play in the NBA again?

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  • Kobeeeee

    He is trash. Kobe deserved an MVP alone for dranging His a** to the Playoffs and Making him Look somewhat decent.

  • karizmatic

    It’s a possibility, but I don’t think he will he did play in the NBA he did once, but he didn’t really bring much to the table aside from some athleticism. At this point with him being 29 it would probably be better for any one of the teams to take a raw guard out of the D League as a prosepct as opposed to investing time and money in Smush…that seems to be the sad reality to me.


    No. Never ever again! Even though he had a few shining moments, the negative outweighs the positive!

  • control

    I posted this over the weekend, but I’ll post again, this guy is pure garbage. It’s not “what teams might be in need of a 6-4, 29-year-old guard?” it’s “what teams need a retarded 6’4, 29 year old guard who has absolutely no basketball IQ and thinks he is 100x better than he really is?”.

    This guy is horrible at basketball, it’s disgusting that he is even a pro and makes money from his lack of skills. That Kobe didn’t have him killed when he was on the Lakers is even more surprising. When Kobe had that streak of 9 40+ games going, the only reason it was broken was because of Smush, I remember watching that game, seeing Kobe start to heat up and then Smush spent almost a whole quarter waving Kobe off and jacking some horrible looking, 3 ft behind the 3, shots with 19 seconds on the shot clock.

    Smush Parker is one of those few NBA players who I am absolutely positive I could beat 1on1, or do a lot better than if I had the chance to play professionally (even if I played PG, which is slightly out of position for me at a top level).

  • Ekstor

    Smush has NBA-level physical talent, but is less than average in basketball IQ and even worse when it comes to attitude and team chemistry.

    At his best, he was a tough defensive guard who could attack the rim with some of the best PGs. Unfortunately, most times, his head was not in the game and he was prone to sulking when things didn’t go his way.

    I’ve mentioned this before, but Miami signed him to a guaranteed 2-year deal and then waived him only a few months into the 1st year despite being one of the worst teams in the league and being in desperate need of PG help.

    If he’s truly humbled himself and is willing to do whatever it takes to make a team better, then he’s an asset. Otherwise, he’ll only make a situation worse and not better.

  • easy yeezy

    5 bucks says Kahn gives him a call today.


  • e

    anybody who says smush is garbage most likely sucks themselves like i always said its his own fault he is not in the league right now he wasnt hungry enough i seen sundiata gaines play last night at west 4th smush is 1000000000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx better than him that alone tells me alot

  • control


    Your face is garbage. This guy IS one of the worst players to ever play in the NBA, he doesn’t do anything great, and barely anything even decent. He’s a pg who has no court vision, no passing skills, horrible shooting and shot selection, can’t really finish in the paint, has absolutely no intelligence, and is physically weak for his position. He was decently quick when he was 24, but how quick is he now?

    The only thing this idiot has is a total and blind self confidence that he is the best player ever born (is that was swag is?). Anyone who isn’t related to this guy, and still says he deserves to be in the league, doesn’t really know anything about basketball.

  • Jau28

    Damn u guys r coldddd. But i love it

  • quintton

    People are so ignorant.

  • http://dimemag FU

    You fools sound corny trashing this guy (get a life). Granted he’s not the smartest dude that has played in the NBA (I could name a few dummies in the league now)also not the most gifted but he can still ball. I seen him play pick up games out here in LA and dude got some game. He just needs to find a system where he can fit in.
    Im no fan of his but damn give him a lil props!

  • e

    @ fu thankyou for showing some maturity control is clearly a disgruntled couch potato with hopes of someday beating smush 1 on 1 to tell his kid one day so his life looks like he had somewhat of a relevant basketball game several respected overseas players and well known college guys give smush props but control the leader of the remote control gang is better than him LOL give me a break

  • sh!tfaced

    Isiah’s back in New York so Smush might not only make it back in the League, he’ll also a 7 or even 8 figure multi-year contract with the Knicks…

  • Reignman40

    I’m actually a fan of Smush but he really doesn’t belong in the L anymore. Dude has the basketball IQ of J.R. Smith with 1/4 of his talent.

  • Smart Guy

    Hey @CONTROL…. I respect that you are obviously a Kobe fan much like myself. And even more I respect that you hate Smush as much as I do. But Smush WAS NOT EVEN ON KOBE’S FUCKING TEAM during that 40 point game streak!!! “I specifically remember watching…” No, you don’t, idiot.

  • ballz


    you probably couldn’t beat a third grader let alone a former NBA player 1 on 1

    maybe if you challenged smush to a game of NBA 2k11 or something