Smack / Aug 18, 2010 / 12:03 am

Super-Friends 2: Carmelo linked to Dwight Howard and Amar’e

If this NBA offseason taught you anything, it was that — once again — most of the media doesn’t know sh*t. Or to turn Bernie Mac‘s phrase, they don’t know sh*t until sh*t happens … Take the Carmelo Anthony situation. With every day that ‘Melo doesn’t sign his extension offer from the Nuggets, more scenarios are spun of where he’ll end up next, and more reports come out that are presented as near fact when it’s really just guessing. Today’s best guesses are that Carmelo forms a “Super-Friends 2″ clique in New York with Amar’e and Tony Parker/Chris Paul, or that Melo goes to Orlando as part of a trade that could also include Chauncey, Vince and Rashard Lewis. Great move for the Magic, but why would Denver do that? You’re gonna roll out a lineup of Ty Lawson, Disgruntled Vince Carter in a Cold-Weather City, Rashard Lewis as a 2nd Option, Aging Injured Kenyon Martin and Nene? That’s ugly … Breaking news: The Clippers are a mess. Once again, owner Donald Sterling made a fool of himself when he told the L.A. Times that he would have traded DeAndre Jordan this summer but his “people” didn’t do it (way to instill confidence in your developing 7-footer), then said he didn’t understand why the Clippers couldn’t land LeBron and had to settle for Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye, a.k.a. “What’s the other guy’s name?” … And maybe we shouldn’t read too much into this quote by Eric Gordon on Baron Davis: “You know, it’s good, we just need to get (Baron) motivated to really play. We all know he can play and as long as he stays motivated, we should be good.” But shouldn’t the 11-year vet be saying that kind of thing about the 2nd-year pro, and not the other way around? Maybe it’s nothing, but with the Clippers you always assume the worst … Turns out Darren Collison has a fractured finger on his shooting hand and will be sidelined for a month. No big deal to Pacers fans. As far as they’re concerned, Collison with nine fingers is still better than T.J. Ford with a full set … A bunch of Tier-7 caliber free agents are seeing the writing on the wall and heading overseas. Perpetual problem child Sean Williams is close to a deal with a team in Israel, Australian Big Baby Nathan Jawai is going to Serbia, Travis Diener is going to Italy, James “Flight” White is also going to Italy and likely robbing us of another year where he could own the NBA dunk contest, and Robert Swift, a.k.a. The World’s Biggest Goth Kid, is signing with a team in Japan. If Shaq can make movies like Kazaam and Steel in the U.S., there’s no reason Swift can’t get a role in a Godzilla remake … We’re out like Flight …

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  • YW

    Robert Swift can’t play sh-t, and that’s a fact

  • Jay Thrilla

    Can someone explain why the Clippers owners are so content with staying in LA and playing in the shadow of the Lakers?? Why are they content with being LA’s OTHER TEAM?? Why not move to San Diego, Annaheim, or even Rancho Cucamonga (spell check)? But seriously, I think they should look into moving that team to Vegas.

  • ManilaFTW

    Robert Swift is a poor man’s Chris Andersen, minus the defense and the dunking.

    So yeah.

  • Mavs All The Way

    i thought that was joe dumars 2k11 on the picture…

  • JJ

    It does look like Melo put on some weight in that pic

  • Jay Thrilla

    Lol at Joe Dumars. Melo’s always had a round face and no muscle structure.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ jay thrilla
    that’s what happens when you have owners that don’t give a fluck. A better question is why clippernation hasn’t straight boycottedall clipper games. I couldn’t rock my bros clothes after he’s rocked them in front of the same people he saw yesterday. It’s a self respect thing.

    another cat I can’t understand is james dolan. Knick fans deserve way better.

    lakers three-peat in making!

  • Sambuu

    he sure does look like Dumars

  • Young Gunner

    Can we stop talking about Carmelo so much? Im just getting over the whole Lebron debacle

  • Jdstorm

    The Bulls and bobcats should get on this, they can give the best deals that make sense.
    Chicago trade deng, James johnson and taj gibson for Melo, and maybe Affalo

    if Melo goes to chi town forget about the super friends in miami, because they have the fantastic 4.

    PG rose SG brewer SF Anthony PF Boozer C Noah. miami can suck it.

  • alf (from melmak)

    I will remember Baron Davis for two events. The last game the Charlotte Hornets played where he went around the court clapping and thanking the fans. It was such a heartfelt gesture. The other is the dunk on Andrei Kirilenko in the playoffs.

    Just like Rasheed Wallace, there is a lot of “what ifs” attached to him. He is like Deron Williams before Deron Williams ever came into the league. And I believe he still has a lot on the tank.

    Anyway, attention Denver and Utah. Try swapping Carmelo Anthony and Kirilenko for each other. Add some minor pieces if needed. It is a win-win situation.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    61. I will never be a distraction to the team.

  • FK

    Melo for AK47 a win-win?

    Stay out of your mom’s medicine cabinet son

  • Mike Mihalow

    I’ve never even seen Robert Swift play. Has anybody else here, or we just assuming he sucks because he’s white and has red hair?

  • Celts Fan

    @Mike Mihalow – we’re all pretty hardcore hoops fans to be posting here and we’ve never seen him play. Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know?

  • ToAn

    @Celts Fan….great answer…and as FK already mentioned, today’s comment from alf is just a WTF? sometimes he writes good stuff but melo for AK47?

  • karizmatic

    They should never let Donald Sterling speak in public again.

  • Paul Wall

    Nuggets should trade Melo for some expiring contracts if they can’t get a big name player in return. That way they can atleast start the whole rebuilding process. Take a look at how the Nuggets Salary is broken down-

    Carmelo Anthony – $17.15 million
    Kenyon Martin – $16.8 million
    Chauncey Billups – $13.15 million
    Nene – $11.36 million
    JR Smith – $6.76 million

    A sub-total of $65.22 million for five players. Kenyon Martin and JR Smith will both be entering the final year of their deals. Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups and Nene each have two seasons left on their contracts. Both Melo and Nene have opt out clauses prior to their final seasons. Billups’ final year is partially guaranteed ($3.7 million of $14.2 million).

    Rest Of Team’s Salaries

    Chris Andersen – $3.94 million
    Arron Afflalo – $1.96 million
    Renaldo Balkman – $1.67 million
    Ty Lawson – $1.55 million

    A sub-total of $9.12 million for four players. Chris Andersen has four years left on his contract. Balkman has three years left on his deal — while Afflalo and Lawson are both on their rookie scale contracts

  • Sporty-j

    Look, no team is going to just take Melo for 1 year and let him walk so Denver only has 2 options and its Orlando or New York. Get what you can because no Owner or GM is going to waste there time and they might as well do it before the season starts because if they wait until the trading deadline Orlando and New York will just say we will wait until next year and Denver will really be stuck…

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    A lot of people were saying the 3 Amigos joining together was a good thing for the league because of the attention it brings. If the trend continues it will go from good thing to a very bad thing overnight.
    This could lead to a league of 4-5 teams that have all the superstars for 10-15 yrs and 25-26 teams that have no chance to attract any top tier talent for the same length of time. Even the tier 2-4 guys will lean towards a paycut to join these “power-clubs”. Lebron, Bosh, and Wade started a trend I don’t like.

    Abolish the AAU circuit. These guys are too friendly.

  • control


    The first thing I said the day after LeBron went to Miami…is exactly what you just brought up. With these 3 guys joining together, and picking a place to play, and with owners and GMs being way too pussy to stand up to any of their players, there is WAY too much power in the elite player’s hands. They will end up consolidating to 4-5 teams in major markets, while the rest of the teams can’t compete and wither away. It could start a trend that completely bankrupts the league.

  • ctkennedy

    chicago bulls dont mess this up give up joakim noah and deng to get carmelo take back birdman if u got too…noah is a good young center but he scores worst than dwight howard so he doesnt help u against the heat and lakers …rose vs wade…melo vs james…boozer vs bosh..i like your chances better than with noah

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I remember bro. I was right there with you. This “decision” could mean the smaller markets like Minnesota will follow the Sonics franchise out the door.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I can’t disagree with you more. Noah is worth more than his numbers. He’s a glue guy.

    “noah is a good young center but he scores worst than dwight howard so he doesnt help u against the heat and lakers”
    So to you, Noah doesn’t help because he’s not that much of a scorer? That’s what Boozer was acquired for. Noah rebounds, defends, provides energy and work ethic, and he’s a bruiser every night. What do you mean he doesn’t help against the heat and Lakers? To me, from a chicago perspective, trading Noah and Deng for Melo and Birdman is a lateral move because of what Noah brings to the table. There aren’t a lot of guys in the league who brings what Noah does.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    One more thing to add… if Chi moves Noah for Melo, they would trade their starting center for the next 10 years. It would also make Boozer their best interior defender for the foreseeable future.

  • Steve Nash

    I see Melo going to Orlando more than anyother team… it is a BLESSING to play with a dominant 7 footer… Problem is, how will Orlando trade for him? As for him going to NYK… um… maybe Danillo and a 2 future first rounders… only other team is DC because it is so close to B-More… but again Denver gets nothing good… Brooklyn Nets? they have nothing to offer… only teams with talent are places Melo prolly doesn’t want to go to – LA Clips, Hawks, Blazers, Mavs, Warriors – they all have good trading pieces for Nuggets

  • Chaos

    Melo to Orlando will put them over the top because he can score and they can get a better PF and defensive or athletic SG to play along side melo.

  • ctkennedy

    @jay i agree with u about noah he is a glue guy and it aint many players in the league like but rose cant be your best scorer and playmaker and think u gon beat heat or maybe the magic for that matter …korver or brewer cant step their game up for u so they no good to u in the playoffs…deng is just 17 and 6 a consistent player but cant do no better either …boozer will match match bosh ..noah the only one with a chance to make up the diff. that rose cant with wade and lebron cuz they gon score no matter what kind of d u put up on them

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m with Jay. Chicago needs Noah. I know a lot of people don’t like him but he’s a great role player. I like jdstorms offer of Deng, J. Johnson, and Taj for Melo and a piece.

  • control

    I think Noah is a wash. He’s just a decent hussler, but on offense I don’t think I’ve seen someone so lost. If the guy isn’t within arm’s length of the basket, he is actually such a horrible player that it’s scary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone left open at the top of the key, with the ball, and he is so shocked and confused that he looks like a tourist. I remember him getting the ball a step in from the free throw line, he was being covered from 8ft away, and stood there confused for so long he got a 3sec violation. I just don’t understand how someone can play basketball for their CAREER, for their entire lives…and still not know the basics. He’s better than Valgina, in a lot of ways, but he isn’t as great as everyone makes him out to be (which is almost top 10 center in history, the way guys are on his jock).

    Not to mention, Joakim is by far the ugliest guy in the NBA…I don’t watch Chicago games in HD because of him…Anytime you have a chance to get a guy like Melo, you get him. I think Melo is overrated, but the guy can score like a motherfucker usually.

  • LakeShow84

    Anyone see Shaq vs??

    DeShaun Jackson looked like he BURNT Chris Johnson..


    And whoever said Melo 4 AK was a straight across been sippin BO..

    Noah and pieces for Melo??? i dunno about that.. Why ruin the chemistry the baby bulls got goin right now?? Noah is a big piece of THEIR puzzle.. he may be crap to other teams but he got a niche with ChiTown.. trading your best post defender is always risky..

    BUT i’d proabably still do it.. Melo is a legitimately clutch player and has won a championship on every level except the NBA stage.. Rose, Melo and Boozer?? Shit a Noah type player would be ALL thats missing..

  • Shot In Your Face

    I disagree that there will be 4-5 “superteams” ever. You are all forgetting that MONEY is the most important thing to 99% of these players. With players getting such large ridiculous contracts, most players don’t want to take tens of millions of dollars in pay cut to ball with their “friends”. Also there is an ego thing. 99% of the players want to be “the man” and balling with other superstars may be their style.

    However, if players contracts were far less lucrative (like tens of millions less lucractive), I could see more players teaming up. They’d make up a lot of the difference (if not more) in endorsements in a big city.

  • Joe’s Momma

    “Super-Friends” sounds so wierd to me. Its like they are either hardcore BFF’s or they all got bitten by radio-active spiders or something.

    And WTF? Is Robert Swift really a goth? He messed up his knee and went and bulked up while it was healing, adding like 35 lbs and a recovering knee to try and support it. Not a smart move. And dude was really thin before, then grew up in one off-season. I thought he would be a decent big man.

    Melo, sign the extension man. Get your paper when you can. Next year you might not see those #’s

    If you were truly concerned about the direction of the team, you should have signed the 3 yr extension like the other “Super-Friends” in south beach did. Instead, you took the extra 20 mil and now you are in this predicament.

    I think this is less about the Nuggets, and more about Denver. He sees how his boys will get to party on the beach after day games, and he will get to stay in his house in Denver because he is snowed in.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @Shot in your face
    “However, if players contracts were far less lucrative (like tens of millions less lucractive), I could see more players teaming up. They’d make up a lot of the difference (if not more) in endorsements in a big city.”

    That statement doesn’t make sense. If salaries were less, salary caps would drop also. These guys are able to sign +$100million deals and still team up. To me, it’s possible only BECAUSE the contracts are so lucrative. Example… Max contracts for the Heat could have been $120Mill. Instead they sign for $107Mill… not a big difference. If they made 80Mill and cut 13Mill off that, it makes the contract $67Mill… HUGE difference. They can still get their money and put themselves in positions to win, especially in states where there’s no income tax.

    And for you to totally write-off the possibility of superteams is crazy. It’s been done, and Melo seems to be pushing for something to happen. Players today have a lot of power and ability to control where they will play. Whether it’s through trade demands or talking to eachother, they can make it happen. Players are too friendly with eachother. and I blame the AAU circuit.

    “99% of the players want to be “the man” and balling with other superstars may be their style.”
    This statement is contradictory. Not sure what you mean.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Furthermore… “You are all forgetting that MONEY is the most important thing to 99% of these players.”

    How many players signed max contract this off-season?? Not as much as everyone expected. Because the max contracts are so high, guys are willing to forfeit a few million in order to fill out rosters. and the role players seems more willing to settle for less to be on winning team. Check the free-agent tracker…. a lot of the guys took less money for numerous reasons.
    Q: Where did they sign??
    A: On winning teams.
    I agree cash is king, but earning 107Mill vs $120Mill; either way that money will last a lifetime.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Just to quote Lakeshow:
    “Rose, Melo and Boozer?? Shit a Noah type player would be ALL thats missing..”

    Rose, Booze, Noah?? a Melo-type player is ALL they are missing.
    ^That is why I said Melo/Birdman for Deng/Noah is a lateral trade. It doesn’t make them better, nor does it make them worse. That a move you make if it isn’t working and you need to shake things up. Re-visit this rumour before trade deadline and it might make sense. Right now, it doesn’t.

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    Yeah i wouldnt think that trade would make Chicago SIGNIFICANTLY better.. slightly better but defense wins chips so they would probably get smashed on by teams with good post play..

    Boozer as ur best post defender??? damn i couldnt even see them makin it out the first round with that lol

  • stephen

    i love dime