Playground, Video / Aug 9, 2010 / 9:30 am

T-Dub Shows You Why He’s The Best Dunker In The World

Last week, we told you that perhaps the best dunk contest ever was going down in L.A. this weekend. And they surely didn’t disappoint. Check out a highlight reel from T-Dub (who’s arguably the best dunker in the world) above, and then some of the other highlights after the jump.

What do you think? Could T-Dub be the best dunker in the world?

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  • Kon-Artist1

    Damn. That boi T-Dub got BOUNCE!

  • Bruce*Leroy*Green

    that dunk at :37 on the James White vid……..wtf? He’s not even jumpin with full force, its like he’s in a layup drill.

    Thats fuckin scary, when i watch this dude fly im speechless. T-Dub obviously has the most hops cuz of his height, but James White is literally floating every time he takes off. Unfuckinbelievable

  • Craig

    Looks good. I wish White would of done some free throw dunks. I think with everyone else being more normal height, it looked bad for white being 6’7”, and it didnt look like he brought his A game neither…but everyone was pretty tight

  • http://www.nodoubt223rd.com Nodizzel

    Oh my goodness :O

  • control

    What is TDub’s vertical jump? That guy is getting some INSANE height…It would almost be dangerous if a guy who was like 6’6-6’8 had that much vertical and was jumping like that in game.

  • Soopa

    So, ehm, who won?

  • http://www.more-sports.net andrew macaluso

    It was even crazier seeing it in person.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Yeah, who won?!

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I would love to see T-Dub and Nate square off and while I am sure T-Dub would get him, cause it didn’t take T-Dub like 40 million tries to make his dunks, it would still be good to see.

    They really need to just let guys like T-Dub, James and others do the dunk contest. I mean you would still have skills, H.O.R.S.E and All-Star game for pros. While it would lose popularity because you don’t have names like Dwight or Nate, lets be honest it’s slowly sinking anyway especially after last year’s showing.

    So you might as well let the dunk contest be guys like T-Dub and others while the NBA cats get to watch and it would still be amazing.

    I know it will likely never happen, still it would better to see than Crash and Shannon giving half (if that much) azz effort.

  • deWreka

    T-Dub may have the most bounce, but Golden Child gets up smoother than anyone i’ve ever seen.

  • Bizz

    Nobody’s beating Air Up There aka Mr. 720 and his 720, or his 540 reverse on the other side of the net from the baseline. He’s the best dunker in the world in my eyes.

  • http://www.cheehee.com Jeffco

    That shit is sick!

    You guys should have added a video of the dude they were calling “Arizona” from the amateur dunk contest on Saturday. He had two super nice dunks. I’ll see if I can find the vids.

  • Ben1en

    Does Kevin Kemp call himself Golden Child because he is one of Shawn Kemp’s many children? I mean we know Shawn Kemp was a great dunker and maybe he passed on to his Golden Child.

  • Harry

    these guys make the hoop look 8 feet high

  • Ianny B

    Those dudes off the rack. James White is a problem T-Dub is way out this world

  • snook

    sooo who won

  • bub

    Tdub made me cringe when he was dunking, very impressive to say the least.