Smack / Aug 17, 2010 / 12:01 am

T-Mac: I won’t dunk on you, but I’ll give you buckets

(Ryan Hurst, twitter.com/nba_photos)

OK, somebody with an NBA rulebook clear this up for us: Is there still a dress code or not? We were under the impression that any time a player is “on business” he has to dress according to the code, but over the last couple of seasons we’ve seen guys arriving at the arena and sitting on the bench wearing stuff that should’ve drawn fines and nobody said anything. And it’s not like it’s just the young dudes. Yesterday, T-Mac had his introductory press conference with the Pistons — that counts as “on business,” right? — and our man showed up in a white tee. (At least it wasn’t a 6XL tee.) Not saying we were big fans of the dress code anyway, but if it’s quietly gone away let us know … A lot of what T-Mac said to the Detroit media sounded exactly like what he said when he came back with Houston last year: He doesn’t care what his critics and doubters say, but at the same time he admits to having a chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t have a problem coming off the bench, but he still feels like he’s a top-level talent. “I might not be dunking on anybody like I used to, but I’m going to put the ball in the hole,” McGrady said. “Who was that, Okur, I dunked on in ’03? I might not be doing stuff like that, but I still can put it in the hole.” … Whatever negative backlash was thrown at squeaky-clean superstars like LeBron and Chris Paul during the free agency rush, we’re sure David Stern would take that kind of attention for the NBA in a heartbeat over yesterday’s headlines. Udonis Haslem was arrested over the weekend and charged with weed possession in Florida, while Lance Stephenson was charged with assault after allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs in New York. You wonder how the Pacers will react to this, because they’ve been on a mission to rid their franchise of shady characters. Obviously there are still details that need to come to light, but Indiana might not want to take the chance on Lance now … Tweet from Jared Dudley: “So Melo not signing that (extension) I’m hearing. I’ll bet if he doesn’t sign it by Oct he will be traded. Nuggets will learn from Cavs and LeBron.” Do you think the Nuggets would actually trade ‘Melo mid-season, or see how far they can go in 2011 and try re-signing him in the summer? … The other day we suggested Dennis Rodman should be an NBA announcer, but Worm would also be great as a TV studio analyst. Making the media rounds for Scottie Pippen‘s Hall of Fame induction, Rodman told the Chicago Bulls website, “You’ve got to understand, LeBron has no business even being in the same conversation with Scottie. Scottie was the epitome of the (do-it-all player). What do you want me to say? Scottie was great.” … In the pre-game hype to last night’s Jets/Giants game, John Gruden (who for some reason mean-mugs the camera even when he’s telling a joke) said the Jets “have signed more star players than the Miami Heat.” But given the age and miles on LaDanian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor, wouldn’t it be more like the ’03-04 Lakers? … We’re out like Eli Manning‘s face …

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  • Mike Mihalow

    So was T-Mac fashionably late?

  • futuristic handgun

    haa Gruden is funny

  • K Dizzle

    Trade Melo now while his value is high…We know where this is goin…

  • i luv ur mummy

    carmelo for odom and bynum?

  • i luv ur mummy

    he wuldnt still bolt to ny if that happens

    would he……………………….?

  • DVS

    Give Tmac a break, he ain’t making $20 a year no more.
    You give him bum money, you get a bum.

  • life

    Who’s gonna take Melo in a mid season trade knowing he’s only going to be with them for the remainder of 2011 season. It’s no secret Amar’e and CP3 are recruiting him for the Knicks.

  • 808

    The dress code disappeared once A.I. disappeared.

  • Captain Awesome

    Brad Miller was rocking out in Camouflage pants at his first Rockets conference

  • Legend 33

    Come on Melo stop pulling that LeBron BS and stay in Denver, you and Paul are trying to water down the West. Thats just making it too easy for the Lakers to come out of the west while all these super teams wear down my Celtics on the way to #18.

    @808 True that the dress code was intended for thugs like AI and JR Smith.

  • chance

    Y’know i was just thinking how there are so many similarities between Pip and LBJ. About the same height and body type, point forward, not too many perimeter moves, and very athletic. Except that Pip had a lot more post moves than LBJ, and of course there’s the doberman defense Pip was capable of.


    The difference between Pip and LeBron was that Pip was willing to do those simple little unheralded things like playing actual defense, hustle and other intangibles to help his team win. LeBron just likes to do things that make LBJ stand out and help him make it to the highlight reels such as flashy dunks, bogus blocks, dish dopey dimes, over the top plays and all the other glamorous exhibitionist bullshit that shallow bandwagon fans love to cheer.

  • http://youtu.be/848U4dJ9PMs Khalvin

    With wade as the current acknowledged leader in Miami, Lebrons game may evolve into a Pippen style. He has the opportunity to work on all the basic and little things he didnt do while leading the cavs. It will be interesting to see him develop as a player.


  • http://www.guildwars2gold.org guild wars 2 gold

    T-Mac, I once love you so much, 35 sec. 13 points is amazing, however, you attitude and you desire for the victory is so little, so many fans leave away from you, so i sincerely hope you will prove yourself in detroit, the once king will come back, blessing for you, T-Mac.

  • Chris

    I know there’s a lot of anti-Lebron feelings out there now, and some of it may be deserved. Though as great as Pippen was, Lebron has all the tools to be much better. Lebron said once that a perfect game to him would be a 20-10-10 triple double. Bet that that’s what he averages next year.

  • bigger_daddy

    hi En Fuego, its been a while since I read “dish dopey dimes” so thank you for that! =D

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    T-Mac is doing what should be done. I mean it’s the roll he has to play each time. It’s not like dude can come in and be like, “Yea I am my old self totally, you gonna see me dunking on a few cats this year and I’ll prolly average 25.” That ain’t likely happening at all.

    Same time though, dude can’t come in like “Yea I am pretty much a practice squad player now, and dude’s should call me 12th man or something. I will prolly get you bout 2 points or 3 if they let me shoot a lot from long range.” That would totally turn everyone against dude.

    So he is caught in the place of continually saying I ain’t what I used to be as far as being “that dude”, but I ain’t what I used to be as far as being “that lame” either. And I think it’s good he is not doing a lot of talking and letting his play speak. Hopefully it will speak well.

  • Dapro

    I’m TMac regains some of his old form, still pissed that the Bulls didn’t sign him

    Lebron does does the capability and tools to be better than Pip and one of the greatest ever but Pip was more than numbers. He revolutioned the SF spot. Pips drive and will to win was close to MJs


    @ bigger_daddy

    Yessir, we miss “The Real Tyrone” too hehehe

  • Fish

    How random is a reference to a dunk on Okur in 03?! Must be a better example of dunking on someone who can actually jump. Just watched the video and I still have those T-Mac trainers.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Unless T-Mac is working at KFC next season he isn’t giving anybody buckets.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Fish I thought he would have brung up the dunk on Bradley instead.

    “Bang like T-Mac” ~ Jay-Z

  • S-SiN

    Pip = Top 10 All Time. Period. Case closed.

  • DoubleA

    LMAO @ Spliff! KFC, Ha!

  • karizmatic

    I agree with Rodman…LBJ isn’t in that conversation…at least not yet. I expect that LBJ will be remembered as better than Pip when it’s all said and done.

    I think the Nuggets might make a panic decision and trade Melo midseason if he doesn’t sign the extension. BUt I do believe it would be a panic decision. I think Lebron’s decision has really shaken up some of the GM’s in the league as far as what they perceive as their control over rosters and Denver and other franchises may trade players early just looking to hold onto some of that control.

  • frank white

    you guys are full of it comparng lbj to pup. what happened to pIp when he was the man. he sulked and watchd a european win the game.

    lbj had todo everything on the ndbl cabs. lets judge him now that he has help.
    peace my fellow ballmaniacs.

  • frank white

    ps that was *cavs and *pip. cannot mobile keyboard

  • Brown

    Couldn’t Denver conceivably trade Melo if he agrees to an extension with the team they trade him to? I can’t see any team trading for him unless that’s the case.

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare James and Pippen. Pip is one of my all-time favorite players, but his situation was very different from LBJ’s. Pip never had to shoulder the team’s scoring load (except when Jordan retired), which allowed him to focus on everything else. I don’t think we’ve seen what LBJ is truly capable of.

    I’m not a huge James fan, but I’m willing to bet he has a monster season and does a lot more than just scoring.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    The 03-04 Lakers made the finals…what have the heat done?

  • sh!tfaced

    lmfao @ Spliff

    If he ever becomes an analyst, will the League’s dress code allow Dennis Rodman to wear a wedding gown on TV? It’s as formal as can be…

  • KCL

    Gruden’s always grouchy thats his thing haha. Agree that the dress code was really only done to keep gangstas like AI from ruining the leagues image. Sterns got bigger things to worry about *cough future NBA lockout *cough than TMac rockin a white tee

  • Ian

    pip took the bulls to 50 plus wins and a seven game series vs the knicks. he did it without his the super sidekick (i dont know if that makes sense) to judge him or compare him to lets say jordan his airness had to play without pippen and see if he could top that either that or give pippen an allstar teammate. so dont come here with that lebron will end up being better but what he did in cleveland is kinda the same for the bulls without jordan mid 90s of course it was only a season and a half but still.

  • Jay Thrilla

    T Macs favorite hobby and past time is SLEEP! He used to brag about not taking early pre-game shoot around and that he slept during that time. That shit has caught up w his lazy ass.

    I know LBJ rubbed us all the wrong way a little, and Pip going to the Hall makes us forget how GOOD LBJ actually is. I’m a huge Pip fan but c’mon guys….Pip better than LBJ??? I don’t think so.

  • Baby Huey

    The Jets also got a couple of young guys in the prime of their careers in Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie…. I’m just saying

  • rban

    T-mac mentioned Memo Okur, because when he played against the Pistons in the 03 playoffs he dunked on him…

    So being a Piston now he brought up a dunk they’d probably remember from the series

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Jay Thrilla — To be fair, I’ve interviewed a lot of NBA players, and almost all of them would say their favorite pastime is sleeping.



    That’s just great timing on the KFC line, it’s their anniversary and just broke the fried chicken record. They gave out a record number of buckets even without T-Mac

  • K Dizzle

    LOL @
    Unless T-Mac is working at KFC next season he isn’t giving anybody buckets.

    -Line of the week

    And as of right now, yes, Pip is better than Lebron and no, Pip is not top 10 alltime…

  • oh brother

    Stop talking about LBJ, this is T-MAC’s page!

  • Ian

    dizzle hes top 20-30 imo slightly below dream , admiral , barkley , malone slightly above ewing , drexler , miller.