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Team USA makes its final cut (or not), faces Greece next

Rajon Rondo and Coach K (USA Basketball)

There’s a good chance we won’t know what really happened between Rajon Rondo and the USA Basketball decision-makers until during the NBA season; the next time Rondo goes head-to-head with Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Chauncey Billups or Stephen Curry. Soon after Rondo talked to reporters as if he thought he might be cut from the World Championship roster, it was announced that Rondo pulled himself out of consideration due to the always-mysterious “family matters.” … Before the Spain game, everything seemed cool. Rondo was the starting PG against France and Lithuania, but then caught a DNP-CD against Spain. Coach K said it was more to showcase the guys who needed to prove themselves, but Rondo didn’t sound like he took it that way; maybe his struggles against Lithuania caused him to suddenly fall into the “borderline” crowd. But if Team USA is going to anchor itself in backcourt defense, speed and athleticism, why would you get rid of the reigning NBA steals leader, a freak athlete and one of the fastest players in the world with the ball in his hands? … So if Rondo goes out against Chicago, OKC, Denver or Golden State trying to drop quadruple-doubles with a stink-face on the whole game, we’ll know what’s up. Remember when Gilbert Arenas promised to drop 50’s on the Blazers and Suns because USA assistants Nate McMillan and Mike D’Antoni had to pay for Coach K’s decisions? … Now that the roster is finalized, today’s game between Team USA and Greece (12 p.m. EST) becomes a different kind of proving ground. Keep your browser on DimeMag.com during the game, where we’ll be keeping track via live-blog and kicking off our World Championship preview coverage … Yao Ming worked out in front of some media members yesterday, and most reports say he looked good. The Rockets claim Yao’s foot is 100% healed, but Yao is still playing it cautious, stopping short of promising he’d be OK for Opening Night. If any player was a good candidate to treat like a Major League Baseball reliever and only give him limited work leading up to the postseason, it’s Yao. The Rockets might be good enough to grab a playoff spot without Yao altogether, so if you use him sparingly at first and increase his minutes as you get deeper into the season, you could wind up having Yao fresh and healthy for a postseason run. (Granted, Yao was last “healthy” around the last time Pam Anderson was “fresh,” but still.) … Let’s assume Yao is good to go; Where do you have the Rockets finishing next season? Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin comprise one of the most explosive backcourts in the League, and Luis Scola is quietly one of the most productive PF’s in the game. Houston can play D, and they have a good coach in Rick Adelman. And if these recent rumors of Carmelo wanting to go to Houston are true and that somehow happens, they’ll be a monster in the West … Sorry, Nate Robinson, but these guys are the two best dunkers in the world. Pure craziness … The Hawks are supposedly interested in Josh Boone, Brian Skinner And His Stupid Beard, and Francisco Elson. And they didn’t want Shaq, not even for cheap? Explain that one again? … We’re out like Skinner’s beard …

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  • Stunnaboy09

    The Hawks REALLY pissed me off with passing up on Shaq, I really hate stupidity in all forms and the Hawks just left locked themselves with second round exits unless Horford gains 2-3 inches and 50 pounds.

  • Chise

    With Yao and Melo’s Houston’s still not good enough to knock off the champs IMO, but they’ll bring another powerhouse roster to the NBA.

  • Mr. TKO

    Didn’t Shaq want somewhere between 5-8 mill to play with Altanta. I think the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs would have got contender discounts, but he wasn’t about to lower his price for a non serious championship contender

    Like I’ve been saying since last year, Houston is a problem. Healthy Yao is the best all around Center in the league(he even hits free throws!) K-Mart will do damage and Brooks and Scola are underrated by most people.

    I wouldn’t Mind Melo going there except for the fact that Yao is too old. 3-4 years from now, Yao won’t be able to compete at a high level. (He’s missed so much time that he may actually be younger basketball wise though….)

  • Patrick Ewing’s Flattop

    Dime, please get off the hyperbole train. Team USA cannot afford to have a PG on the roster who can’t reliablely make 15 footers against variations of the zone defense. Rondo should be happy that everyone played along with his story.

    As with the Houston rumors, is there a package which Denver will bite on for a Melo trade without making Houston worse? (You can count Yao out- he won’t be traded, nor will he be around for the playoffs). Houston cannot offer cap relief or an Allstar (or budding Allstar in return)

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Yea, I remember “family matters.” Rondo played Urkel, right?

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    aaron brooks and kevin martin form one of the most explosive back courts in the league? really? i feel like I can name 10 more explosive back courts just off the top of my dome (but then again, what does explosive mean here, fast?) still… There has to be at least 10 better back courts…

    Rondo and Allen, Rose and Brewer, Curry and Ellis, Jennings and Salmons, Devin Harris and Terrence Williams (at least more explosive), Westbrook and anyone, Chris Paul and anyone, Nash and Richardson, Roy and Miller, Derron Williams and anyone, Wade and anyone, Wall and Arenas, shoot – I don’t know – i mean, I appreciate “One of the best, most, biggest, strongest, etc.” as much as anyone, but are Brooks and Martin really one of the most anything in the NBA?

  • momma muncher

    Gimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme mummmmyyyy

  • onezero

    “So if Rondo goes out against Chicago, OKC, Denver or Golden State trying to drop quadruple-doubles with a stink-face on the whole game, we’ll know what’s up”

    what is this, am I on inception or something, you would think Rondo is THAT good?wow

  • onezero

    my bad I didnt notice the “trying to” part


  • porkpiehat

    @#6 Wtf?

  • K Dizzle

    lol @
    (Granted, Yao was last “healthy” around the last time Pam Anderson was “fresh,” but still.)

    soooooo soooooo cold lol

  • sh!tfaced

    How do you cut a one-time all-star and champion like Rondo and leave less proven, less experienced players with lesser resumes like Gordon, Curry and Westbrook? “Family matters”, “withdrew” and all that shit…. that’s how…

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Rockets can currently do well, but all Houston fans will collectively hold their breath every time he goes falls or looks like he is in pain (which he does pretty often).

    I still say they need to trade dude.

    Anyway Rockets have the ability to be at least a 3rd seed in the West ….without injury.

    People keep poppin about the East and it’s deserved but you still got to go through the West. Plus the West has some very solid squads Denver, Houston, Portland, LA, Utah, OKC, and San An.

    Boston is still old and always an injury away
    Miami has to consider any possible injury to their big 3, plus their bench will be considered the time where teams will look to “make their run”.
    Orlando is good but always beatable, specially if Dwight gets foul trouble.

    I know all teams, even in the West have stuff you can nit-pic. I just don’t think people should throw the West out cause the East is the new “trend”.

  • Heckler

    @ ALL–

    in honor of team USA not wanting Rondo, or Rondo not wanting team USA, here is a toss up list. just for shits and giggles tell me which bum-ass players you rather have (OR NOT HAVE) on your team:

    Mike Conley Jr or Sebastian Telfair
    Andre Miller or Mike Bibby
    Adam Morrison or Josh McRoberts
    Jerome James or Eddy Curry
    Kwame Brown or Darko Milicic
    Yi Jianlian or Michael Beasley
    Andres Bierdrins or DJ Menga
    Elton Brand or Jermaine O’Neal
    Yao Ming or Greg Oden
    Theo Ratliff or Ben Wallace
    TJ Ford or Nate Robinson
    Ryan Anderson or Brian Scalabrine
    JR Smith or Ricky Davis
    Mark Blount or Etan Thomas
    Peja Stojakovic or Mike Dunleavy Jr
    Gilbert Arenas or Michael Redd
    Reynaldo Balkman or Marvin Williams

  • Poolpal44

    @heckler Did you just compare Veal and Ryan Anderson? Do you watch basketball?

  • SWAT

    @ 5…are u serious rose and old ass allen are more explosive then martin and brooks? ray can shoot but did u watch the finals last yr at all? after his record breaking game wht was he like 3-80 the rest of the series? devin harris and t williams ? he just started getting some real PT because of injuries! CHRIS PAUL AND ANYONE? REALLY? so he and david west or how about james posey-lol? and did u really say wall and arenas? HAHA! we hvnt even seen them play together? who is this dude?

  • SWAT

    **not rose and allen-meant to type rondo

  • control

    Rondo left team usa because of either he got cut because he is absolutely horrible in the international game, or because he’s a dick. Maybe a combo of them both.

    Just look at the pic, look at how Rondo is looking at Coach K. Coach K might be loved/hated by various people, but he’s got a lot of respect, he’s only been coaching longer than Rondo has been alive, but Rondo is looking at him like “how can you tell me ANYTHING? I’m the best PG (and basketball player) IN THE WORLD!”. This guy’s ego is out of control.

    Whatever though, usa is better off without him. Now teams will actually have to guard 5on5, instead of just completely ignoring Rondo and double teaming someone else. Rondo will probably spend the rest of his summer not working on his jump shot, and being a complete douche. I could see him making a cameo on Jersey Shore, and getting his ass beat down by Snooki (she is a few weight classes higher than him).

  • That’s What’s Up

    Does Greece have a chance today to beat USA?

  • nella

    @ control

    I would have to agree. It’s a pretty well known fact that Rondo is not coachable. It’s why the big 3 didn’t take well to his attemped mutiny 2 years ago, why Doc openly dogs him in the press, and why he was shopped for a LONG time before getting a new contract.

    I don’t think people notice it because his attitude is more of a smug, quiet type. Not like JR Smith, Bosh, etc who run their mouths in public.

    He’s talented, don’t get me wrong. But talent and being a good teammate are two very different things.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Yea I think that pic pretty much says it all. Rondo always looks smug in the grill, like he is always thinking something bad about someone.

    CP3 should have slapped dude. Where is Rafer Alston when ya need him?

    Can we get a where are they now on J.R. Reid?

  • Jules

    Rondo in that pic looks like “Are you really telling me how to play basketball?”

  • That’s What’s Up

    Rondo’s exact words after that photo was snapped were “Child, please”

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO i was kinda laughing at that pic too..

    Its when you completely lose track of thought on the conversation and just watching someones face spit out shit.. lolololol pretty funny..

    And i think Rondo wouldve done good on the USA squad.. We need help on the boards as it is.. Dude couldve done his triple-double thing.. and there aint too many other guards u want pressin full over Rondo..

  • LakeShow84

    Also i think Houston players BETTER without Yao.. he slows them down too much..

    Shit when they pushed us to 7 games Houston played us HARDER after Yao got injured.. Houston needs to play fast and gritty to be most effective being undersized at certain positions (PG,PF) and Yao cant play either way..

    He slows down transition and just isnt fast enough laterally to be much of a defensive presence.. He gets blocks based on his height not on his defensive prowess.. he’ll give you 20&10 but it wont be the DOMINATING 20&10, kinda like a Randolph or Jefferson type stat line where he plays AllStarish but his team still loses..

    my 2 cents..

  • http://Celticsstuffgroup@yahoogroups.com mustyCelticJoe

    Its almost always about ego(es) . Not just to include NBA players , but egoes of Head coach Nate McMillan of the Trail Blazers, and Head coach D’Antoni of the Knicks–who are both serving as assistant coaches on the USA team . How else but ego is to explain a Gilbert Arenas (THATS ego in itself), and his vow to score 50 on the Trail Blazers, also 50 on the Suns, all because Coach K had done something in the USA games past that made McMillan and D’Antoni (Coach K’s assistants-USA), look bad? (btw) thats egoes, again, right there with Nate and Mike. And, now after
    the NBA season begins again, and Rondo is going to go play either Chicago Rose), OK City (Westbrook), or the Warriors (S.Curry), and the Nuggets (Billups), there’s some kind of vendetta on Rondo’s mind, after this summer experience of USA team preparations, and thats “egoes again (Rondo) ? Because “they” were selected, and he got a DNPC for the Spain (practice) game? Man, I’m getting tired of saying ego. Ego : thy name is athletic players and coaches. (And perhaps Directors (his name is Jerry).

    It is what it is.

    But, Rajon Rondo is my ‘friend’ on Facebook. But, d’ya think I’m going on Facebook and message RR, and ask him whats up with this ? Forgettaboutit. ‘Ain’t nunna my biz.


  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ the thought of Rondo trying to come at Rose, Westbrook, Curry, Billups.

    He’s already tried that, and has failed. His TEAM will be better than those guys so he will have a good chance at getting the win…but then again, other than Curry the rest of them have good teams (though i think Chicago is overrated with Boozer).

    Are you all serious…really? Rondo coming back at these guys? you MFers are so out of touch with reality. What is he going to do? shut them down? Not with the NBA rules he won’t. He certainly ain’t going to out score any of them. all he could do is get a win and thats not guaranteed.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — Are you saying that because Rondo isn’t a scorer, it’s impossible for him to outplay an elite PG head-to-head?

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    So I’m watching the Lithiuania game…and ummmmmm Rondo is playing like a$$.

    He didn’t do much in the other games except for good defense (which I always thought he’d be good at with the FIBA rules) but watching him get his shot smacked on the backboard while on a fastbreak BY HIMSELF but trying to show boat instead of going in hard.

    I’m just amazed (and kinda disappointed) that you so called “basketball heads” can’t come up with your own opinion of someone. With all the different sports channels and all the internet streams it’s amazing none of you have really watched these guys play before you form opinions.

    Like take for example, I am a Chicagoan. I have watched DRose since his Jr. year in highschool. I think he has the tools to be an all-time great. But He is no where near the level of Chris Paul, Steve Nash, or Deron Williams. All this hype surrounding Rose annoys the ish outta me because while he can be great…sometimes spectacular at times, he isn’t there yet. His basketball IQ is that of a college kid at best and he needed to stay in school longer. I’m more than willing to admit that, because I love basketball not just the HYPE surrounding my fav player/team.
    And If you look back to the begining of last season, I also pointed out that the Bulls would be avg at best while other people were claiming they’d be top 3 in the east.

    But when you people speak on players like Rondo, Kobe,Pau Gasol, LBJ, or teams like Bos, LA you never seem to have your own opinion. You ALWAYS seem to spit back the garbage i hear from NBAtv and ESPN analyst or DIME/SLAM writers. Don’t you realize it’s their JOB to promote the players to exaggerated porportions? It’s how they turned the NBA into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Also, why no mention of DRose making that Lithuania dude fall on his a$$ with a sick crossover?

    And I think DRose tore Calderon’s leg muscle when he made him fall. That’s just nasty.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Yes and no. Rondo has great defense so he can shut one of them down. But we are talking about very talented PGs…not Derek Fisher. With the “no touch” rule on the perimeter in the NBA, it’ll be impossible to shut down a guard like Rose/Westbrook. Too fast and too strong. Plus if you ever watched a Bulls/Celts game, you’ll know that Rose abuses Rondo in the post too.

    As for Curry/Billups Rondo really doesn’t have a chance with Billups. Too much respect from the refs and too smart to let Rondo slow him down. Curry is still on the rise but his IQ is off the charts. Rondo has the best chance against these two guys because he could score against them and perhaps get a few steals to outplay them

    It’s not like he’s going to block their shots, force them into bad shots, or rip them up. If it ain’t happen yet, it ain’t gonna happen as all these guys get BETTER.

    Also another thing I’d like to point out. Rondo getting a triple double is a great thing. but i don’t think the opposing PG holds any responsibilty for Rondo grabbing rebounds. that’s on the opposing big men for letting him. As for Rondo’s assist, like i said he doesn’t get drive and kick assist very often, most of the time he’s standing at the top of the key waiting for guys to come off screens. And lets not get carried away with his passing anyway up until last year he was 5-6 asst per. He had one year of 9-10 asst. Hell Allen Iverson avg 8asst a game once.
    His rebounding is SEVERLY overrated as he is a career 4rpg THE SAME AS DERRICK ROSE. while Curry is at 4 himself and Westbrook is at 5rpg for his career. So get off that ish

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    So lemme ask.. you think my opinions on my team and Kobe Bryant come from media hype??

    And while Rondo’s rebounding is SLIGHTLY overrated id say he is still one of the best (if not BEST) rebounding PG’s in the league.. He’ll attack the boards like a big sometimes which u dont see from most PG’s.. ive watched him go up against bigs that basically ALREADY had the ball.. he dont give up and thats a big part of rebounding..

    Please dont make me defend a Celtics anymore than i have to..

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I from the way you write about the Lakers I do believe you watch the games and have more knowledge about the players than even most of the media. I’ve never really gotten on you about your love for Kobe, but I do disagree with you as far as Kobe’s place in history, Pau Gasol’s true worth, and apparently this Rondo thing.

    If Rondo is such a good rebounder even against bigs, then how come he LOST the NBA finals because he did not know how to properly box-out Pau Gasol? Yeh being a good rebounder does mean you have to BOX-out. Not just swoop in when no one else is challenging for the rebound (alah Jason Kidd). Rondo is just a opportunist when it comes to rebounding, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don’t confuse him with actual REBOUNDERS that truely BATTLE for rebounds.

    and btw, his rebounds don’t really do ish to help his team, they are just stat padding for himself. He does get a few offensive rebounds here and there, but not alot.

  • LakeShow84

    COO because i was about to say the media stuff i see usually annoys the shit out of me.. even everyone now being on the Mambas nutz after everyone wrote dude off agitates the SHIT out of me.. i wouldve rather had everyone still talkin they shit..

    And i say Pau Gasol is our bonafide 2nd superstar (i used to trip off Bynum LOL) and one of the best 3 bigs in the game.. Duncan, Gasol & Dwight all day.. no order because all 3 are damn near COMPLETELY different..

    Ill give you that i do see most of Rondo’s rebounds come from basically having momentum and jumping in the fray.. Shit he really should get a couple of fall calls on some of those cuz he does WAY TOO MUCH..

    BUT (lol) i wouldnt say he does it to pad his stats because ive seen him come down with some rebounds when his team needed them.. Never hurts to have a guard who’s fearless when it comes to throwin his body in the fray..

    Oooooohhhh and if your talkin about that last play Pau was just taller and reached over his little a$$ lol

  • http://None Sac

    Hey Chicagorilla I appreciate the honesty that you mentioned, regarding Rose and the NBA, etc, and I feel the same way as well (and I’m not a Boston fan, but, full disclosure, I do think Rondo is all that). But leaving that argument aside; I don’t think you watched all the games.

    Rondo played very well in the China (which wasn’t on TV) and France games, and didn’t play well against Lithuania (which guard did; except westbrook, and Rondo was on the court, when the team made their run). But the bigger question is; what did Rose do to earn back that starting spot so many Chicago fans felt was destined for him in the first place (in their minds)?

    Rose did nothing in any of the “friendly” games and was completely invisible (offensively and defensively). Don’t you agree? Be honest!

    I’m not going to sit here and try to speculate, who dissed who, etc, between Rondo and Coach K. But Rose didn’t earn that starting position based off of his play. As a matter of fact there were many Rose Huggers, who were wondering if his play was going to get him kicked off the team before the Spain game. Everybody seems to forget that. Do you remember/will acknowledge that?

    I would of loved to see Rondo play in that Spain game, cause it was tailor made for a player of his speed, passing, handle, decision making, etc. Why wouldn’t coach K play him and judge? Don’t know.

    All things aside, with out trying to get into the requisite Rose/Rondo argument; I do feel that Rondo is the better overall point guard and there are several aspects of Rose’s game that I’m not sold on with him (that’s another discussion if you wanna have it, lol). I just find many Rose/Chicago fans, normally lack basketball knowledge and the finer elements of the point guard position and the game overall. Come to think about it, their there own local NBA hype machine themselves. They Cry out loud for Rose Man!

    Any way; I didn’t get to read your entire response above(mind you the others), but that’s my two cents. Lol.

    Hit me back (or anyone else for that matter), if you like.

  • http://None Sac

    PS Chigorilla: There’s two type of point guard rebounders and one is not necessarily better than the other. A rebound is a rebound (especially for a point guard who’s job description is not to be down battling it out with big men).

    If you read this True Hoop article (which I don’t have the link at the moment), you would know what I’m talking about. There are anticipation/speed/quickness rebounders, and gut/battle it out rebounders. What’s the difference if you’re both getting the reboud? Actually the latter is worse for point guards, when you think of it on the break and defense.

    The gut it out rebounder works well with the offensive rebound, because he’s usually closer to the basket and can score (though he has more likely hood of getting his shot from their, from a shot from the floor).

    The anticipation rebounder, can much more easily start a fast break on a defensive rebound, so he can more quickly streak up the field. A guard down low, would have a much harder time doing that and would of possibly had his pocket pick trying to dribble through the paint like that.

    You disappointed me though (unless it was the other guy, regarding Rondo being a good rebounder vs Pau Gasol).

    Are you kidding me? He’s not a good rebounder, because he lost one to Pau Gasol. Well, beside the facthat Pau Gasol is 7’2″ and Rajon is 6’2″; Pau clearly pushed him and shoved him out the way, with no foul called. You conveniently forgot to mention that. Rondo had the position. I find that hopelessly strategically selected question curious though.

    Why? I would say, based of of your logic; that Rajon IS a great rebounder because he jumped over Lamar Odom and the other Laker Bigs and tap dunked over their shoulders high above the right side of the rim. Right? Be fair now! Lamar Odom looked around like, “I can’t believe this Sh*t”

    That’s solves it (using chigorilla’s logic), Rondo is a great rebounder!! Thanks!

    C’mon man! Don’t sound like the typical Rose/Chicago Pom Pom shaker, and let me take back my introductory kind words on you (if that was you that said that). Lol.

  • buffalo balla

    I think one thing that won’t even cross the usa team coaches mind is worrying about Rondo ever dropping fiddy on them…

  • http://None Sac

    You mentioned media early Chigorilla? Let’s talk about it!

    PS: The “Rondo is only good because he plays with 3(aging I my say) hall of famers meme, I feel is funny.

    By that logic; I guess Shannon Brown, Derrick Fisher and Jordan Farmer, should of magically turned into all star point guards, playing with Kobe Byrant Pau Gasol, Andre Bynum (when healthy), Ron Artest and the rest of the World Championship Lakers crew?

    Well, it hasn’t happened!! Lol.

    The rest of the NBA and the lakers are still waiting for that miraculous Rondo-Like transformation from their scrub, but athletically (except Fisher) gifted young point guards. Lol.

    I guess we should also watch/wait for Mario Chalmers, to magically turn into a great Rondo-like point guard overnight down in Miami to? Not gonna happen either! Lol.

    See! That’s the juvenilistic logic I here many times, that’s amplified on blogs and not the NBA, TBS or ESPN (which I could care less about anyway man)!

    As a matter of fact, it was jealous ass Gary Payton that started that whole sheep-like comment about Rondo and the Big 3 on TBS in the first place!

    YOu get my points/drift?

  • control

    Chicagorilla is covering most of what I’ve been saying about Rondo’s rebounding for a long time. Also, if you do watch Rondo, 100% of his offensive rebounds are a straight out result of the other team not even bothering to cover him/box him out. They don’t come within 10ft of the guy, anyone who has played more than 15 minutes of basketball would know how much easier it is to pass and rebound the ball when NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU. Other teams treat Rondo like that retarded kid with downs who you can’t really play hard defense against without looking like an asshole (if you think I’m exaggerating, go watch games, it’s true…Kobe was BLATANT while doing it during the Finals).


    Shannon Brown, Derrick Fisher and Jordan Farmar ARE getting way over hyped because they are playing with the people they are, in the location they are. There were idiots here saying Fisher was one of the top 5 pgs in the league. Top fucking 5, you think anyone even says that in jest if he’s not in LA playing with Kobe?

    Mario Chalmers WAS getting that hype last year, and he was playing ok. I was going to write about this earlier, but I’m willing to bet that if Mario plays good enough to not completely lose games by himself, he will have the media eating his asshole like it’s chocolate by the middle of next season. Jammer Nelson also gets that to a large degree.

    Think of this, if Rondo was traded to Minny in the KG trade, would anyone of us even know who he is? Maybe the loyal Dime readers over in Tel Aviv who’d be watching him play over there would. He MIGHT still be in the league, but I can bet he wouldn’t be an All Star, and he wouldn’t have the same following of nutjockers he does now. He doesn’t make guys around him better, which is what a true point guard does. He doesn’t turn people into All Stars, which guys like Nash, Kidd and CP3 do. If he wasn’t on a team that has the history of the Celts, he wouldn’t be shit.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Sac, dude you went so far off the deep end it’s hard to figure out where to start. I’ll go from the bottom up

    Rondo = benifactor of playing with 3 HOFers.

    Yes, where were the Rondo lovers during his rookie season when there wasn’t any HOFers? When he could barely get starter minutes (23min a game according to NBA.com). Where were all the people talking about his rebounding and defense and decision making then? They were all in Boston and Boston only. And there were a few Bos fans that didn’t want him when the Big 3 showed up. Feeling that Rondo couldn’t handle being a championship caliber PG.

    Point Guard rebounders – There is nothing wrong with a Pg grabbing reb, i’m all for it. No PG should be crashing the offensive board though as it is their job to get back in transition D. If you ever played organized ball you’d know that.
    As far as him not being able to stop Gasol from grabbing that GAME WINNING rebound…It’s called a BOX-OUT! All GREAT rebounders know how to do it. You put your body into the opposing player and drive them backwards away from the ball. Had Rondo attempted to do this, Pau would have gotten an over the back foul or Rondo would have cleared enough space for the ball to hit the ground and use his speed to get to it since no one else was around them. Not really his fault because most players at the guard position don’t know how to properly rebound. Hell Jaokim Noah doens’t know how to properly rebound. He just uses his hustle to pad his reb stats.

    Moving on

    You say Rose is not the PG that Rondo is. I say Rondo is not the PLAYER that Rose is. Rondo’s game has the biggest whole any basketball player can have…he can’t shoot. Rose is stronger, Faster, Taller, Jumps higher, is a better Shooter, and creates more match-up problems.
    Rondo is a better passer and defender. Not saying Rose can’t pass or defend, but Rondo is better.

    Derrick Rose is what 21-22yrs old. He has been able to get by on his athletic ability most of his life. Every coach he has had has asked him to be a scorer because of the mismatches he creates. They never seem to care about teaching him to be a passer. But the one thing Vinny Del Negro (and mainly Lindsy Hunter) did was teach him to be a creator. His passes have greatly improved over the two years he’s been in the NBA. His vision and timing for his passes have improved X’s 10 since his rookie year. The way I see it, with his work ethic and ability to learn quickly, he’ll be a superstar two years from now and a top 5 player in the L. At least he has that potiential.

    Rondo on the other hand….he doesn’t give a flying f^k. The mechanics on his jumper are terrible. There is no consistency in his form either. And his dribble pull up jumper is a ghost. I’ve never seen it. 4 yrs or so in the L and he hasn’t fixed or changed it one bit. He’s like Shaq with his FT’s. He is too cocky and egotisical to hire someone to break his jumper down and put it back together. I personally know it only takes 6 weeks to do this. but will take a few years to perfect it. He doesn’t care, he got his money already.


    Watched the Lithuania game today, one thing you will never see happen to Derrick Rose…getting his lay-up pinned on the backboard because he was coasting. Rose/Westbrook would have thrown that down. Rondo was clearly show-boating because he got the steal.

    Another thing you won’t see Rose/Westbrook do….QUIT! like Rondo just did.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I have been saying the same thing about Chalmers since the signing of the Big 3 (with Mike Miller). Chalmers will now be allowed to molest PGs up and down the court (he already is a steals leader with good defensive principals) and bang down 3s from the corner. Some idiot will start raving about how he is a star and controls the ego’s of the big 3.

    The funny thing about the perception of Rondo with the big 3. He doesn’t have to control anyone’s ego but his own. KG came into the L as a back up to Latenner and Gugilota (sp?) his rookie year until he started later, PP was an after thought at the #10 pick and a 2nd option behind Walker when he first came, and Ray Allen was a 3rd option on MiL when he came in. They all know how to be unselfish. KG and Ray Allen were NEVER considered to be selfish. If anything KG was never selfish enough with his skill set, he should have avg 30ppg. So exactly what did Rondo have to “manage”. All he has to do is run the play and make sure the ball gets to where it’s supposed to be.

  • http://None Sac

    PS: I find it ironic that a lot of you Rose lovers think he’s taller, stronger, faster and Jumps higher than Rondo. Now who’s believing the hype.

    Rose and Rondo are about the same height. I don’t care what their listed at. Look at them both on the court. Rose is not that tall.

    Rondo is definitely quicker off movement and stop and start motions than Rose. I don’t care if you disagree watch them.

    Rondo is the better, more crafty ball handler than Rose.
    Rondo is faster than Rose (and whether you agree or not, many people thinks so).

    The only reason why people like you think that Rose is faster, is because he’s always out of control and runs with reckless abandon. Rondo is rarely out of control and understands pace and flow.

    Rondo and Rose jump equally as high. Rondo doesn’t do it as often, just check his tap dunk over the lakers, or some of the other Dunks that Rondo has gotten. And despite Rose’s supposed size and leaping ability; I’ve never seen him consistently get off rebounds amongst the tree the way Rondo does.

    Rondo is certainly a better passer, has better court vision, has a much higher basketball IQ and makes better court decisions. Rose doesn’t even dribble with his head up and has the stance of someone always looking to score instead of ready to set up the offense.

    Rondo is a better penetrator, though Rose is very good to(and according to you he would have to be if his shot is as bad as you say it is), because of his quickness, ball handling and control.

    Rose is a better mid-range shooter at this stage.
    And their both marginal 3 Point shooters (with similar three point percentages of 25-27%).

    Rondo is light years ahead of Rose in defense. You better hope that Coach Tibbs gives him some lessons.

    Rondo is a better overall fg% shooter than Rose; regardless of your shooting claims. Rondo makes his shots and shows good decision making.

    Those so called 3 hof actually hinder Rondo’s progress at this stage than help him. They’ll all tell you that themselves (along with Doc Rivers). So stop with the nonsense.

    Rondo only takes 11.7 shots a game (and mind you he calls the plays), and if he simply took 4 more, he would average 17.7 shots a game (especially if he played on a worse team).

    And it’s Ironic that people like you keep bringing up this tired subject, when both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have stated in 2007(on Video), that Rondo would be the best point guard and player in the league.

    Yes they both said it waaaaaay back then (to back up Magic Johnson’s, etc. 2010 claim). Where did they see this talent in such a sucky Role player as you wanna describe him? Please let me know? And they had both just got there when they said that, so they had no allegiance to him and never really saw him before?

    So I find these arguments quite tiring and juvenile, by rejected Chicago fan’s who felt that their #1 pick Stephon Marubury 2.0 Wonder boy is not getting the pub they feel he deserves. He has gotten more than he deserves and typical of a miscast number one pick that misguided fans will perpetually hold on to.

    PS: And all those Rating systems that Rate Point guards; Rate Rondo Higher.

    But we can agree to disagree, cause I know you’ll never give up. But I’d rather have Rondo by a mile, and in several years even people like you will realize that, when see that Rose Doesn’t make players better like Rondo does (and a point guard should). The big three would be nothing with out Rondo.

    And PS: I can tell you didn’t read/respond to everything I wrote. And that’s fine. Cause I’ll do the same probably for the same reasons. Lol.

    Let’s just wait for the season starts please. This is too much writing and haven’t even expressed some other particulars that I would of liked to address.

  • http://None Sac

    PS: Why would you even bring us Rose is taller, faster than Rondo etc., when it’s obvious that their of similar height. Shoot Physically Rondo is has much more length and humongous hands and many people think he’s both the quickest and fastest player in the league, when people only think Derrick Rose can be the fastest; he’s not that quick laterally/stop and start, compared to his end to end speed). He’s not!

    Keep in mind, Derrick Rose is 190lbs and Rondo is 188lbs; What’s the difference. Look at Rondo’s body (especially his upper body); he’s more muscular than Rose. Some people have just never updated Rondo’s weight, since he started lifting weights, since he came in the league.

    Have you ever seen a Sports Science episode, or people marvel at Derrick Rose’s body or treat/describe him like he’s a freak of the nature the way they have Rondo? No!

    Physically; there’s nothing special about Rose. Athletically though he’s excellent. But that’s it! There are a lot of guards like that (Barbosa, TJ, Beaubois, Tony Parker, etc.) Rondo is both physically and athletically gifted by the way. And that’s one of the things that makes him so special. But I wouldn’t expect you to recognize/admit that. Rose is a great athlete; but theirs nothing special about his athleticism.

    But this lack of attention to detail (especially the height/weight stuff); just shows/proves to me that your a Chicago/Rose homer with out particular critical/self analysis or overall fairness Chicgorilla. Oh well! Lol.

    I’m done now! See you during the games/start of the season!