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Team USA vs. Spain: The Most Interesting Rivalry In The World

Kevin Durant (USA Basketball, Nike)

All things considered, Spain vs. Team USA might be the most entertaining basketball rivalry on the planet right now. They don’t meet up nearly as often as Duke and North Carolina, or have the historical context of Lakers vs. Celtics, and their games don’t get as physical as any given Washington D.C. playground war. But as far as producing consistently close results and quality basketball with emotions on high, USA/Spain is up there with any rivalry out there currently … The last time the two national squads met, Kobe led the U.S. in a gold-medal game thriller in the ’08 Olympics over Pau Gasol‘s Spanish team. With the Lakers’ teammates sitting out this summer, yesterday’s pre-World Championship exhibition was another down-to-the-wire contest … Kevin Durant broke out of his mini-slump with 25 points (9-16 FG), 10 boards, two steals and two blocks on Spain’s home court in Madrid, in an arena called the “Magic Box,” which Orlando’s NBA franchise needs to change its name to ASAP … It was tied up with two minutes to go in the fourth quarter before Felipe Reyes gave Spain the lead with a layup off a great feed from Ricky Rubio. Durant tied it back up with a tough baseline floater, and Derrick Rose put the U.S. up two with a driving layup. J.C. Navarro (20 pts, 6 asts, always a thorn in Team USA’s side) got a quick and-one to give Spain the lead back, then Rose (13 pts) got himself to the line with 16 seconds left. He made both free throws, then Durant blocked a Rubio three and a Rudy Fernandez three as time ran out … D-Rose was right in the post-game when he said, even though it’s just an exhibition, games like this are remembered as part of a guy’s legacy. The next time somebody debates whether Rose is clutch or whether Durant can play D, watch how it’ll come up that Rose hit the game-winning FT’s against Spain and Durant made the game-winning blocks … Lamar Odom (12 pts, 9 rebs) started at center, and Coach K said that’s the best role for him on this team. Is that a compliment to L.O.’s versatility, or a sobering reality that Team USA is super-thin in the frontcourt? Rajon Rondo and Danny Granger didn’t play — Coach K said it’s because “we already know what they can do” — and Kevin Love also sat for precautionary measures after hitting his head on the floor in the Lithuania game … More red flags: Team USA blew a 12-point halftime lead; they committed 17 turnovers; they almost lost despite Spain shooting just 5-for-21 beyond the arc against the zone; and Tyson Chandler was ineffective due to foul trouble, further complicating the big-man situation. If Pau Gasol had suited up, he could’ve dropped 30 easy … With only Wednesday’s exhibition against Greece left to go, if we had to guess right now we’d say Stephen Curry will be the last cut. Eric Gordon barely played yesterday, as Coach K said he wanted to give Curry a chance to play more, but Curry’s ankle injury puts him in a bad position when he and Gordon pretty much provide the same thing for this team and Gordon is healthy … Rubio finished with 7 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals, including a sick in-and-out move in the lane before dropping a Steve Nash-ish reverse layup over Odom. If you saw the game, what did you think of Rubio? Will he be a star in the League? A solid starter? A career backup? … Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was at the game with his Russian supermodel girlfriend. FIRE. Trust us, we’ve spent tons of time around basketball players and have seen the girls they can pull — Pau Gasol’s girl at the game yesterday was like a 12 out of 10 — but international soccer players are on another level. They run through supermodels like the rest of us run through paper towels … We’re out like Fernandez …

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  • Young C

    That was an awesome game.

  • JDeal

    I checked the game out today on NBATV….Pretty good contest, even though the US let some players rest…As far as Rubio goes, he can be solid @ best….International players have the reputation of being soft when they make it to the League….He’s no different…The PG position in the NBA is top notch…He’s not gonna step in and kill like some experts think…On a given week, he could face Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo!!!…Plus, the T-Wolves made a mistake drafting him…He’s not playing there…They should trade his rights ASAP!!

  • the cynic

    Rubio will be a star if there are decent players around him

  • Cha-Ching

    Rubio had moves but the league will make him think twice with a couple knock downs and hard fouls. He got skill but he looks soft right now. He needs to put in some time on the bench press.

    USA doesn’t look like they have an offensive plan. Princeton, triangle, etc. You have to hang your hat on something.

    If they played Pau it would have been Spain by five.

    Last, they don’t have that fire Kobe was putting in with his teammates.

  • nawlage

    anybody else though d.rose was being a dumbass yday? driving it in like 50 times either throwing up a crazy layup, a retarded kick out or losing the ball. besides that one layup on gasol and those free throws dude was getting me mad all game.
    curry was looking good for a messed up ankle tho.

  • silky

    what happened to that navarro dude? he just stop playin with the grizzwalds and go back to europe?

    prob hard to go from spain to trash ass memphis.

    out like mike dickerson, blue edwards, felipe lopez and jc navarro

  • nawlage


  • http://dime what?

    Durant & Navarro are on different levels. Navarro should & would be starting for many teams if they knew how to coach. Has that Drazen Petrovic/Ginobili SWAG.

    Russel Westbrook & D.Rose are the exact same player. Out of control most of the time. Brandon Jennings couldn’t even be invited for tryouts. Also why is Kevin Love on this team. Is Outlet passing that important or token?

    I second comment 5. Rose looked bad the whole game aside from the end. Rubio looks decent at best. A little too overhyped a la John Wall. Watching them play & hearing the commentators. You could easily be fooled. Most people don’t have League Pass & only care about highlights.

    L.O. looked good crazy for someone who doesn’t work out. His IQ & skill level allows him coastingto be very effective. He could be this team’s 2nd best player if he had a different motor.

    I sure missed Rajon PG skills today he should be our Starter. W/O a PG Chandler is useless on Offense. He needs easy buckets & lobs.

    That is a serious Spain lineup. Big Shout out to the World Cup team too. What’s in that water over there? Lastly it aint the coaches fella’s. The players decide the W or L’s. Durant saved the game. Too much credit is given to the Colangelo’s,Phil,Riley’s,& Coach K. Every Championship won. Has a constant. A great team or great players making great plays. The coach just manages.

  • Soopa

    Navarro gets treated like a King in Spain.

    So staying in Memphis and being treated like an average NBA player or going back to Spain and live like royalty while being allowed to shoot those footed floating 3 pointers isnt really a hard decision :P

    He is so fun to watch tho

  • Ace_One

    @nawlage D-rose was co-mvp of the game. What are you talking about?

    Everyone was ticking me off. Lamar Odom bricking layups per usual.. chandler crying all the time.. westbrook missed another dunk? even durant missed a couple bunnies.. everyone left a little bit to be desired imo.

  • dewayne wayne

    i never understood y people say european ballplayers are soft, when u look at the way officials call the games they allow physical play, where as in the nba if u even so much as sneeze on a guy like lebron its a foul, tech and suspension.

  • Mavs All The Way

    damn. maybe i should start playing soccer…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    The end of that game was cool because it came down to the wire. But everything before that was super gay like two guys riding on one crotch rocket hugging eachother.

    Why were there SO MANY FOULS called for Spain? It’s not like they were driving the lane and creating fouls. Navarro and Rubio were bottled up on D and the refs would bail them out with ticky tact fouls.

    Even worse than that, Marc Gasol’s Eddy Curry shaped a$$ should have been getting worked out downlow. Chandler would D his ass up and they’d call a touch foul to bail dude out so Odom has to come in a check him.

    Lastly, WTF was “Coach”(I use that term loosely with him) K doing? Odom at center? He was getting abused and couldn’t finish a lay-up. Was he trying to not show his cards?

    Rose/Westbrook/Curry could have been abusing those guards all game long, but for some reason they seem hesitant. Why again is Coach K the coach? He’s a fkin idiot who has no ability to make in-game adjustments. Just let Nate McMillian coach the d@mn team and stop disrespecting the NBA coaches.

    On another note, seeing as how the New big 3 (+Mike Miller) were formed during the last olympics… who from this team can i pair with Derrick Rose? Durant would be nice but he signed an extension. Andre Iguodala was looking real nice running with Rose. Maybe even Javel McGee.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Is there any way you can talk to D.Stern and get him to shut Rick Kamla the f^K up! Jesus Christ superstar, he ruined that game for me last night.

    He was s^king Rubios thy bone for a simple shovel pass. Then when rubio had his pocket picked by DRose he said nothing. As soon as Rubio got Rose back he went ballistic. Then Curry ripped Rubio again then when Rubio tried to get it back, Curry shook him out his floppy wig and skated down the lane with a floater. Rick Kamla had nothing to say.

    He reminds me of the Fran Franschilla dude… it’s like they hate American players whenever they announce a FIBA game.

    And the Durant c^ck gargling has to stop too. I noticed one of his major flaws yesterday. He doesn’t know how to play through contact or maybe he just isnt used to it anymore.

    Durant, Odom, Billups and a few others on Team USA are so used to getting those special D.Stern influenced foul calls that they can’t finish through contact. Fortunatly for Team USA, Derrick Rose NEVER gets calls in his Bulls Uniform so he is a very good finisher even through contact. Hence the game winning plays at the end of the game.

  • cb4

    Nawlage is right, Rose was playing like a bum. Ace_One you have no idea what you are talking about co-mvp. You think rose deserves a co-mvp award because he took the final two shots of the game for team usa. I guarantee in a real game, the plan is not to let rose finish with the ball in the hands. Granted he made the shots, but he was selfish for not running the offense through KD.

    Secondly, Rose had 6 turnovers, SIX. thats more than a third of the entire team total. Do you really think team usa has a chance to win when their starting pg turns the ball over 6 times? Once even on an inbounds pass. Seriously, c-mon.

    On top of all of his turnover, he displayed terrible decision making and shot selection. Like nawledge said, he drove too many times without knowing what to do. Personally, I think he called his own number wayyyyy too many times. I don’t care how open he is, rose should never, I mean NEVVVVVERRR, attempt a three point shot in the international game (even if the line is 3 feet closer). The other teams will give him that shot 100% of the time, because it is a guaranteed turnover.

    Defense-wise, he was getting eaten alive by rubio and navarro. C-mon, seriously, you would think that the scouting report on navarro would have told rose NOT to go under the screens. Maybe he has a learning disability, he sure looks like it. Also, people were praising his effort when he was gambling for steals, which ultimately led to easy bucket for spain. Remember when he dove on the floor in Spains backcourt and rubio knocked down a wide open three. That type of D is completely unnecessary and put the rest of team usa at a disadvantage having to play 4 on 5.

    If you look at team usa’s point guards performances objectively in terms of minutes played and production. It’s strikingly clear that rose is the least effective pg on the team. Why he gets so minutes, is beyond me. Curry has shown a great ability to penetrate and create open layups for others, not to mention not down open shots. Westbrook, attacks the rim with force and plays hard defense, he’s also knocked down several jumpshots and gotten easy layups for others. Billups has been steady, although I think he has taken some very questionable shots.

    The only exception here is gordon. He hasn’t shown much due to limited PT, but he is a far better shooter than rose, and shooting is a much more important need than having another over dribbling, poor shooting PG like rose.

    you guys need to get off the bandwagon.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    You clearly have some issues with Rose. In a game were he hits the game winning shot you are trying to convience people that he should be cut and he was terrible and is an idiot?

    I will agree that the 6 TOs is a bad thing, but the entire team had 17. Chauncey (who is the VET) took terrible shots that almost costed the team the game.

    I watch Rose all year long so I know what he is capable of. That driving down the lane was exactly what he was supposed to do, his only issue is he’s being too unselfish (as usual) and should be finishing those drives with lay-ups. I think he and Westbrook are a little suprised that it’s so easy to get down the lane.

    And you say Rose is being selfish….? WTF. Should he continue passing to the big men who CANT finish around the basket. I watched Rudy Gay, Odom, and Chandler all missed point blank lay ups. I even watch Iggy drop a pass that hit him clear in the hands (they must have charged Rose with the TO).

  • cb4

    The issue isn’t with rose, its with him getting PT over guys who are better suited for the international game. I just want to win. I don’t want this to be another embarrassment of a tournament. I don’t care how good the international teams are, there is no reason team usa should ever lose a game at this level.

    The problem is that USA players are so onto their own bandwagons, and their “star” images that have been built up by the nba, that they forget how to play the right way. Watching Spain play makes you realize how simple the game of basketball is when everyone is on the same page.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    They need to get rid of those logos on the floor… How many times did we see people slipping on them shits? Gay slipped on one on his way to basket and missed a gimme because he was trying to save himself from falling on his noggin.

  • Soopa

    Dont forget that the D is allowed to camp the lane for as long as they want in normal basketball rules.
    So while those athletic guards the US have are good at finishing with contact, dont underestimated the advantage the defense has by being able to stand and get ready for the drive instead of having to rotate over by running or jumping.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    So you think Rose is not playing a team game? Honestly, we could send the Minn Timberwolves over there and still have the most talented team and they should win. It’s the stupid refs who are making ish up as they go along. the travel calls yesterday were outrageously stupid.

    Settle down, FIBA ish means nothing anyway. Spain did a good job picking the right refs who made sure they didn’t get blown out at home. In case you missed it, team USA was up by almost 20pts before they started taking over the game with stupid calls and TO’s by Team USA.

    And if you want to point a finger at anyone it’s Coach K. He is a f^king idiot with the way he picked this team. DIME pointed out that a guy like David West shoudl be on the team. Well Kevin Love can do everything West can do yet he doesn’t get tick. He has Chandler in there who has ZERO ability on offense unless Chris Paul is in the building.

  • D Roc

    Rose stepped up when they needed him the most plain and simple. Rubio turned the ball over just as many times as Rose. At the end of the game only Rose and Durant had the composure needed to win the game. Come on guys they beat a spain team that already has chemistry give them some credit. Go USA

  • D Roc

    All I keep hearing is how the 2008 team would roll through the tournament well guess what? They didn’t want to participate so get over it. This is only their third game together in international play and they’ve represented well so far and will only get better with experience

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I wish people stop acting like the rest of the world has gotten so much better. Is it they got so much better or is it that the NBA rules changed to help make them look better? DReam team 92 would smash through this years competition and the 08 olympics. There would never have been an OT game vs Spain, they would’ve gotten drugged by 30+ like the rest of them. It’s disrespectful to the 92 USA team and the world teams to say that they weren’t that good or were wide-eyed.

    If this team can manage to hit half of the WIDE OPEN shots they were missing, we are looking at a blow out every game.

    Honestly we could send the Golden State Warriors over there to win these games and that would probably be better because they’d have some chemistry and a system. Perhaps even a D-League team would do. I think you guys are giving the other teams (esp Spain) entirely too much credit since the 04 Olympics.

  • peterose

    I wouldn’t go as far as criticizing the refs. Even with the many travel calls, team USA still got away with A LOT. The “loose” way the NBA is reffed has influenced the way NBA fans think basketball should be officiated. It has also seemingly created an officiating bias from both perspectives. Americans feel they are unjustly being penalized for traveling, and FIBA players feel that the American’s are getting away with too much.

    -NBA rules are for show, to make the game more exciting. Carrying/palming and travelling are the two most common examples of rules that are “adjusted” for the entertainment purposes of the nba game. There are still plenty of others such as the infamous “star treatment” which have been manipulated in a similar manner.

    -FIBA refs are simply enforcing the rules the they were intended to be, as there are no “bonuses” of providing individual star treatment. Taking a step before the ball is put down should be a travel at any level of basketball. The NBA lets players get away with it far too often.

    -I too am a fan, and I want to see exciting plays, and nice dunks. What bothers me is the inconsistency in the refereeing, which so often confuses american players and throws them off of their game.

    It has become a systematic problem for the US and Canada when competing on the international level. From a young age, these players aren’t being taught proper fundamentals; but rather, how to tailor their game, and how to condition themselves for the NBA game, with NBA rules. Whatever the result, I just hope FIBA and NBA can form some sort of unified set of rules so that players look less confused, and can just go out and play.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    So you think the competition is the same from ’92 and now?? The rest of the world HAS caught up. Spain gave the Redeem team a challenge, when in ’92, it was more of a world tour and not a competition. There were only a handful of foreign-born player in the NBA in 92… now there’s at least 1 player on every team, and some teams have multiple international players.

    And what’s up with the TWolves comment?? Lol! Come on bro. You can’t honestly believe that.

  • D12Magic

    @ Chicagorilla

    C’mon man you’re acting like an arrogant ass american redneck lol… remember the 08 olympics? If it wasn’t for Kobe making his usual insanely clutch shots Team USA would have lost the gold medal game, and all the NBA superstars were on that US team. It’s true that the rest of the world has gotten better… if not why doesn’t team USA dominate like it used to? the refs? lol please man… I think FIBA actually wants the US to succeed because it has the most marketable players in the world thus atracting more interest to it’s international tournaments. You have to find another excuse other than oficiating…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Funny thing is, Canada created the game and America revolutionized the game. Yet somehow the FIBA people decided they could change the rules to fit themselves.

    I will agree that the NBA players are babied by getting away with travles and palming violations, but whatever. The refs were letting certain calls go to benifit Spain then they would enforce calls that hurt USA.

    That was only to make sure Spain got back in the game, because honestly when Rose ran into that guy on the fast break, it was a Charge. The Ref blew the call just like he blew the earlier Charge when Rose was in the air and Fernandez was still moving underneath him.

    Either way, like i tell my team all the time…we are supposed to take the game out of the Refs hands. You make the easy plays and you dont have to worry about the Refs.

  • oo wee

    the game was aight. i didnt think any of our PGs did a good job though. they didnt have command of the game or the squad.

    ricky rubio’s been playing in a pro league since 14 years. goodness! he looked bigger than he was last year. he’s 19 now so he’ll get a little bigger over the next few years. he’ll be at least a solid nba PG

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    The rest of the world has only improved slightly. Most of the guys on these world teams shouldn’t even be in the NBA. That Jorge Garbahosa guy was garbage when he was in T-dot and the announcer kept acting like he was some beast then. He was garbage then and he’s garbage now. Navarro was 11ppg in Memph but couldn’t guard anyone to save his life and didn’t really belong in the NBA. Same with Jose Calderon. His lack of defense pretty much makes him a bench player in the NBA.

    Marc Gasol looks like a light skinned version of Eddy Curry. As does most foriegn players because they don’t seem to care about staying in shape.

    Ricky Rubio was trying to be Pistol Pete, and looked nice at times, but then was too stupid to realize he should have turned it off at the end of the game.

    Those guys are avg NBA players, yet everyone is pumping them up like they are great. They aren’t. They just know how to play to the FIBA rules.

    Put any of those cats in a open gym setting and they getting abused by college players let alone the NBA.

    Remeber, our college players were handing out the beat downs til the 88′ olympics.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    In FIBA competition, this version of USA “Dream Team” (I should call it “Thin Frontcourt Team”) is behind Spain, Argentina, and a couple other squads that play better.

    Mark my words, don´t tell me I didn´t tell you before.


  • D12Magic

    @ Chicagorilla

    It’s true the US has the most individually talented players in the whole world no question about that… but basketball is a team game, and the rest of the world have improved because they play team ball, the same can’t be said about the US players who more often than not rely on their individual talent to try and win games which doesn’t always work (see the US teams before 08 Olympics).

    I would love to see the T’Wolves play against Spain, honestly I think anything less than a 20 piecing by Spain would be a disappointment, and it’s not just because of the FIBA rules, at the end of the day its still basketball, FIBA rules or not.

  • bob1


    Only 20pts? No disrespect to kevin love, but I don’t even think the T wolves would eclipse 50pts against Spain. Matter of fact, I don’t think any team in the nba could beat Spain under fiba rules.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Oh hell yes I do believe the TWolves or any bottom feeder NBA team (that isn’t filled with foriegn players of course) would be able to win the gold medal in the Olympics or World chips. I still believe the top college talent would smash through the world teams. Yes even with Dirk and Pau there.

    And yes there are more foreign players in the NBA but that is more due to DStern making sure that happens as opposed to a lot of them being deserving of that roster spot. I’m not talking about Dirk, Manu, Pau, Nash (though CA isn’t really foriegn to me) TParker, and the really good ones. But guys like Navarro, Rudy Fernandez, Marc Gasol, Boris Diaw (this outta shape verison of him), Mike Pietrus, Yi Jianlian, and the rest of those mediocre players are 2nd string players at best and shouldn’t be holding a starting spot (Marc) in the NBA.

    Don’t get it twisted, I’m not dissing them or saying they have NO talent. But there are plenty of American players who are better or equal, but a guy like Jerry Colangelo picks the foriegn player instead of the better American.

    Take for instance the Raptors (whose team will be folding soon) starting Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargiani automatically makes them the worse defensive unit in basketball. If that weren’t enough they had Bellinilli on the team too. That team would do great at the FIBAs, but they get smashed in the NBA (minus Chris Bosh).

  • deez

    come on dimne, gold medal game was not overtime.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    You’re saying that Spain can play a team game better than team USA. But when I suggest sending an ACTUAL TEAM of NBA CALIBER PLAYERS like the TWolves, you claim that Spain would 20 piece them? How is that possible if the TWolves sport a better NBA team than Spain would have.

    Seems like you are just following the hype instead of thinking for yourself.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Let’s name some current foreign-born players….
    Yao Ming, Nene, Tiago Splitter, Scola, Kirilenko, Barbosa, Ginobili, Tony Parker, Batum, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Varajao, Gallinari, Bargnani, Pau Gasol, Calderon, Luol Deng, Bogut, Horford, Beaubois, Pietrus, Kaman, Biedrins, Big Z…. etc.

    The world has gotten a LOT better since ’92.

    Let me get the potential arguments out of the way.
    “most of those guys don’t play D.”
    – So? A lot of the current US-born players don’t play defence either. Lebron was 1st team All-Defence and he plays defence from behind his guys. Does he EVER stay in front of his guy?? Rarely.

    “Varajao is a bum”
    -True, but who else in the league annoys the guy he is defending as much as Andy does??

    There’s nothing wrong with the world closing the gap. I think it’s amazing bcuz it shows the growth of the sport we all love. To say the improvement is “slight” is ignorant. In 92, how many foreign-born players were in the league?? Petrovic, Divac?? I think that may be it.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    There’s game all over the world. Get over it. From the basketball SCHOOLS in China to the playgrounds in NY… the game has grown.

    Speaking of playgrounds… NBA players get their asses handed to them on the regular on the blacktop. What does that mean?? The playground ballers can run FIBA??

  • carmikal

    Not to give the USA any excuses but this was a strangely called game. The international refs don’t seem to have any real consistency with how they call games under these fiba rules.
    Rubio is good, however he is going to have to tone his D down in the league. Good pressure on the ball but he won’t be able to get away with riding people at the top of the key. Not to mention he gambles a little bit to much for the rip. He’s cool tho, but for those thinking that he is the next coming at the pg…….I don’t really see it.

  • D12Magic

    @ Chicagorilla

    So let’s compare the individual talent in the T’Wolves and Team Spain:

    PG: Jose Calderon vs. Jonny Flynn – Even, Flynn is faster, Calderon has a better basketball IQ and is a better shooter, both are mediocre on D.

    SG: JC Navarro vs Corey Brewer – Brewer is a better defender and much more athletic, Navarro is a better ball handler and much better shooter and scorer. If I had to choose one I’d pick JC Navarro.

    SF: Rudy Fernandez vs Michael Beasley – Rudy is a better shooter (notice a trend here?), is faster and is actually more athletic than Beasley, Beasley has a huge size advantage but is a complete moron on the court. Both horrible on D. I’d said even.

    PF: Pau Gasol vs Kevin Love – this is the matchup that would consumate the 20 piecing. Pau Gasol is the best PF in the game (Tim Duncan is a center). What is Kevin Love?

    C: Marc Gasol vs Darko Milicic – Marc averaged 14 ppg and 10 rpg last year, Darko averaged 8 ppg and 6 rpg in his best year (06-07)… need I say more?

    Bench: Spain has Garbajosa, Rubio, Reyes and Fran Vasquez. T’Wolves have Ridnour, Wesley Johnson, Martell Webster and Kosta Koufos as the main backups.

    Still think T’wolves have a better collection of individual talent?

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Don’t bother bro. Some dudes just like to stir the pot… if that’s not the case, other guys like to smoke it.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Is there really a discussion of “who would win, Spain or Twolves”??
    This is retarded.

  • Bjork

    SuperCool would drop 40 just for comparing him to Rudy

  • bob1

    @JAY It is retarded. It’s amazing how little people really know about basketball, but it could just be the typical ignorant American “we are better than everyone” attitude. How many players on the greek national team are in the NBA? ZERO. And, they are considered the favorite to win the tournament(along with spain). Individual talent doesn’t mean anything, there is no need to do a player by player comparison. The only thing european players care about is WINNING. Personal stats aren’t important, all that matters is getting a W. The 12th man on the end of the bench is just as happy getting a W having played 0 min as he is if he plays all 40 and hits the game winner.

    European teams are waaaaayyy better coached, and their strategies far surpass those of american teams. It’s funny to hear the american announcers talk about “full court press to utilize their superior athleticism”, really, you call that a strategy?

    American players may be more gifted athletically, but you don’t need to be a great athlete to understand how to play the game properly, to rebound, play defense or to shoot someones face off. End of story. Having no defensive 3 in the key almost completely nullifies athleticism.

    btw, a lot of international players could easily play in the nba, they just choose not to because they don’t want to leave the comfort of their own countries and Europe. Why go to another country that speaks a foreign language and has a different culture in order to be a nobody. In Spain for example, fernandez is a superstar, the equivalent of a lebron james, whereas in the US people don’t even know who he is and his talents are undervalued because he doesn’t put up great stats.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    So u know had Pau suited up Spain wouldve won right :)

    Just sayin my man.. i thought USA was supposed to BLOW UP the competition lololololol shit and if Spain hit couldve hit ONE more 3 cuz they was BRICKIN hard..

    USA plays too much 1on1 bball.. all i seen was players takin turns driving to the rack.. I dont think they’ll take the tournament.. i see Greece shootin they face off but i hope otherwise..

    My 2 Cents??

    Basketball is truly a TEAM game..

    Just throwing together UBER athletes and sayin that they speed and athleticism will lead the way is retarded..

    Basketball is so much more.. Intangibles for starters.. toughness, desire, competetiveness, respect, etc, etc..

    You take a team that has all those intangibles and put it against a team of players who believe they dont need these intangibles because they have obvious physical advantages, who gets that final loose ball on the floor??

    Who fights for the board against 3 other players for the final possession??

    Who shows heart being down 15 after halftime and claws they way back???

    Just examples of how basketball doesnt come down to who can jump the highest or make it down the court the fastest but rather who wants it more.. and thats really what makes basketball so fun to me.. it truly is a who wants it more type sport..

  • danocasa

    Sorry to say Chicagorilla…

    I liked the Canadians invented the game, Americans revolutionized it comment. Dude, Naismith was Canadian, but he was in fucking Springfield, MASSACHUSETTS (why do you think the Hall of Fame is there? Because it’s nice in the summer?) when he invented it. It’s ALWAYS been an American sport. And I would take the top 12 foreign born players over maybe 28 of the teams in the NBA. Nash, Ginobli, Dirk, Yao, Scola, Varejao, Tony Parker, Kirelienko, Nene, etc (that’s three MVPs, 1 Finals MVP, who knows how many all star appearances). How can you think any NBA could smash at the worlds when the best in the NBA dont smash in the olympics?

    And you have obviously never coached (or been coached) if you think coaching isn’t important. You take Phil off the Lakers teams for 2000-02 and the Bulls teams with Rodman and you think they win more than one title? HELL no. Even with Jordan and Kobe and Shaq.

    But you are right. It’s a conspiracy being implemented by Stern to corrupt the great world of basketball. And your bias of Rose isn’t apparent either CHICAGOrilla. You’re just as bad as Bill Simmons and Boston teams.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ the shit I’m readin today.
    USA wins on a great Durant block and I see a certain dude postin that the World ain’t improved since 92?
    And that the TWolves could beat Spain? After Kobe, Bron, Wade, Melo, Bosh, Dwight, CP3, DWill, Booz had to beat em in ot?

    @ JAY
    you really wastin your time arguin with those opinions.

    Obviously, the world has caught up, thanks to the Dream Team who got kids all over the world pickin up basketball. Now, they grown and in the NBA.

    LOL I can see how today’s posts are gonna go, but it was clear yesterday that Chandler gonna be in foul trouble at the tourny. Iguodala and Gay were completely invisible and Rose DID play outta control til crunch time. Grabbin a board and goin full speed into Rudy, who’s just standin there,and being shocked at the charge call ain’t a good look.

  • That’s What’s Up

    What total was higher?

    Combined field goals for both teams…
    the number of times Kamla called his partner “Smitty”?

  • Celts Fan

    Rubio’s gonna be damn good. he looks like he’s just got that “it” factor. maybe not a superstar, but a damn good starter at worst

  • LakeShow84

    @ ThatsWhatsUp

    Im so tired of hearing dude call him Steve Smith “Smitty”.. you can tell hes in love with that nickname too cuz he says it at UNECCESSARY times lol..

    Mind bottling lol

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    @K Dizzle
    I realized i was wasting my time…. thank goodness i’m at work. I would hate if this were my free time.

  • Claw

    US is guard driven and have no inside game at all, you put Duncan on that team, hell even Hakeem at over 40 (killin on that Pros vs Joes) is a better option than what they got in the front court.

    International competition has gotten better, but you throw out that 92 team that was older and they played well together and had athletic bigs and they would still kill the competition by 30+. Even Kevin Durant doesn’t look dominant, against Lith he was out of sync, Team USA is not that great I wouldn’t be “shocked” if they lost in the World Championships.

    Ricky had some nice plays on Offense but also got burnt quite a few times most notably by Steph, who looked real good when he was out there.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Funny, every time i post it’s the same idiots arguing with me. KDizzle, JAY, Lakeshow, and always some noew dude spewing I love Chicago so i’m bias. Not knowing that I bash the Bulls more than any team when I post…except for maybe Puke…i mean Dooke….duke.

    I don’t have the time to go back and forth so i’ll sum it up as quickly as possible

    This version of Team USA can and Should press every single game full court for 40min. Apparently this is not something the foriegn teams are used to and they seem to have a really tough time dealing with the pressure. I am hoping RatFace (coach K) was trying to hide his game strategy by not doing this against the loose handle of Rubio (pocket picked twice and Rose isn’t even a good defender) and the other Spain guards who had ZERO handle or speed.

    Here in America our teams full court press fromm 3rd grade up. So if you play ball you know how to break the press. But apparently the lack of athleticsm overseas doens’t allow them to see this very often. That halfway light pressure that Rose and Curry was applying yesterday was nothing compared to what Rondo and Westbrook could really do if the chains was off. Especially with the rules and smaller court.

    As for the T-Wolves vs Spain…it has nothing to do with me thinking USA is the best and blah blah blah.
    @Jay (or whoever put the Twovles line-up vs Spain)
    If it’s not about individual match-ups then why all the hype around KLove being bested by Gasol? If Coaching mattered that much wouldn’t Kurt Rambus be a better coach than the guy from spain who NONE of you know anything about?

    And to the IDIOT who says NBA players get done on the playgrounds….I watched Steve Francis drop 60+ in a playground game, Durant just recently did the same thing, and pretty much any other player in the NBA.

    But this is all for nothing as I’m debating against sheep who follow the flock. Get your own mind. Watch some actual basketball with the TV on mute so you don’t have to be influenced by the announcers.

  • Claw

    US is guard heavy and they could rotate those guys in and out a full court press would also be our thing since they usually don’t deal with that on an international level. That is our biggest strength and would be interesting to watch and see if teams could even get the ball up the court.

    @Chicagorilla – Not a bad idea, Rondo, Westbrook, Rose, and even Curry were ripping guys against Spain. Your Teen Wolf comment was more for effect but I think teams that do play 82 games together could even beat a NBA All Star team that was thrown together over a weekend. Chemistry is huge.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    “And to the IDIOT who says NBA players get done on the playgrounds”
    I said that. What’s up with the names bud?? I’m rubber you’re glue. Lol
    Funny you call me an idiot but then say the TWolves would beat Spain. Lmao! I won’t argue anymore… i’ll just say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that opinion is fucked.
    You go on like you’re the only really baller in here but mention that opinion to ANYbody in your life who YOU consider a real baller and they’ll laugh at you too. You are ridiculous.

    BTW, i’m not one of the guys who ALWAYS argues with you. You’re just too sensitive so you just remember when people don’t agree with you. Notice how everyone else can argue without resorting to names?? That’s because MEN don’t let their emotions get involved when discussing sports. Let it ride homo… i mean homie.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    I guess the Twolves would give the Redeem Team a run for their money too. Look out Lebron/Wade/Kobe… Corey Brewer is looking for victims.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Well buddy you named 1 former AllStar and one current NBA Superstar.. how does say Corey Brewer do on the playground??

    How well would Tyson Chandler do on the courts?? i think they wouldnt dominate shit.. just opinion tho..

    And all i was pointing was Spain was supposed to be smoked like everyone else according to you..

    And surprisingly they werent :)

    Just sayin……. chump hahahahaha

  • Stephen Jackson


    You obviously have never played or even watched international games. Teams mix all kind of defence (full court press, half court press, full court zone press, half court zone press, individual D, Box and 1…sometimes even fake zone and then use individual D).

    Thank God there are readers that try to talk sense to you…too bad you aren’t listening!

  • the cynic


    everyone argues with you because of the hypocrisy in your arguments, I’m not going into more detail because i don’t care and most of the time i just think its funny.

    J.J Redick rules!

  • MSL

    Not trying to get into anyone else’s argument, but except for yet to be developed big men (and even they would kick as to), most NBA players, would destroy even the best street ball players/playground legends into dust.

    Heck, most College, D1 and CBA, foreign, DLeauge players smash your neighborhood park legends. It’s not even close.

  • D Roc

    I keep hearing about how european players are more fundamentally sound and that a full court press is not a smart strategy. At the end of the day coaching is about creating a system that truly reflects the strengths of your team, which is speed and athleticism for the US. No matter how many points they won by the objective is to have more points than the opposition, and team USA accomplished that goal. All this negative energy from american fans and media is only fueling Team USA to continue to gel and get better.