Video, We Reminisce / Aug 20, 2010 / 10:47 am

We Reminisce: Shaq drops 61 points on the Clippers

As the story goes, in March of 2000, Shaq wanted the Clippers to provide him with some extra tickets for friends and family for this Clips home game, which happened to fall on his 28th birthday. The Clippers refused, and Shaq responded with a career-high 61 points and 23 boards.

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  • http://www.more-sports.net andrew macaluso

    Most dominate player the NBA’s ever seen.

  • NYK

    i’d like the new generation of big men – dwight howard, greg oden, etc to attempt this scoring feat and stop complaining about not getting enough touches.

    although greg oden needs to play a game before getting some touches.

  • control

    Wow, that footwork is insane. People who say that Shaq is all just brute force, etc…need to watch this video.

    To stir the pot some…Kobe didn’t benefit at all having Shaq beast shit on his team to start his career (sarcasm). If LeBron had a “Shaq” on his team…that would have been scary (not old, 100lbs over weight Shaq).

  • hahns

    control- i came to post exactly what you said. shaqs footwork around the basket was a thing of beauty- he could maneuver his way around anywhere he pleased. you cant guard that. i wana see dwight try to do that w/o traveling.

  • the truth

    best big man of all time. no doubt

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Where’s imjac???
    Yesterday that kid was saying Sha

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Where’s imjac???
    Yesterday that kid was saying Shaq was just a size mismatch. Dude just wrote off Shaq as a big dude who couldn’t be guarded because he was bigger that people. Wack opinion. Shaq was legit. People need to be reminded.

    Good job Dime. These kids are stupid.

  • Shot In Your Face

    If Shaq could have made 75% of his free throws (throwing out some random NBA average free shooting number), he could have been the BEST ever (ok atleast in the same convo as Jordan)

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    It’s really a shame that we’ll never see another big man do this. I say this NOT because I don’t think someone else with Shaq skills won’t come along. That might happen. I’m convinced it won’t happen again because the league doesn’t allow big men to dominate the block. When the defending big man flops, the refs are too quick to call the charge. Vlade fucked up the game.
    IMO, on the block, there shouldn’t be ANY charge calls unless the offensive player dislodges with his arm or faces-up. Back-down charges should NEVER be called. Let the big guys bang. and the pussy big men who flop should just get run over.
    The game has become too euro thanks to Vlade. Just my opinion.

  • http://www.cnnsi.com JAY

    Shaq is my guy but “Best big-man all-time” goes to Olajuwon. Don’t get it twisted.
    Prime Olajuwon would HANDLE prime-Shaq. The only thing Shaq has over Hakeem is size, and MAYBE passing. Go down rest of the list, and Hakeem has the advantage (footwork, defense, jumpshot, free-throws, steals, blocks, quickness, speed).

  • fallinup

    Footwork especially… Shaq was a master of. I stress this when I talk with young big men… “Check out how Shaq moves in the post.” It’s a thing of beauty. If he was JUST brute force… he’d be fouled out by the first quarter.

    But as Jay said above… The Dream had it all.

  • control


    You are 100% right about big men banging…100 fucking %

  • SWAT

    the reason shaq’s footwork got better was bcuz he was learning from Hakeem. he said after the finals where the rox beat him dude stayed in the gym and got at hakeem-even after their failed taco bell one on one. but still, shaq was a beast-he beat the whole damn clips up the court. damn i forgot how legit dude used to be.

  • Crew Dizzy

    Man watchig this brings back memories, watching Shaq in his current state almost makes you forget how truly great and athletically gifted he was. You can argue he was the best athlete in th NBA at his time. To be as big as he was and still be so agile and able run the floor and jump as well as he did is amazing.

  • K

    always nice to see some M.D.E mode Shaq.

  • datdood

    shaq was great.
    not only did he win a lot, he always seemed to be having more fun than anyone on the court.

  • LakeShow84

    I thought Shaq gave all the credit to the Mikan camp he went while he was in college or coming out..

    He said that camp helped his career tremendously..

    Ahhhhhh vintage Diesel.. i aint gonna lie i miss his dunks and his comedic saunters back down the court lol

    and 60pt&20rbs????? Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnnn lol dude was nasty.. funny part is about footwork is it never goes away.. Howard and other big men should be taking notes..

  • SWAT

    @ lakeshow good point…im confused as to why dudes like kobe get at hakeem, yet he didnt take fathead ass bynum with him? or why hasnt dwight got at dude or at least utilize ewing ass-make him work with you all summer! wher is the dedication? if dwight had half the movement shaq or dream had he would be even more of a beast.

  • Rainman

    that was ridiculous, every point after about 45 was jsut stat padding, the game was out of reach.

    embarrassing really. no class.

  • Rainman

    dont get me wrong, great athlete, great footwork, but wheres ur class?

    u cant do a team like that.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Rainman

    He was heated they didnt him tickets for his family so he MERC’d them..

    nothin wrong with that lol

  • Rainman

    yea i guess…but the 61 wasnt really all that impressive since about 15 of those points were meaningless. lol

  • LakeShow84

    Come on now..

    Dont hate lol

  • jryu

    hell yeah if they denied me tickets for my family on my BIRTHDAY, i’d be gunning for 100

  • Billy Hoyle
  • dave

    to be honest any guard/wing to ever play including jordan would have played second fiddle to shaq in his prime

    he was just soo dominant inside

  • MadSammyboy

    Wow… 26 comments, and no Kobe-heads have written anything about how 81 is better than 61 yet? I’m surprised.

  • S-SiN

    Did I just hear Chic Hearn say Pete Chilcutt was having a darn good game? SHAQ butt-dieseled him untill he reached the back of his teeth!!!

    Props to Wilt, Russell, Cap, Willis, Pat and the Admiral, but the Dream and SHAQ took it way too high..

  • S-SiN

    BTW going back to NBA’s too soft convo. fucking hating retards, how can u say Shaq had no class? what about the CURSED clip joint? Deniying tix to the MVP in HIS town???

    Aaight, HERE U GO THEN! Ain’t shit with whaling on bitches! Comes with territory.

  • S-SiN

    ..HERE U GO THEN! WRONG with whaling on bitches! Comes with territory.

  • mikee

    I was at this game. It was March 16th and the Lakers 16th consecutive win.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Thanks for this, Dime. We we starting to forget how good Shaq was in his prime.

    But did you see those scrubs trying to guard Shaq? When you have some guy named Pete Chilcutt guarding The Big Diesel, might as well kill yourself, Clips.