NBA / Aug 4, 2010 / 3:30 pm

Who’s Better: Kevin Durant or Dwyane Wade?


You don’t need puppets to tell you that Kobe and LeBron are the two main contestants battling for the title of NBA’s Best Player. The reigning two-time MVP (LeBron) and the reigning two-time Finals MVP (Kobe) are pretty much interchangeable at the No. 1 and No. 2 spots, despite what brand-new LeBron haters want to believe with LBJ going to a loaded team in Miami.

But who is the third-best player in the game? During last night’s NBA schedule unveiling on NBA TV, Kenny Smith surprised the panel by naming Kevin Durant No. 3, ahead of Dwyane Wade. Responding to the claim that Heat/Lakers on Christmas Day puts the top three players in the world on the court at the same time, Smith said, “No, I don’t agree it’s the top three. I think Kevin Durant is in the top three.” Asked who Durant would replace in the widely-accepted Kobe/LeBron/Wade trio, Smith said he’d put KD ahead of Wade.

Later in the program, Steve Kerr backed up The Jet, saying, “Durant deserves to be in the conversation as one of the
top three players in the League.”

Personally, I believe Durant is the future face of the NBA, but right now, the 21-year-old is still a notch below Wade. Until Durant can at least lead his team to a significant playoff run — like Wade has done multiple times — Wade still has the nod on him.

And while Durant is the best scorer in the NBA and one of its best shooters, Wade has a better all-around game, playing stellar defense and distributing the rock good enough to be a point guard. Durant gets buckets all night, but Wade will win games by making a block or a steal, getting a rebound, or handing off an assist, plus knocking down a game-winner.

My top five:

1. Kobe
2. LeBron
3. Wade
4. Durant
5. Dwight Howard

What do you think? Where should Durant rank?

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  • http://www.mnu.edu L dot

    Dwight is definitely top 5 athletes in the NBA but not top 5 “basketball players”

    I think you have to put Melo in the top 5.

  • That’s What’s Up

    1) Duncan
    2) Splitter
    3) Ginobili
    4) Parker
    5) Hill

  • Richie Rich

    Wade still has Durant, for now.

    When you look at the regular season vs. playoff numbers, Wade’s numbers improved in the playoffs while Durant’s fell off somewhat. PPG and FG% changes say it all.


  • http://www.mnu.edu L dot

    #2 Thats whats up should be banned from this site. Spurs are done son…

  • Pareja

    I would put Chris Paul ahead of Dwight, every time. That guy does even more for the team than Dwight does.

    Right now Wade is better than Tarantula, but at age of 21, Durant
    is clearly better than Wade was. Wade at 21 was great, but this guy…
    he could be one of the greatest if he keeps up with the improvement.

  • AZ

    Melo..wade are 3a n 3b. Durant can get buckets on anyone and anywhere but need to develop on D still.

  • chris


  • AZ

    1. Dilion
    2 Dilion
    3 Dilion, dilion, Dilion

  • Dayinho

    Playoff don’t lie.

    Wade >>> KD

  • bullish513

    6) Durant

  • Charles

    D Will

  • Detroit Dave

    As long as Kobe is the best player in the league, whats the point of arguing who number 2,3,4,5 are?
    But for arguments sake.


    If I was starting a team and I had the first overall pick in the Draft and could take any player to build my franchise around for the next TEN YEARS……

    1) Dwight
    2) Durant
    3) James
    4) Wade/Melo
    5) CP3

  • Kevin

    1. Kobe (see Chris Rock Video)
    2. Bron (Dominates the game on both ends)
    3. Wade (Dominates the game on both ends, alittle less than LeBron)
    4. Howard (controls every aspect of defensive end. As well as forcing constant double teams on O.)
    5. Durant (buckets. But still needs work on D, but getting better at all around)

  • Shot In Your Face


  • http://abouthalftime.blogspot.com/ jace

    @L dot

    definitely agree. but maybe itll be different next year since dwight is training with hakeem. if dwight can pump that up to 23-24ppg while still gettin 14rpg and 3bpg… id say hes a definite top 5.

    but yea… wade has durant for now. wade almost single handedly took the championship from the mavs the year they won. and since then hes been on a less than mediocre team, while still pushing for playoffs when he wasn’t injured.

  • sweetv0mit

    How about a Top 10 of whos got the biggest heart/will to win in the NBA?

    1. Kobe
    2. Wade
    3. Durant
    4. Pierce
    5. The Decision
    6. Melo
    7. Nowitzki
    8. Nash
    9. Rose

  • Detroit Dave

    You guys can call me a hater but I never thought Lebron dominates on Defense. He has some great highlight reel blocks but I couldn’t understand how the NBA thought that he was the BEST DEFENDER IN THE LEAGUE AT THE SMALL FORWARD POSITION 2008-2009? He wasn’t better than Battier/Artest.

  • http://twitter.com/zachnew zachn

    1. lebron
    2. kobe bryant
    3. dwayne wade
    4. chris paul
    5. dwight howard

    You can’t argue this. best 5 players from the Olympic gold medal team and that’s why they’re the best 5 players in the NBA.

  • Jahvon

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Dwyane Wade
    3. LeBron James
    4. Carmelo Anthony
    5. Kevin Durant

  • George W Kush Sr

    Even though I hate him,
    1) Kobe, right now there is no question he’s the best, but fuck him
    2) Lebron
    3) Wade
    4) Melo
    5) Durantula

    6.Dwight, 7.Paul, 8.D.Williams, 9.Roy, 10.Bosh

  • Pareja

    @ detroitdave

    i agree man, those chase down blocks he gets doesn’t mean that he is a great defensive player, Decision’s defense is overrated, you can’t put him ahead of Battier. Stats lie when it comes to defense, there is so much little stuff that doesn’t get measured and doesn’t get to highlight reel. Shane is living proof.

    And guys, i see you aree puttin nash and d will ahead of Chris Paul… that is too easy to argue.

  • bobby stew

    If I was starting a team today this is how I’d choose

    1 Durant
    2 James
    3 Howard

  • iannyb

    I like Durant as any ballhead should, but one can even make an argument for D-wade as the best player in the league. He’s a better team player than Kobe,with more killer instinct than Lebron. Durant is out to prove stuff and as aavid Laker fan the spot he might grab this year is Kobe’s.

  • Mr_Real_Talk

    I dont agree at all that Dwight is top 5. Great athlete but he isnt a great BASKETBALL player. I think in all the talks about Kevin Durant we forget about Carmelo Anthony who is arguably the best scorer in the world aside from KD. Melo had the best 08 Olympics out of all the mentioned players and he consistently lights up Lebron and who who ever else is in front of him in a multitude of way “3 pointers, mid range, offensive glass, off the dribble, slash, and post”. He does it all on the offensive end

  • Rudy

    1. LeBron James
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Dwyane Wade
    4. Carmelo Anthony
    5. Kevin Durant
    6. Chris Paul*

    Dwight barely makes my top 10

  • Pareja

    I think that best scorer in the world is Kobe Bean Bryant.

    Now, he’s not trying score on every posession like he used to, but 40+ games, 81 pts… He earned his title as best scorer in the game. If he is on fire, he will score that bucket with his eyes closed over five guys.

    Carmelo’s game is really beautiful on offensive end, but I think he has a long way to go until i put him ahead of kobe.

  • LakeShow84

    Durant isnt as far along defensively as Dwade is so its stills Dwades 3rd spot..

    even though i believe

    1) Mamba
    2) Wade
    3) Lebron
    4) Howard
    5) Durant

    Funny how the majority is now with Kobe at the #1 spot.. Fuckin bandwagon hoppers.. at least some of you finally gettin the big picture.. You can have all the stats in the world (Wilt) but if you lack heart and aint got it the real legends (Russell) will always outshine you when it comes down it..

  • dredre

    so…carmelo is chopped liver?

  • tahir

    talent should be based on winners… and lebron is obviously not a winner… he is a follower!

  • dlight

    @23 iannyb
    You r on to something I like the way you think. Build the proto type 2 skills, heart, instinct, in that order. Wade is obviously also the Best negotiator in the league too! If SB pulls off a Ring Wade should get minority ownership shares! I know Alonzo hasn’t got any credit for backing Riles’ pitches. Just know..

  • Stunnaboy09

    Anyone else notice Kenny saying both Kobe/Bron are number 1 in the NBA? Founf that funny

    1a) Kobe
    1b) Lebron
    3) Wade
    4) Melo
    5) Durant

    Howard can’t go on this list because he has no offense what so ever, same way Nash’s lack of defense takes him out as well. Wade and ‘Melo have been on significant playoff runs as Flash has a ring and Melo was 2 inbound passes away from reaching the finals. Durant has only seen post season once and under performed (Artest guarding you does that sometimes)

    People slepe on ‘Melo roo much, he is the unquestionable leader of a top-5 team in the NBA and maybe the ebst offensive scorer. If he takes it to the post more often he might actually drop 30 a game.

  • Joe’s Momma

    I agree with DetroitDave

    LBJ aint an elite defender. They hide him on defense. He gets some blocks and rebounds, but he aint gonna shut anyone down, except a slow ass Paul Pierce

    He and Melo went head up, Melo dropped like 45, LBJ got like 41. So if LBJ is an elite defender, then Melo is one too. I don’t know anyone who says that about Melo.

    And right now Wade is better, but Wade is 27. When Durant turns 27, he will be the face of the NBA, and better than Wade at 27.

  • me

    i wouldn’t put lebron or kobe as #1.

    for #1 basketball player, all team stuff has togo out the window. how his team did has less to do with one player.

    Kobe is too old and slow to be #1. in the top 3, sure, but not #1.

    Lebron and Wade both rely on speed and power more than basketball skill. top 5, sure, but not #1.

    I could see either Melo or Durant as #1. As much as I hate Melo (dunno why but I do), his game is the most complete from a basketball skills perspective. Both have almost the total package just about except Melo has the power game as well which Durant doesn’t.

    Another question: After their physical gifts leave them, who would be the best baller? Melo and Durant would still be murdering cats with their games into their 50’s, Wade,Kobe and Bron wouldn’t.

    And anyone who throws Howard in to this discussion is an Idiot. A dominant player and a great/best player are 2 very different things.

  • sh!tfaced

    The fuck… ain’t no way LeBron is 2nd… 3rd, I’ll give you that. Hence:

    1. Kobe
    2. (tie?) Wade
    2. (tie?) Durant
    3. LBJ
    4. Dwight

    Just ain’t no damn way LeDouche is third with his pussy ass heart and guts.

    Delonte’s step son just proved it to us this off-season and the latest playoffs…

  • sh!tfaced

    DOH! My bad… I mean, ain’t no way LeDouche sunglasses is SECOND…

  • Mr. TKO

    I’m shocked to see that people aren’t forgetting Melo for once. His offense is beautiful outside, midrange, inside, first step etc… If he had a few sportscenter dunks every game, the Media would be on his nuts as much as they are on LBJ.

    My list would be
    1. Kobe (total package despite athletic disadvantage)
    2. Wade (Wade does almost everything Bron does, despite being 5 inches shorter and I don’t know how many lbs lighter.
    3. LBJ (He is pretty impressive, but then I look at Wade and I’m like if Wade is doing all that, why ain’t Lebron blowing him away with all his natural gifts/advantage’s?)
    4. Melo (2nd favorite player, offense is better than everybody’s except Kobe and that’s close cuz he’s big enough to bang in the paint easier than Kobe can, his all around isn’t on everybody’s level yet but it’s closer than people think.)
    5. Kevin Durant (I knew he was good, but he’s impressing the hell out of me, he’s very close to leapfrogging Melo and LBJ as the best 3’s in the game)

    Yes, there’s no dwight on my List. Because Dwight is a very athletic, defensive and rebounding center which is great for him but as an all around talent he doesn’t match up to the top 5.

  • Lets Go Hawks

    First, I wanna define best. If we talking regular season, Bron is #1. But since regular season doesnt count all that much,
    Right now

    1. Kobe
    2. Lebron/Wade (just impossible to seperate them. Wade is better leader. Bron with more talent. Depends on the game)

    4. Durant

    5a. Deron Williams (More durable + better shooter than CP3)
    5b. Paul
    5c. Howard. All 3 of these super close and I could listen to an argument for changing them up. And for those who say Howard is only a good athlete, the man is a defensive FORCE. In game 4 of the Atlanta series, he affected over 70% PERCENT of their shots in the paint. That is absurd. He isnt a sure scorer but plenty of people score. No one else has that defensive effect.

    8. Personally, Brandon Roy (leader, good scorer, rebounds well, makes team better). Maybe Melo (i have no idea where people are riding him from. All he does is score. Doesnt rebound at a great rate, doesnt play amazing, doesnt make teammates better, isnt a good leader as we saw when the nuggets fell apart after Karl got cancer. He isnt in my top 10). Personally, I’d take Nash over him. Way better leader, makes everyone better. Both suck at D.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah the Lebron is an elite defender stance is pretty weak to me as well..

    So weak i almost threw up in my mouth when he finished SECOND in DPOY votes 2 years ago.. Dont even need to mention that same year Wade avg more blocks and steals but aye, im just a non-follower lol

    you could tell how an elite defender responds to different players.. when LBJ can play D on a Paul Pierce type player he is a GOOD defender.. When he has to play against someone who can smoke him and he needs to rely on defensive principles??

    Dude is overrated as a mofo.. Case in point.. he didnt slow down Rondo when he said he would.. a stopper would go in there and nullify the lil F’er..

    Ala Kobe takin on Westbrook :)

  • Stunnaboy09


    Neither Bron nor Kobe are 1rst team All-Def players, shows how messed up the voting is.

    Thabo Sefolosha, Shane Battier, Ronnie Brewer are some of the top of my head who deserve it more than them. Fuck Kobe doesn’t defend the other teams best defensive player (Artest does) and Bron got toasted on both Rose and Rondo

  • Grand Hustle

    1. Lebron
    2. Kobe
    3. D Wade
    4. Chris Paul
    5. Carmelo Anthony
    5b. Kevin Durant

    How could you say they hide Lebron on defense? He SHUT Paul Pierce down! I think this is the year we REALLY find out who’s better between Kobe and Lebron.

  • Promoman

    Dwyane Wade is better than Kevin Durant right now. Dwyane’s more complete and more athletic. Kevin is the purest shooter of the two though.

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^ oh yeah. he shut pierce so much they got eliminated in 6 games with homecourt advantage up their ass!!!

  • Jah

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Dwyane Wade
    3. LeBron James
    4. Carmelo Anthony
    5. Gilbert Arenas

    6. Deron Williams
    7. Chris Paul
    8. Dirk Nowitzki
    9. Tim Duncan
    10. Kevin Garnett

  • sh!tfaced

    pointing at the lebron cocksucker @ 40

  • LakeShow84

    @ Stunnaboy

    Yeah you right Kobe’s only been guarding the other teams best offensive PG, SG, SF for the past 10-11 years..

    I mean since Artest is there it kinda shows we signed him because Kobe couldnt handle it ya kno??

    You catchin onto the sarcasm?? lol

    Dude guards whoever he needs to guard.. From “wrestlin the big bear” Melo to trying to keep up with Russell Westbrook on one solid knee..

    Just cuz Artest is there NOW (for 1 whole year) dont mean Kobe aint been doin it for years..

    Dude used to ball denial AI like no other lol hes gone up against everyone.. just sayin..

  • Chise

    1. Kobe
    2. Wade
    3. LeBron
    4. Melo
    5. Durant

    6. Dirk
    7. Dwight
    8. DWill
    9. CP3
    10. Pau Gasol

    just my 2 cents

  • LakeShow84

    But thanks for pointing out Bron got toasted by Rondo..

    Even AFTER he said he wanted to guard him..

    How did Kobe do on Rondo in the Finals???

  • Stunnaboy09

    I meant for this year bro, I kow Kobe’s a good defender but saying he is the best defensive SG in the league is a big stretch.

    And yes, motherfucker Kobe guarded Rondo well in the finals even I admit that. Donlt know what hurt worse Kobe smothering Rondo or Fisher killing Allen after game 2.

  • Chise

    Fuck it.. I’ll give you guys my whole dime…

    1. Kobe <- Mamba is the best player in the world, and top handful of all-time. Fundamentally superior to everyone in the league (no offense Timmy D.) and STILL a premier defender capable of shutting down the other teams best player.

    2. Wade <- Honestly, Wade is the closest thing in my opinion to the best player in the world outside of Kobe. He can do everything LeBron can, while being stupid clutch. Wade doesn't just hit game winning shots, he makes game winning blocks, game winning steals AND game winning shots.

    3. LeBron <- Best athlete in our species. The most freakishly athletic human being in sports. His handle.. above average. His shot.. above average. His ON THE BALL defense.. above average. But when his "above average" skill-set is combined with that athleticism and his exceptional passing ability, you get an unstoppable force and a walking triple-double.

    4. Melo <- To be real with ya, Melo has been doing what Durant is doing now, for years. He's even better than Durant offensively. Maybe people are just getting used to it. But Carmelo Anthony has a perfect offensive game. Period.

    5. Durant <- 21-year-old scoring champion. He has no ceiling, but the 6'10" sharpshooter isn't better overall as a basketball player than the 4 guys I got ahead of him.

    6. Dirk <- A basketball clone to Kevin Durant IMO. Same exact player.
    7. Dwight <- Most dominate defensive player in the NBA.
    8. DWill <- Bigger, stronger, better-shooting, PG than CP3.
    9. CP3 <- Along with DWill, CP3 is the mold of what an NBA PG should be.
    10. Pau Gasol <- Most versatile and skilled big man in the NBA. Defensively underrated.

    Now THAT'S my top 10.

  • K

    durant isnt better than melo

  • Joe’s Momma

    @ Grand Hustle

    Yes, he stopped Pierce in the playoffs. But he did it purely with his huge body and great athleticism. Pierce uses that big body to get defenders to his sweet spot, he couldn’t do that again Bron, he is too big. Or he goes around them, and he couldn’t do that, Bron was faster than him.

    But who else would he have checked on Boston? He aint chasing Jesus Shuttlesworth around screens, he didn’t stick Rondo, he aint gonna guard one of the big boys. Pierce was his only option. And how many times did he guard Tony Allen in that series? Thats how they hide LBJ on defense.

    And remember a couple years ago against Orlando in the playoffs, when Turk was dumpin on Delonte West. Yes, 6’10” against 6’3″, and Bron was guarding… wait for it… Courtney Lee, yes the Rookie, the 6’4″ rookie. The self-professed 6’9″ guy didn’t guard the 6’10” guy who was killing his team

    Thats how they hide LBJ on defense.

  • Mr. TKO

    @49, I can’t really argue with Chise’s list too much. Other than Dwight(he’s a very good athlete with good defensive instincts but I would still choose a healthy Yao for one Season) the list is pretty damn good.

    I can live with Dwight switching places with anybody below him or staying where he is. Close enough. I’m a huge Pau Gasol fan though, IMO he’s the best overall big man playing right now.

  • K Dizzle

    Sometimes Kenny makes me shake my head. I like KD too, but there’s no way he’s better than Wade right now. If DWade was 3-4 inches taller, he’d put this discussion out o sight. Durnat can score nice, shoot crazy and rebound pretty good, but DWade does everything slse better as well as score just as easy…C’mon, Kenny. Do better

  • http://www.dimemag.com Celts Fan

    1. Kobe
    2. LeBron
    3. Wade
    4. Melo
    5. Durantula
    6. Dwight.
    7/8. CP3/DWill
    9. Pau (starting a team from scratch, I’d take Pau over Dwight cuz you can find a defensive 5 like Perk or Noah that’ll give you 70% of what Dwight does. Lowpost scorers like Pau are rare and muuuuuch harder to get…)
    10. Roy (love his versatility, but also thought of listing Bosh, Dirk, and Amare.)

  • LakeShow84

    hahaha i was just askin Stunnaboy lol

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    1. Kobe
    2. D-Wade
    3. LBJ
    4. Carmelo
    5. Durant

    I wanted to SLAP The Jet when he said Durant is better than D-Wade. But The Jet is a nut hugger so I should expect him to say shit like that.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    1) Wade
    2) Kobe
    3) CP3
    4) Bron
    5) Durant and Melo

    Couple years from now Durant will be Bird to Lebrons MAgic and it’ll be back and forth. Thats of course if Lebron ever learns how to actually play REAL basketball instead of relying on speed and strength.

    Oh, Why is Wade #1 over Kobe or LBJ?

    Wade is the most complete player in the NBA by far. Kobe can score, but he is running on fumes now. He never has been a great defender no matter how much they tried to hype him. He is a scorer and makes the toughest shots in the L. DWade is smart enough to not TAKE those tough shots and still athletic enough to get the best shot available. Not to mention he played with the worst supporting gast of all the stars.

    And no i didn’t pick him cause i’m from the Chi. I honestly don’t like Wade and when he decided to buddy up with LBJ instead of coming to Chicago to create the greatest backcourt that ever lived by teaming up with Rose he really lost all my respect. But he is still a beast.

  • Claw

    Lebron is a #2, because he’s full of sh*t.

    1. Kobe
    2. Wade
    3. Melo
    4. Durant
    5. DHow

    You can’t have a player that isn’t the man on his team in the top 5. Howard is the main defensive force in the NBA while his O is lacking but narrowly beats out CP3.

  • AZ

    @ claw
    lol…like that logic of thinking

  • TheBrute

    1)Wade: He is a complete all round baller who has that special X Factor. If he was playing Kobe’s role for the Lakers in game 7 last year, there is no way he would buckle like Kobe did. He would find other ways. In my humble opinion having followed NBA for a long time, he is the closest thing to Jordan since Jordan. We all saw the 2006 finals…you can’t buy or teach that type of magic. He stepped up in the hardest moment, something I have not seen Kobe do in remotely the same way. It’s either you got it or you don’t and this kids got it.

    2)Kobe: Top technical player with all the bells and whistles, but a real try hard to be great. I do admire him as a player, even though I love to hate him. If he didn’t have a huge ego, it might be different because he is really really good and does have some good clutch quality. The difference is making one clutch shot and picking up a team on your back is the difference between him and wade. Wade can naturally without speaking make his team better, Kobe had to learn to, and it seems he is still learning.

    3)LeBron: Should move up the list this season after the heat start raping everybody and we see him for who he really is. Wade and Kobe are slightly above due to their championship pedigree. This point can’t be overstated for Lebron, soon to be best player in the world.

    4)Kevin Durant: The future top player in the league like Lebron is now, but needs more playoff / championship action to be considered truly great. Excellent start for someone who is 21.

    5)Dwight Howard: This one is tough because of his lack of offense. In saying that, he is a beast and it is clearer that he has his team performing at a high level even when he has half a game. Should be higher is he has an offense. I feel sorry for him that he has Vince ‘choker’ Carter.

    notable omissions:

    Carmelo Anthony: Has all the tools and skills, but a little inconsistent for my liking. Needs to do more. Maybe needs to leave Denver for this to happen.

    CP3: Needs a change of scenery with different, better players. Has the potential to be top 4.

  • Talented


    But for real: Kobe, DWade, Lebron, Melo, KD. KD just had a breakout year so now he’s on alotta ppls radar but he’s been playin pretty solid since his rookie year. HOWEVER, he still hasn’t done much of anything yet, besides get buckets, to steal a spot away from the original top 4. All 4 are either Finals MVP, Scoring Champ, Regular season MVP, NBA Champion, or has atleast had more than 1 or 2 decent playoff runs.

  • Talented

    Chappelle’s Show if u aint get it…

  • Deez Nutz

    Melo ahead of superman

  • Deez Nutz

    Pau Gasol is ahead of superman

  • chaz

    this is ridiculous.

    ppl forget how great u are so quickly. Wade basically single
    handedly shredded the Detroit Pistons (when they ruling the EC) and demolished the Mavericks in the FINALS! (FOR 3 straights games in a ROW!!!) when they were obviously the better team and clear best team in the league that year.

    WTF has Durant done??? End of stupid discussion, and post.

    p.s. if u knew basketball, and wasnt a victim of the hype, than u would know the only player in the league better is Kobe. Dwade shot, driving, defense, and clutch play tops everyone (just ask the guy that left his hometown to join him) besides Kobe.

  • Chaos

    Wow….so what is the basis for this list? here’s my top 5

    1) Kobe: the thing that separates him from the others his his killer instinct and how hard he works. the guy is always improving his game and it shows. he is losing his athletic ability but he continues to do something different every year and get the job done, whether its changing his attitude, becoming a vocal leader, adding increased passing ability, turning up his defense, learning the fadeaway, something to give him an advantage over the opponent…how many people you know give him problems on the consistent basis. top 3 clutch player and makes it happen whether he is has an off shooting night or not

    2)D-Wade: still has his athletic ability and explosiveness and is better defensively than alot of scorers in the nba. he is also one of the top 5 clutch players and does everything for his mediocre team despite being on 6’4″, 215-220lbs. he is probably even more fearless than Kobe. he has better passing ability, he leads by doing and leads by being vocal. while lebron does the run down blocks, d-wades timing and explosiveness allows him to rundown someone or block their shot straight up. Needs to diversify his game a la Kobe to keep him from being injury prone

    3)Lebron: Magic v2.0. probably the best athlete the in the NBA right now with great passing ability scoring ability, decent one on one defense and is a pg in a power forward body. he isnt as clutch as Kobe or D-Wade, not as good as a defender as people make him out to be. has the tools to average a triple double and be the best all around player in history. not the workhorse kobe is and doesnt challenge himself as much as Kobe

    4) Melo: never understood why Melo is constantly overlooked. he is the best pure scorer in the NBA. he can shoot the trey, can take you off the dribble, post you up, is a better passer than given credit for, is actually a better rebounder than people give him credit for and has improving defense and is physically superior to alot of players than he looks. he muscles in players his on size or smaller, can outmaneuver or go around players his size or bigger and will dunk on you when least expect it (ref. paul milsap..no one saw that coming). when he misses a layup or goes into the whole he can get his own offensive rebounds or the rebounds of others until he is fouled or the bucket drops and he is a top 3 clutch player. has stepped up game since Olympics and has made his body into an offensive weapon. he doesn’t have higher nonscoring stats than the top three but thats because he is not required to do as much, Nene and Kenyon for rebounding, Chauncy and Ty Lawson for passing, Kenyon, Birdman and Afflalo for defensive purposes but Melo does what he can and will get double double occasionally. his problem is he needs to improve mentally. he tends to get frustrated with aggressive defenders such as Artest, Battier and Marion. also needs to step up his leadership abilities and metal aspects.

    5)Durant: second best pure scorer in the NBA after melo. Above average rebounder, good passes and slightly above average defender. ballhandling gives him trouble because he is so tall. if he puts on muscle then he will be on equal grounds as Carmelo if not better. Is asked to do much more than Melo as well as play more minutes so gives him edge stat wise. as his teammates improve so will his scoring but his other stats will suffer due to mroe rest even though he is best rebounder on team. shoots at higher % than Melo but takes more shots that him. As his body continues to develop and his leadership improve so will he. Face of NBA in 5 years.

  • cov

    paul pierce has something to say about this list. lol

  • KnicksFan

    Kobe…not for much longer

  • derik

    i rank Dirk ahead of Melo anyday

  • bigdoggchad

    People who say Melo isn’t a good defender must of forgot about Melo playing great defense against Kobe(Arguably the best offensive player)in the west finals in 09′. He is a good defender when he wants to be so I would say he needs to get more consistent with his effort. He doesn’t guard the other teams best player for the first three quarters but usually guards them in the fourth. How is 7 boards a game not a good rebounder? That’s not bad when you have Nene grabbing 7-8 a game K-Mart grabbing 10+ a game and not to mention Bird grabbing 6-7 off the bench. Plus he had Camby grabbing 13-14 a game on his team for years. Melo is a beast on the offensive glass, just needs to get after it more on defensive rebounding.

  • bigdoggchad


  • whitecollar

    I agree with your top 5 except for #5…Dwight can jump and make bad commercials but skill wise, hes not even close, you dont even need to double team him when he catches it more then 6 feet away from the basket….Dirk may be the biggest mismatch in game, needs to be top 5, I’ll put my boy Melo at # 6

  • YoungLeezy

    Dwight Howard cannot be in the top 5.

    He is a horribly passer out of a double team.

    Has yet to really improve his game, meaning hes what been in the L for how long now, and still cant make a jump shot or show any signs of finesse? Shaq was way better than Dwight at this point in his career.

    Don’t get me wrong Dwight is a force to be reckon with BUT you got to think Melo, Chris Paul, or Deron Williams.

    Maybe I am biased because I was a guard but all these other guys do so much for there team. I realize Dwight is a presence on Defense as well but so is CP3 and he actually has skills. Just hard for me to like a guy who can get 20 and 10 off of Tip Dunk rebounds and no moves in the post except I am bigger and stronger than you.

  • Tega

    I’m impressed with all these lists that have Kobe as #1 and D-Wade at #2. I’ve always hated on Kobe the person, but I’m a big enough man to give credit where it’s due. And Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA. Any objective person would have to give D-Wade #2. Look what he’s done the past couple of years since coming back from injury, yes he’s athletic, strong, great passer, and incredibly clutch, but Wade’s best quality has to be his indomitable will.
    I can’t help but be skeptical with all these comments that have LeBron at #3 though. A couple months ago Dime put up a “Who’s Better D-Wade or LeBron,” I’m actually considering going back to that post to compare the comment section to the one above. I’m curious to see how many people have hopped of the LeBron bandwagon and whether it’s due to “The Elbow” or “The Decision.”
    And of course what this post was initially about, Durant is obviously not better than Wade or LeBron for that matter. I do believe without question he’s in the top 5. It speaks volumes that at the age of 21 Kevin Durant is a top five player in the League. The kid is blessed with incredible length(pause), good athleticism, and a smooth stroke(pause). But his work ethic is ridiculous. Kobe’s still the hardest working man in the NBA but he’d be lying if he said at 21 he was anywhere near as good as Durant. A whole bunch of people have said that Durant will be the face of the NBA in 5 years, my question is why so long? I mean I didn’t hear anything about LeBron dedicating himself to training, developing a post-game, or learning the intricacies of man-to-man defense. I say give him two years and Durant will be the face of the NBA.
    I’ve been a Heat fan since ’03 and while I’m excited about the fact that they finally have a squad again, a lot of my enthusiasm is tempered by the knowledge that the Thunder are going to be legit contenders in not this year then next year. As much as it pains me to say it, much of the hope of my Heat becoming a Dynasty falls on whether or not LeBron finally decides to live up to his potential. Suffice to say I’m not holding by breath.

  • Sporty-j

    Wade #1 will prove it this year. Is Durant even better than melo yet when he has yet to show that he can go inside and just bully people like Melo can. Durant is #5 behind Melo at #4

  • JD


  • JR

    1. Shaq
    2. AI
    3. TMac
    4. Carter

    oh wait… thought this was 2002 oops

  • James

    Melo is not better than Durant and never will be better. the stats don’t lie. Durant was better in every statistical catagory this year. His averages were far superior and he played in every single game this year. Melo played in what, less than 70? Not to mention KD absolutely shutting down kobe when he switched onto him in the 4th quarter of game 3. So i’m not quite sure where you’re pulling your argument from.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bencamerondavis Bencamerondavis

    First of all there is no clear 2 and three… Wade and LeBron are interchangeable… and you could even argue that the two younger stars are better than Kobe… But Durant doesn’t even belong in this discussion… since no one else is going to say it, I will… I am putting Dirk ahead of Durant… Dirk does more than shoot the rock. but like I said Wade, Bron, Kobe in any order… and then it has to be Melo or Chris Paul, Dwight Howard… and then it’s Dirk, Deron Williams, Durant, Bosh, Brandon Roy… Is it me or has the league always hated Wade?!?!

    He has to do so much nowadays to earn respect… The guy is the best player on the court 94% of the time… Even when the Heat loses… People talk about LeBron and Kobe’s efficiency vs Boston.. But what about Wade’s??? They never even talk about him shooting over 58% against Boston while averaging 33+. and a whopping 40% from 3pt Range…

    In my opinion, Wade would have went to the finals this year Whether LeBron showed up or not… but I would rather have him there to secure it.. LOL! has anyone ever watch a Durant highlight film?? LOL! Boring!!

  • eddie

    kobe – he’s playing chess while they’re playing checkers

    Melo is barely top 10 – he’s mentally weak on a team kindred spirits. When C Paul was healthy he was putting up historic numbers – better than Nash’s 2 MVP years (2 of the 5 that kobe should have had).

    And Wade is only #3 if you count the championship that Wade + Bennett Salvatore + 25 free throws = Clutch.

  • http://www.shwholesale.com jerry smith

    in my opinion,Kobe byrant is the NO.1 in present association.he had 5 rings.lebron james is NO.2,i think he will win his own championship;Durant is a great player,he is meant to be a super star just like kobe byrant and lebron james,he have so much patiant.Wade is No.4;Dwight Howard is good center in accossication.if only five choice, i only put him in NO.5.No.5 not mean he is not good than another four guys.
    1. Kobe
    2. LeBron
    3 Durant
    5. Dwight Howard

  • Chise

    Basically this is the dumbest question of all-time and Kenny the Jet was high on crack when he said that. Every basketball fan on this site thinks Dwyane Wade is better than Durant. It’s fucking unanimous.

  • nathan

    1kobe 2durant 3wade 4lebron5 melo lebron can’t shoot

  • ab_40

    I think Wade, Melo and Wade fit in a catagory with paul, williams and howard below that level. with kobe and lebron above them. Melo is an amazing player. It’s a shame he’s never ever gotten into the shape he can. If this dude would become the 235 that he is now with a lower bf% he’d be more athetic. but that’ll never happen. Let’s hope he signs that extension because no one will get a deal next summer untill the negotiations are done.

  • laura

    lebron is more talented but kobe is the better basketball player (more heart, drive). I agree with the people who dont put dwight in the top ten because the man has no footwork down. Durant is still so young and is the purest shooter in the league, but wade is just a better all around player. I so badly want to put him ahead of lebron because he actually cares and tries and lebron is kind of a waste of space, but lebron is blessed with this god-given talent

  • laura

    top five

    paul d will

  • ball in my hand

    1. Wade
    2. Lebron
    3. kobe
    4. Carmelo
    5. Me

  • http://dime.com Jojo & Melo

    1. Kobe (for me the 2e best player of all time behind MJ)
    2. Lebron (a stats machine like the NBA have never seen)
    3. Wade (A complete player and a true franchise player)
    4. Melo (Top scoreur, and ultimate technical player)
    5. Durant (like Melo)
    5. Howard (a best in the paint)
    6. Paul (the best point guard in NBA)
    7. Bosh (the most dominant 4 in NBA now)
    8. Roy (complete guard, and clutch)
    9. Deron Williams (As good as paul but not as good in defense)
    10. Nowitzki (Top 4 in NBA)
    11. Joe Johnson (playmaker, scoreur, good ballhandler, clutch)

  • jay

    i do think wade is more clutch than bron to be honest and i do like bron..not a hater!

  • Taylor Strickland

    To be completely honest Lebron and wade are both at the 1 and 2 spot. They both do the little things thats what makes them great wade for example is ont of the best blockers in the league for his size at 6-4 and racks up the steals. He passes like a point guard and dunks like a small forward. He is so athletic its unbelievable and same goes for lebron but he is more of a powerhouse. LIke I agree Keven durant is up their but he does not have an overall game like Lebron and wade and isn’t as explosive as they are. Like kevin durant can flat out score and is a great shooter but Dwyane wade lebron do more than that and thats what makes a difference. KObe is in the top three but he is getting older and is less explosive than wade and lebron but is such a compeititor that he overcomes his age and plays like players five years younger than him casue he is stubborn and they best compeititor in the league no doubt whatsoever. and also im tired of people saying wade isn’t in the top three and are questioning whether he should be or not. Flat out he is tied for the number one spot with lebron or the #2 spot.

  • Ian


    someone had johnson at ten i guess playoffs dont count.

  • Chuck

    Two counter points. If you are measuring these players on August 10, 2010, then perhaps KD will be #4. But if you are a GM and have your choice for next year and after, forget it. Durant just turned 22, will put on 10 pounds and have an entirely different game. He will then get the ball in the pivot in addition to on the perimeter. He will be able to finish against the big centers (he couldn’t quite this year) and he will be able to push away from the grabbing and pushing aka Artest. Recall how skinny Pippen was when he came into the league. He started at age 22 averaging 9 points and then improved from there as put on muscle.

    Raters of players still don’t understand that KD is a freak of nature as is Lebron. He is lightning fast, can soar, handle, go either way on his drives and is close to being the best shooter in the league at age 21. He has a wing apan of a 7 footer and is a competitor.

    Second, unless Howard gets a new heart like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, he will just be a latter day Wilt Chamberlain. He still has no jump shot, moves or touch. He is a liability at the end of the game and fouls almost at will. He is handsome and built but he is vastly overrated.

  • WSJ


  • Ignarus

    kinda puzzled at how Melo is getting all this “top 5″ love when all he does for his team is score (leadership, playmaking, rebounding, and defense somehow don’t matter?)

    He’s an elite crunch-time scorer, but that’s about it.

    The last time he lead his team to something was in college…

  • MSL

    1)Dwayne Wade (Best All around player/Athlete/Competitor
    2)Lebron Wade (See Wade sans the competitor)
    3)Kobe Bryant.(Losing his wheels & over hyped but still a great competitor, though always prone to poor shooting nights and poor vision

    4)Carmelo Anthony (Great all around scorer).
    5)Kevin Durant.(Great scorer like Melo, but game still limited and certainly can’t compare with Wade.

    I have always felt that “Dwayne Wade was the best player in the NBA since 2006 (especially if people are willing to name Kobe over Bron; then Wade should be number one over both).

    I think Kenny Smith was on crack and did a grave disservice and disrespect to Dwayne WAde in his comparison.

    What has Kevin Durant done, compared to Wade?

    Wade led his team to a championship his third year in the league. And for all those people who keep saying “Durant is 21 and WAde is 27″; do any of you think two years from now Durant would lead his team to a title and completely dominate the way Wade did at 23, the way Wade did? I don’t think so (So let’s stop this Durant 21 stuff).

    Regarding this years finals, Durant averaged 35% shooting, threw up some horrible bricks, back board breakers and air-balls; he couldn’t get his shot off when needed, while playing poor defense and providing only adequate rebounding.

    Durant is good. But he’s not there yet and may never be.

    What did Dwayne Wade do this playoffs? He shot 56% against Boston, averaged 33 points a game with 7 assist; while Boston couldn’t stop him, while he was the only viable scorer on Miami. Durant couldn’t handle the pressure against Artest and LA this playoffs.

    How could Kenny disrespect the Great D.Wade like that?
    I’m still wondering.


  • MSL

    PS: I could of/should of switched Durant with Dwight Howard. I know Howard lacks a offensive game; but Durant lacks a defense, passing and rebounding game (that he excels in at least), as well.

    Howard has already made the finals and he can be a terror on his defense alone, while scoring close to the basket.

    In my mind Durant has made terror status yet on the court!?

  • MSL

    i meant previously “In my mind Durant hasn’t made terror status yet on the court!?” Lol.

  • Dillenga

    Kobe – (Killing w/a bad knee & a bad shooting hand)
    D Wade – Elite Athlete, clutch, skilled, injury prone
    LBJ – Elite Athlete, skilled, questionable heart
    Melo – Skilled, decent rebounder, questionable effort
    D Howard – Elite Athlete, elite defense, shaky offense

    No question that Flash is better than the tarantula. D Wade does more w/less, Durant has a better team, so he’s required to do less. Jeff Green & Russell Westbrook are much better than Michael Beasley & Mario Chalmers. Flash is close to being the best player in the league, his stats r better than the Mamba’s and comparable 2 LBJs, but he really doesn’t get the hype that most other stars receive. Durant is good & he’ll probably b great, but D Wade’s game far more complete than KD’s and it shows.

  • arthur

    1 Kobe
    2 Dwade
    3 Lebron
    4 Durant
    5 Dwight

  • Arthur

    1 Kobe
    2 Dwade
    3 Lebron
    4 Durant
    5 Dwight

    If Durant can’t be put ahead of Wade because of experience and accomplishments, I say the same should apply to Lebron. Lebron led the league in scoring, but so did McGrady and Iverson. Dwade led teams to the playoffs consistently single handedly while Lebron beat up on cupcake Hawks and Pistons teams to get blasted in the finals, despite having a far better cast. And Dwade has a ring(and don’t bring up Shaq because Kobe was in same boat and Wade was finals MVP). Lastly Lebron went to Dwade’s team and decided he needed help. He wants to be robin to Wade’s batman. write it down!

  • Ross

    1) kobe
    2) Lebron
    3) durant
    4) wade
    5) cp3

  • Ross

    ehemm where is pau gasol in ur top tens? he HANDLED boozer, amare, garnett, can take tim, dirk and bosh

  • http://dime.com Shayer

    I would definitely put Durant on top 5 but with D Wade’s defense,passing the ball nd handling the ball he is over KD…My top 5 would be
    1)Kobe Bryant
    2)LeBron James
    3)Dwayne Wade
    4)Kevin Durant
    5)Dwight Howard or Carmelo Anthony

    I think Rey Jefferson is right in his own views but D Wade is a better all rounder player…