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Why Deron Williams Will Leave Utah For Dallas

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

There has been speculation from Jazz fans concerning whether or not Deron Williams wants to stay in Utah anymore. After losing teammates Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer, Wes Matthews and Kyle Korver, is there any reason not to believe that Deron would want out? D-Will had an interview with David Locke (the new radio voice for the Jazz) a couple weeks ago, and he stated that he no longer lives in Salt Lake City during the summer months. Is this a sign?

I was in contact with Locke via Twitter about whether or not Deron’s heart is still with the Jazz after losing half of his team this offseason, and he stated that “Jazz fans are concerned about losing Deron, but what have the Jazz done that would make his heart be out of it? If it is, there’s nothing they can do about it.” I think losing four of the best players on his team would cause his heart to be out of it a little bit. Deron’s already stated that he’s frustrated with the way things are going in Utah, and this appears to only exacerbate his case.

In July of 2008, Williams signed a three-year extension (with a fourth-year option) for $70 million to stay with the Jazz and help bring them a title. Well, it’s been two years and there’s still no title. All the Jazz have to show for it is first round playoff exits and going over the luxury tax to bring back the same team back from ’09, with half of them leaving during free agency this summer. It’s not that Williams couldn’t take the Jazz to a championship; it’s just his supporting cast seems to fall apart at all the wrong times.

If D-Will chooses to opt-out of his contract in 2012, where would he end up? How about following his roots in Dallas to play with the Mavericks. Deron starred at The Colony High School near Dallas, and last year at the NBA All-Star Game in Dallas, that was the happiest Williams has looked in two years. Another thing to consider is that the Mavericks will have substantial cap room in 2012, right when Deron can choose to become a free agent. If Deron ends up in Dallas, he would have a much better supporting cast than with the Jazz.

The Mavericks have one of the best shooting big men in the history of the NBA in Dirk Nowitzki. Don’t get it twisted though – he’s not a choke artist like fans believe. This is a guy who is 7-0 and has averaged 23.0 points and 8.5 rebounds for his career, all on jump shots. But let’s face it; Dirk’s never had a great point guard in his prime during his time in Dallas other than Steve Nash – and he still couldn’t lead the Mavericks to a title. Devin Harris never got the chance to prove, Jason Terry is a shooting guard and Jason Kidd is over the hill. If Dallas ends up with a Dirk and Deron combo, and that’s over 50 wins every season with just those two alone. Then you consider after the Mavs signed Deron they’d have at least $9 million to spend on another free agent in 2012 – Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Antawn Jamison will all be available.

The best part of all is that Deron has the chance to play for the arguably the best owner in basketball, Mark Cuban. Cuban is the kind of guy that will gladly go into luxury tax in pursuit of a title, which he’s done numerous of times. Deron just wants to win, and at this point, he can’t win in Utah. Maybe Chris Bosh was right, it’s time players stop mixing loyalty when it comes to free agency.

What do you think?

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  • Steve Nash

    Dirk will be 34… so that give Dallas about a 2 year window that Dirk could be a huge contributor

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @Steve Nash

    It’s hard to predict how well Dirk will drop off in the next two years. He averaged 25 last season, I don’t expect him to average anything less than 20 PPG within the next two seasons.

  • Sporty-j

    Lebron set off a trend and its only a matter of time before you see Demarcus Cousins and John Wall are on the same team again. Cuban is not nowhere near the best Owner in the league and theres a reason why the Spurs bust there a$$es every year and they would have never made it to the ship in 06 if it was not for a bad call by the ref that ended up costing the Spurs the West in 06. Lets stop mixing up Cuban in the good Owners list because he runs his mouth, until he wins Dallas a ship which will not happen in the next 10yrs and maybe future. He talks a good talk because hes a rich PUNK but he knows nothing about winning ships unlike JERRY JONES. Will Dirk legs still hold up by the time Williams get there and there roster will be differant 2yrs from now??? Never knew your a good Owner because you like to waste money…

  • nihilist

    I’m sorry, but I expect better from Dime. A few of the articles lately have had little to no substance, and this falls into that category. As a Jazz fan, it’s hard to be disgruntled with the way that the front office has operated over the summer. And putting the personal disappointment aside of losing close friends in Brewer and Korver, Deron shouldn’t be overly upset with how they have recovered from the loses (which is Locke’s point). Projecting supporting casts out two years is ridiculous, but let’s look at it: Dallas will have an aging Dirk (33+), Marion (34+), Haywood (32+),Beaubois, and Jones under contract. The Jazz will have Jefferson and Milsap (both 7-ish years younger than Dirk) and Gordon Hayward, and llikely Ante Tomic. Speculating on supporting casts isn’t worth time due to the small number of players under contract, but it could easily be argued that the Jazz would have a much younger and promising core in two years. But I guess Cuban could surround Deron with the over-the-hill gang listed above and it would all be good.

  • karizmatic

    If I’m Deron and I really want to leave Utah, there is no way I’m going to Dallas, I would bet at 34 Dirk is only going to be good for about 18 points a game, and who else is on that team in two years? With Cuban as GM that’s hard to tell. Nah if I’m Deron I got to go somewhere else. Maybe Indiana to play with Danny Granger or Orlando to play with Dwight Howard. But I’m not that sure he’s going to leave Utah, him and Milsap might make a pretty good combination.

  • Heckler

    did you just name ray allen, kevin garnett and tim duncan as quality free agents for 2012?

    ..for that, deron williams would be better off staying in Utah with Al Jefferson!

  • Scott

    Didn’t the Jazz make it to the 2nd round last year and lose to the eventual champs in the Lakers?

    No mention of Al Jefferson in the article is odd. I think Al will be better than people’s low expectations. They brought in Raja Bell too. I know he’s getting older. But they have an emerging talent in CJ Miles.

    The reality seems like the Jazz are setting themselves up to be a much better squad than most, especially the Mavs who will have players mostly remembering the days they could play at Roddy’s speed by that time.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    I disagree. I think this is a great article about something all Jazz fans have to be concerned with. Deron is arguably the best PG in the NBA, and if Utah doesn’t do something to convince him to stay – as we saw this summer – he could easily walk.

  • Jay-Pii

    this is what i was afraid of going into summer 2k10. can we stop all this sillyness please.

  • Heckler

    @ Aron

    so what if he walks?
    no player is going to play forever and no player is going to play with only 1 team for their entire career. Utah fans should know that (espec after seeing Malone in a Lakers jersey).

    if he wanna walk, let him walk and then build again thru the draft or free agency. and if you cant attract top level free agents, then just kill yourself cause there is nothing else that can be done.

  • Ross

    You will not see him on Dallas, not in Utah either. i think it will be on the east coast, orlando?

  • Sporty-j

    lol Everybodys leaving everywhere all of a sudden now and making plans for dums day summer of 2012 when the world is suppose to end again after it was suppose to end in 2000. Teams better start showing there Franchise players that they are about winning and if your New York. Do you wait for Williams or Paul in 2012 to form a real big 3 or do you go ahead and rush and take Tony Parker in 2011 with Melo and get pounded for sure years to come by my Heat. Knicks are going to keep tanking season after season and have no ships to show for it 10 yrs from now. Nothing makes me more happier in life than seeing the knicks continue to fail and Orlando will get 1 of those guys in 2012.

  • WinDelRoj

    Utah is better than people are giving them credit for. If the teams met in the playoffs today Utah would win the series.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Mark Cuban is jizzing on himself reading the title!

    Williams is from Dallas. He got a tat that reads “Texas Made”

  • Joe’s Momma

    And Dallas have 9 mil in cap space is based on the current CBA, which might be not relevant then. AND only be if Cuban doesn’t make any moves, which from his history, is not likely.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I been saying for a minute…..”Free D-Will!”

  • mikey

    Andrew you need to quit sleeping in the offseason. Jazz got Big Al and Raja Bell to replace those injury prone crap shoots. They might miss wes matthews, but jazz are good at developing unknowns out of the second round. Plus, it takes away the log jam they had at shooting guard. Also, look for miles to have a break-out year. Mavs are old and done, IT’S OVER, ya blew it Cuban.

  • BeEqual

    slow day at Dime huh? pretty ironic that you point to Dirk never having a viable point guard in his “prime,” yet by the time Deron were to go to Dallas (big if) Dirk would be on the decline, and definitely not in his prime. stirring the pot today I see.

  • Steve Nash

    If Deron Williams leaves Utah he is gonna go where he has finishers and an owner willing to keep those type of players

  • Mr. TKO

    Now I don’t normally do this, but I have to say that this Article is pretty weak.

    1st of all, Most star players never end up leaving their team to go play in their home cities as free agents(D wade, Bosh etc…), it always makes for a nice story but almost never happens.

    2nd, Like most people have said, Dirk will be 34 by the time this hypothetical situation can take place, even if he is still producing at a decent level, what young free agent would sign there for the majority of their Prime years?

    3rd. It seems like you purposely ignored the fact that Al Jefferson is in Utah now, even though Utah still doesn’t have the size for the Lakers, they shouldn’t be pushovers.

    4th. Even though your whole premise is wrong about the reasons that Deron would go to Dallas, it may be a possibility that it happens but I can almost guarantee that Cuban wouldn’t let the team stagnate as in the example you provided. We all know that Cubes is quick to flip the script so the majority of the players you described wouldn’t be in Dallas by the time this hypothetical situation could happen.

  • ctkennedy

    who cares about any of these pgs they dont lead u to no titles until one of them do …then why do they matter….i mean as the man parker and billiups wont the man on their teams

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ TKO

    Here’s your complete list of free agents in the 2012 season, so take your pick. http://www.realgm.com/src_freeagents/2012/

    Also, the reason I did not mention Al Jefferson in this article is because the Jazz lost out this offseason. Jefferson does not replace Boozer. There’s no way that you’re going to convince me that acquiring Jefferson while the Jazz lost Boozer, Brewer, Matthews, and Korver is going to make them better. Don’t forget Jefferson has a knee injury, which puts him on a list of Andrew Bynu and Greg Oden because once one injury happens, more and more come.

  • mess

    While the loss of Boozer is huge, I kind of had the impression that Boozer and Williams weren’t great friends. Not saying they didn’t get along, but especially at the end of the ’09 season, Boozer and Williams didn’t have any chemistry. That same season, when Boozer was injured, Millsap put up huge numbers and team went on like a 13 game winning streak that ended shortly after Boozer came back.
    My point is that, even though Millsap is no Boozer, the team doesn’t drop off much by going with Millsap at the 4, and are arguably better on the defensive side. So, they’ve still got a stud pf, and now they have a legit big man to put in the middle with Jefferson.
    Jazz are building a team, not just trying to make D-will happy.

  • CTP

    Here are some thoughts I had..

    First of all, I believe Millsap will be playing at the 4 and Jefferson at 5. Millsap is ABSOLUTELY capable of matching Boozer’s numbers, and has proved this to be true when Boozer was out with injury.

    Dallas is home, yes, but what have they done in the last 4 seasons that the Jazz haven’t? Nothing.. Last few years Jazz had a WCF finals appearance, 2 2nd round exits, and 1 first round exit. ALL of which came at the hands of eventual champions.

    Deron bought a house in San Diego this summer, this is true. SO WHAT? I have no idea how you can take that information, and conclude that he wants out. Most players don’t stay in the cities that host their teams in the summer..

    Every summer articles about how the Jazz aren’t threats etc, and then every spring, the Jazz are a top 4 in the west team.. This pattern has proven to be consistent every year except one, in the last 20- I guess that is what happens to the team with the smallest market.

  • nihilist


    My problem with the article isn’t with the premise that Deron may leave Utah in 2012 and it is concerning to Jazz fans. That is valid. As a Jazz fan, obviously it is concerning that the franchise player’s contract is coming up – just as it would be to any franchise and fanbase.

    But where the article fails to backup the argument is when it singles out Dallas as a better and likely destination and blatantly ignores the positive moves that his current franchise has made since post-eilmination interview where the frustration was vented. He’s going to go to Dallas because he grew up there? That’s valid if he really wants to go home. What else is there? @Joe’s Mamma is right to point out that the cap figure is likely to be irrelevant by 2012. Is Cuban really going to hold on to that cap space for 2 years while the window of Dirk’s prime is closing?

    And the Jazz have done nothing? They picked up one of the best young post players in the league to offset the departure of Boozer (who Deron became less and less vocal in supporting over the past couple years), didn’t overpay for Wesley Matthews, and filled his spot with a veteran leader in Raja Bell who brings a sense of toughness that has been lacking since Fisher left. Deron was bummed seeing his buddies leave town (btw: Brewer was gone mid-seaon via trade – for a pick that was central in the Jefferson deal), but their departures allowed for the change he desired. The team had proven that it wasn’t going to win it all as it was constructed over the past few years. That was a large part of his argument.

    It doesn’t seem to me like the facts support the second level of speculation. He may very well leave Utah, but there is little to no evidence that says Dallas will be at the top of the list when that day comes. It feels like the facts were picked and chosen to fit the argument rather than represent the reality of the situation.

    I don’t think this is a news flash to anyone, but I think it is safe to say that the majority of the Jazz team doesn’t live in Utah over the summers. Stockton and Malone didn’t. Boozer didn’t. Wouldn’t it be more of a headline if Deron continued to do so?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    I’m seeing a lot of talk about, “This is two-years from now, who cares” type of stuff. But the thing is, Deron isn’t going to retire in Utah.

    I’m stating my opinion that I believe he will go to the Dallas Mavericks and opt out of his fourth year once the 2011-12 season comes. My opinion on Deron leaving is the same as everyone else’s thinking that Al Jefferson is going to turn this team around.

  • Dave

    @ Andrew Macaluso

    Your credibility was shot by ignoring Jefferson. Sorry, but Boozer has one of the worst track records when it comes to injuries. Maybe Boozer is slighlty better on offense, but I’ll bet Jefferson develops better team chemistry with a willingness (and better body) to set screens and maybe clog the middle.

    Why would you discount a potential all-star addition? By doing so it is hard to believe you thought this through.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Scott

    Also, while they did make it to the second round to play the Lakers last season, don’t forget that they played the Denver Nuggets without their head coach George Karl. Whose one of the greatest playoff coaches of all time.

    Jerry Sloan vs. Adrian Dantley at coaching, you tell me who wins that battle.

  • nihilist

    @ Andrew

    Here we go again. Picking and choosing facts that fit into your argument. The Jazz were without 2 of their 5 starters. No big deal.

    Nobody here is claiming that Deron will retire in a Jazz uniform, they are simply saying that likelihood of him playing in Dallas in two years isn’t better than anywhere else.

    Jefferson is an unknown. But he did come back last year after blowing out his knee the previous February average 17 and 9 over 76 games. That is a pretty impressive line considering the timing of his blown ACL. He was averaging 23 and 11 when he got hurt. I think there is reason to be optimistic.

    Sorry . . . Slow day at work. Nothing personal.

  • NYK

    if knicks can’t score Tony Parker or Chris Paul, they know who to turn to…

    if he leaves, you gotta feel bad for Al Jefferson. LOL.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Nilhist

    Must be a slow day at home then too.

    Don’t forget, the bench is what makes a team. If you don’t have a solid bench you have nothing.

  • K Dizzle

    A roster of
    Al Jefferson
    is solid. Jazz never have issues with competitiveness, not with HOFer Jerry Sloan runnin that squad.
    Their issue has always been health. If Okur n Kirilenko were healthy last season, it’s a totally different ending to their season.

    We need to stop with the “player A” is gonna go sign with the hometeam when they opt out. They NEVER do…
    Who’s reppin hometowns right now?
    Chauncey in Denver.(trade)
    Farmar, Walton n Ariza won in LA.Barnes just signed(drafted n traded, 1 free agent)
    J Smoove in ATL.(drafted)
    DRose in the Chi. (drafted)
    Eddy Curry – Chi. (draft)
    LBJ – Clev. (draft)
    Baron – LA (free agent)
    James Jones/Udonis – Mia – draft
    Troy Murphy – NJN – trade
    Vince/TMac – Orl – trade/free agency
    Channing Frye – Phx – free agency

    Franchise free agents don’t sign with their “hometown team”
    Only one to do it that I found is TMac. Baron was already in Oakland, but that was a trade then he got played by Elton in the Clipper signing.
    Why would DWill leave Utah to go to Dallas over other spots like LA, New York, Jersey, Orl, Mia, etc???

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Dime

    Can you just please create an opinion section for people like Andrew Macaluso? He said it himself. It is just his opinion.

    This is not news. If he wants to pass this as an analysis then it is terribly weak, no matter what Aaron Philips said. And believe me, I am not speaking here as a Jazz fan.

    I think you guys know about the basics of journalism.

  • TheBestPG


    Boozer is not a winner. Sitting out the last regular season game that decides if you are a 2 or a 5 seed due to -soreness- is complete trash.

    I agree that the jefferson optimism needs to be held in check.

    But d-will isn’t one of the super-friend crowd. He’s the only member of the olympic team who hasn’t been photographed publicly at a wedding or a club.

    You’re article fails to make the case that he is a big market whore.

    A big spending owner in your hometown is not career defining.

  • Chise

    They lost Boozer and they went out and got Al Jefferson. With Paul Milsap and a healthy AK47 this team is fine. D-Will ain’t going nowhere.

  • Bojangles

    Deron Williams is a great player….but this article seems to imply that if only his supporting cast were better then he could lead the Jazz to a title. Thats a little too much, it would be extremely hard to develop a title team with Deron as your best player.

  • nihilist

    Should it be concerning that an author on established and reputable website doesn’t understand the concept of time-zones?

    Like I said Andrew, nothing personal. No need to take shots.

    @ Dime

    I definitely second Alf’s suggestion for an opinion section so that it doesn’t get confused with journalism.

  • rryan

    Like many have already said, the author loses much credibility by not mentioning Al Jefferson or any of the Jazz’s other acquisitions. Utah’s haul this summer was nothing compared to what Miami did, but still, isn’t stating Deron’s discontent from early July (during his golf charity when the Jazz had lost all these players but had not yet acquired any new ones) a bit like wondering right now if Dwayne Wade will stay with the Heat (after all, he was supposedly thinking about joining Chicago at one point earlier in the summer)?
    The author asked a valid question but tried to prove his point with completely irrelevant information from the past. True, Boozer was a legitimate offensive threat (albeit oft-injured), but I don’t know how you can make the argument for the other three guys. First, Brewer was actually traded midseason; Matthews was a great pickup, but he kind of came out of nowhere, and 10 ppg isn’t exactly irreplaceable; lastly, to be perfectly honest, Korver never really panned out for the Jazz. When they first acquired him two and a half seasons ago, he gave the team a huge spark. I believe nobody had a better second-half of the season record than the Jazz during the 07-08 season. He played with an injured wrist the entire next season, though, and couldn’t hit any of his shots. This last season he missed about the first third of the season, and when he did play he usually only played about 15-20 minutes a game. When he’s on he’s on, but he’s so slow-footed that they could never put him in if he had to guard an athletic 2.
    Overall, I felt like this article was written by a very uninformed person.

  • billte

    “All the Jazz have to show for it is first round playoff exits”

    Deron and the Jazz have made it out of the first round 3 of last 4 years (without home court every time). Dirk and Mavs have lost in first round 3 of last 4 years. Funny how people/media think Mavs are the better team.

    Maybe Dirk should be the one looking to get out of town.

  • Matt

    The Mavs ARE the better team.

  • ryan

    “Then you consider after the Mavs signed Deron they’d have at least $9 million to spend on another free agent in 2012 – Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Antawn Jamison will all be available.”

    This sentence alone should prevent you from ever writing another article again. Imagine how good they could be if they get LeBron in 2025!!!

  • Ryan Tegtmeier

    I just want to make one point and then I’ll be done. It was reported that D-Will had called Al Jefferson directly after the news that he would be a Jazz player and had told him that he was going to make him an All-Star. So, at the very least, D-Will must be optimistic about this year’s power forward and I think that he is confident that his team could take them far this coming season.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Ryan

    I was just stating a few of the name that are going to be available in 2012. Other than Kevin Garnett, it’s highly unlikely that those other guys won’t be able to contribute one bit to a team.

  • Dee Wig

    Everybody is saying that Dirk will be on the decline with no proof. Listen people…the last thing to go is your jumpshot…Dirk makes a damn good living with his jumpshot. He has AT LEAST 3 years left of 25+ per a game. He’s never had a major injury so his legs still have some tread on them and he’s always been in great shape. If this happens Dallas will definitely be title bound.

  • Stephen

    @ Andrew

    Why, in one of your comments, did you mention Al Jefferson’s injuries as a legitimate reason why he won’t be able to replace Boozer? Boozer is far more injury prone. I realize Jefferson had a recent injury, but he still played in 76 games last season, averaging terrific numbers in a system clearly not designed for him. Comparing his injuries to those of Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum is just showing ignorance.

  • Perfunktory

    “last year at the NBA All-Star Game in Dallas, that was the happiest Williams has looked in two years”.

    Really? Since when did Andrew Macaluso have this kind of access to Deron Williams? How much has he even followed Deron?

    This is the essence of diarrhetic reporting.

  • MC Welk

    30-somethings Dirk, Marion and Haywood … yeah, that’s a much better supporting cast.

  • Blake Nelson

    I am a huge Mavericks fan and would love to see Deron suit up for the Mavs. However, your reasons for him bolting Utah for Dallas are so off point you seem like a Junior High kid speculating. Dirk will be old, and if he is surrounded by Garnet, Allen or Jamison, you are surrounding him with players that are old now, two years from now they may be retired. The chances of Tim Duncan leaving San Antonio are about as likely as Jerry Sloan leaving the Jazz to coach the Nuggets. The idea is just insane. Dirk will be in the last years of his career and will be a good role player at best. Hey, Shaq will probably be available in 2012, I guess he could join the ranks as well.

  • Jon

    Your use of rhetorical questions and misinformation to obscure the facts is good enough to work for Murdoch. Yes Dwil can leave in 12. Yes as a free agent he has the option to land anywhere he chooses. However singling out the Mavs as a ‘good option’ is ignoring a wealth of factual data that point Dwill elsewhere. Here are a few facts pertinent to the discussion at hand.

    Firstly, on off season home location. Lebron lives in Ohio during the off season, Dwade goes home to Chicago. Yet both now play for Miami. Those are two high profile examples that illustrate that where a player stays when he is not playing basketball is at best irrelevant and at worst misleading when it comes to predicting his basketball future.

    Since Dwill’s rookie season, the Mavs have enjoyed a longer post season than the Jazz once. The Jazz have outlasted the Mavs three times.

    Not only that, but in the past four seasons, the Jazz have lost to the eventual NBA champions three times (Spurs in ’07, Lakers in ’08 and ’10). The remaining season, they lost to the western conference champion Lakers.

    During that same span, the Mavs have lost to the Warriors, the Hornets, the Nuggets, and the Spurs. None of those teams even made the NBA finals after offing the Mavs. In fact, only once did the team that beat the Mavs even advance to the Conference championship round (Denver ’09), where they lost.

    So over the past four years, the Mavs have succumbed to inferior opponents when compared to the Jazz. The Jazz even beat the only team to play both of them in a single post season (Warriors, ’07). If Dwill is leaving Utah, it won’t be for a side-grade, perennial bridesmaid team like the Mavs. He will move to a top tier contender, and there is only one top tier team in the West, the Lakers. The same Lakers who will have a 37 year old point guard if Fisher is still around in ’12.

    The Mavs will have to absolutely blow the lid off of their next two years worth of playoffs if they hope to erase a stretch of futility and post season underperformance that spans Dwill’s entire career. If you think he has not noticed that, you vastly underestimate him.

  • Jon

    Typo, Lakers won in ’09 and ’10, not ’08 and ’10.

  • Todd

    such a poorly written article. This guy needs to read into the facts a little bit more before he sounds off like this. wow wow wow

  • Stephen

    @ Andrew

    You don’t believe Al Jefferon will be an effective replacement for Boozer because of injury issues? Carlos Boozer is a far more injury-prone player than Al Jefferson.

    I understand Jefferson has had a recent injury, but he nevertheless played in 76 games last season, putting up very impressive numbers in a system that he doesn’t fit in. Comparing his injuries to those of Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum certainly isn’t accurate.

  • Jonnyutah

    Here are the facts… Boozer was in an offense in Utah that had his teammates set him up and set screens for him. This resulted in his high offensive efficiency. Al Jefferson had 1 play all year that had him receive a pass on the run set up by a teamate. 1 play! He was still at 50% shooting, and was nearly unstoppable near the basket. Al was also lost in the triangle offense, it was not designed for a man with his talents. Mark my words, Boozer will not be as effective with the bulls this year and al Jefferson will be an all star. With all the picks that will be set for him, he will be like a pig in slops.

    All the 2s and 3s we lost in free agency have been replaced and upgraded. The jazz will set the west a blaze! Miles will have a huge year, hayward will contribute, and AK47 is in a contract year. Millsap is getting better too.

  • strizzle12

    The author clearly has missed some very important details and might want to consider doing some substantial research before writing an article based almost entirely in the realm of fiction and possibilities.

    “Then you consider after the Mavs signed Deron they’d have at least $9 million to spend on another free agent in 2012 – Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Antawn Jamison will all be available”

    Jazz have AK’s $16-18 million for this season coming off the books at the end of the 2010-2011, meaning that even after resigning AK they should have more than the $9 million Dallas has.

    Combine that with a younger and still improving core that Deron has been playing with for years, and do you really think he’s leaving for an aging Dallas and Dirk? Can you really say the Jazz core at the end of the season in 2011 isn’t looking every bit as competitive as Dallas? I can’t.

    “I think losing four (Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer (traded mid last season), Wes Matthews and Kyle Korver) of the best players on his team would cause his heart to be out of it a little bit.”

    That’s like saying if Dallas lost 4 of its best players it would be Butler, Barea, Stevenson, and Marion. Then not mentioning that the Jazz replaced all 4 of them with arguably better fits for the team.

    Article was a waste of everyone’s time and premised on the author’s lazy research.

  • http://www.AwkwardWorkplacePhotos.com Tony

    Don’t forget, folks, that at that point, Utah will be free of the massive Kirilenko contract, which, if they let AK47 go, would give them an extra 16 million-plus to throw around. Think about who you can get for 16 mil…

  • strizzle12

    andrew you are border-line delusional

    “@ TKO

    Here’s your complete list of free agents in the 2012 season, so take your pick. http://www.realgm.com/src_freeagents/2012/

    Also, the reason I did not mention Al Jefferson in this article is because the Jazz lost out this offseason. Jefferson does not replace Boozer. There’s no way that you’re going to convince me that acquiring Jefferson while the Jazz lost Boozer, Brewer, Matthews, and Korver is going to make them better. Don’t forget Jefferson has a knee injury, which puts him on a list of Andrew Bynu and Greg Oden because once one injury happens, more and more come.”

    And Boozer hasn’t been more injury prone than Jefferson? Not to mention he is older and will have fewer productive years than Jefferson at a higher cost.

    “Also, while they did make it to the second round to play the Lakers last season, don’t forget that they played the Denver Nuggets without their head coach George Karl. Whose one of the greatest playoff coaches of all time.

    Jerry Sloan vs. Adrian Dantley at coaching, you tell me who wins that battle.”

    George Karl’s career playoff winning percentage from nba.com’s encyclopedia

    62 79 .440

    That’s really something. Not to mention Jazz didn’t have Okur or AK.

  • Robert Lehrer

    This is a horrible article written by a normally competent blogger.

    As other readers have already mentioned, the players that you mentioned on the 2012 FA list may be washed up by 2012.

    Second, Jason Kidd while he’s probably lost a step, is still a very potent point guard. There are few teams where he wouldn’t start for right now.

    Third, Boozer has great moments, but his injuries and attitude make him and inconsistent contributor. Milsap and Jefferson may not have the standout games that Boozer has, but they’re good players without Carlos’s attitude.

    Fourth: Raja Bell is a hell of a player. Watch.

  • Deron Williams

    Great article Andrew! I turned down playing at Texas to move to freezing Illinois to play college ball. I can definitely do the same to the Mavs…and have you ever been to San Diego? Absolutely wonderful and I get to hang with Ron Burgundy all the time! If I go anywhere, I may go to Europe and play with Fesenko…he is so good around the basket and has the hands of a young Greg Ostertag. Overall though, I am happy in Utah…put your worries to rest Jazz fans.


    Deron Williams

  • Arne

    @Andrew – This article is incredibly poor writing. You really need to check your sources and do the math before writing about things like this. I am extremely disappointed that a basketball journalist would write like a 12 year old from Dallas, speculating that a good player might come to their team. If you check the facts, it is fairly easy to find D-Will’s reaction to the Jefferson trade as being very positive. The first thing that Deron said to Big Al is “I’m gonna make you an All-Star.” Not only that, but Big Al’s injury history is significantly smaller than Boozer’s, and he fits the Utah mold of players with work ethic (i.e. Karl Malone, John Stockton. I guess my point is, if you got paid for writing like this, you should have been fired long ago. You might be a nice person, but this article shows that you know little to nothing about the NBA.

  • Joey2Tall

    WORST ARTICLE EVER.. Seriously I’m sick of reading articles that have no factual basis whatsoever. Literally, this Andrew guy can’t go out looking for actual happenings, he just wakes up and writes about the dream he had last night. Deron has made NO, I repeat NO, statements that he wants to leave Utah. In fact, he has repeatedly said that he loves playing for Jerry Sloan, he loves working for a boss like Kevin O’Connor and he loves the Miller family. And if people are correct in thinking that Deron is the best point guard in the league, and Al Jefferson really is a legit 20/10 player, then as soon as Kirilenko’s contract expires next week, we will have a ton of money to throw at a third amazing player, and UTAH will be in the same boat as Miami is now.

    Andrew, do research, do work, and stop writing about anything your infantile mind thinks up.

  • Joey2Tall

    …then as soon as Kirilenko’s contract expires next YEAR… oops

  • UtahbywayofEugene

    This is a horrible article. I know its summer and if there is no news you may as well make some up. We just watched Lebron James leave his home town to play in Miami and the premise of this article is that Deron would leave to play in his home town? Not to mention the fact there is going to be a new CBA and free agency as we know it will most likely be gone. Free Agency just destroyed possibly a 100 million dollars in value to the Cleveland franchise and if you think for a minute that owners aren’t going to prevent things like that from happening again, you are crazy. After the new CBA, I am willing to bet teams will only be able to offer half as much to lure free agents as their existing teams can offer.

  • common sense

    This is one of the worst articles I have ever read in my life. There’s so many things wrong with it, it’s really a joke.

  • Parris

    Jefferson was on a bottom feeder team. Boozer had an all-star point guard and a hall of fame coach with a proven system that benefits power forwards. Boozer was injured for a good portion of his run in Utah as well and has just as much potential to have “more and more” injuries.

    Jefferson is 5 years younger than Boozer, taller and has a longer wing span. He also put up almost similar numbers as Boozer on one of the worst teams in the league. Brewer couldn’t shoot, Korver was a big loss, but the Jazz picked up Raja Bell, who can shoot and defend.

    In the same interview that Williams gave with Locke, he also said that he thinks they will be better this year than last. He also told Jefferson that he is going to make him an all-star. Seems like an ignorant and one sided/researched posting to me.

  • johnsacrimoni

    Don’t forget AK’s huge expiring contract could be a great bargaining chip around the trade deadline. Sixers are looking to unload Iggy’s contract, as well as others like Rip Hamilton.

  • Harold

    Wow, just wow. This “article” is all kinds of fail. True Hoop should be embarrassed that they highlighted it.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see Al Jefferson running with the Jazz.

  • Joey2Tall

    @ Andrew

    Really? You’re going to argue that the Jazz won because the Nuggets didn’t have their coach the last few games of an 82-game season. I doubt you have ever played basketball before, because pre-season, and all throughout the long season, the players learn the system, and then in the playoffs is when they’re supposed to know the system well enough to perform the plays and sets on their own. Plus Adrian Dantley was there in practice everyday too, learning the same stuff and learning the nuances and tendencies of Coach Karl. The players remain the same. THUS when it comes to the playoffs, the coaching scenario you bring up is totally offbase and incorrect.

    Also, Andrew, in your statement

    “…the Jazz lost out this offseason. Jefferson does not replace Boozer. There’s no way that you’re going to convince me that acquiring Jefferson while the Jazz lost Boozer, Brewer, Matthews, and Korver is going to make them better. Don’t forget Jefferson has a knee injury, which puts him on a list of Andrew Bynu and Greg Oden because once one injury happens, more and more come.”

    you blatantly leave out the huge fact of why Jazz fans wanted Boozer out to begin with. He missed a whole bloody season due to a, not an ACL, not a MCL, not a broken bone…. a hamstring. This man’s hamstrings are the most fragile muscles I’ve ever heard of. Who misses an entire season’s worth of games due to a muscle pull. And that INCLUDES the entire offseason as well.

    PLEASE PLEASE be more informed next time you write a blog and DONT allow ESPN to post it on their homepage when its this awful.

  • 109

    Is Andrew Macaluso from Dallas? Nowitzki’s a HUGE choke artist, and why would Deron Williams find playing alongside an aging Dirk intriguing? Utah will be a better team than Dallas this year. No question.

  • brado

    Are you kidding me? A better supporting cast in Dallas? Have you looked at UT’s roster lately?

    Deron will play wherever he has the best chance to win. I wouldn’t count out UT – HOF coach & ownership that has proven it’s willing to pay luxury tax. I’m not saying Deron isn’t going anywhere, but I think there’s a good chance he stay’s and UT gets a ring within the next 3-5. They rolled the competition up until the Lakers took them out.

  • Rod_Stricklands_Crossover

    What you smoking? What big name free agents have Mark Cuban lured to Dallas?
    He has just as much a shot to win a title in Utah as he does in Dallas – not much.

  • Jonnyutah


    I see that you are bragging on Twitter that your article made it to sports illustrated…way to take one comment in a long interview and warp it in a pathetic way to file up some interest for yourself. Pretty pathetic. Do some research before you go blasting off to some crazy planet.

    I am only saying this because I know you can do better and I love the magazine.

  • Ralphie

    Curses to ESPN for pointing me to this empty garbage can of an article.

  • Flando

    This is a pathetic article written by a clear homer with no ability to take his own biased opinion out of the “story”.

  • Stephen

    @ Andrew

    You said this: “I’m sorry, but I don’t see Al Jefferson running with the Jazz.”

    Can you explain why? All I’ve seen is plenty of evidence why that isn’t true.

  • Deron Williams

    I’m glad that I’m making you a star Macaluso….maybe you can spin this into an appearance on the Jersey Shore. And just to let you know, you aren’t black, so turn that hat around and stop using slang on twitter….Hell I’m not even black enough to use the slang that you use.


    Deron Williams

  • Parris

    The Jazz catered to Boozer’s abilities, he could run the break and has a variety of offensive abilities. This is why they became more of a running team the past several years. Jefferson is a low post beast. It isn’t going to take much to adjust to Jefferson’s capabilities. We will probably see them return to the system that made them successful before Williams/Boozer. Maybe there is a chance Jefferson can run with a system and point guard that can actually get the ball in his hands. Everything he was able to do in Minnesota was because of his ability to create for himself. He could explode on a Jazz team that gives him the help he needs.

  • http://dimemag Chad

    First off, ANDREW MACALUSO, you are a major idiot, you have no idea where he is going, yet you think he is going to dallas. For someone that writes articles for magazines, i would think they would have to be semi smart, you though, write an article without using all the facts. How can you not mention Al Jefferson? How can you not mention Raja Bell? I get it, it’s because your against utah and want there team to fail and he is a major reason why they are as good as they are. I could write an article twice as big as yours about how big of idiot you are, but your not worth the time. Utah has one of the best coaches of all time, one of the most loyal originations in the league, and a young PF/C that is derons age, and you think he is better off in dallas. Wow u make it easy proving how empty headed you are. How got won 3 out of 4 games vs dallas last year? O ya it was utah. Who got knocked out in the first round off the playoffs last season, i think that would be dallas. With dirk being 32 and 34 by that time, and jason terry being the same, how is that better? Its not, and thats why you cant back your facts up. Utah is not only really good, they are really young, unlike dallas who is good but aging and aging fast. I think i have already proved more then enough points for you too fell like the idiot you are, so ill stop there but just remember who ever, hired you too write articles must be related too you. Either way have fun with your little fantasy about deron leaving utah, because you have no idea , i have no idea, but the difference is, what you wrote is 99 percent B.S., and what i wrote is 99 percent FACT!

  • Rockets4life

    Since when has catering to one player recently ever gotten you more than a broken, old team? *cough* Lebron *cough* Kevin O’connor is one of the best GM’s in the league, as cited by a recent blog post, and the Jazz Front office seems to put the best TEAM on the floor, role players and all, rather than a bunch of guys who can shoot for 20 pts./gm.

  • mikey

    Al Jefferson won’t replace Boozer, HAHAHAHA you crack me up Andrew. Boozer only played half his time with the Jazz and the other half injured, and they still did good without him because of Millsap. Jefferson, and speaking of Millsap, spells a scary tandem of bigs. You probably the only one who thinks Big Al won’t succeed. Jazz have the best PG in the NBA, he’ll be fine, you just worry about your aging Mavs.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Joey2Tall

    I totally disagree with your opinion that coaching made no difference with the Nuggets. You won’t find a hoops fan anywhere that doesn’t think Karl would make a big difference over Dantley.

    i agree with the rest of your post tho. I think it’s safe to say 99% of posters think this is a non-story with little to no facts behind it…

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    I feel bad for this blogger. kid, i know i’ve been following the nba for longer than you were alive, so i’ll go easy on you here.

    your make believe situations about players going to another team are nice. deron HAS a good reason to go to dallas. it’s his home, and he and his people are very impressed with mark cuban. that said, if asked i’m sure he and his people would be very impressed with jerry buss as well — or a number of other teams.

    I will even go as far to say that if Deron ends up in Dallas at some point in his career, I will not be surprised.

    That said, your arguments are as weak as Melo’s defense. (maybe that’s why your arguments are weak, because you’re a melo fan — better swing wildly and back up 94 feet and hide behind Nene boi)

    #1 – you probably did not see a lot of the sets that Jerry Sloan (current head coach of the Jazz) ran when Karl Malone was 24-26 years old. I did. none of it was working for a guy to get an 18 foot jumper (like a majority of the sets run for Boozer). you’ll see that this year with Jefferson. He’ll be fine in Utah. He’s not going to be able to get up and down the court like other players — it’s a good thing the Jazz have C.J. Miles to throw the ball too for oops.

    #2 – Ante Tomic (legit size) will play for the Jazz with D-Will on the team. The jazz will have a younger core than Dallas, and no team will be able to pay D-Will as much, unless it’s a sign and trade.

    #3 – nice try. keep it up, maybe you’ll get better at making arguments in the future. don’t get down by people brow beating you now. you’re an intern. sometimes you guys make headlines. ask monicka l.

    this post is garbage, but it follows the principles of fact and logic. the syntax is all messed up, but excuse me, i was on call last night and just finished working 36 hours in the last 48.

  • http://www.danielthepoet.com DanielthePoet

    This is one of those articles I will cherish for the next few months until the Mavericks do something to guarantee it will never happen. Is Dallas really that good a place to come anymore? I mean, I’m a HUGE Mavs fan, but we’re looking at a limited time period for Dirk.

    Throw in a future All-Star Dominique Jones, decent center Brendan Haywood, and either Caron Butler, Shawn Marion, or random other small forward, and Deron Williams could have a serious starting five.

    I think Roddy B is going to get traded. Or he’ll disappoint. The Mavericks hope Roddy will be the next star point guard, but he’s a natural shooting guard. Either the Mavs will artificially force him into the point guard slot and there won’t be room for Deron or he’ll have to compete with Dominique Jones for starting 2 guard. And I think Jones has the size and confidence to win that battle. Jones was the only person to show up John Wall in the summer league. I know it’s early, but I think he’s the next natural star in Dallas.

    It’s more of a question of which mistake trade/move Dallas will make with Roddy B and Tyson Chandler first. They’re dying to get their hands on Chris Paul, which admittedly would be the golden goose. Deron Williams would be choice 1b in my book, but I haven’t heard a peep from Mavs bloggers about the possibility.

    I’m a pessimist these days. I can’t expect the best for my Mavs. I think they’ll blow way too much money on a third tier player. We’ll see.

  • Matt

    @ Andrew

    How about you explain why you think that AJ won’t run with the Jazz. That kid is going to absolutely bust his ass to make the jazz good, as now he is actually on a team that wins on a consistent basis. The t-wolves? how many wins have they had over the past 4 seasons? Then compare to the jazz, who consistently win 50 or so every year. He has a coach who will instill in him a defensive mind set that will make him so much more valuable than Boozer. That and Jefferson can actually play defense, unlike boozer. Want to know how to stop the bulls this season? Attack boozer off the block, or attack Korver, who is one of the worst defenders in the LEAGUE!

    Second point, next year the jazz will have $16 mil in cap space if the current CBA stands up. That right there says to a big name player, “Hey, come make some money and play with the best pg in the league and an all start center and a hof coach”

    Yes, Deron might leave when his contract is up, but that is a player’s right as a free agent, something that all fans everywhere need to worry about, just ask fans in Cleveland. But what you posted? Thats not an article, its pure opinion because you ignored so many of the pertinent facts regarding the issue, and as you can see from the response on this board, a lot of readers think you to be an idiot, which is there right, but hell, next time, at least do a half assed job instead of the drivel you posted.

  • Matt

    which is their* right, typo sorry

  • Brian Joyce

    Andrew, is this your only job or just something you do in your spare time? OKC, Portland and the Jazz are the only threats to the Lakers in 2011. The Jazz got bigger, more athletic and improved team chemistry this offseason. If they stay healthy, the Jazz can easily be the #2 seed and give the Lakers a long, contested series in the WCF. It is going to take a Dallas team with a lot more talent on it in 2012 to get D-Will to sign there.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    I love all my haters! Thanks for reading!

  • Marcus

    I was wondering what article that first link is supposed to go to? It goes to another Dime article about Kobe Bryant. Not what I expected.

  • Huge Dallas Fan!

    Yeah! With Deron we might be able to make it out of the first round!

    We don’t count on getting past the second round though, because we are sure to run into the Jazz (dumb Jazz).

  • Stephen

    @ Andrew

    “Andrew Macaluso says:

    I love all my haters! Thanks for reading!”

    Nice job Andrew. Very professional. And way to avoid explaining any of the gaping holes in your article.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    What I admire most is the self-confidence that this guy has. He thinks that he’s Christopher Hitchins of this blog (in terms of authority). Even Austin in the HoopsTv days would listen to dissenting opinion and back up his statements with facts.

    There are guys and girls here who read this blog who have blog posts up on these servers before you even applied for an internship.

    Love your haters, but also get better at what you do. I look forward to following your career,


    #1 super fan of A.M.

  • Brian

    This probably the dumbest article i have read in years. Deron is very excited about this new Jazz team since the acquisitions of Al and Raja. Maybe you should write an article about how Kobe wants out of LA because he demanded a trade. Idiot!

  • strizzle12

    I’d like everyone to pause for one moment to reflect on how this article is representative of Dime Magazine’s “Vision Statement” from their customer service page : http://dimemag.com/customer-service/.

    “Dime Magazine is Allen Iverson knifing through the heart of a defense. Unique. Quick. Beautiful. Dangerous. Equal parts talent and passion. The truth with style. Dime is a basketball magazine written and produced by ball players for ball players. Dime is a complete celebration of the game of basketball and its culture. From the playground asphalt to the NBA hardwood to life off the court, Dime is an obsessive pursuit of the truth. The features selected to appear in Dime are balanced precariously between timely and timeless. Dime is swift justice. Dime defends the hierarchy of the game’s traditions. Dime shows much respect for few. Dime smacks many. Dime attacks those who weaken the sport. Dime will feel most comfortable in the hands of those who play the game, love the game and respect the game.”

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Dime

    I believe distancing (polite term) yourself from this person is the right thing to do at this time.

    He had a very poor personal “opinion” based write-up or whatever he wants to call it which he cannot back up at all. And now he is mocking your readers. Such arrogance.

    I earlier wanted to go the diplomatic route by asking you guys to put up an Opinion Section for people like him but now I changed my mind. If he puts another post here on Dime, I will personally ask all readers to boycott you guys.

  • zak

    @ Andrew

    No, really. Why don’t you think Al Jefferson will be good with the Jazz? Just curious.

  • ralphredimix

    I dont think that Dirk’s game is going to falloff drastically because its not really based on speed or athleticism as it is.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    also — since when does making a comment and suggesting you look a little more critically at the subject you wrote about = hating?

    Kids these days . . .

    Tomorrow if someone asks for a second opinion i’m going to accuse them of ‘hatin’.

  • Marcus

    The Jazz have made it out of the first round several times with Deron running things. Last year they beat Denver in the first round on the road. They beat Houston twice in the first round, and one year made the conference finals with Deron. Check your facts man before you write an article on them..

  • Jess

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. Williams may leave and he may end up in Dallas, but who cares? It’s 2 years away. So many things will be different by then. Maybe the jazz will end up being better than dallas in 2012? Again, dumbest article I have ever read.

  • http://www.andyatthemovies.com Andy

    Wow, way to compose a craptastic article with zero substance or source. I could write the same thing about Williams going to ANY team. Retarded.

  • Atlas

    This is embarrassing. There is no reason that an article like this could ever be taken seriously. There is no fact in it whatsoever, and what is even worse is that he admits that he purposely avoided including pertinent fact (such as jefferson addition) because it didnt work well for his little theory. It doesnt work that way. This article reflects poorly on Dime. I expect more out of you guys. I invite Andrew to bring something, ANYTHING factual or statistical to back up what you wrote. You claim that you just don’t think AJ will run with the team. Why? You cant just put that out there without any explanation and then expect it to be taken seriously.

  • cwk

    No offense. But this is a poorly written piece of article. It appears that the writer either doesn’t have enough knowledge about the Utah Jazz team/Deron Williams or intentionally neglecting facts that might weaken his arguments(if can be regarded as arguments at all).

    One suggestion to the writer:
    Don’t make a fool of yourself by doggedly defending your stands. If you disagree with the comments above, tell us your arguments and support them with evidences. If you can’t, then simply admit that you srewed up. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a fool, but making obvious mistakes yet refuses to admit it does.

  • Max

    what’s even worse is I found this article via an espn link. I’d expect this sort of homer based, fact absent, journalisticallly irresponsible garbage from dime. but i would hope that other sites wouldn’t provide links for it.

  • Jared

    Only one more log to add to the fire burning Macaluso at the stake (welcome to your internship!), since not many comments have mentioned this. How can you have an article speculating about 2012 possibilities with ZERO mention of the CBA uncertainty or team economics. D-Will is eligible to sign an extension under the current CBA this season, or take his chances with the new agreement. Maybe he doesn’t sign, but not even discussing that part of the equation is embarrassing.

    Also, let’s say he doesn’t sign an extension this year. If it’s clear he won’t re-sign, then during or before the 2011-2012 season the Jazz will shop him, a la Melo. He could probably secure a trade to a “preferred” team, but if you think being around for Dirk’s 15th season guarantees Dallas would be at the top of his list, you’re crazy. And what assets will Dallas have to secure that trade, even if D-Will wants to go there? You need to consider how things work in the real world before making bald, unsupported declarations.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllThatJazz / Amar

    daaaaaymnnn . . .

    (backs away from this thread without making any sudden movements or break eye contact)

  • Teabag

    LOL. This dude is getting PWWWWNDED by Jazz fans. Get him boys. This guy has as much talent as a rock.

  • Royce Griffiths

    As a Jazz Fan i would hate to see Deron leave i hate to see any player leave to be honest with the exception of breven knight lol..its always scary to think of what the future will hold. i thought the jazz would leave town or not be a good team after the mailman and stock left.. but things turned around quickly.. somehow things workout for the jazz we have only had a few down seasons compared to other teams… i love the jazz
    i loved boozer and korver brewer and the crew …but i for sure dont think that the jazz got worse this offseason.. in fact once they gel i think they will be better… Chemistry was an issue in the past few seasons… i think the team will be united this year…i could feel it when i was downtown for the jersey unveiling.. i know the jazz will be once again competing for the top seed in the west… the jazz just have problems always playing against the best players in the league ….. Jordan and Kobe…at least we have lost to the eventual champions….
    my predictions this year….
    al jefferson starter on the western all stars
    d will starting pg all star..
    lakers v Jazz western conference championship..
    miami makes playoffs out in second round
    yao ming retires mid way through the season..
    the chicago jazz #3 seed in the eastern conference lol
    mvp kobe…

  • Not An Intern

    Not that the writer is capable of understanding any of this, but here’s a little financial reality to the Mavs signing DWill as a FA after, ahem, he walks away from 17.8 million dollars under a more restrictive CBA in 2012:

    Nowtitzki: 20.9
    Marion: 8.5
    Haywood: 8.3
    Beaubois: 2.3
    Jones: 1.2

    Assuming they non tender Ajinca, that’s 41.2 million in salary. If they sign Deron outright, under the current CBA he’d start at 16.3. Now they’re at 57.5 million dollars with only 6 guys signed. And this year’s Cap is at 58.

    Add an MLE player, and Deron would be joining a team with a 35 year old Nowitzki, a 34 year old Marion, a 33 year old Haywood, and a few young guys. The rest of the roster would have to be made of up mins. That might work in Miami with the Big Three, but no superstar in his prime is going to Dallas with that roster and no flexibility to fix it.

    Nice work, Ace. If you want to be a real NBA writer, you need to do 2 things: One, learn the CBA. Two, quit DimeRag.

  • cory

    this article is ridiculous. whoever wrote this obviously has no clue what they are talking about. the jazz did an amazing job of replacing the players they lost and had no control over them leaving, other than brewer, who ultimately needed to go anyway. they got al jefferson, gordon hayward, and raja bell who are all better players than who they lost. and the jazz have made it to the second round or further 3 of the last 4 years, so obviously you should look things up before you say them.