Smack / Sep 19, 2010 / 3:16 am

Allen Iverson’s worlwide tour may be over before it starts

While a notable list of jobless NBA-caliber players sat on the open free-agent market longer than expected this summer — anybody know what Larry Hughes is up to? — a few in particular are surprisingly still being ignored. Take Flip Murray. You would figure more than a handful of teams could use what Flip brings to the table, that being straight-up buckets off the bench. But Flip hasn’t been getting much interest (they do say scorers come a dime-a-dozen), so now he’s doing what has seemingly become the fad for really talented guards who can’t stick on one team: Exploring playing in China. If Flip, Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson end up playing in the same All-Star Game next year, it could be the first-ever basketball game with zero assists … Actually, we might have to scrap the Iverson thing. Word is A.I. wants more money than the team in China that wants him is trying to pay, so that deal may fall through … If he ever does get back into the NBA, A.I. can talk to Mike Bibby about accepting a backup role. Whether it happens Opening Night or at some point during the season, Jeff Teague is going to take Bibby’s job in Atlanta. The second-year pro has added some muscle, worked on his jumper and has the green light from new Hawks coach Larry Drew to run the show. This actually isn’t a bad thing for Bibby; he can come in off the bench and focus on what he does best, shooting and making plays in crunch time. But if he’s not starting and his minutes are up-and-down, does this mean he stops clipping his nails on the bench after the first quarter? … We’re still not done with Brian Scalabrine? The Bulls are rumored to be interested in signing Scal, who would give them, um, something they can see that we can’t. Maybe Tom Thibodeau is homesick and just needs somebody to hang out with … Weirdest personnel move we’ve seen in a while came from the NFL yesterday, as the Pittsburgh Steelers cut backup quarterback Byron Leftwich — but plan to re-sign him on Monday. Leftwich, who was slated to be the starting QB during Ben Roethlisberger‘s suspension, hurt his knee in the preseason and can’t play right now anyway. So the team let him go in order to use that roster spot for another D-lineman in today’s game against Tennessee. Then they’re going to bring Leftwich back. The NBA equivalent would be when teams trade a guy knowing his new team is going to waive him, then re-sign him for cheap (see the Cavs and Zydrunas Ilgauskas) but usually it’s not even that quick of a turnaround … We’re out like Leftwich, briefly …

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  • Cha-Ching

    Its a wrap on allen and marbury’s nba careers. Just to many young point/shooting guards out there. Them guys can’t hang with rose, westbrook, etc. Allen should have bowed out in Philly to a standing O and called it one.

    O by the way…First!!!

  • Promoman

    Allen may’ve just fucked up his chances of an NBA return even more with a money holdout. Everybody’s blinders have finally come off and he’s finally been exposed as a cancer and lazy and now he’s trying to pull a Sprewell? Marbury was smart to take the paycut since that way he’d stand to make more money in the long run with his company.


    Iverson should have gracefully lowed out in Philly. What a sad ending but his signature moves will live forever!

  • H3

    Iverson is a fu@kin joke!!!
    All his NBA career, never shot better than 46%.
    He got buckets from cutting through lanes because he was so much quicker than the rest, and free throws.
    Not that his legs couldn’t keep up w/ d 18 year olds, he refuse 2 come off bench.
    Not that Mempis and Philly didn’t give em a 2nd chance.
    But he blew it both times.
    And his agent is wondering what did Iverson do wrong 2 not desrve an NBA tryout…

    China’s money not good enough? Hell, might as well sit and rot @ home!!!
    I’ve known players from US such as Bobby Parks, Mike King, etc. Their willing 2 sacrifice their ego to play overseas..
    And they’re very respected in my country…
    Take notes from them AI!!!


  • Sporty-j

    A.I. realley blew it with those teams last year. If the Heat, Lakers, Orlando, and Boston dont want him. No team is going to waste thier time on a locker romm cancer since they are not going to win a championship anywaz once you look at those 4 teams roster. Iverson could really help some teams with there young point guards or he could help 1 of the above teams, but this guy clearly cares about starting, stats, and basicly himself. Its about time Iverson news just goes away because talking about this guy is really just becoming a waste of time and he should have been went public and said he wants to play for 1 of those championship teams and that he will control his ego for a shot at a ring. This guy makes Lebron ego look like that girly storm in New York the other day and its sad for him that he has to go way to China just to play when he should easily be on in NBA team. Maybe we need more guys Lebron to join up with other superstars to show these kids its not all about YOU in basketball and if you think it is. You will end up like Alen Iverson overseas soon because no team wants an egotistic SELFISH player when they are trying to build a successful franchise…

  • HeatWave4Life

    I agree…Allen should’ve called it quits after Philly. What he’s going through right now is just plain sad.

  • bobby stew

    I wonder how much money he turned down. I guess he can sit around the house until some desperate NBA team loses their point guard to injury. But I verson doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who will work on his game/body while waiting. New York and Charlotte are the only possibilitie I see. But then again they would have picked him up by now.

  • K Dizzle

    Just so it’s clear, all you Iverson haters and bashers can go eat a dick.
    I’m tired of reading all these church league all-stars talkin smack on a future HOFer. He didn’t wanna end his career backin up guards he definitely still better than.
    Nobody postin on this site knows what the family issues were, the issues with alcohol and gamblin, and for you dudes to be postin sayin AI is a joke or is some selfish scrub who can’t still put up 20 and 6 in the right situation is bunk.

    Try to respect the man for doin what he did for the first 13 seasons. So Memphis and Detroit didn’t work out so that means the first 13 seasons never happened?
    NBA Most Valuable Player (2001)
    NBA Rookie of the Year (1997)
    11× NBA All-Star (2000-2010)
    4× NBA scoring champion (1999, 2001-2002, 2005)
    3× All-NBA First Team (1999, 2001, 2005)
    3× All-NBA Second Team (2000, 2002-2003)
    All-NBA Third Team (2006)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (1997)
    2× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2001, 2005)
    24,368 career points

    Understand that at some point in his career, AI SHIT on your fave player, at 5’11 and 160 lbs. Did whatever he wanted, scored when he wanted, ripped the rock when he wanted. Dude changed the game.
    Now, he fallen on tough time and now dudes who couldn’t average 10 a game in their church league wanna talk smack and preach about how AI ain’t shit or how he can’t get a look cuz he a scrub or some other foul smack.

    I understand it’s easy to kick a dude when he down so this venom is fully expected, but let’s stop playin it like AI couldn’t sign with your team right now and be better than your startin point or be the best player off your squad’s bench cuz he havin issues that got nuthin to do with basketball.

    Squash that shit about “We need more players like Lebron to join up with other superstars to show these kids….”
    Fuck that. Show the kids how to quit on your team and jump to another man’s squad cuz it’s too hard?
    Or maybe instead of mannin up and taking your lumps like Mike, like Kobe, just let DWade carryin you? Weak.
    Please stop tryin to twist it like it’s a good thing.
    Lebron’s heart pumps kool-aid when compared to AI’s.
    Kevin Durant earned more respect this offseason before he played a single game for team USA.
    Yeah, AI did it his way and he did everything but win a chip in his career. What does that mean? Not much.
    99% of NBA players past and present would swap careers with him in a second…

    Please continue to hate on
    I’m out

  • K Dizzle

    By the way

    “All his NBA career, never shot better than 46%.
    He got buckets from cutting through lanes because he was so much quicker than the rest, and free throw”

    Stupidest analysis ever


  • H3

    Yo, I meant in a season, he never shot better than 46%..
    Get ur facts right..


  • B

    At h3… them dudes you mentioned can’t hold his fuckin towel… fuck respect for them.. when they ain’t never done nothing… he is one if the greatest small folks to ever play the game so respect what he had done because that’s whats gonna get him in the hall of fame… and yeah he was quicker than everybody but he still took it to the Giants of the game ask Camby…

  • B

    @ sportyj you must gave never been the man on your team or even played sports to let shine shit like that to come out of your mouth… every REAL ball player I’ve seen would never say nothing like that… SMH…

  • the cynic

    Iverson was always a one dimensional player who couldn’t do the little things to help your team win games. Since his one skill has diminished so greatly teams are obviously reluctant to think Iverson has changed his game

  • Stunnaboy09

    Wow people are fickle. One dimensional? yeah i guess he is, you know with a career assist average of 6.4 You know almost 2 more than Kobe. Fuck ya’ll hating on one of the greatest players of all time.

    Its sad to see Iverson fall so hard, but like people said age and his style of play (he’s a more reckless, shorter D-Wade) broke his body down to the point where his skill set could easily be replaced. Couple that with his attitude and no team wants to try him.

    But lets not let his present affect his past. Go back and watch some tape, dude is a legit beast and like Dizzle said bring up any player fro his time and he shat on them. Even Jordan.

  • High Release

    Iverson will live forever, and will ball all over your asses til the end of time!

  • I’m getting sick of all the hate throw towards Iverson.
    I hate Detroit for what they did to him.
    No one had ever said he was a backup until them.
    He was better than Stuckey & Rip whether you believe it or not.
    & I hate how every website, tv show, or person wants to hate on him now. It’s ridiculous.

  • JAX

    This isn’t about the past or the present. AI was MY BOY at G-town. As a Laker lover for life, I STILL was crackin’ up at how tore up the league (should have had more help against the Lakers in the championship…still woulda got BEAT but, I’m just sayin’…).

    Regardless of his career, AI has created issues for himself on his own. If he wasn’t hoopin’, he’d STILL have issues. If he’s trying to straighten his shit up, then I would think he would accept what he could get and adapt until he gets a chance to regain his game. Nobody is stoppin’ him too much on the court….except himself.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Dime Fans

    Wow, where was this defense when I stated Iverson should go to the Hawks since Crawford is demanding a trade?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I wouldn’t disrespect what Iverson has done over his career, but he’s done now. That’s ok. Plenty of stars go out on a level at which many would love to continue to play. Nothing wrong with that. Now it’s time for all of us (I’m looking at the Dime staff) to let him go.

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ Andrew

    Almost everyone here agrees on the same thing, Iverson kicked himself out of the league, but his talent is undeniable. AI tot he Hawks would be a bad fit due to them having Crawford 2.0 to develop and Jamal while also one dimensional is deadly in the clutch. Something present AI is not.

  • Darius

    happy he aint goin 2 China cuz he can still put up @ least 22 a game when healthy

  • Phileus

    K-Dizzle’s post said it all.

  • bigger_daddy

    I hope he signs with Barangay Ginebra, he’ll be treated like a god here.

  • Sporty-j

    lol at these sensitive female emotional a$$ niccas!!! Nobody is knocking what Iverson has done in his carreer and i wanted him here very bad in south florida along with Shaq. Iverson is clearly not the same player he once was and could easily give a team a spark plug off the bench, but hes become such a drama QUEEN{ Lebron, T.O., Shaq, and etc} that nobody wants the headache anymore because they are wonder why a player of A.I. caliber is still trying to play unless he wants what all great players{ Payton, Malone, Nash, and ETC} want and that is a championship ring especially since he has made his MONEY. Dont try to turn this into its the world against A.I. and everybody is hating on A.I. because people stll love A.I. but he has slowly dug his own GRAVE and thats why hes getting the treatment hes getting from the league now. You got to be careful how you leave your job, Last employer, or whatever because it could come back to haunt you… Just ask Shaq who was begging to come down here on south beach and can never go back to L.A. Like i said people talk about Lebrons ego but his ego has nothing on A.I. ego and hes suppose to be about 10yrs smarter than Lebron. Im a Wade fan and not a Lebron by the way but if he quit on his team, his stats showed something else compared to his teammates. I will be honest though and Lebron did quit in game 5 but have your OWN mind pal because all this quiting in all those game did not come up until he left Cleveland and Gilbert started talking all that smack and thats when people followed Gilberts LEAD especially since Lebron did not pick there team. PRIDE can be a mans WORSE enemy and does it really matter if Iverson is better than a lot of teams point guard when like he better than Chalmers when teams are trying to build towards the future which will not include A.I. 1 day when they just want him to be a guidance to whom ever, instead of a disgruntled MEDIA distraction…

  • Sporty-j

    like Chalmers

  • Sporty-j

    Laker, Orlando, Boston, Dallas, Spurs, Blazers, Heat, and not 1 of those teams have contacted which is a big red flag and it has nothing to do with his skills and they all know his stats, track record, and have the up mmost respect for A.I. Now sorry teams dont want to waste there time especially since they see what they have to do to beat the Lakers or Heat so hes out the league for sure now unless a major injury or 2 happens to 1 of those teams and they probably will still pass. Just stay home with the FAMILY and deal with your personally problems and enjoy retirement is his best choice unless he wants a ring…

  • jdote

    ray allen has only shot above 46.1 percent from the field in three season in his career. Two of which in as a third option on a loaded celtics team. kobe bryant for his career has shot 45.5 percent from the field… ai shot terribly partially because of bad shot selection, but also because he forced a lot of shots due to being the only scoring option. but i agree with most.. it hurts to say but i dont know what team wants to deal with AI. i think he’s talented enough to still play a role on a team, i just dont think he’ll get the chance

  • eric cooley

    Blehhhhh! Go away for good, Iverson. Nice prison-parole chic.
    he conjures up an era in bball that was responsible for an entire generation of shoot-first ballhogs. I swear, AI did more to tarnish the concept of teamwork than anyone I can think of..

    As Barry Bonds/McGuire, Sosa and their ilk were a blight on MLB, so is (was!) Allen me myself and Iverson