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Bad news for Kobe, KG, Dwight: NBA is cracking down on complainers

Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

If I were Kenyon Martin or Kevin Garnett, I would be attending an anger management class as soon as possible. According to reports from ESPN, the NBA is cracking down on players who plan on arguing calls. The referees are receiving a whole new set of rules to follow when it comes to issuing technical fouls.

Players are going to have to think twice before they decide to argue with the refs. Here are the new rules regarding what can constitute a tech:

* Aggressive gestures, such as air punches, anywhere on the court.

* Demonstrative disagreement, such as when a player incredulously raises his hands, or smacks his own arm to demonstrate how he was fouled.

* Running directly at an official to complain about a call.

* Excessive inquiries about a call, even in a civilized tone.

When I look at these rules, I know there is no way in hell that the coaches are going to be able to control their players at all times. Complaining has been part of the game of basketball since the NBA first started. If truly strictly enforced, we can envision a minimum of 34 technical fouls being called every game, with six players on each side earning ejections for picking up two T’s.

“The proper mindset, in every player’s mind, is abstinence. That is: to not complain,” NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson told ESPN. “The focus here is to just play the game. We have a great game. We have great players. We have a great product.”

I bet Rasheed Wallace is glad he retired at the right time. He’s the NBA’s all-time technical foul leader with 304 in his career. But judging by the new rules, we’re going to see that record shattered rather sooner than later.

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  • K Dizzle

    This is a new rule?
    Not to Steve Javie…

  • Promoman

    This’ll really hit Kenyon Martin, Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Garnett, and all the other assorted bitches in ballers’ clothing that like to start shit. Kenyon will especially get out of pocket at home games. I think Rasheed Wallace got a heads up and retired.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol another form of control..

    Still no word on reviewing or challengin a ref’s FUCKED UP call tho..

    Now they just sayin deal with it or get tossed..

    If my team wasnt so hard i would say FUCK the NBA..

    Lets see how many techs Lebron gets cuz dude runs up on refs HARD..

  • WinDelRoj

    I would exclude Dwight Howard from this. The way they officiate that guy is horrendous. Just waiting to hit him with a foul.

  • ricky ross

    yes perfect.. nba is now going to be seen as a panzy league. fuck you david stern

  • ShowKase

    So…can’t wait to see if these refs will actually have the balls to give Kobe or “Number 6″ a tech.

  • Big T

    I like how the heading says, “Bad news for Kobe, KG, Dwight…”.

    Everyone bitches constantly throughout the game. Every time someone is shooting free throws, there are 3-4 guys huddled around each referee like a Jenna Jameson gang bang, bitching and pleading their cases.. like the call is going to get magically reversed. They all need to STFU and play.

    I can’t stand the referees, like Dick and Joey, but good hell they put up with a lot of bitching for 48 minutes. I’m waiting for a referee to go crazy and pop one of these dudes in the mouth for talking shit.

  • Big T

    @comment 5

    This isn’t the 80s anymore man… the league has evolved into a bunch of pussies.

  • Ian

    ” I’m waiting for a referee to go crazy and pop one of these dudes in the mouth for talking shit.”


  • Hydro

    This is over the top ridiculous.

    The list on the ESPN link is ridiculous and will make games far less entertaining to watch.

    I am disappointed big time in this as a fan of the game and imagine a lot of other people will be.

  • the truth

    These rules are great and all. But if they were to be applied to the letter, you could make an easy case that on almost every play someone deserves a technical.

    The rule I think is in most need of change is flopping. Players should receive technical fouls and possibly even fines for blatant, or obvious flopping. Flopping is a way of intentionally cheating, and right now the reward outweighs the risks.

    Known floppers like (Pau Gasol, Fisher, Ginobili, Varejao, etc) should also be penalized in some way (maybe suspensions, like flagrant 2’s) or even fined for excessive flopping, it has no place in the NBA game.

    Furthermore, I don’t consider flopping limited to the defensive end, players can flop on offense as well, such as excessive screaming, or yelling on every play even when there is zero or minimal contact (E.G pau gasol). This is another means of influencing referee decision making and it gets very annoying. Players should either get T’s for this kind of behaviour or be penalized in some other way as it too takes away from the game.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Hydro

    I’m right there with you man. That’s exactly why I had to make this public, it’s ridiculous.

  • Stunnaboy09

    This shit is stupid. So if you get fucked over by a ref call, you just suppose to show NO emotion. The NBA is trying too hard to protect these refs, in the heat of the game emotions fly. Its natural. They are trying to turn the game into a bunch of emotionless pansies.

    Fuck Stu Jackson, “the players mindset are not correct” well then how about fixing the problem the FUCKING refs.

  • First & Foremost

    The NBA is doing the right thing the wrong way. They are trying to eliminate No BhitchhAshness from the games when players complain over EVERYTHING. Kobe misses a 360 fadeaway from the the top of the key with 3 hands in his face and he swears on a Colorado hooker that he was hacked on the arm. Dwight’s team missed him on 8 straight possessions so when he gets the ball he proceeds to turn it over and complains the other team stabbed him and took his lunch money.

    They should allow for complaining in the 1st half and then start giving out techs in the 2nd. At that time each point means more and that late in the game you should know tight or loose the game is being called

  • Bizz

    Worse idea ever. Didn’t they try this in 2004-2005 and fail miserably with this?

    A few thoughts…

    Rasheed will definitely stay retired. If he came back, the amount of technicals and NBA fines he’d receive, he’d end up playing for free in half the scheduled games.

    Kendrick Perkins would have been perma-banned from the NBA playoffs after round 1.

    If you react with a fist pump/swing/whatever emotional reaction when you get the call against you, you’re T’d up…and if the other guy celebrates b/c he gets the call in his favour, shouldn’t he by default be T’d up too for the same reaction?

    When the playoffs do roll around…will the smart veteran referees just say “screw this rule” and referee it like a normal playoff game? The stars technically according to this rule are gonna be tossed after they pick up their 2nd foul, if they’re lucky…they may just get tossed for a non-call.

  • First & Foremost

    Bizz brings up a good point. Why is there a difference in playoff basketball rules and regular season? If the 16th man on my roster goes into the game and delivers a playoff foul in the middle of November David Stern would fine him the amount of his 10-day contract. But in the middle of May people reward him for his basketball IQ of not letting the other team get 2 easy points because it is win or go home sooner or later.

    Dime – create a poll with the options being when will the rule become a loose guideline.

    I can see it now. Adam Morrison throwing a towel because he can’t steal high fives from the other team and being ejected for 1) Showing Emotion and 2) Introducing a foreign object in/near/around the field of play.
    “Skip the showers, hit the deodorant.”

  • Conoro

    Stu Jackson: Failure as a GM; Failure as a “Disciplinarian”.

    Why do people like him have jobs like those?

  • Mtx

    NBA: Where pussy play happens

  • johnny

    I hate watching the players cry over calls. It’s a bad example to kids and turns off grown-up fans too. I don’t like seeing guys from my favorite team wasting their time and emotion by haggling the refs. The rules make me uneasy, but we don’t know this will look until it happens. If floppers and superstars aren’t penalized, it will be a big fail.

  • sh!tfaced

    what the… this isn’t high school or prison… why not add detention and solitary confinement while at it… we know some players do complain too much but this is ridiculous. maybe they need to up the tech fouls to three, there will be a crapload of ejections this season for sure.

    bet if the NBA could find a way to take out the damn fun, they’d do it…

  • yoda

    well, i’m glad that complaining will be penalized. i’m so sick and tired of players going to refs and complaining whole effin time. you see more talking and bitching than actual play. play the game, let the ref do their job

  • hooper5013

    That boy Tim Duncan is going to hate his life for real. I am surprised no one has mentioned him. He complains ever on other people’s foul calls. Son has never got called for a foul without breaking out the astonished face, pals up and shoulders shrugged. LOL This will be fun

  • Hectowr

    Should Technical Fouls be a category in fantasy games?
    For the way it looks, it may just be a good idea. They’ll be plenty of those

  • Martin

    I see no mention of Duncan’s googly eyes look in the list. What a shame…

    Although the list seems very strict, if it can change the mindsed in the players to where they don’t constantly whine and look innocent, I’m all for it.

  • Bizz

    Valid point: Does this rule in any way apply to coaches?

  • daghost

    this is gay. basketball will no longer be basketball if you take the player’s ways of expressing themselves. How many times have we seen kobe get mad that he didn’t get a call and come out the next quarter dropping 25 points on his opponent in that quarter alone? that happened because he was frustrated at the official for his lack of calls (and to kobe haters, he does complain a lot but he does get fouled a heck of a lot too…). I don’t like this new rule. I think it just takes away from the game…

    DaGhost…DaGhost has spoken

  • rban

    Funny they put this in place the year Rasheed retires lol

  • karizmatic

    Yeah this is pretty over the top, I mean I understand wanting the player mindset to be one of not complaining but this is really taking it to a whole new level….essentially the refs are being given the right to tech any player for any disagreement at anytime. What’s next? If the player just shakes his head and runs up the court that’s a tech? This is over the top.

  • LonMan

    NBA = No Bitching Allowed!

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    OMG this is gonna suck. Especially when there’s a legit bad call, and the ref calls a tech because the player gets upset at him for not owning up to it. That happens ALREADY; I can’t imagine what it’ll be like now that they’ve supposedly tightened the reigns. I hate NBA refs!!

  • JAY

    How can players not show emotion??

    So, now a player can’t wave their hands. What if, a player gets a foul called on him, and while walking AWAY from the ref screams, FUCK!!!, and waves his hands, but he meant it like, “Bad foul on me guys, I fucked up!!” <– it does happen.
    So now that could be a tech….. bullshit. The league is protecting the refs but they should be protecting the guys who make them money.

    Solution…. Prokorov should create another league. Bring back the ABA, complete with the red, white and blue ball. Fuck Stern and Stu Jackson. Start off with 10 teams and grow from there. The players will get in line to leave this sorry ass league called the NBA. Ridiculous.

  • JAY

    NBA = Niggaz Better not Argue

  • http://slamonline will

    good they needed 2 do this. kobee does wat ever he wants nd wen they call a foul on him he just crys. cp3 friggin curses out refs. kg just disrepsatcs them. lebron complains a little bit but not as much as every friggin laker. each laker player complains more than every knick combine i mean FFFFIIIINNNNAAAALLLYYY the nba got some sense