Smack / Sep 30, 2010 / 6:30 am

“Bleep the Heat” says ex-Miami player; Bosh dumps on Toronto

Combine the typical widespread preseason optimism of every NBA team with the fact that the start of training camp means Media Days all around, and you know why this time of year is always good for blatant bulletin-board material and more subtle jabbing comments … On one hand you have Chris Bosh, who (intentionally or not) sneak-insulted the Raptors by telling everybody that he’s never been in a training camp as intense as Miami’s — probably because they’re focusing on, you know, defense. Then you have Quentin Richardson, who threw an intentional haymaker from Orlando Magic camp. “Bleep the Heat,” Q-Rich was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel, hilariously adding, “With all due respect.” Nothing wrong with Q’s overall message that the Magic are focused on themselves and not other teams right now, but you know somebody will bring that line up before the Magic and Heat meet up again … Isn’t it odd how LeBron‘s return trips to Cleveland this year are being more hyped than this weekend’s McNabb-to-Philly trip, but nobody seems to care about when Bosh plays in Toronto? … If you had “Less than 1 week” in the office pool for when Yao Ming would get injured again, collect your cash. Yao sprained his right ankle in practice yesterday, and while it’s not said to be serious at all, it still doesn’t make Houston fans feel any more comfortable. “It happens,” Yao said. “I step on people’s foot.” …

Paul Pierce hoopin'

Paul Pierce took part in a group exercise at his “Truth for Health” event over the weekend to help fight childhood obesity. So that explains the photo … Maybe Carmelo and Chris Paul were just playing a joke on their boy Amar’e. Similar to how CP3’s seemingly inevitable trade fizzled out and now he’s reportedly happy with the Hornets, the ‘Melo trade rumors are beginning to die down as ‘Melo keeps insisting he likes it in Denver. Were those two just letting Amar’e (and NYK fans) get their hopes up just to mess with them again like LeBron? That would be cold … New Warriors coach Keith Smart has his starting five in place: Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Dorell Wright, David Lee and Andris Biedrins. Now that we’ve seen it on paper, Nellie should have been here for this bit of history. The Warriors going to give up 140 points per game … The Bucks are bringing Brian Skinner to camp. We’re almost afraid to say it, but that now means Skinner is on the same team with Drew Gooden. We all know where this is headed, right? Beard contest. We can just see Scott Skiles going to summon one of them off the bench during a game and they’re too busy seeing who can get their beard into a Jheri curl first … We’re out like Nellie …

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  • lord pancake sauce


  • Trey bing bay

    The season needs to start already. Bleep media day and bleep the bleepin preseason!

  • Raptorsfan

    As team captain of the Raptors would it not have been Chris Bosh’s job to make sure training camp was always intense?

  • ASH

    !!! BLEEP !!! yeah the NBA Pre Season is in a few Days and NBA 2K11 comes out,i cant wait.

  • RapTOr

    Bleep outta hereeeeeeee

  • Knicksfan84

    Warriors hate is over the top here. They got 2 strong rebounders down low and chuckers in the backcourt and Wright to be the “lockdown” defender. It’s not a terrible lineup, it would be a playoff lineup in the East for sure. But out west, looks like a 10th place finish to me.

  • JAY

    Bosh dumped on Toronto??
    I don’t see it like that. It’s just a fact. I’m from Toronto and if the rest of the city gets insulted by that comment, they have problems. Miami has Wade and Lebron… Raps have Bargnani, Calderon, Weems, Derozan…. Surprise!! Of course it will be more intense.

  • Josh Tha roc

    The warriors are actually playing a power forward and centre in their correct postions at the same time….now that’s history making. Don’t know about them giving up 140 though.

  • Cha-Ching

    Monta Ellis = JR Smith(mo hops thou)

    Monta Ellis and Curry backcourt contends with who? Kobe and Blake going to murder these dudes.

  • downtown_brownclown

    Q-Rich? he’s goin’ to be dunked on by LeBron… remember that the guy is taking mental notes on the ones taking hits on them. ;P hahahahaha!

    Lee and Biedrins is the baddest white combo in the league right now… ;P

    Bosh? oh well, it’s not like having bargnani guarding you in scrimmages will make you sweat, so yeah, he’ll sweat now… one more thing about the bosh in toronto sched… it doesn’t even count, it’s not like he was a terrible lost for the Raps… ;P unlike LBJ’s presence in cleveland. so yeah, Miami@Toronto not gonna be something worth watching, “‘coz it’s the murder murder murder oh, b**ch it’s the murder mo…”

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Yea that Warriors comment was a little puzzling. David Lee is what, 6’10″? 6’11″? When the Warriors gave up 145 to the Spurs this year, REGGIE WILLIAMS was their tallest starter, at 6’9″. I fail to see how this team could be any worse.

  • downtown_brownclown

    Warriors giving up 145 is as ridiculous as noah asking for more than what’s in the table..

    what a bad “joak!” hahahahahaha!

  • control

    Anyone catch this: http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/09/lebron-james-says-race-played-role-in-backlash-to-his-decision.php ?

    LeBron is saying that race played a factor in the backlash he got for acting like a complete egotistical douchebag. Fucking serious? After this comment, LeBron has completely lost all respect I have for him outside of his talent and skills on the basketball court. I spent all fucking summer sorta defending his moves, and this guy has to make me go eat my fucking words. He might be the best player in the NBA, but god damn is this guy a fucking asshole. The only thing that would make me eat more crow is if Rondo suddenly developed a jumper, then lead the Celts to a championship with PP, Ray and KG on the bench with injuries…

  • JAY

    Nice link control… welcome to the Wagon of LBJ Hate. Lol

    I truly believe LBJ needs more outside influence around him. His camp is feeding him all this crap and he believes it. Yes, he’s a grown man and SHOULD be able to come up with his own ideals and morals but if you hung around your high school friends every day 7 yrs(and counting) after graduation, how mature do you think a man can be in that setting?

    Lebron is still a fukkin kid.

  • JAY

    Just to add to my last post….

    Regardless if you respect him or not, we all have to agree Lebron is isolated from reality.

  • Nizzio

    Nice link there. LeBron truly does say stupid stuff. But that doesnt change the fact that he can dominate with a basketball in his hand

  • JAY

    @Nizzio… We can turn that around.

    Lebron is a dominant player… but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a complete idiot off the court.

    Funny how that works.

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    And top it off he still defends his handling of his free agent moves…despite all of the backlash and even maverick carter admitting they didnt make the best choices this summer….stating that he accepts the blame

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    Q-Rich always seems to have a problem someone

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Didn’t Skiles have a no head-band rule in his last gig? Perhaps a no beard rule will come out of the closet.

    CP3, Melo, and Amare would look good in NYK uniforms.

  • control


    Nobody looks good in a Knicks uniform, even Jessica Biel would look like ass, they fucking suck.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    @Control, i cant read the article from my phone but if u dont think racism was involved in the hate for LBJ then you miss me on that one. Ohio are crazy sports fans, but they are also one of the more racist states ive ever lived in or visited. And while i dont like LBJ as a person either (i agree that he seems shielded from reality) he is correct that race plays a large role in the amount of hate generated towards him. Unlike Kobe many black kids relate to LBJ. Raised by a single more with drug/alcohol problems without a father. Too many of us relate to that. So we are less likely to hate him knwing that (like AI) we relate to his upbringing. White people dont have that built in bias, theirs is of the opposite nature. They are more prone to hate him because of his background(unlike Kobe whom they loved initially).

  • rell

    I agree with control that the Lebron James hate has nothing to do with race. I can’t stand when athletes throw out the race card when they makes dumb decision. LBJ is getting all the hate because of the tv special and the way he behave leading up to The Decision (game 5 meltdown, speaking in the 3rd person like the Roc, and dumb comments like LBJ spoil his fans). Bron was warned by his agent Leon Rose not to do the special so I don’t understand how he didn’t expect the backlash.

    I think you underestimate how many black people don’t like Lebron. My homeboi was a huge LBJ supporter but once he did the special he started to hate on him as much as you do Rondo.

  • control


    Being raised by a single mother who may or may not have substance abuse problems isn’t a race issue, it is for the most part, an economoical issue. Take a stroll through your friendly neighborhood trailer park and see how many kids are being raised by neglecting parents who have substance abuse problems. Bad parents are bad parents, being able to relate to it ain’t a race issue, to say so kinda says that black people raise their kids worse than white people, which isn’t true.

    LeBron’s behavior over the summer was absolutely ridiculous, he wore sunglasses in a dark club for christ’s sake. What he did this summer with his free agency farce is something that has never been done, and there are few people who are going to say he handled it as best as he could have. People aren’t hating on LeBron because he’s black, they are hating on him because he has been acting like a complete retard in the media recently. If Dirk had something like “the decision” and was wearing sunglasses indoors, people would be screaming to get his ass deported back to Germany so he could hang out with Hasselhof.

    Ohio people aren’t just crazy sports fans, they are crazy in general. Fucking drive slow as fuck, it’s annoying.

  • NYK

    what is q-rich’s problem? wasn’t he traded 53 times before finally landed in miami (and in part thanks to D-Wade too?)

    and i thought he’s good friends with Wade, with them both being from chicago.

  • Three Stacks

    Such an awesome photo of Paul Pierce. Such a tiny hulahoop. And the way his hands are positioned, it can only be described as “fabulous.”

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I think that LeBron is a douche for the same reason I think that A-Rod is a douche. I don’t care what color they are.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I think that LeBron is a douche for the same reason I think that A-Rod is a douche. I don’t care what color they are.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    @Control, point taken. But the reality is i didnt see any black ppl burning his jerseys or hanging lebron dolls from sticks while screaming in a mad rage about him leaving. And i also heard several white ppl who didnt care too much for basketball talk about how they hate him without having a reason other than he left clev. Black ppl that hate him dont go overboard with the hate. On the flipside where was all the hate for Bret Farve and Roger Clemens who did similar if not worse? I notice black ppl hate Farve and Clemons with more vigor than white ppl (excluding WISC where Farve is hated equally).

  • Stunnaboy09


    I’m African American, and proud of it, and I HATE the race card. It’s sickening that people would blame their problems on their race. yes, I know racism exists, but LeBron holding an hour long TV special and sitting on is hometown, acting like a FUCKING douche and blaming everyone but himself is sickening.

    I saw PLENTY black people shouting and hating on him. Hell I saw plenty white and black people UNITED in their hate for him. People hate LeBron so much they pretty much all united together, men and women of all ages and races, and stormed the streets. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

    I wish he had a father influence, cuz I know my father influenced me when I grew up. He made me learn respect, honesty, humility and hard work is the way to go in life. LeBron didn’t have that and instead had a million cocksucers before he was legal driving age. All that attention bloated the shit out of his ego and loko at him now. STill saying he is write and everyone is wrong.

    Fuck LeBron.

  • Sporty-j

    lol at Stunnaboy09.>>>”IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL THING TO WATCH LOL??? For us in south florida it was the decision that was a beautiful thing to watch as an INSTANT DYNASTY was formed… I dont hate Lebron and he is the f&%cking KING down here in WADE COUNTY lol and Boshs dreams have finally come true(Everybody finally knows him now and he does not have to do any more YOUTUBE videos for people to please vote for him for the all-star game lol). Boshs pu$$y rate has also gone up because all the girls in Miami now know how much hes officially worth(110mil no taxes included and the endorsements are starting to kick in slowly). Who hated more Lebron or ex-PRESIDENT BUSH???

  • JAY


    The first dude caught wearing a Lebron jersey in public was a white dude.
    It has nothing to do with race. I’m kind of disappointed that anyone would think so. He was a dick this offseason. Period.

    If Larry Legend did the exact same thing in his prime to Boston, can you honestly say that the fans wouldn’t react in the same way??? Or do you think everyone would send him fan mail wishing him good luck in his future ventures. Be honest.