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Breaking News: Bobcats Waive Erick Dampier

Erick Dampier

Erick Dampier

You kind of saw this coming. Just one day after he became available to be traded in a multiplayer deal, the Bobcats decided to cash in on luxury tax savings by waiving Erick Dampier. What does this mean for Dampier? Other than becoming an unrestricted free agent, his $13 million contract is now void.

As noted yesterday, getting rid of Dampier’s contract gets Charlotte about $5 million below the $70.3 million luxury tax threshold – a figure that Michael Jordan has said he won’t exceed. While there’s been talk of Dampier re-signing with the club, chances are a contender (perhaps the Denver Nuggets) will make a run at him.

“There is an interest in returning, obviously y’all have some key players like Stephen Jackson,” said Dampier after the Bobcats acquired him, Matt Carroll and Eduardo Najera on July 13. “With the addition of us three, we can really turn things around. I think the three of us just want to win games. We just want to come in and do whatever it takes and work hard every day to make the players and the team better.

“If I were waived, I would obviously give Charlotte the first opportunity and see what they say and see if they are interested in me or not,” added Dampier. “If they are not interested in me, I’m sure there are other teams that would probably be interested.”

What do you think?

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  • Ko Peso

    Bad move by MJ. At least shop the guy for a while since he just became eligible to be used in a multiplayer trade.

  • SJ

    I guess MJ thinks he doesn’t need Dampier now that he’s got Kwame back… hahaha

    In other news… plagiarism?… http://dimemag.com/2010/09/top-5-nba-players-who-could-play-in-the-nfl/#comments

  • WinDelRoj

    maybe this is a more respectable way of doing things (for the player) since at least you wont be trading him and having the next team wave him… from a business stand point Im with the first guy

  • Justin

    He’s going striaght to the HEAT . IF THE HEAT WIN IT WILL THE MOST EXPECTED EVER . LeBron killed the comp in the league for the next 4 years . The NBA is down to 2 teams Lakers and the Heat .David Stern should be worried about the fans for all the other teams who think that team just isn’t fair . As a Bulls fan i’ll still watch ,but with a these guys are cowards attitude .

  • Heckler


    September 13th, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Heckler says:

    OK City Thunder can use him. they seem to be weak at the center position.

    but why dont the Bobcats just waive him?

  • Heckler

    Erick Dampier is going to get a lot of interest. more than Shaq. here are a few teams that might can use Damp. and yall tell me what you think:

    OK City Thunder
    Atlanta Hawks
    Detroit Pistons
    Philly Sixers
    Toronto Raptors
    Cleveland Cavs
    SanAn Spurs

  • K Dizzle

    @ Heckler

    Good call.
    I’m thinkin Atlanta can’t possibly mess this up. Get Al Horford out of that center mismatch and sign Dampier as soon as possible. At this stage, he’s gonna be a middle-class man’s Shaq and that’ll be good enough for the upcoming season

  • Sac

    Wow! Dampier is all the Heat need to win a championship this year, or several in the near future!

    This is the guy that Miami Heat fans were coveting when they realized their center situation.

    Throw in the fact that Riley and Jordan are kool. Who knows (maybe this was done on purpose). Heat fans are just salivating that Riley, Dwayne, Lebron and Bosh can convince Dampier to take a $1.4 million dollar minimum NBA contract to go to Miami and win a championship. We’ll see!

    But this is what smart Miami fans were/looking waiting for since the inception of Le-Bosh-Wade County formed.

    Let’s see what happens.

  • Diggity Dave

    He just lost a ton of money ($13 million). I’d be very surprised if he took Miami’s vet minimum instead of looking to get paid and make up some of his loss.

    That being said, Miami would be even more stacked with Erica starting at the 5. That, and more Boston drama.

  • Sac

    Hey Diggity. I can agree with you man. After making all that money, would he really go to Miami for $1.4mil, or would he rather go somewhere else for the money?

    Even if Miami can offer him a mid-level exemption salary of$4-6 million dollars next year; would that make up for all the money he’s lost on his old contract/that he thinks he can make on his new Contract?

    I don’t know. We’ll see, right?

  • jzsmoove

    who in here is gonna bet against dampier goin to whoever bids the most? i aint sayin its bad thing, but money first before chip for this dude.

  • yoda

    “Diggity Dave says:
    He just lost a ton of money ($13 million). I’d be very surprised if he took Miami’s vet minimum instead of looking to get paid and make up some of his loss.

    That being said, Miami would be even more stacked with Erica starting at the 5. That, and more Boston drama.”

    i think team still must pay him that 13 mill. but that money doesn’t goes against salary cap for hornets. its impossible to fire guy in nba, without giving him all that money he’s been owned. do you really think jerome james and eddy curry would be still on some team payroll.
    thats just my opinion, i might be wrong. would be nice if someone who knows better clear this for us

  • Marian

    In this case it is possible because Damp’s contract was not guranteed for the last season unless he averages somethin close to a double double in the season befor. since that is not the case he is is not gettin shit.
    I would like for my heat to sign him but would also hate to see big cat leave…

  • Paul Wall

    What about the Nuggets? They need a big man.

  • Sac

    Yeah Marian.

    Big cat seems to be the one to go probably if they signed Dampier (or at least that’s what Miami fans think).

    But who really knows what’s going to happen?

    Stay tuned!

  • dlight

    This guy has made alot of money in his career, more than he’s earned in my opinion. Go where you will be happy it will be his last deal. Good for MJ making a apparently smart GM move. Ya’ll hate on MJ for hs mistakes but i fit were your checkbook would you be so easy to follow your heart….

  • Three Stacks

    To all the people saying that Erick fcuking Dampier is the final piece to any championship puzzle, get the fuck out of here please.

  • sh!tfaced

    Ericka fucking Dampier is the final piece to a championship puzzle

    …in fucking CHINA

  • Roc1980

    I think it makes perfect sense for the Hawks to get this guy… We all know he’s nowhere close to an all-star, but he can rebound and defend.

    1 Bibby
    2 Joe
    3 J-Smooth
    4 Al
    5 Damp

    This immediately bolsters the bench… Cause along w/ Jamal Crawford (in a contract year), Young Teague, Marvin Williams, and Zaza… I think that is a formidable lineup in the east.