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Breaking News: NBA Two-Team, Four-Player Trade

Craig Brackins

Craig Brackins

We’ve all been waiting for some NBA action to happen before training camps start, and thanks to the Hornets and Sixers, there’s some movement going on before things get underway. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski New Orleans has traded Darius Songaila and rookie Craig Brackins to Philly for Willie Green and Jason Smith. I’m not sure this is the type of help Chris Paul was looking for…

When you look at the salaries, you can see that the Hornets are once again trying to clear future cap space. Green is set to make $3,976,000 this season in the last year of his deal, while Smith is making $2,187,913 with a $3 million qualifying offer next year. The Sixers in return get the expiring $4,818,000 deal of Songaila, and commit to the rookie deal of Brackins which starts at $1,306,920 this season.

What do you think?

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  • G

    No more Willie Green!!!!! This is the best Sixers news I’ve heard in a while.

    Also ever since Songailla got some tick on Kings I thought he could be a serviceable bench player.

  • Kingralf

    Groundbreaking Trade, who’s scared of the Lakers or Heat anymore?

  • Mark

    What a pointless Trade…..ill trade you my two pieces of shit for your two pieces of shit, but we’ll still both have shit on our hands?

  • Showtime

    Really? A big fat BREAKING FUCKING NEWS headline for 4 guys that barely play?

  • jon

    this is dumb trade overall but y would the hornets trade craig brackens they jus got him in the draft through a trade he hasnt played a minut and he already gone they really must dont want chris paul down

  • jon

    this is dumb trade overall but y would the hornets trade craig brackens they jus got him in the draft through a trade he hasnt played a minut and he already gone they really must dont want chris paul down there

  • Crabhands

    Haters gonna hate.
    Thanks for bringing us the news DIME.

  • billyea56

    I think the Sixers just traded Willy Green and Jason Smith for 2 more Jason Smiths

  • Larry


  • Joe’s Momma

    I sure hope Brackins tears it up.

    But Jason Smith is pretty solid rebounder.

    Not an earth shattering move, but too bad NOLA is still trying to slash future payroll, they just gave up a rookie before ever seeing what he can bring.

    1st time hearing of it, good on ya Dime.

    Willie Green is a solid vet, don’t know what he brings on the floor, but is a good locker room guy. Defense definetly, and some toughness.

  • TommyMcSandwich

    I really like what the Sixers have on their bench. They really have on of the deepest benches in the league. Doesnt mean anything when the whole starting lineup is unproven, but there bench has a lot of guys that could start elsewhere. Thad, Speights, Lou, and Noch could all be starters on other teams. I like the moves, now try and get someone who can score for them.

  • Heckler

    seriously, Dime should just take the next 4 weeks off.

    who cares about pointless trades with meaningless players when its week 3 of the NFL

    there should be no more basketball talk until final roster cuts just before preseason opens. or at least until your local NFL team has had their bye week….

  • control

    Did someone call Willie Green a “vet”? Everytime I see that guy’s name mentioned, it is something to do with “if he ever lives up to his potential…” or something. I’m too lazy to go look up his stats and shit, but that seems crazy.

    It’s funny how a dead basketball week can turn something like this into “BREAKING NEWS!!!!”.

  • WinDelRoj

    I wish I could see Chris Pauls face at this news. You got rid of the back up PG, you got Ariza which isnt going to help much, and you are still trying to slash payroll which is cool cause you are going to have to do something when Chris Paul leaves…

  • IGP

    I don’t get it really. Everyone comes to this site because we are basketball lovers. We all want there to be basketball news/trades/anything. And when a trade happens, even though it’s a relatively minor trade, people somehow get mad at Dime. They are just doing their jobs (unlike us, who are just killing time reading articles on the internet).

  • Brown

    Chris Paul must be counting down the days to free agency. That team is a disaster.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Its a catch 22 for Dime

    When a trade is not mentioned right away people are crying. When a trade is mentioned, we get this…

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    LOL @ 2 but really, come on guys. News is news, right? Not to mention the fact that these guys are “tier 6 and 7″ types, but who’s to say when to “start” reporting? Tier 5? Tier 4? Might as well report it all.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Willie Green, going into his 8th year, looks like a vet to me. Won’t blow you away with stats, but won’t make many mistakes

  • MP3

    What gets me is why would you trade your 1st round pick this close to training camp? granted that was Jeff Bower’s move & not Dell Demps. But there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. Smith was ill in college but got hurt when he came to Philly & was behind Young/Brand/Speights/Dalembert on the depth chart. Willie Green has been the worst starting SG in the league for years now. & if Coach Williams thinks he can turn him into CP3’s backup he’s sorely mistaken.

    Philly wins this deal because they get rid of a bad contract & got 2 guys who could help. The Hornets traded away both of their backup PF’s & are left with Aaron Gray & Darryl Watkins as their reserve bigs.

  • downtown_brownclown

    then watch NFL, it’s dime… it’s for basketball padre!
    Too much hate goin’ around…

  • WinDelRoj

    yeah thanks for the news though.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I can’t wait for the fantasy implications of this trade. These four players are 4 of my starters on my fantasy squad.

  • Tupac

    I can imagine it already, Chris Paul palm to face.


  • Sporty-j

    lol Chris Paul is definitely going to New York or Orlando in 2012. Hes out no matter what they do so i dont know y they just wont go ahead and start there rebuilding process now like Denver should. These teams just wont let of there disgruntled players that are leaving regardless and act like they dont care about gettiing at least something in return to try and build on in the near future… Dum GMs nowadays and no wonder why everubody wants to play for the best GM in the game today PIMP Pat Riley. They say Riley could turn water into WHINE if he wanted to…

  • B

    @ healer- you are a sad excuse of a hoops fan…

  • B

    My bad… I meant heckler…

  • A.J Miller

    Why are yall hating seriously. I havent heard a productive comment yet. Darius Songlia is averaging 7 pts and 3 rebs with in 18 mins a game which isnt that bad for a guy who is just a bench role player. Willie Green is averaging about 9pts a game in 21 minutes per and even though its not great, with the talent on that team he just has to find a role. he will definetely get a spike in offense with chris paul at the point. Jason Smith is pretty terrible but averagin 3pts per and 1 rebound but we isnt going to ever be a star so stop looking at it that way. what he needs in time in the d-league. Brackins in unproven but just because it got traded in the off season is no different then getting traded on draft night. moves arent always made because of a players potential, they are made because basketball is a business and a horrible player with an expiring contract looks better then a decdent player with a hard to get rid of contract. for yall that say yall know basketball, look betweens the lines and think like a GM not a fan

  • That’s What’s Up

    Chris Paul doesn’t care ’cause he’ll probably only play in 30 or 40 of the 82 games.

    His cheating ways have caught up with him and now Karma is taking it out on his body.

  • Roc1980

    At first, I was like ‘this is the trade?!?!’, but after reading several of the comments posted, I appreciated the news even more… Since the World Championships finished, I been waiting/jonsing for any new basketball news… I check ESPN.com everyday to only get disappointed! Tired of seeing all of the ‘analyst’ talk about where Melo is going (even tho they don’t have anymore info than I do… F’ing sources!!!)

    to contine my rant…

    I love NBATV, but I don’t understand why they keep showing the same re-runs of games… I like the Lakers, but honestly, I’m tired of seeing game 6 against the Thunder or game 7 of the Finals… Every team played at least 82 games… I know they picked the top 10 games of the year, but why do they keep showing the games??? I live in the south, so i don’t get to see a lot of Westcoast games… Instead of hearing about how, ‘this guys good, but no one knows b/c of where he plays’ show us what we’ve been missing… How about showing the kings incredible comeback against the bulls???

    Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated!

  • TommyMcSandwich

    A.J. Miller-
    Talking about stop acting like a fan and act like a GM. You just spit put a bunch of stats that you found online and think that is analysis. Lets look a little deeper hommie. The fact is, Songalia is really just a contract. He is going to a team that is relativily redundant at that position, and he and Brackins will add to that. Willie is solid a 2 positions, numbers are irelivant because he played behind a bunch of youngsters and A.I 1 and 2 last year. His play was very spotty. He will be a good backup for Thorton and CP3. ANd Jason Smith has talent. He returned from a knee injury last year and was good in the spots he played. He has deeep range and is a pretty good athlete.

    Dont act like were all a bunch of fools, now go back to NBA.com and find some more stats.

  • dlight

    I appreciate it all hoops wise, way to tow the line dime. I’m sure most of these haters couldn’t play their way out of their local blacktop run. Keep it coming, football is dumb, no guaranteed contracts, rookies getting franchise money Pioneers on welfare?? go figure. One signing bonus to a future bust QB, 3/4 are bust for the money. One signing bonus could right the ship if divided between all retirees before 1980??

  • HeatWave4Life

    BREAKING NEWS!! All these guys suck.

  • J 694

    This is good news for the Sixers. Willie Green may be tabbed as an offensive guy and he did put up solid numbers for bench guy, but the Sixers tried to use him as a go to scorer when in the game. He is not the guy I want trying to win games.

    I am happy we have gotten rid the ever dull and mediocre Willie Green and hopefully our young guys will figure out that they are allowed to be “the man” on offense.

  • chief youngblood

    it’s a money move for my hornets , trying to work our way under the cap so we know exactly what we can handle in the way of a peja trade ( which demps is public shopping ) . i’ll admit it doesn’t make the incredible sense on it’s face , but i trust mr. demps

  • ab40

    wow 35 reactins with mine included 36.
    old games are nice to watch but it’s time for the nba to start again.

  • Kudabeen

    In appreciation of BBall…this wasn’t a pointless or useless trade. Both teams got better because of it (financially and talent wise)…marginally, but it wasn’t useless.

    Willie Green for as much as the Philly fan’s hate on him was never going to be more than what he is. What he is IS a solid backup guard that plays good D and sticks open Js. He isn’t meant to carry a team or even a bench, but he can spell a guy effective and not hurt the team. With the hornets not really having a clear back up point. Willie isn’t a bad option to come in and initiate the offense if they choose.

    Jason Smith if not for injury is a solid Big. He has great range. He was getting designed plays called for him to hit 3s as well as playing stronger in the paint before ANOTHER injury set him back…that is his stain right now injuries. He doesn’t have the ups as Chandler to go it at the same height, but he can be on the end of some nice CP3 lobs…

    Craig Brackens is no Jason Smith…He is a much better prospect. He has really nice handle, especially if he keeps filling out at 6’10 225/30 his match ups will have a lot of trouble staying in front of him if he is coached well (Doug Collins is a great coach/teacher)…IF anyone is familiar with his game you will know that he is a rare big that has a 50/50 inside outside game. He had decent post up moves and finishes stronger than his frame suggest. Also he has a nice array of off the dribble moves. He has proven to be able to hit the outside shot as well. He doesn’t have NBA range YET, but he has great touch. He has a nice drop step fade away that is unblockable when he is 15ft and in that he uses a lot. He should be able to push Thad and Speights to work harder, because their minutes will be gone if he comes in and scores at the rate he can. He really has the skill to be able to play at the 3 depending on match ups. He has much to learn defensively, but he is a really good pick up.

    Songaila is an expiring contract, but he is also tough. He doesn’t mind banging down low and he will knock down the 15-18 ft shot consistently. He is a good rebounder as well and he would be a good fall back if the Sixers’ younger guys are playing timid or are just off. They may cut him, but he and Noci would be their two toughest players with Jrue still rising as THAT guy.

    I like the trade, but just like with Evans it is dependent on what they can get out of the rookie. If Evans doesn’t show that he can be the Grant Hill type player, then people will cry about Sixers’ missing in the draft, but that wouldn’t be the case. Both of these rookies have a high upside and I think Doug Collins is a really good coach to get the most out of them. Brackens will have to work Hard for minutes, so we’ll see his heart/talent if he finds his way on the floor for 15mins or more before the 2nd half of the season.

    Dime just let the people know what the plus and minuses are with the trade. IF they still want to hate, they will, but Breaking news with no context feeds the silly comments.

  • http://j@j.com j

    Guys hold up, first of all its a freaking basketball website, why wouldn’t they publish this story? It would be dumb if they didn’t.

    BUT, I have serious issues with Dime saying this was a cap move. This move doesn’t save the hornets. Look at the contracts they match up.

    If you want to critique the trade that’s fine, but this wasn’t a money move and shame on dime for not doing the homework to find that out before bothering to publish a statement like that.

    As it is right now, I think we have a pretty strong bench and I think the 2-8 spots in the west are WIDE OPEN.

    And remember one thing, after kobe demanded a trade, the only move la made was resigning derek fisher. We have a long season coming up. Get your popcorn ready.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @J — I’s say it’s a money move in that the Hornets sent out one multi-year contract and one expiring deal to get back two expiring deals.

    Green and Smith come off the books next summer for New Orleans, as does Songaila for Philly, but Brackins’ rookie contract has a few years on it. So basically the Hornets saved the money they would have had to pay Brackins down the road. (Which admittedly isn’t much.)