Smack / Sep 25, 2010 / 12:01 am

Carmelo Anthony is going to the Nets. At least we’re pretty sure.

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #25

In a summer where the NBA was turned on its side by the free-agency decisions of LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Amar’e and others, the now (reportedly) imminent trade of Carmelo Anthony will change so much more in a League that is hardly recognizable from the one we last saw in June … According to the New York Daily News, last time we checked, ‘Melo has given his OK (in that he promised to sign an extension with his new team) for a four-team trade that would send him to the Nets. Derrick Favors and Andrei Kirilenko would go to Denver, Devin Harris would land in Charlotte, Boris Diaw would move to Utah, and a handful of draft picks and maybe some other guys to make the salaries work would be involved. (At the same time, a Yahoo! report said ‘Melo hadn’t yet accepted, but has the weekend to make a decision.) … If it wasn’t already, ‘Melo on the Nets would make the East officially a monster: You can also thank Amar’e and Carlos Boozer‘s defections for making that happen. The ‘Melo/LeBron rivalry may kick back up again now that they’re in the same conference, and the NY area will have two legit superstars in Amar’e and ‘Melo (“The Apostrophes”), making that region relevant again overnight. As for the Nuggets, they go from being potentially the second-best team in the West to a second-round exit kind of squad. The Bobcats also maintain playoff status with a legit PG in Harris, and the Southeast (Bobcats, Magic, Hawks, Heat, Wizards) becomes that much more loaded … But don’t count out Chicago. If they wake up and realize Joakim Noah is worth giving up when you’ve got a shot at CARMELO ANTHONY, they could become Denver’s preferred trade partner in a deal where the Nuggets wouldn’t have to roll the dice with the rookie Favors and the moody Kirilenko … Actually, the Bulls might have to trade Noah, because he is reportedly not happy with them. The team offered Noah a 5-year, $57 million extension recently, and Noah was said to be not pleased with that number. Do you think Noah is worth more than $10 million a year? … And again, how does Chris Paul feel about this? All of his boys (LeBron, Wade, ‘Melo, Bosh, Amar’e, Joe Johnson) are on solid-to-dominant teams and making moves to get that elusive ‘chip. Meanwhile, CP is looking at possibly starting alongside Willie Green in the Hornets’ backcourt, and yesterday New Orleans signed Jannero Pargo and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Well, just go ahead and crown ‘em … Erick Dampier is not going to the Heat, or at least that’s what the latest rumors are saying. Apparently Miami changed their mind, probably after Pat Riley looked at his roster and realized he already has 17 centers. Or that with Dampier and Jamaal Magloire on the same bench, that’s just too many frowns for one team to take … We’re out like Damp’s ring …

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  • TheBestPG

    Melo looks like the fag version of Mayweather in that picture.

    I hope melo and lopez have group sex with Avery Johnson.

    And have a good weekend.

  • bobby stew

    So this means the Nets would only have Farmar as a serviceable point guard. Is it possible they could pick up A.I. Did Melo and A.I. get along in Denver?

  • Mtx

    Why would Melo go to the Nets without Devin Harris? He would end up on a much worse team.
    And please, stop bashing the Hornets. I know you guys want Chris Paul out of NOLA badly, but saying that Willie Green might start over Marcus Thornton? That’s some f’king bullshit

  • ronnation

    i think for like the past 8 years the east gets a few players and everybody is like ‘oh man the east is finally gonna be better’



    i dont think so chieves

  • Hydro

    Melo is crazy. Looking @ the nets roster without him v. the nuggets roster without him… the nuggets are obviously a better team.

    Maybe in years to come that will change and the nets will be contenders.. but I question melo’s maturity through this whole process. I’m not a big melo fan to begin with though so maybe i’m bias.

    This really does make the east stronger though. Come on, who is gonna contend with the lakers in the west now? Spurs, mavs, blazers, thunder, none will beat the lakers. The east however is up for grabs with miami, orlando, boston, chicago, and possibly now the nets.

  • Orange

    “It’s a strange feeling, because any given day you can always get traded to a city that you really don’t know anything about,’ Noah said Wednesday after speaking to students at Lathrop Elementary School. ‘But at the same time, you look at the big picture. Things could be a lot worse. But my goal is I want to stay in Chicago. I think we can do something really special here. I hope that I can be a part of it’ … ‘Obviously, Carmelo is a great player,’ Noah said

  • Chise

    The Nets contenders? Really? Lol this trade makes the Nets the 5th best team in the East at best. Milwaukee is probably still better than them too. Melo going to the Nets strictly must be because him and his wife want to live in NY. Maybe the team can build moving forward so they can be contenders by the time they get to Brooklyn. That’s the only thing I can see Melo hoping for.

  • Soopa

    Awesome deal for the Bobcats. If this trade happens the ‘Cats will be better then the Nets, even with Melo on board.

  • Slick ric

    Obviously this wasnt a move for a championship unlike wade, lebron, and Bosh onlygood dude on the nets is Brook and Im kinda skeptical bout him because he put up good numbers on a team that won one game for every month.

  • Caderade

    Why would the Jazz send AK to a division rival when his contract ends this year and he’s said that he’d take a pay cut to stay in Utah?

  • Shiptar

    fuck this new breed of superstars, they are all f…. primadonnas, just whining and wanting to be traded. No one can’t win like a man on their team!
    So a lot of respect for Durant!

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    I cant believe this sh!t is happening AGAIN to Chicago. Tim Duncan, TMac, GHill, Kg, Kobe, Lebron Wade and Bosh. Now we are missing out on Melo. We are truely becoming the second city. And the worse part of all this is the fags on our roster. Deng, Boozer, Taj, Noah are all the main reason why this is happening again. Its not that CHI management doesnt want to trade Noah, its because they dont want to pay MELO. That would give them 3 max players 2yrs from now when Rose re-ups. Its all bout dat guap!

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL @ Chicago 2nd city

    kinda like that mistress where her married man boyfriend keeps on promising he’ll leave his wife for her but he never really does and she always ends up with shit…

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    1st of alll dime, this move hardly makes denver a 2nd round exit, theyre struggling 2 even make the playoffs w/ an elderly billups, injured martin & andersen, ak, the rook & the mentally challenged smith. 2nd, ive always supported noah but turning down 57 mill on 5 yrs is aggravating 2 say the least

  • Stunnaboy09

    Hmmm, still don’t get this trade

    CHARLOTTE- Giving up Boris Diaw for Devin Harris? AMAZING move, though I think they should throw in Augustin so they don’t have 3 PGs expecting to start. With Harris, G-Wallace and Tyrus Thomas all starting they might actually get some guys on the fast break. Lacking a legit 5 and solid bench from truly being a contender.

    NEW JERSEY- Not sure. Give up a project in Favors who could turn out into a monster and also their STARTING Pg. Not a fan of including Harris, one of the legit PGs in the league. Melo better sign that extension before the trade, unless I smell a Boozer and Cleveland thing happening. Should try and get DJ Augustin in the trade, cuz no matter how good your team is, if you start Farmar at the 1 you aint going anywhere.

    DENVER- Really? This is the best trade you could get. Favors and Kirilenko? A rookie and basically an expiring contract? Not to sure about this, but if Kirilenko can capture back some of that 5 x 5 form and Favors shows us why he is a number 3 overall pick deal or Denver hit a home run on at least one of the draft picks deal may balance out.

    UTAH- Don’t get this one at all. Trade a year of Kirilenko for 2 of Diaw. Really? At least they got Carmelo out the division.

    Digging ‘The Apostrophes’ as a nickname though.

  • ab40

    utah get’s 9 mil out of this deal that’s what’s up ak47 makes 17.8 million dollars next year diaw only 9.

    Denver better do this. This is a better package than noah who is a 12 and 11 player at max which he is now. C’mon trade for melo and sign damp who wants a ring.

    and for anyone who says harris is an all star and a legit point you have not watched new jersey play last year now did you dude was terrible.

    The best option for melo is to stay in denver. Better team, better foundation. I just don’t get it. New Jersey with that trade sucks balls he’d be the best player on a bad team again…Newark… what the

  • sh!tfaced

    What the hell, draft picks here and there, Favors and Kirilenko are still waaaay better than what Cleveland and Toronto got for LeBron and Bosh…


    This would make the Nets basicly be identical to last years Heat. One Superstar and One decent player dragging a team full of scrubs.
    Melo is doing the Opposite of what most players want, going from a team with a talented roster and an elite PG to a crappy team he’s gonna have to carry but will get monster numbers.

    I wonder how long it will take for Melo to demand another trade when his starting PG is Jordan Fucking Farmar.

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    Exactly why a trade to the nets makes no sense. theyre a far worse team after the trade. I wonder how much of an influence his wife Yoko, i mean Lala has to do with this decision. This trade plus Noahs demand of 5yr 70 million is starting 2 make reconsider my stance on nt including him.

  • Stunnaboy09

    If Carmelo signs this extension then I think we can all say he is whipped beyond belief. No way someone goes from Denver (potential 2nd seed) to the NJ Nets with FARMAR as you starting PG. Makes no sense basketball wise, THIS is your solution?

    It also makes Outlaw at 7 mil a year mistake, unless the want to move Melo to the 4 (taking away his biggest strength, posting up smaller 3’s) or Outlaw to the 2 (he would get shredded on D)

  • Stunnaboy09

    And while I can’t defend Willie Green, I like Pops. He’s a Chris Andersen type energy player who is a beast on defense. Combine that with CP3’s ability to make anyone look good…

  • That’s What’s Up

    as long as Chris Paul is miserable I am happy

  • KnicksFan84

    Hey Carmelo, if you’re smart and about winning championships. Don’t sign NO extention with anyone, sign with the Knicks for next season. We actually have a legit roster unlike all these other clowns.

  • carmikal

    The Nets, I just don’t see it. I understand coming to closer to NY and MD but the Nets??? The Nets were going to be in Brooklyn this year remember, but what happended? 2 years looks better but the Nets are going to rape the squad minus Lopez and pray that CP3 wants to play with Melo in Jersey for a year waiting for BK? That dice game is very suspect right there ah! Chill out Melo and just bite your lip for a lil longer to put the pressure on Denver and force yourself to NYK. Tell the Nets you won’t sign an extension and just chill because at the end of the day you still have to see Boston, Orlando and the Heat. Your chances at beating them are MUCH better with Amare and possibly CP3, Deron or T. Parker.

  • Paul Wall

    KnicksFan84- And where is this “legit” roster the Knicks have to win championships? Stupidiest shit I have read on here except for ALF’s horrible #100 reasons why dime should hire him.

  • Paul Wall

    Also another observation. Why do all NY fans think they can get Melo to sign with them next year along with another top tier free agent? Did you all forget what happened to your team this summer?

  • Heckler

    New Jersey has a better roster than most people think. even without Carmelo. although NJ won the fewest games last year, they weren’t the worst team in the league: that was minnesota!

    The Nets dont really need to make this trade. they will have cap room again next summer. and depending on the new CBA, it may be more favorable to players and owners than people think (just like the salary cap being INCREASED this season as opposed to the expected decreasing).

    with the Russian BILLIONAIRE and perhaps (still) a soft luxury tax, NJ will be in position to sign Carmelo Anthony or any other free agent next summer (mainly Caron Butler or perhaps Jason Richardson) in 2011.

    if they can wait, and add another lottery pick and a star to Devin Harris, Terrance Williams, Travis Outlaw, Derrick Favors and Brook Lopez, then the NJ Nets are on their way to having a solid roster foundation for 4-5yrs. maybe more.

    I dont see the reason for NJ to rush into this trade if it doesnt make you the best team; not even in their own division (Boston). Giving up Devin Harris and Derrick Favors to get Carmelo is good, but its going to leave you with: Jordan Farmar, Terrance Williams, Carmelo, unknown PF, Brook Lopez

    I dunno man. If Im NJ, I wouldnt be in a rush to do this….

  • Heckler

    @ Paul Wall

    Knicks fans (and ALL NYers in general) are DELUSIONAL!
    never respond to they dumbasses. to hell with knick fans, NYers and their rat plague city

  • jzsmoove

    bad move for Melo to go to NJ. Somebody gotta lay down a speed bump on the Lakers, why not Nuggets and Thunder? moving East when its already stacked doesnt make your championship hopes better. Is Melo back to smoking weed? or his wife feeding him weed soup under his nose?

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    I seriously just wish we could start this season with last seasons rosters.

  • WinDelRoj

    great trade assuming Denver gets some picks too. With the expiring contracts of Denver I think the team is in a good spot. Bobcats definitely win too. All 4 teams would improve either financially or talent wise. hope it goes thru, done with the drama.

  • Mr. TKO

    Like I’ve been saying, I feel like Denver has peaked if you consider Chauncey’s age, Kmart and Birdman’s injuries and the fact that Nene still can’t play Legit Centers. So for the next two years they’re too good to get Lottery help, but not good enough to get past the Lakers, (maybe they can beat OKC for a while)

    As far as I can tell, their big plan is to let Chauncey, Birdman and kMart come off the books and hope to strike big in Free Agency. So they’ll have a core of Ty Lawson, Melo, Nene, and Affalo(?) to entice free agents with. They would especially need a big man as well in that free agent crop and corect me if I’m wrong but the only big man free agent (that would push you over the top) to get signed in the past couple of years has been bosh. (Boozer and Amare don’t count as Championship pieces to me)

    I feel like staying in Denver would give Melo a Dirk Novitzki type of career. Winning 50 games a year and never having the right piece to get you over the hump.

    From everything I hear, Brook Lopez is certified (especially as a young player) they have some young wings and I believe that next year when the PF comes off the books, they’ll have money to burg again.

    It’s not the best trade but it seems it has potential for the rest of Melo’s prime years.

  • silky

    calm down…. knicks made some solid pickups. great foundation there now. just real young. i think walsh has quietly done a great job

    7/8 seed

  • Caderade

    If the Jazz make this trade, Deron Williams is going to be the one demanding a trade a year from now.

  • Yooo

    The Knicks roster is certainly not better than the Nets Roster.

    That unknown PF is actually Troy Murphy. Who is a PERFECT compliment to Brook. Terrence Williams is going to be a Trevor Ariza type player when its all said and done, and those guys are key cogs to winning. Outlaw is an excellent weapon off the bench. Farmar is going to surprise the hell out of a lot of people. That dude has all the talent Devin Harris does. Devin is expendable unless he sells his soul to the devil again this year. DJ augustin showed promise enough to be a solid backup. They wont win a chip in the next 3 or 4 years. but I could see them being right in the thick of the things. Melo is a superstar, superstars make teams infinitely better.

  • Yooo

    Come to think of it, Deron, Melo, Brook is one HELL of a lineup…

  • daghost

    i wasn’t really into the idea of giving up Noah for anthony(as i’ve made known before) …but giving some thought about it and reading chicagorilla’s recent posts, as well as realizing that this is a shot at CARMELO ANTHONY, i’m starting to feel like it’s a deal we HAVE to make.
    @CHICAGORILLA, you are so right about the bulls. Idk why we’re so cheap as an organization. We keep missing out on all the best players simply because we don’t wanna pay up. This ish is getting ridiculous…Give up Noah, and just ask for JR smith in return. It’s a win win..denver gets rid of the trouble maker, melo gets to keep one of his best friends with him and goes to a championship bound team (so he’ll re-sign), and the bulls get a good scorer for nights when korver is off. Also JR calms down on his attitude as he has a chance to get in the starting lineup.

  • Flip

    Not too long ago Chicago could have traded for Gasol before the Lakers snatched him for cheap…. Dejavu all over again!

  • Curtis G

    I still do not believe this trade will go through because the only team that isn’t taking a gamble is Charlotte. The Jazz taking Diaw’s 9 mill-a-year deal that has two years left does nopt save them any money over AK’s 1 year 17 million. It does split the tax hits up over two years but you still come out paying slightly more over the course of Diaw’s deal. I can’t believe that Utah would be THAT unhappy with AK.

    Denver goes from being the second best team in the west to maybe the 7th or 8th seed and that’s IF AK doesn’t bottom out because of his well known opposition to leaving Utah and IF Favors becomes the best he is projected to be this year instead of years down the line. I feel for Billups, Birdman, and Martin cause they’re getting the post championship Detriot treatment; doomed to mediocrity for the rest of their careers for the forseeable future.

    Utah. Oh Utah. As good as a defender as Diaw can be, he simply hasn’t been as effective as he once was and he was NEVER the defender that AK was… even now. They actually get worse. Still, Utah has competent management and their is a reason why they have floored a competitive team for almost 20 years straight. I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt because Sloan can find a way to take advantage of any player’s strengths but, talent-wise, they get worse no matter how you look at it.

    And then there are the Nets. They get to pair Carmelo with Lopez and three other “couldn’t quite cut it as starters on other NBA teams” players. This is a disaster waiting to happen and I wonder if any players has ever demanded a trade halfway through their first season of being traded to a team. Ther Nets would not be the 5th best team in the East; that’s just lunacy and wishful thinking. They, at best, are a 6th seed and that’s putting them ahead of Milwaukee and Charlotte; two playoff teams from last year that got better over the summer! Honestly, I ee them battling out for the last spot in the East with regioanl Rivals New York (if they even make it that far) and I would have to give New York the edge for having a more complete team.

    This is a bad and/or confusing trade for all parties involved except Charlotte. For all the nonsense involved in this trade, Denver could very well go ahead and throw common sense out the window and send Melo to conference rival Houston. At least then they get a star in return and some young talent that has already proven themselves along with the first round draft picks they are looking for. Yea, you basically hand Houston the second seed in the west but at least you don’t end up with a disgruntled player in AK (even if it’s only for a year) and a “maybe” and definite gamble in Derrick Favors. He didn’t wow anyone in the summer league; Cousins did that by showing a few teams why it was a mistake to pass on him and why he will be the next prominent big man in the league.

    There is just too much head scratching to comprehend in this trade and a whole lot of teams taking on unneccesary risk or players just to make it happen. lebron couldn’t get anyone else to come play with him and he was (arguably) the best or second best player in the world. you really think those same stars are going to crowd to New Jersey for Carmelo on an unfulfilled promise (as of yet) that they’ll be making the move to Brooklyn? Just bad, bad, business decisions all the way around and even worse assumptions on which those decisons are based!


    ^^^ OH SHIT ^^^

    Loooooong ass post. And on a weekend at that HAHAHAHAHA


    AK, disgruntled? Nah. Away from Sloan and going to the mile high city would be a great relocation for a Russian, don’t ya think?

  • Caderade

    Players I would rather build my franchise around than Carmelo Anthony: Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Durant, Dwight, Deron, CP3, Dirk, Nash, Bosh, Pau, Rose, Timmy, KG, Brooke Lopez, Danny Granger, Steph Curry… Did I miss anyone?

  • Curtis G

    @ En Fuego:
    If it’s too long, don’t read it. I get so tired of people pointing out the length of my post. If you are a regular on here, then you already know that is normal for me…
    In any case, AK is currently not disgruntled but he will be if he is traded to Denver because he has already stated his desire to stay in Utah. On top of that, it’s obvious that he is only be included on this deal as a salarry dump for Denver next year as I certain they will not be resigning AK as part of their rebuilding process. I am also sure AK will view this as insult, I mean this is a guy that cried on national television! It would not be a pretty season in Denver for him!


    @ Curtis

    its all good. Most of us here are pretty used to long ass posts, not just during slow grind of the off season. You and Brogden need to have some sort of contest with your posts. HAHAHA


    And AK might find it refreshing to have a new coach like George Karl. Think Karl will be able to utilize AK more than Sloan. Sloan may be a great coach, but one has to admit that old man can be as stubborn as shit at times.

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    Anbody consider that the real culprit here is CAA!! All of this unrest and whining mainly comes from theyre clients and they r the ones tringg to bully these teams into theyre terms. in addition to the 3 in miami, a formerly mild mannered cp3 and melo’s overnight dissatisfaction is the work of Leon Rose and in some cases LRMR

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    @Caderade….u didnt miss anyone but u need to remove a few. Gasol & Bosh are proven supporting players not franchise….and i’ll assume u meant Kg, Timmy and Dirk in their prime b/c now they should be gettin their social securities and retirement plans in order.

  • http://www.slamonline.con Royal
  • sh!tfaced


  • HeatWave4Life

    Carmelo on New Jersey is perhaps a 6th seed in the east…Chicago needs to pull the trigger on that trade if they’re serious about a championship.

  • Witness

    The NBA is turning into a sad circus with the biggest clowns in the world makin’ Ron Ron look sane

  • jay

    i get melo is ticked but he talked to kobe and kobe gave him the honest truth..make sure this is what you want and not just demand a trade for the sake of a trade..grass is not always greener on the other side..devin goes..i like farmer but he has never started before.lopez is nice and terrance williams has potential but lets be honest farmer aint john wall! make sure you know what you are doing and not make a decision cause la la wants a reality show and go back to hot97..though i do like her as a dj! melo will be playing at the pru and until the nets get decent..he will be playing in a half empty arena though it is 50x better than the swamp at the izod! be careful melo!

  • Stunnaboy09

    Any news whether ‘Melo signed the extension yet. Prokhorov is a dude I would not want to cross, might just send Melo some friends to “help” with the decision.

    Speaking of which if Melo did a mini decision with multiple trades agreed and it was up to him to choose would you watch it? That would be some entertaining television…

  • nyk

    i was in the nba store down in orlando and melo’s jersey were already heavily discounted.

  • Era

    ya’ll know that the nets have the cap space to sign cp3, right? the nuggs cant do shit in the next few years unless some pau gasol for a bag of weed and a pizza deal is made.