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Carmelo Anthony trade rumors heat up; Nets, Knicks involved

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

You have to wonder if the Denver Nuggets had any idea how quickly this Carmelo Anthony thing would spiral out of their control. Back when the Nuggets got knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by Utah, it was bad, but you still figured the team had a bright future with ‘Melo (who’d already signed one extension in Denver and seemed content where he was) not too far removed from a Western Conference Finals berth, a few more years of quality Chauncey, some young talent in Ty Lawson and J.R. Smith, etc. Just a few months later, the odds are looking slim that Denver opens this season with ‘Melo on the roster. Did the Nuggets know ‘Melo had been growing frustrated? How sudden was this development? Could they have known this was coming … Yesterday’s most legit rumor said the Nets have become the leading in the ‘Melo race — should they offer Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, Kris Humphries and a 1st-rounder — but then Isiah Thomas (after consulting his See-N-Say) said it’ll be either the Knicks or Bulls. And Lil’ Scooter down on 134th thinks ‘Melo is headed to the Thunder, so don’t count that out … For the record, Rajon Rondo is saying he voluntarily pulled out of Team USA consideration so he could focus on the Celtics’ season. So why go through the whole USA process in the first place? … Erick Dampier worked out for the Rockets, and is still considering signing with Houston or Miami. Wouldn’t you hate to be the guy brought in to be Damp’s workout partner? Whatever team that’s looking at him is mainly interested in his ability to bang and dole out six fouls; it’s not like he’s working on turnaround jumpers and hooks with either hand. So his workout partner is getting his ass kicked while Damp shows off his flagrant-foul skills … From one athletic and talented yet unproductive SF to the next: The Hornets are giving Joe Alexander a shot after the Julian Wright experiment was declared a bust. Alexander, the No. 8 pick in the ’08 Draft, basically hasn’t made an impact anywhere basketball-wise since he was at West Virginia. In theory he’ll benefit from playing alongside Chris Paul, but that’s only if he gets on the court … And because the Raptors need to lose more talent, Lottery pick Ed Davis will be out for at least the first month of the season following surgery on torn meniscus in his right knee. Nothing too major, but not a good sign for those who were worried Davis will be another Brandan Wright … When Raps coach Jay Triano says, “We don’t have anybody we have to cater to offensively. We’re going to be a very balanced team,” is he admitting his team doesn’t have a real go-to guy, or is he just taking a jab at Chris Bosh? It’s not like Toronto needs to give Miami another reason to run them out of the gym however many times hey play next season … We’re out like ‘Melo …

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  • D.I. Dollar

    Melo and some filler to LA for Odom, Caracter, and Walton. You heard it here first.

  • jackass

    yeah yeah melo is a punk, and i’m the first

  • K Dizzle

    In response to AB’s “Dear Denver: Don’t Trade Carmelo”

    August 17th, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    K Dizzle says:

    Dear Denver,
    man up and trade Melo YESTERDAY.
    Dude put his house up for sale and ain’t signin the extension.
    I didn’t know crack prices dropped so much that anybody could get it and start thinkin ish like “Denver has a chance to win a chip if Melo stays”
    They ain’t beatin the “older” Lakers, they ain’t beatin the healthy Blazers, they ain’t beatin the Spurs and they ain’t beatin the Mavs. If they even think about gettin thru that gauntlet, then they damn sure ain’t beatin the Heat, the Celts or the Magic.
    Know when to say when. Dude is leavin. Stop delayin rebuilding by one year and cut bait.You want a better deal? Tell Melo to sign the extension n then trade him. The team gettin him gets him locked up for at least 3 seasons meanin they give the Nuggets more back in return. Melo gotta choose his team for this to work, but call up New York and see how much they really like Chandler, Gallo or Randolph…

    Play it out and see what happens?
    After 6 outta 7 playoff appearances ended in the 1st round?
    Worst advice ever…

  • Marcus

    Rondo was pushed to the US tryouts by his agent.

  • Larry

    Blazers but Denver would never trade melo to the blazers it would be nice tho miller,Roy,melo,LA,oden


    Regarding the Melo situation, this is a classic case of monkey see monkey do!

    Melo secretly Lebroned us all! Hahaha!

  • http://www.drakesucks.com Chicagorilla

    In honor of Melo, here are the fights of the season


    Common theme I picked up on in this video.

    1) No one wants any part of Kurt Thomas, J.Oneal, Shaq, Kenyon Martin,

    2) NBA players holding their hands in the air and walking foward to bump chest…wtf? you do that in a real fight and your lights will be turned off.

    3) Lamarcus Aldridge, Dirk, and Andrew Bogut like to start ish

    4) Pierce and Artest clearly hate eachother

    5) Derek Fisher was picked on the most

    6) Matt Barnes was the AHole of the year in 09-10. D@mn shame Dwight’s big a$$ needs a 6’7 sf to be his enforcer.

  • http://www.drakesucks.com Chicagorilla

    As for the Melo thing.

    Send him to the Chi so we can bring in some chips. or at least make the ECF very interesting.
    I’d give up Noah in a heartbeat. Then turn around and Sign Erik Dampier to be the starting center.


  • TripleDouble

    why do i have this feeling that brandon roy’s gonna be traded to denver for melo… that’s just me, tho…

  • Soopa

    Nice clip Chi!

    The sad thing is that the FIBA WC had more “incidents” then the entire 09-10 NBA season :P

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    Theres no way u give up Noah for mr. 1 dimentional Melo. u get him and booze fighting 4 shotsand NOBODY playin D… u need noah 2 cover up their shortcomings…and when did all this frustration w/ denver come about anyway? Lebrons been gettin far 2 much attention lately…maybe melo wanted a piece of that….the speculation

  • common sense

    argh man.. you cant give up Noah for Melo.. Melo is great but only offensively and thats only scoring.. still needs to board more and dish more. He is not in the same league as Wade and Bron who play D, board, score, dish.. you aint winning anything with Melo..

  • HeatWave4Life

    Even though He hasn’t said it publicly, Carmelo probably wants to go. But why not keep him until the trade deadline and if Denver feels it can’t contend, then you trade him instead of trading him now.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Marie, a good friend of mine passed away today. She died of colon cancer. She was only 35.

    Not really a big basketball fan but she was a devote Lakers fan.

    I will listen to Lou Reed’s Magic and Loss album today. Same goes with the Duran Duran song What Happens Tommorow.

    Apologies guys for the off-topic but this was the least I could do for her.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    hi hi today to Mr Alf,

    and very sorry to hear from your loss. i put on great song by america band called Black by the pearl jam. i hope one day u have beautiful life i hope u be a star in somebody sky, why not mine. thank you. marie will be missd. from your jurgo. and i can cheer alf up with jurg top 5 euro player to watch in this season. and let me know and i will write.

  • Jade

    Condolences to Marie’s family and friends.

    Let it fly Jurg…but if Rubio’s in there…you’re gonna be getting some flak from me !!!

  • control

    Here to dole out some more Rondo hate, gotta balance the guys who are on his jock for no reason.

    “Focus on the Celtic’s season” what the fuck that even mean? Does that mean he’s going to go meditate in a quiet green room or have seances, holding hands with a group of leprechauns or something? Watch Jersey Shore marathons to learn new ways of being a douche? Film commercials that make you come across as a shifty eyed douche? Why even waste everyone’s time with the whole ordeal if you are just “focused on the Celtic’s season” the whole off season, that’s just a prick job there. Not like US needed him, if anything he might have put that whole winning gold at risk.

    Melo is a pure bitch. This trend of stars whining their way off teams is complete bullshit. I really hope Denver looks out for themselves instead of catering to Melo’s trade demands.

  • Stunnaboy09


    Damn I knew the NBA were filled with bitch fights, but an 8 minute long video and not ONE punch was thrown? Inexcusable. Even soccer has more fights than that.

  • JAY

    @ Alf, my condolences for your loss

    @ Denver Nuggets, you just got Diva’d

  • control


    That video is hilarious, it’s funny watching how pussyish their chest bumping is.

    The Celts are like 50% of the video, they get fouled somewhat hard, they have to act tough and bump chests. If they foul someone hard, they have to act tough and talk shit. It’s insane that Sheed is the voice of reason on your team…even Rayray was douching it up there.

    Kobe is the main guy running in with hands in the air, don’t know why Barns didn’t KO him a few times. Derek Fisher started most the shit he was in, the guy is a DIRTY player…

  • Cha-Ching

    Some of yall sleep on Melo. He can’t be stopped one-on-one. Dude got game and him on the Bulls with Rose would be the shiznit. Boozer will be a lot betta then Kenyon.

    Best fight has to be Rick Fox and Doug Christie in the tunnel. That was crazy.

  • mo.B.bad

    get him to the magic (for VC and, I dunno, gortat?)

    play him at the 2 or the 4 (lewis at the 3). he’s got the post game to play the 4 and would be able to score inside and out, taking pressure off dwight (whose defensive skills would cover for melo’s lapses) to do it all.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Condolences ALF – Maybe you can listen to “Marie” by Townes Van Zandt as well.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    As a die hard ‘Melo and Nuggets fan, I’m not listening to any more rumors until he actually says it himself. Masai Ujiri hasn’t even spoken with him yet. With the same team from last year and full health can compete for a title. Last season was just bad luck the way their injuries happened and what happened to coach Karl.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    and a big hi hi to Mr Andrew M who write in smack today. i say big hi to u in smack some days ago. nothing.

    which person know where jurg can send email to top five euro to watch for mr austin burton to look at. or just put it in this rectangle for everyone to see now.

    from that great dane jurg.

  • B

    @ common sense… you must not watch Melo play… he would give the bull a go to guy in the clutch… and Lebron don’t play no D… he just getsa highlight block every now and then

  • Promoman

    My condolences, ALF

  • Big Fish

    @ Andrew Macaluso

    I’m with you as a Nuggs fan, and I understand your point, up to a point. Melo hasn’t actually whined or demanded a trade, but at the same time he’s done nothing to deny rumors of his whining and demanding.

    I would like to think he’s doing one of two things.

    1. He’s strictly commanding attention. His draft class was amazing, and over the summer the 3 other players he’s often associated with got tons of attention, hype, and love (from NBA teams). He wants some of this, too. Face it, Chris Bosh isn’t as good as LeBron or D-Wade (or even Melo), but over the summer he was treated as though he was. Melo wants the same thing, if he can get it.

    2. He’s keeping his options open. Again, looking at the other 3 players, they played it safe a few years ago, going with a shorter contract to make sure they could sign a new contract before the new CBA. Melo was the only one that took a gamble signing for 5 years. While initial speculation says he won’t be able to make as much money with a new CBA, he might just be making sure. Wouldn’t he kick himself if he signs the extension with the Nuggets, but then the new CBA came out and allowed him to make more money?

    @ TripleDouble

    I’d trade Melo for Roy straight up. In fact, I think that benefits both teams. I’m a Melo fan, and pound for pound he’s better than Roy, but Roy would be a great fit with Chauncey and the Nuggets’ bigs.

  • http://www.drakesucks.com Chicagorilla

    @Bulls fans saying don’t trade Noah

    Look, I “Kinda” like Noah for his attitude and the way he speaks up. But No way in flucking hell do I keep him over a top 5 NBA talent like Melo. Noah can grab non-contested rebounds and he can out hustle lazy centers/forwards, BUT THAT IS IT! Lets not act like he has a post game, or a jump shot, or defense! I watched every bulls game last year and dude was getting abused by the EVERY CENTER in the NBA. EVERY ONE OF THEM, from Dwight to Shaq to Geg Oden. Center was our weakest spot last year, even weaker than PF. Noah is at his best as a bench player giving you 25min of hustle and annoying the other team. Anything more than that and he gets tired.

    Melo on the other hand is an Elite scorer who can score from anywhere on the court and get buckets in the post. And in case you haven’t watched Boozer play… we STILL don’t have a post scorer. Boozer is a jump shooter. We put Melo on the blocks and he’ll draw so much attention that the entire offense will open up for everyone especially Boozer’s jump shooting a$$.


    Yes I did notice Kobe and KG doing a lot of that. kinda cowardly IMO. If you bad enough to kick it off, don’t stand there with your hands in the air trying to “accidently” elbow the opposing player in the face.

    In my Riley from the boondocks voice
    “that’s soooo not gangsta my nicca”

  • LakeShow84

    @ Alf – i dont like u but sorry to hear that my man..

    @ Jurg – now i do indeed love u lol

    Crazy world if Melo gets traded.. Kids lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ Alf – sorry for your loss, man. 35 is too young and it always hurts to lose a Laker fan.

    -moment of silence-

    @ Macaluso – it blows my mind that some people don’t understand the impact that Karl had on that squad. I felt he was as important as Melo was to that team and we saw what happened when Dantley tried to lead that squad. Denver was waaaaay better than the end of their season showing.

  • the_don_mega

    @alf –

    my condolences bruh

  • Mr. TKO

    I wouldn’t do that trade for Noah, Melo shouldn’t accept it and the Bulls shouldn’t do it. My reasoning is that it puts Melo and the Bulls right back in the same position that he’s been in for years…. a team with a lot of potential but no legit big man to get them over the hump. That’s been Chicago’s problem for years (Boozer helps but he ain’t no 7 footer) and Melo has been dealing with that with Nene (He’s a beast but he nuts up against Big Men like Pau.)

    I would finish this thought but it’s time for an early booty call so Priorities beckon.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Thanks guys. Appreciate so much all your messages. I know Marie is reading this somewhere.