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Carmelo Anthony trade rumors now include Andre Iguodala

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Last call for last-minute entries into the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. While the NBA world waits to see if the Nuggets pull the trigger on the four-team deal that would send ‘Melo to the Nets, at least one new team is getting into the mix. The Sixers have reportedly pitched a scenario where Andre Iguodala would go to Denver as part of a package for ‘Melo … Philly has never been on any of Anthony’s wish lists, but he could do a lot worse in finding a new home. It’s a major East Coast media market, it’s not that far from NYC, and the Sixers’ future prospects are looking good. Elton Brand‘s contract is the only real terrible one on the books, so Philly could conceivably make a run at Chris Paul or Tony Parker or whoever else they need to become a contender down the road … Kobe allegedly gave ‘Melo some advice over the weekend, telling him not to force just any trade just to get out of Denver, but to make sure it’s really a good move for him. We know Kobe is a competitor and everything, but you’d think with the chance to get ‘Melo out of the West, Kobe would be like, “Yeah man, you gotta leave. Whatever it takes. They’re not treating you right, bro.” … And before any crazy L.A. fans start swearing Kobe would never do that and Kobe relishes all challenges, remember that Kobe would rather have Ron Artest on his side than against him … We feel like we’ve read like 37 “Al Jefferson is SO happy in Utah” stories this summer, but the Salt Lake Tribune had a particularly good one yesterday. Quote from Big Al: “I don’t do the nightlife no more. I’m not going to be the type of guy who’s going to go out and club all the time. I’m focused. And I’m here to work, and I’m here to win.” Easy to say when you live in Utah. Hence the challenge for a guy like Blake Griffin, who has every bit of talent (and then some) to be a 20-and-10 beast like Jefferson, but he’s also got to deal with the temptations of living in L.A. … If you’re the Cavs, who makes more sense to start at small forward: Jamario Moon, Jawad Williams, or Joey Graham? Or do you go with option “D” and give LeBron James Jr. a jersey? The kid is only like 6, but he could be a talent … LeBron Sr. was at the Dolphins/Jets game in Miami last night. Watching Brandon Marshall dominate at WR it’d be easy to re-start the “Could LBJ play pro football?” debate, but we have a different question: With the NFL considering an 18-game regular season schedule, do you think the NBA’s 82-game slate is too long, too short, or fine like it is? … We’re out like Jamario on the All-Star ballot …

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  • icey

    82 games is fine just the way it is..However I do think that the championship series should be shorter. Best out of 7 just kills the buzz, and its almost inevitable that the NBA “twitches” the games to make it go as long as possible

  • TripleDouble

    if they change the games count, well, they’d never break 72-10…

  • Jer Boi

    Id rather have Melo for one year than Iggy for 5.

  • Mr. TKO

    I remember on 2k, I usually drop down to a 56(?) game season and I think that the NBA should lose some games from their schedule. I think playing 80-100 games a season including the back to backs dilutes the product somewhat.

    I really hate back to backs, cuz majority of the time, the team that played the night before plays like shit and I hate watching it. They could cut down on those and save the players bodies some stress while still putting out a high quality product.

    I know the league will never do it, because they make Beacoup money but it’d be nice to think of.

  • Cha-Ching

    Leave the league the way it is. I love it when the season goes long. Works great for a life long fan of a championship striving team like LA. Yes, I was still a fan when Nick Van Excel and Doug Christie was the backcourt.

    Luv NBA TV for running all the dunk contests this weekend. Jordan run was nice. Vince Carter was hurting thou.

  • Cha-Ching

    Chi-Town stand up! Bears going to be 3-0 by the end of the night. F the slacker packers.

  • Cha-Ching

    2000 Vince vs. Lebron dunk contest?

  • jdstorm

    Id Like to see the league cut it back to 80 games a season, but change it so division games mean more.

    play 5 games a year against division rivals, 3 games against everyone else in your conference, then a home and an away game against all the teams in the other conference.

    then after the regular season ends, all non playoff teams play a knockout tournament to see who picks where in the draft. while playoff teams get a week of to recover and prepare for round 1

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    And a big hi hi
    from jurg.

    I like 82 game becuase more games for fantasy yahoo. And I cannot wait to October 15 when live draft happen and I nail draft and Vladimir at same time and he love it. Ha ha ha.

    A big hi hi to mr Andrew maculano. How are you sir.

    From the great Dane today

  • Drink the Haterade

    “And before any crazy L.A. fans start swearing Kobe would never do that and Kobe relishes all challenges, remember that Kobe would rather have Ron Artest on his side than against him …

    Kobe is not stupid… He knew that his team needed that toughness and who’s crazier than Ron Ron? I mean he started a freakin riot in the palace. HELLO

  • Chise


    You’d like to see it cut from 82 to 80? lol no offense, but why?

  • Miami6

    Damn the ‘summer of LeBron’ is falling into ‘the fall of Carmelo’. Literally…

  • K Dizzle

    “And before any crazy L.A. fans start swearing Kobe would never do that and Kobe relishes all challenges, remember that Kobe would rather have Ron Artest on his side than against him …

    Didn’t Kobe beat Ron for his first post-Shaq chip?
    Didn’t Ron walk into the LA locker room and beg to play with Kobe?

    Do better…

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    Ill take Iggy over here in Chicago. I think philly fans have no idea what a good basketball player is and Iggy is greatly undervauled in philly. He cant shoot that well but he is very good at everything else. The flipside to that is Loul Deng, he can shoot pretty good yet he does everything else terrible. And 82 games is fine. The 1st rnd needs to go back to 5games.

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    @Chicagorilla…i was just ready 2 concede 2 ur side of things (on the noah trade) and u go and say something like iggy is better than luol? Luol is boring as all hell but he is a better all around player. speaking of which why would denver take back iggy with more $ left on his contract but not luol + change?

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    And mainly b/c i dont want 2 c another east conf team land melo (even if that means playin in my backyrd brooklyn) i say chicago may need 2 throw in noah..(i know) but this 70 mill contract demand of his is giving me 2nd thoughts.

  • M-Intellect

    I don’t understand why Chicago would want to pay a scrub like Noah $12 mill/year when they can pay Melo, a certified star, $17 mill/year?

    BTW – When I typed ‘Pay’, ‘Noah’ and ‘$12 mill/year’ in the same sentence, I almost vomitted up my Coco Pops.

  • stretch

    yall r selfish… 82 games is too much and his evident by the way the players break down. Some freak injuries… Some even sit out long after injury just to get a break. the nba feels like a marathon and we just watching high conditioned athlete beat up on lesser conditioned one even though they probably have same talent.

    but then again nba is about the money. how else can they generate more income to play their diva players.

  • ctkennedy

    i think they should cut 6 nba teams…to make it 24 teams ..then each team play each other 3times ..then take the top teams to the playoffs ..it would make the regular season more important and give all the teams better benches..lesser teamns means more comp for the positions

  • mo.B.bad

    82 games is absurd.

    this ain’t baseball which, unless you’re a pitcher or catcher, is about as strenuous as a brisk evening run. this is basketball which is end-to-end athleticism. the length of the regular season is damn sure causing injuries n’ stuff.

    plus the regular season generally means little as teams are just jockeying for position in the playoffs. this is the big problem with combining the playoff format with dozens of games and big divisions.

    playoffs work in the NFL because their regular season is 16 games long, so every game is important by default.

    the reg season needs shortening, or something different needs to be done to spice it up. maybe have six divisions of 4 teams and two divisons of 3 teams (LA, LA, GS and NY, NJ, BOS) so the 4th seed doesn’t go to a runner-up. that’d be a start.

  • star_bury

    I’m all about parity, so I feel you should have a home-and-away with opposite conference teams (30 games) and 2 home-and-away with conference opposition (56 games) for a total of 86 games. That way, seeding for the play-offs won’t be skewed in favour of teams that had the fewest games against tough opponents.

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    82 is more than necessary. Especially when you add the pre and post season games. They recently increased the number of 1st round playoff games, so its not like they’re gonna shorten the season (unless there’s a strike, of course).

  • money

    I’m hate the worse announcer in the world but I’m gonna steal his catchphrase anyways “I LOVE THIS GAME!! MI GUSTA!” I can never catch enough NBA action.

    That being said, I would still like a shortened season. The injuries that guys are suffering are really dampening the excitement in this league. Hate on Yao for being fragile, but when he’s healthy, he’s damn exciting to watch. I think to better protect players like him, like T-Mac, Bynum, etc. – I think it’d be better to have a shorter reason.

    I also agree with shortening the first round of the playoffs to best of 5.

  • KyBaller

    @JDStorm—I like that idea

  • Stunnaboy09

    82 games is RIDICULOUS. How many players break down in it, this a pretty intense sport and when you factor in playoffs and pre-season some guys play close to 100 games. The NBA should definitely shorten it, gives more meaning to the games and due to reduced injuries, lets people put a better product on the court.

    Iggy for Carmelo? Not too sure bout that one, is Philly THAT much better than Denver. Not worth it if you ask me.

    Luol Deng 17.6/7.3/2.0 good defender
    Andre Iguodala 17.1/6.5/5.8 great defender

    Gee, I wonder who is the better all round player?

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    @Brooklyn if u really think Deng is a better all around player than Iggy then u must be a Duke fan or u have never watched either of them play. Iggy is 5x the player Deng is. And no Deng is not a good defender, he is actually one of the worse defenders at his position. He gets sh!tted on on the reg. @NBA should be shorter because its physical….have u guys watched the NHL? 100Xs more physical and they go 80 + games + playoffs.

  • Hydro

    “Then after the regular season ends, all non playoff teams play a knockout tournament to see who picks where in the draft.”

    Yeah, cause that makes a ton of sense.

  • Turncoat

    The NBA season is fine, the NFL season is just fine, but do you know what is waaayyyyy tooooo long? The MLB season.

    Not only do people not care about baseball, but I’m tired of watching ESPN highlights about players hitting homeruns into the empty seats at stadiums that are far bigger than they should or need to be. Add that to the fact that just about eveybody in the league is juiced, so no real need to expand this pissing contest (literally) to the length it’s at right now. honestly, nobody really cares outside of yankees and red sox fans.

  • Big Island

    I could see cutting the season down to 70 games so guys stay fresh for the playoffs. The top teams are usually lined up by then and start resting guys so it isn’t a big loss. If they change anything, it should be the playoff system. Do something like take the division winners, seed them, and then take the rest of the teams by record and have it be one big bracket.

  • bdk23

    @jd storm and whoever the fuck agrees with him

    worst idea i ever heard…. u tell me what self respecting, dignified nba player is gonna actually wanna play for a draft selection… some of these guys are in their mid 30s and u think they really give a shit about these new draftee’s and playing their hardest to get them….lol ask gilbert arenas if hes gives a flying fuckkk about a 19 or 20 yr old john wall on his squad ya fuckin numbskull.

  • http://levinsonlawfirm.com Cary

    …considering the amount of teams, I think 82 games is fair. Cutting more teams and thereby making a short schedule more appropriate would do too much harm to league wide revenue (read: not gonna happen).

    As for Melo: the more big names involved the less likely something will go down. The Nuggets will need to rebuild, Iggy is good (and I know everyone is high on him after FIBA), but he is not a piece that you build around.