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Celtics and Heat gear up for 7-game showdown

Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

Apparently the Celtics and Heat are in a competition to set the record for having the most players in training camp and under contract. Yesterday the Celtics extended camp invites to Mario West (Hawks), Stephane Lasme (UMass), Chris Johnson (LSU) and Jamar Smith (Southern Indiana), bringing their preliminary roster count to approximately 47. It’s gonna look like ABCD Camp the first few days before Doc Rivers starts making cuts … With every new guy Boston brings in, Luke Harangody has to be getting more nervous. He’s likely going to be the slowest, least-athletic guy in camp, which is bad if you’re 12th in line, but worse if you’re 20th in line. Harangody has to stand out with his outside shooting and by doing everything he did well during Summer League so he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle … Erick Dampier has an offer on the table from Houston, but is reportedly leaning toward signing with Miami. Of course he is. We’re surprised there’s been no rumors of Alonzo Mourning and Rony Seikaly trying to comeback and play for the Heat … Orlando picked up another big body in the Eastern Conference arms race, signing Malik Allen. When he does play he’ll set some screens, rebound and play D. But he won’t play much … Jon Scheyer and Earl Watson are headed to Utah Jazz camp. Our first thought with Scheyer was, “Man, imagine his jump shot after getting to work with Jeff Hornacek.” But then, can Hornacek really teach Scheyer anything about shooting the rock? They’re both Laser Show … As for Watson, hopefully he does well for Indiana’s sake. That’s a real bad look for the Pacers if their primary starting point guard from last year couldn’t even crack the regular rotation for another team … Are the Mavs trying to be funny? Looking to fill the void left by Tim Thomas, the team is reportedly looking at three guys: Bobby Simmons, Steve Novak and Brian Cardinal. So in other words, a guy who can’t stay healthy, a guy who can’t do anything but shoot, and a guy who is the poor man’s version of Brian Scalabrine. Was that REALLY the best of the bunch? Classic example of how once you’re in the League, it’s so much easier to stay in the League than a guy who’s on the outside. Of all the undrafted and second-round dudes toiling around overseas and working out in the U.S., NONE of them are better options than Brian Effing Cardinal? No wonder Antoine Walker thinks he can still get an NBA job … Congratulations to the Seattle Storm, who completed a sweep of the Atlanta Dream last night to win their second WNBA championship. Lauren Jackson copped Finals MVP, averaging 22 points and 8 boards for the series, after winning league MVP during the season. It’s fitting that Sue Bird was involved, because Seattle stomped the comp all year like they were wearing UConn uniforms. The Storm went 21-0 at home during the regular season and playoffs, and are only the second team to ever sweep in the Finals … We’re out like Brian Effing Cardinal …

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  • Young Gunner

    I thought Bobby Simmons was the one who was hot when he started but now he’s just garbage? Didnt he win 6th man of the year or something?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Young Gunner

    He was the 2004-05 NBA Most Improved Player. He averaged 16.4 points and 5.9 rebounds I believe that year for the Clippers but faded away after his first season with Milwaukee.

  • john

    First of all the Celtics will not made the ECF. If they manage to finish 4th and advance to the 2nd round they will get theyr ass kicked but the Heat.
    Thats an old, there is no way that they can hang around Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Miller, Haslem ,,,

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  • ab40

    Wow another fake jurg.. sad.

    Boston is better than chicago and orlando too so it’s not a reach they’ll reach the ecf. Who will be the starting 5man is a big question mark. but they can release shaq for that 1 mil they can’t release J.O. with his SIX mil per year.

    Damp should’ve gone to denver. If only melo would understand that after this year denver could be the class of the west.

  • Josh Tha roc

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  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    holy tickle me elmo balls, did you all just make a mention of female basketball on this basketball site???? amazing


    Fucking Miami. Be a man Damp, go to Houston.
    i don’t watch lady basketball, I’m not into chicks who can beat me up. But well done Storm, sounds like they bin tearing shit up.

    and @ Andrew Macaluso …. Simmons didn’t fade away. he just got really fat. kinda the same but opposite.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Cardinal makes Najera look talented.

    Fake Jurges > Real Alf

  • Chris

    Anyone > Real Alf.

  • JAY

    You know what story I have yet to read on DIME??

    Floyd Mayweather beating his baby-mama because she admitted slept with CJ Watson. Isn’t that worth of a Dime retort?? Dude won’t fight Pac-man but he’ll hit a woman…. if this dude had ANY street cred, it’s all gone now.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Tim Thomas, Brian Cardinal, Luke Harangody, and the WNBA?

    Real slow day in the basketball world, apparently…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I’m sure his BM put up a better fight than what Pac-man would. You do realize that Money May would destroy Pac-man in the ring.

    As for beating up his BM…punk move if it really happened. The way these groupie chicks are now-n-days. You never know what she said or did to trigger him.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    Now the WNBA should shut down for a month and then gear up for this fall so they can become a more successful business. All WNBA teams should align with the NBA counterparts and play only on Friday nights similar to the high school format. ESPN should limit the television timeouts and both the NBA and WNBA games will take about the same time it takes for a regular NBA game with a ton of television commercials. To offset the loss of ads during the game, the ESPN, TNT tickers should add ads to the bottom of the screen like the YouTube ads but only keep them up for the same amount of time as a regular ad (30 seconds). Aligning themselves with the WNBA will give the league greater exposure and more importantly the fans will get two games for the price of one on Friday nights. The revenue will increase because people will begin to bring the families to the games more often and the cross promotion for women and men from ad companies will generate more competition therefore higher prices. Let’s face it who actually paid attention to the WNBA Finals? Who would pay attention if the season was aligned with the NBA? Everyone and the championship commercials with both the WNBA and the NBA would be great for a serious marketing mind. My 2 cents for the day.
    Chris B

  • Heckler

    didnt Earl Watson recently get fucked up by his wife?
    I heard a story that she bit his left nipple off and tried to stab him with some scissors or some shit.

    if any of that is true, his ass needs to move to utah to get away from her. either that, or he needs to only get his side bitches when he’s on the road. they tell me his wife is some actress (i never heard of the bitch), but if shit did pop off in their household, its a safe bet to say she beat him. dude is only 5’11

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    I wonder if the NBA can claim the WNBA on their taxes like a dependent child?

    The WNBA got a .33 rating on ESPN2. Play of Fridays? Nope they should just fold.

    Players in the new CBA should bring up to Stern that he keeps giving money to the WNBA so things are going better than planned. That league can’t make any money at all. Attendance is ridiculously low league wide.

  • That’s What’s Up

    what’s worse for a woman? sleeping with CJ Watson or Mr. Randy Watson?

    Who’s Randy Watson? He’s a young man you all know as ‘Joe the Policeman’ from the “What’s Going Down” epsiode of “That’s My Momma”

    Jackson Heights Own ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znP9IT4vS4k

  • silky

    yea lay off the wnba coverage

    …aint no one coming here for that

  • WinDelRoj

    Was watching ESPN they said something about if the WNBA finals went on they would have had to play the games somewhere else cause the arena was already booked… By a Sesame Street show. you know a show with actual ratings

  • Joe’s Momma

    Seatle Storm, congrats! Didn’t watch a single playoff game except for a half manybe, but I probably should have.

    If money Mayweather can stomp Manny Pac out, why does he not do it? I don’t think he is scared, I don’t know if they are holding out for more money, how much more can they get? I just don’t get why the top 2 fighters can’t get in the ring and battle it out. People have been waiting for this fight at least 2 yrs now.

    But the time all the b.s. gets hashed out, they both will be too old to give the fans a good fight.

    Olympic style testing?? This aint the olympics, if you think he is cheating then the post fight physical will catch it. Fernando Vargas got caught after he got beat down by De La Hoya for using steroids.

  • JAY

    @Chicago: “I’m sure his BM put up a better fight than what Pac-man would. You do realize that Money May would destroy Pac-man in the ring.”
    Riiiiiiight. Last we heard, Pacman agreed to the ALL terms that Mayweather was demanding but Floyd didn’t sign. Dude, the biggest shit-talker in boxing, isn’t even bothering to address his fans with his reasons. I got friends who backed Floyd since he started fighting. and after years of me saying he chooses his opponents, they are now agreeing with me. Mayweather is a pick-n-chooser… and for some reason, he’s choosing not to sign the contract. Pacman isn’t avoiding the fight, Floyd is.

    As far as Floyd hitting his ex-woman… Read the reports. It seems pretty straight forward to me. When he went to pick up(or drop off) his son, he asked her if she’s sleeping with CJ. She didn’t want to answer. Floyd kept pressing. So she said “yes”. Then Floyd jumped her and beat and kicked her… all of this happened in front of his children; aged 7-11. The 11yr old gave his story to cops that supported the story. and it’s not the first incident of domestic abuse.
    Seems pretty cut and dry to me. If a son says, “my dad hit my mom”, I don’t know about you but I believe it.

  • JAY

    The way i say it… if the fight doesn’t happen, Floyd has more to lose than Pacman. Pacman has other things going on outside of boxing so he couldn’t care less. Political career, his endorsements in asia, clothing line, he’s a hero in the Phillippines.
    Floyd’s life is boxing. The only thing he can hang his hat on is his undefeated record. If that’s what makes him happy, more power to him.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    When has the police ever reported that the man (let alone black man) didn’t really hit his wife that it was a misunderstanding….especially when the man is a boxer?

    I just don’t believe these females thats all. too much fishy activity.

    As for CJ Watson…get your security up fam, you don’t want to get caught alone with Floyd in a club. Just ask Fat Joe how his encounter with Roy Jones turned out.

    Oh and I’m not going to get into the Floyd is a ducker/not a ducker. He’s the baddest boxer alive and thats all that matters.

  • sh!tfaced

    The Storm making Seattle forget the Sonics for a minute, just a minute. ‘Grats to them…

    Pac & Floyd are scared of each other, believe me… LOL. The difference is, Pacman called the bluff and Floyd blinked…