DimeTV, NBA, Video / Sep 17, 2010 / 1:00 pm

DimeTV: C.J. Miles Sneaker Public Service Announcement

If you haven’t already watched the DimeTV episode of C.J. Miles buying 16 pairs of kicks and talking about his collection, do it now. And for all of you out there who wear a size 13, C.J. put together a little PSA at Flight Club to try and find three specific shoes. Help him out.

UPDATE: C.J. just hit me up on Twitter and said, “yo tha American flag joints I said were number one are at tha crib waiting on me so I got one down.”

Do you have these shoes?

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  • C Money

    AAYYyyyOOoooo with that background music lmfao HOW YAGGY is that music playing in the background? “i spit never swallow?” AYyyyy F***in YO! haha

  • Young Gunner

    Those are some ugly ass shoes behind CJ

  • suberzat

    damn cj if only u wore a size 12 i would have had u on some deadstock peewee’s

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Shirt should say “Miles” High Club

  • ball or die

    The # didnt work

  • s.bucketz

    flight club ny is asssssss!!!and i heard cj gotta step his boxing glove game up instead…i heard floyd money is tryin to get at him for fuckin wit his ex

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    ^^ You are thinking of CJ Watson