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Durant drops 38 on Lithuania; Allen Iverson headed to China?

Kevin Durant (photo. Jared McMillen)

Just when you began to wonder if Kevin Durant was getting too much hype this summer, he went out and proved he’s worth every bit of it. After dropping 33 points on Russia to lead Team USA to the World Championship semifinals, yesterday KD went off again on Lithuania, hanging 38 points (14-25 FG, 5 threes) and 9 boards on the previously-undefeated squad to lift the U.S. to the gold-medal game with another double-digit W … Durant (who wrote 9/11 messages on his shoes) was on fire early and carried the U.S. offense throughout. He scored 17 in the first quarter, sticking walk-up threes and basically getting to whatever spot he wanted for whatever shot he wanted. Obviously FIBA is a different ballgame than the NBA, but have the last two performances made you buy into these MVP odds any more than before? … Andre Iguodala had a couple dunks, but his biggest impact was on the defensive end, where he put Linas Kleiza in a tiny box (4 pts, 1-11 FG) and picked up four steals. But then during halftime of the Georgia/South Carolina football game, we heard one of ESPN’s studio heads call him, “Andre Igg-oh-doola.” … Derrick Rose spent most of this game on the bench, playing only 12 minutes and shooting 0-for-4. Rose is the most talented PG on his roster and no international guard can handle him 1-on-1, but kind of like Rajon Rondo, his game isn’t exactly the best fit for this setting. Or it just doesn’t mesh with Coach K‘s style. Steph Curry only played 2 minutes, as Chauncey Billups mostly ran the point. It’ll be interesting to see who gets PT at the one during the gold-medal game … Speaking of sitting bench, Danny Granger went from zero minutes in the Russia game to one minute against Lithuania. He’s officially the Carlos Boozer of this squad … Play of the game, courtesy Russell Westbrook (as usual): Lithuania’s Mantas Kalnietis was on a breakaway and just when he went for a finger roll, Westbrook spiked it off the glass. It’s one of those plays you see LeBron or Josh Smith make 40 times a year, but remember Westbrook is only 6-3 … Team USA will face Turkey for the gold medal. CRAZY finish to Turkey/Serbia, and in a gym that was louder than Ohio State’s stadium. With about 17 seconds left, Turkey went up by one when Semih Erden took a drive-and-kick pass and dunked plus the foul. After he missed the free throw, Milos Teodosic (the hero from the Spain upset) snaked his way into the lane to set up a bucket for Serbia to get the lead back. Turkey inbounded from midcourt, and a breakdown of the Serbian D gave Kerem Tunceri a wide-open layup with 0.5 on the clock. The place went NUTS after that shot, then Erden blocked a good-looking alley-oop by Serbia that could have won it at the buzzer … Russia beat Slovenia in the 7th-place game. Slovenia was up 14 in the second half before Vitaliy Fridzon (18 pts, 4 stls) took over, scoring 15 in the fourth quarter and leading the comeback. Timofey Mozgov (19 pts) hit the go-ahead free throws in the final minute and a half. Boki Nachbar led Slovenia with 20 points … Some people gave us a hard time for putting Allen Iverson in the lowest tier in our 2010 Free Agent Tracker, but we weren’t saying A.I. was on the same level as a player as, say, Joe Alexander; we’re saying there was a very good chance Iverson wouldn’t get signed at all, that he’s on the verge of not being in the League at all next season. And as it’s turned out, nobody seems interested in Iverson. So it was only a matter of time before he started hearing rumors like the one that surfaced yesterday about A.I. signing with a team in China. Just do us a favor, NBA TV, and air the game where Iverson goes head-to-head with God Shammgod … We’re out like The U …

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  • oscarisalakerfan


  • Sam I Am

    yay Iverson will soon be gone

  • mbokutu


  • mbokutu

    Kevin Durant is officially a problem. Seeing as Westbrook is boggarding minutes from Drose, can we get a who’s better done on these two?

  • heat check

    durant will be the scoring champ, his mvp title depends a lot on how many wins OKC gets.


    serbia vs. turkey’s game is just a fix game, for the turkey (the host country)reach the finals… erden’s dunk wasn’t supposed to be a three point play. ref’s fix it just like the russian fix the game against usa last 1972..

    usa should be carefully coz’ their playing 5 on 6(including the ref’s/officials vs. turkey…

  • Showtime

    Oh please, stop b*tching, there were bad calls on both sides. Serbia just f*cked up big time, a WIDE OPEN layup with 0.5 seconds to go and you blame the refs?

  • K Dizzle

    Did I miss something in the play where Turkey scored their final bucket to take the lead cuz that defense by Serbia was pitiful. Just let a dude walk in for a layin at that point is inexcusable.

    “Just when you began to wonder if Kevin Durant was getting too much hype this summer, he went out and proved he’s worth every bit of it.”

    Few days ago, we were discussin how Melo was unstoppable.
    Well, Kevin Durant is unstoppable. It’s not even fair anymore…

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    I miss Iverson,

    just want to him to have one more chance.

    GO TURKEY!!!!!

  • Shiptar

    what about turkey’s worst (30%) free throw shooter Omer Asik faking an injury in the last minute, so their pg shot them instead of him??

  • morph

    Yeah that Asik injury was fishy.

    The guy i was most impressed with was Teodosic. He played great passes, stuck difficult 3s to silence the crowd – may have overpaced in the end but there wasn’t anybody else to step up i guess

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Settle down, it’s just FIBA play it doesn’t matter as far as NBA players performance in the NBA.


    @ #2 SAM I AM… you are an idiot…how can you say that about one of the greatest ball players ever? He changed the game…probable made YOU watch more NBA games too.He may be near the end but when the Shaq’s and the A.I’s are gone we will all feel like something is missing/different….Sam I AM, GO STUDY YOUR HISTORY SON!

  • Tega

    Ummm, I’ve really been doing my best to share this sentiment, and maybe today’s game may prove what I’m thinking wrong. But I’m now of the belief that Russell Westbrook is better than Derrick Rose. I mean just looking at style of play, neither one of them is a great jumpshooter, though Rose claimed that he had newly developed three point range this summer(might want to keep practicing Homie)but Westbrook has shown that he can pretty much get to the basket at will and have something good happen. On the other hand, what I witness with Rose are a number of over-penetrations leading to play resets and unnecessarily milking time of the shot clock. And for the most part Westbrook’s shot selection has been much better than Rose’s.
    Now everybody is saying this is FIBA and not the NBA and these things won’t translate, but I honestly believe that they will. Think about it, without hand checking and garbage refs(FIBA makes you appreciate what we have in the NBA)how do you stop Westbrook from getting to the basket, where he finishes ABOVE the rim or will get fouled. His coming out party was in the playoffs where he was the real star for OKC(sorry KD). He’s only going to get better from here.
    One obvious argument I’m expecting is that Rose is a better pg/decision maker than Westbrook. I’m not so sure of that either. This is going to be Westbrook’s third season really playing the point, a position that Rose has been playing all along. After all this time Rose has only proven to be a good/average passer, yet he draws comparisons to Steve Nash, Chris Paul and Deron Williams? One of the most egregious statements I’ve heard from Fran Fraschilla while he’s been commentating these Team USA games is that Derrick Rose will be the starting point guard on the 2012 Olympic Team. Really? From what I’ve seen, if Paul and Williams decide to play and are at least 80% healthy, Rose is going to have a hard time beating out Westbrook for that third point guard spot.
    Now there is a chance it might all come together for Rose today in the Gold medal game and make me look like a fool for my assessment, but based on all prior evidence this summer, I’m giving the nod to Westbrook.

  • Tega

    I meant “NOT to share this sentiment”

  • Qrentis

    Yea KD is a problem..
    Who’s gonna stop him in the nba??
    I think its only gonna be a handfull of teams that gonna be able to slow him down.. if that..

    But I see guy are tryin to say westbrook is better than D rose..
    Y’all don’t know shit bout basketball or prolly didn’t even watch the games..
    D rose role on the team is to get the ball to the scorers! And he does a great job at that, He’s not on this team for his scoring but on the otherhand westbrook is, thats y westbrook is so aggresive on the offense end..
    They have two diff roles..
    And I’m sure D rose doesn’t have a problem with the role coach K gave him as long as they’re winning

    Let’s go BULLS!

  • That’s What’s Up

    finally….. a Marbury/Iverson backcourt.

  • Darko

    Turkey had to win because otherwise fiba would have empty gim in finals. judges made some obvious bad calls. I hope USA wins today big time and silence everybody there!

  • JD

    the guy who kicked the ball at the end better have gotten a suspension ;)

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    So if Iverson does agree to go to China will you promise to stop writing about him EVERY day?

    No way that center’s injury was legit. Points for some Ginobli level acing though.

    I dont think Westbrook is better than Rose right now, but wait another 1-2 years and talk to me.

    Look for the Turks to come out strong today, hopefully our B squad doesn’t crack under the pressure.

  • Mtx


    He’s the turkish T-Mac

  • Jagster

    I find it funny how the Writer says that Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo’s style aren’t good for international play, when earlier everyone was saying Rose and Curry’s game WAS great for international play. My have times changed!

    This just goes to show that Good Game Play aren’t made in tryouts or reporters and fans heads or dreams! Players and game play are made during games. And it’s obvious that neither Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry or Derrick Granger are worth a damn in this setting, and Russell Westbrook (with all his out of control problems and lack of a outside shot)actually did belong.

    I think Rajon Rondo would of been fine in this setting (with his ball handling, passing, fast break skills, and would of actually excelled. And it just goes to show that games are played in the REAL Games, not reporters and fans mind!!

    Only two people on this team have been consistent outside shooters (Gordon and Durant), with one semi-consistent shooter (Billips). Everyone else has been a inconsistent outside shooter, terrible, or haven’t shot at all.

    The necessary FIBA skill sets were severely overrated. What team USA needs are simple great defense, athletes and basketball player skills!!

    Durant played great. And he’s a great player. But he’s still not better than Kobe, Lebron, Wade and Melo. Maybe 5th or 6th best behind Howard.

  • Jagster

    PS to the commenter above, who said another commenter “didn’t know shit about basketball”, cause he said Wesbrook was better than Rose on this team or in general”.

    Well you used in your argument that Rose’s role on this team is as a play maker vs Russells scorer/defense mayhem maker. You’re right! But here’s the problem.

    Rose hasn’t been very good as a play maker on this team (similar assist to turnovers, bad decision making, not a great passer). Chauncey Billips (technically the off guard) has led the team in assist most games. Rose just doesn’t seem comfortable playing point guard on this team (no matter how many willing/easy shovel passes he throws his team mates), though I did think he had a decent first quarter yesterday.

    Billips has been the better point guard on this team (and he still hasn’t been great at it either), while shooting much better than Rose.

    I guess Coach K is finally coming out of his Rose induced Coma/Man Crush; but apparently some of his other fans have not.

    Note: I’m not a Rose basher. Just some one who’s watched every Team USA game and a NBA fan.

  • Jagster


    To illustrate my point (just to avoid unnecessary hate), 5 other players in yesterday’s TEAM USA game had as many or more assist than Rose (including Westbrook, Iguodala, Billips, Durant, etc.).

    It’s been like that since the FIBA tournament have started. There may be reasons why he’s not performing the way Rose fans want him to. But the problem is other guards (Billips, Westbrook and Gordon) have passed, scored or shot bettter than Rose has, while he’s provided really none of that on a consistent or better basis.

    Scoring yesterday is a non issue, cause Rose didn’t score at all (0-4).

    Once again; I’m not bashing Rose, but just commenting on a earlier argument above between posters and the original writers thoughts.

  • bobby stew

    i would certainly rock an iverson china jersey

  • gigi

    KD all day baby. I would def take him over LeBron and Melo.

  • the truth

    co sign @tega, your comment was nothing but the truth. But I think you forgot to mention that by virtue of being handed the keys to a franchise, and told to be a number one option, Rose’s stats are far more inflated than they would otherwise be. In comparison to Westbrook, they are almost identical, except for scoring, but westbrook has had to earn his pt, and is stuck on a team with someone who already dominates offensively.

    If westbrook was given the keys, he could easily be averaging steve francis type of numbers, somthing like 22 6 and 8

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    You idiots are changing your name and coming in daily to hate on Rose. This is beginign to get annoying.

    What games are you idiots watching. They don’t even play the same role on the team.

    Westbrook as been playing SG and WG this entire FIBA tournament while Rose has been the PG and you idiots are talking about who the better scorer is.

    The good thing is, hopefully Rose catches wind of this and makes it his purpose to show that he is better than Westbrook and every other PG.

  • K Dizzle

    LOL @ this shady ass reffin already.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Dizzle, yeh but you gotta expect that for the Chip in Turkey. We basically are gonna have to TAKE the ish from them.

  • K Dizzle

    Also a random LOL @
    “You idiots are changing your name and coming in daily to hate on Rose.”

    Nobody hates DRose that much. U gettin paranoid. If you a Rose fan and you think he playin well, then you just need to agree to disagree. As a DRose fan, I got no problem sayin he hasn’t played well this tournament

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    It’s not that. I’m seeing guys repeat the same things that were already said and saying it the same exact way.

    There is no way that there are THAT many people posting on this board that are that stupid. He hasn’t really played bad. He just hasn’t dominated. I’ve been watching the games (Not the box scores) and he does his job. People are saying crazy ish like he doesn’t drive or he can’t drive. THATS HIS KEY ATTRIBUTE as a basketball player. He is one of the best finishers in the L.

    The real problem on the team has been Coach K’s lack of coaching. He seriously still doesn’t run a offense. Then Granger hasn’t gotten PT over Rudy Gay who has been waaaaayyy off.

    LMAO@the travel on Rudy Gay

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chi

    So you’re good with Rose’s play in this tourney?

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    KEVIN MUTHAFLUCKING DURANT!!!! the boy is nasty

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Compared to the rest of the guards the US has had in the last 10yrs. I think Rose is doing good for his role. I personally think he could score whenever he wants, but he’s looking to facilitate. which I also like because it’ll help him become a better PG once he gets back to the CHi.

    I don’t think you all realize that Billups has actually been terrible compared to any of the guards. Yet there is people posting that he’s been soooo good. but I digress.

    Rose (and every other FIBA PG for team USA) have not been asked to score. Curry and E.Gordon are wing guards on this team most of their time on the court. Westbrook has also been more WG than PG.

  • UncheckedAggression

    The bottom line is, Rose has not played well. And he’s shifted from PG to SG and things haven’t gotten any better. He forces one on one play and it hasn’t worked very well for him. He needs to be a better distributor on this team and he isn’t filling the role well.

    As one of my friends just pointed out to me, “Rose is playing like an idiot again. Coach K needs to bench anyone that looks off KD right now.” I think my friend is right. Billups has the right idea–if he can get the ball to Durant, he does it. Rose keeps playing like he expects his shot to get better. It ain’t helping the team.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Unfortunately, I don’t feel confident with Rose on the floor anymore. Our best 5-man combos never seem to include him.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    But you are okay with Durant…who has been looking off Durant repeatedly so he can take his own wild 3 pters? Or perhaps you like the way we have to play a zone because Chauncey is too slow to keep someone in front of him (he’s actually slow on his recovery in the zones too).

    Or perhaps you’re comfortable with Westbrook who when he’s purposely looking off Durant with the clock winding down (as he did at the end of the half and his entire 2 seasons at OKC) he’s crashing the boards from the guard position on a team who’s frontline is 6’10 and up, which in turn give them a fastbreak everytime leaving the others to get back

    I believe Steph Curry should be the starter on this team because of his ability and the other teams usage of the Zones. But that doesn’t mean he’s better than Rose, just means he fits better for FIBA.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Haha man you need to let it go. No one is gonna support your idea that Billups and Westbrook have been worse than Rose in this tourney. Like I said before, I liked Rose. This tourney is making me reconsider. He’ll have a chance to redeem himself in the L this year, so calm down a bit.

    I also like Curry. I wish he’d play more–partly because he has outplayed Rose as well…

  • UncheckedAggression

    Another bad shot by Rose. Just sayin’

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    missed shots don’t equal bad shots. but Durant is saving the day so none of this matters. Its a WRAP! Glad this ish will finally be over because FIBA is kinda boring. don’t like how they changed all the rules to a game that was made and bred in the US, but we have to play by THEIR rules. Kinda dumb if you ask me.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ “This might be the most pressure he’s felt since turning pro” about Durant. These announcers are feeling this FIBa ish too much.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Damn, Rose is getting the Rondo treament lol. His J has been off the last 3 games or so.

  • UncheckedAggression

    No, missed shots don’t equal bad shots. But long fadeaway 2s with a guy on you (when you aren’t a good shooter) = bad shot. The open 3 he took a bit later wasn’t a bad shot. Or the layup. But he still missed them both.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    you talking about missed shots (he’s having a bad shooting game the last 3) but you aren’t saying ish about his passing and defense. the things he wasn’t supposed to be good at, yet he’s finding the open man over and over. While also Ding up people bigger than him and getting his hand in to strip people and knock away passes.

    the funny thing is, while you are sayig he’s so terrible. He’s actually showing a lot of improvements IMO. I’ve never seen him pass this well or play Defense this well. I’m not worried about him scoring he’ll always be able to do that and his jumper wasn’t bad to begin with. People who never watched him play pegged him as a bad jump shooter. He’s right above avg for NBA standards.
    (lol, just saw him throw a bad lob pass to an unexpecting Odom to start the 4th) but i digress.

  • the cynic

    Derrick Rose is going incredible once he learns to make better decisions(which are borderline god awful). His skills and creative instincts are so good he is still effective despite the massive flaw in his game

  • the cynic

    kevin love is the teams best cheerleader

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Holy ish Kevin Love is pale!!! He looks like a vampire

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Is winning Gold in the FIBA Worlds or Olympics harder to do than winning a NCAA championship?

  • UncheckedAggression

    Chicagorilla–I honestly think you’re trying way too hard to find good things to say about Rose in this tourney. His passing has not been that good and his defense is clearly inferior to other guards on this team. Westbrook makes his D look downright bad. His jumper is not above average. If I were you, I wouldn’t even try to go there.

    Cynic is right. Rose’s talent level is very high, but he just doesn’t play intelligently. If the Bulls are gonna be a real threat during Rose’s time there, someone else should probably be the leader. He has certainly shown improvement but he’s got a long way to go. Personally, I’d rather have Tyreke Evans on my team.

    Durant is going to have some crazy high-scoring games this year. That jumper is so smooth. I still think he needs to get stronger though.

  • ab40

    AI vs Starbury haha no way

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    hahahaha, Rose isn’t a leader? all because of these FIBA games. Nevermind all the clutch buckets and assist he’s gotten in a Bulls uniform. Nevermind that he led the Bulls to the playoffs his first two seasons (after the Bulls were terrible enough to get the Number ONE PICK the year before). Nevermind that he took the Bulls through a 7 game series for the ages against the Celtics. Or that he single handedly won the lone playoff game vs Clev this year because his teammates were out matched. Forget about his playoff stats of 23ppg 7apg 5rpg. forget about his 36pt 11ast game he had in his FIRST EVER playoff game which is the best ever for a rookie.

    Like i said, FIBA play don’t mean a flucking thing.
    Durant scored very well but outside of that you can nit-pick every other player on the team to death. And even Durant when it comes to his all around game.

    You can have Tyreke(not sure why you would even bring him up he has nothing to do with this convo and isn’t even a real PG) he’s a good player, but I’ll take Rose and the WIN every time. You and Tyreke have fun fishing the 3rd week of April.

    Just because Fran Franschilla is nut huggin Rose all tourney long is no reason to blindly hate him. Out of no where, MFers are making up BS about Rose’s game based on FIBA play and box scores. I think it was because of the Rondo love affair too.

    you want stats

    Chris Paul in 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/8ppg/3.5rpg/4apg/1 TO per/2stls per/22 min per
    50%FG/28.6% 3pt

    Deron Williams 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/8ppg/2rpg/3apg/1.5 TO per/0.5 stls per/19 min per
    44%FG/37% 3pt

    Jason Kidd 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/1.6 ppg/2.6rpg/2apg/1.5 TO per/0.5 stls per/13min per
    85% FG/50% 3pt

    Derrick Rose
    9 gms/ 7ppg/2rpg/3apg/1.5 TO per/1stl per/23min per
    46%FG/28% 3pt

    Russell Westbrook
    9 gms/9ppg/3rpg/2.5apg/19.4 min per/1stl per/1.7 TO per
    47% FG/43% 3pt

    Chauncey Billups
    8 gms/9ppg/2rpg/3apg/23min per/1 stl per/1 TO per
    39%FG/32% 3pt

    Yeh those are the stats for the 08 Pgs and the 2010 pgs. Now explain to me how DRose is so terrible? Again like i stated before, you dudes are bangwagon haters/lovers. You don’t know enough about bball so you listen to idiots telling you what and who to believe in. USA pgs just don’t do much in FIBA. And with Coach K’s spread offense for Durant and Odom/Chandler/Gay dropping passes and missing lay ups, no way was Rose going to do much better than that.

    ~ J Kidd noted that he did not plan to score a point at FIBA, which is why his scoring is so much lower. and at his age his minutes were kept down

    ~ didn’t list Steph curry becaue he didn’t play enough minutes.

    ~ Im little sleepy so excuse the errors.

  • Darius

    Iverson deserves to b n the NBA

  • bobby stew

    my all-braids team
    ricky davis
    j oneal

  • jay

    i feel bad for AI but he did this to himself..sorry..durant is a stud..the more i see him ball..the more i like him and once da mamba retires i really hope he becomes the face of the league..he does it the right way!!!

  • JAY

    There are grumblings that AI is going to be on the Heat.

    There are maybe 2-3 teams that could use Iverson as a role player where, even if he acts like a dickhead, he won’t affect the team…. Miami is definitely one of them.

  • jwhit45

    Iverson is more talented than quite a few in NBA right now. What a joke.