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H.S. Hoop Diary: Austin Rivers cuts Florida, keeps Duke, Kansas, UNC

Winter Park (Fla.) senior guard Austin Rivers is the best high school player in the country. After de-committing from Florida in April, Rivers allowed Duke, North Carolina and Kansas to give chase, making his one of the most captivating recruiting stories in the country.

The younger son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, Austin has agreed to give HSH and Dime exclusive access by chronicling his thoughts in a regular diary. In this entry he talks about one major development and in-home visits with his new top three. Here are some excerpts:

*** *** ***

… First, UNC came in. I met Coach (Roy) Williams at the front door. I think he came in some sort of nice Cadillac car. The meeting was really cool! We fed them ribs and fried chicken, potatoes, green beans and lemon cake. My mom can REALLY cook! Hmm … I’m trying to think of who ate the most … To be honest, they all ate their plate. I think they liked it because they ate everything. Coach Williams really laid out where he saw me fitting into his system and they did their presentation. I got to see DVDs and they said that they could see me coming in and running the show. Obviously, I’m gonna have to work for it, but they said that I’m a player that can come in and make a big impact right away. I liked it. Coach Williams is a really cool guy. When they left they just said that they’d see me in a few weeks on my visit and that was it.

Kansas came next. This was my first time meeting Coach (Danny) Manning and Coach (Bill) Self.
We switched it up for dinner. My mom made lasagna. That’s my favorite and everybody really liked it. Their presentation was similar to UNC’s. Honestly, it was really chill and relaxed. We talked about the NBA and the lockout and who is the best player they’ve ever seen and all of that stuff. Then at the end of the conversation, Coach Self talked about how he saw me fitting into his system. It was similar to UNC. He said that he sees me as an immediate impact player. It was a really good visit! I really enjoyed getting a chance to meet them. …

… The other thing I wanted to mention was that, obviously, I recently dropped Florida off of my list. That was hard to do. I have so much respect for Coach (Billy) Donovan and that whole staff. They were the first school that I fell in love with, and the only school that I committed to. I just felt like it wasn’t right for me, but they have a great program over there. And a lot of players will succeed there. I just felt like for my career it was best that I go elsewhere.

You can read the rest of Austin’s diary, including details of his in-home visit from Duke and Coach K, RIGHT HERE.

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  • JC

    Dammit, I knew he wasn’t coming to Florida. Looks like he’s putting some serious thought into the process, so good for him. It’ll be exciting to see him on the court nonetheless.

  • ay yo..

    He’s just making it interesting, but he’ll end up at duke.

  • shaw32

    Rivers is an amazing player to watch. I really want to see him in Duke Blue

  • WinDelRoj

    Next interview can you suggest that his NBA career start in Denver

  • Nizzio

    Damn this kid will be good

  • ballin

    DUKE. you know you want to.

    At any rate, can’t wait to see how Austin does

  • bigdoggchad

    Someone just remind him of how well Duke players do in the NBA.That will help him choose the right school(UNC).

  • ShowKase

    FIU! If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…and Isiah can ride your coattails back to the NBA…

  • luke

    Duke players have been doing way better than UNC players in the league fo a while now, get with the times! The last UNC player not to under-achive in the NBA is Vince Carter and that’s been over 10 years ago. UNC makes better pros than Duke is an old arguement.

  • Diables_Bleu

    Enjoyed watching Austin Rivers play ball over the years. Would love to see him develop into a great defender and an elite leader/athlete before going to the NBA at Duke.

    Starting Five:
    Austin Rivers, Andre Dawkins, Seth Curry, Quincy Miller, Plumlee,

    Potential Rotating Bench:
    Tyler Adams, Michael Gbinije, Josh Hairston, Shabazz Muhammad, Quinn Cook, Alex Murphy

  • MasculineshadeofBlue

    If Austin Rivers wants primetime coverage and to be on ESPN Sports Center hightlights, I hope he commits to Duke and plays with some of the up and coming talent on that team.

    With Kyrie Irving staying for only a year or two before entering the NBA draft, Austin Rivers could take leadership of the team and be a sensational ball-handler, racking up assists in unselfish team basketball, and a scoring machine with his clutch shooting.

    This would potentially be a reunion team with some of his AAU friends and USA Basketball team.
    AR, join the Duke family and win some of those Championship rings and 1st team All-American rewards.
    Come to Duke and be a leader and champion on and off the court. peace…