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USA 81, Turkey 64: Instant Analysis

Kevin Durant (USA Basketball, Nike

Kevin Durant (USA Basketball, Nike)

Why Team USA won: Kevin Durant. He absolutely owned the last three games of the World Championship, dropping 33 on Russia in the quarterfinals, 38 on Lithuania in the semis, and 28 on Turkey in the gold-medal finale. Everyone in the building knew KD would be the focal point, and yet most of his buckets today were standstill jump shots, as he was able to play catch-and-shoot and score within the flow of the Team USA offense. Durant hit five threes in the first half and scored 20 before the break. It looked like the U.S. was making a concerted effort to get a second scorer on-track to begin the second half, but when the first few possessions failed to produce, KD knocked down back-to-back threes to push the lead over 15 and pave the way for another convincing win.

Why Turkey lost: Response to defensive pressure. If you were playing for Turkey, it must have felt like there were six U.S. defenders out there. Even when Team USA wasn’t pressing, they gave up very few easy looks — cutting off driving lanes, tightening their pick-and-roll D, and challenging almost every shot. Hedo Turkoglu looked like he was poised for a big night in the first quarter, but was shut down as the game went on and was a non-factor when Turkey gave up big runs. When Turkey couldn’t get inside, they were left to settle for low-percentage shots like long three-pointers and fadeaways from mid-range.

Key numbers: Kevin Durant (28 pts, 5 rebs, 3 stls, 7-13 3PA); Lamar Odom (15 pts, 6 rebs); Derrick Rose (8 pts, 5 asts); Russell Westbrook (13 pts); Hedo Turkoglu (16 pts, 7 rebs); Semih Erden (9 pts, 3 stls); Ersan Ilyasova (7 pts, 9 rebs); Field-goal shooting (Turkey 36%, USA 44%).

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  • cesar

    durant wc mvp

  • Sac

    Great Job by Team USA!

    Congrats! Your defense was excellent!

    But please don’t include Derrick Rose on your leader list.It sends the wrong message (though I know you all are just forwarding a box score).

    He played a horrible game overall with some brief stints of aptitude during garbage time or on break aways. But his stats do not tell the true tale. He was Horrible for 90% of the game; while his brief stints of good play occurred when the game was already decided.

    Durant won this game, with some assistance from Westbrook, Odom, Iguodala, Rudy Gay and overall team defense. But Rose was a complete liability from eyes.

  • Mr. TKO

    Good Job Team USA (even though nobody was watching) Durant, Lamar Odom, Ai2 and Russel Westbrook killed it.

  • S-SiN

    Great tournament and I’m glad I didn’t jinx em. Being in the stands for that game was crazy. It was funny how they gave out the individual honors then the winner’s trophy at which exact point Team USA were ready to storm out towards the locker room to party.. then there were about 25 more minutes of official speeches, passings of the FIBA flag from one host country to another, more speeches.. during that time Team USA stepped off the podium at least three times thinking this was it.. Almost fell asleep, yet somehow the organizers in a last stich effort brought the party back home with what else? The Black Eyed Peas.. talking bout a party, here the Turks have a much better chance to utilize home court advantage.. I’m out like half the Istambul is to get some..

  • supreme

    So when Durant starts in 2012, how is Lebron going to react?

  • S-SiN

    PS. and I can’t forget the looks on US players’ faces when in the end of all the official shit they stepped off the podium for the next to last time and the Turkish ballet came out with the sexy routine. they were balling like do we get a pick of these too?


  • kingralf

    “Hedo Turkoglu looked like he was poised for a big night in the first quarter, but was shut down as the game went on and was a non-factor when Turkey gave up big runs.”

    yeah, shutdown is the word to use i suppose … if somebody is almost half the game on the sideline getting treated because of a knee injury.

    besides that: congrats usa, defense was overwhelming. durant was by far the best player of the tournamnt

  • kingralf

    forgot to say that rose played terrible the wohle tournament. westbrook was superior in every regard.

  • http://www.twitter.com/AustinBurton206 Austin Burton

    @supreme — I’m guessing LeBron will start at power forward (like KD started at PF in this tourney) and Durant will start at the three. Melo comes off the bench.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin

    They should mess other teams up and start Durant at the 5. Lebron and Melo both big enough to guard international 4s and 5s anyways and KD still growin. He could be legit 7 feet by 2012.Matchup nightmare.

  • silverselectjd

    Could WC Team USA beat Olympics Team USA? or Could WC Team win an NBA ‘chip?

  • ab40

    @6 that was a bit to obvious yeah haha. dudes were checkin em out.

    In 2012 i’m going to london it’s a two hour flight haha

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Since no one else is going to do the research. I’ll finally shut some of these idiots up….then again, an idiot doesn’t know when he’s beaten.

    Chris Paul in 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/8ppg/3.5rpg/4apg/1 TO per/2stls per/22 min per
    50%FG/28.6% 3pt

    Deron Williams 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/8ppg/2rpg/3apg/1.5 TO per/0.5 stls per/19 min per
    44%FG/37% 3pt

    Jason Kidd 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/1.6 ppg/2.6rpg/2apg/1.5 TO per/0.5 stls per/13min per
    85% FG/50% 3pt

    Derrick Rose 2010 WC
    9 gms/ 7ppg/2rpg/3apg/1.5 TO per/1stl per/23min per
    46%FG/28% 3pt

    Russell Westbrook 2010 WC
    9 gms/9ppg/3rpg/2.5apg/19.4 min per/1stl per/1.7 TO per
    47% FG/43% 3pt

    Chauncey Billups 2010 WC
    8 gms/9ppg/2rpg/3apg/23min per/1 stl per/1 TO per
    39%FG/32% 3pt

  • D Roc

    Thank you Chicagorilla for those stats. This is not an environment for the point guards to shine. Let the versatile wings like durant, melo in 08 dominate and just play the role of distributor at the point position. Good job team USA for shutting up the haters

  • the WAY

    good win for the USA squad, turkey was scarier than spain in my opinion, hedo seemed motivated, hopefully that carries over in phx
    the announcers brought up a good question?(can we at least enjoy this win first?) of the ’08 Redeem Team and ’10 WORLD CHAMPS whose gonna fill out the roster for the 2012 OLYMPICS?
    — last go round probably for the mamba, spots for ‘bron, dwade, melo, chris paul, supaman, kd –that leaves at least 5 spots (IF they all accept the invite)–who fills out 2012 olympic roster? or do they even need anybody else? i think that 7 alone can win it by themselves. (but i guess we gotta fill out the roster- so who got next?)

  • bing

    @9, you can’t sit Melo, he too is a gun in the international game. Good situation to be in for the coach, sooo much talent

  • Sac

    People can bring up stats all they want. But when you actually watch the game with your own eyes, you know what’s real!

    Rose was just not effective. Stats can lie. Look at Rose stats today? Anyone who watched the game today knew he was horrible. Rose gets too many garbage baskets and points when they don’t count in these matches (i.e stat padding).

    He was constantly a defensive liability. He shot very poorly from three and he was not an inspired/proficient play maker to boot (though he tried sometimes on that end, with mixed results).

    There’s no need to argue about other people in the past. Rose was arguably the worst guard on the team along with Stephen Curry. What is/was true, is that Chauncey Billips, Eric Gordon and Russell Westbrook (with all their ups and downs) were much more valuable to team USA than Derrick Rose. He played horribly and it appeared Coach K was losing faith in him down the stretch (a decision he should of came to a long time ago)!!

    Oh well. Let’s all look forward to the upcoming NBA season. No more discussions on Rose. We all watched the matches!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I know you guys don’t actually think Melo/Bron/Wade are coming back to play again? hahaha, you are all having delusions of grandeur!!! Not sure why you would want the other guys back anyway, when you’ll have all these guys with two more yrs of experience.

  • Sac

    “He was constantly a defensive liability. He shot very poorly from three and he was not an inspired/proficient play maker to boot (though he tried sometimes on that end, with mixed results)”.

    Those comments I made above pertained to Rose Through out his FIBA games mostly, as well as night.

    Let the NBA season begin!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Sac….cocaine is a hell of a drug. It’s one thing to say forget stats in a one on one comparison. But the point of these stats you seem to have missed.

    The PG position in FIBA play for team USA under Coach K is not a valued position. No one cared what CP3, Deron, and JKidd were doing because they weren’t the main focus (Bron/Kobe/Melo/Wade/Howard got more attention). Coach K doesn’t fully use the guys at PG. It didn’t make any noise in 08′ or 06′ because they weren’t the focus, but now in 2010 with Rondo being cut and Rose being deemed the 2nd best player. The PG position was under a spotlight. And if you actually watched the games, then you’d know that each game a different Pg played better.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Chicagorilla–You really do need to just let this go. Nobody’s agreeing with you. Rose didn’t play well and he certainly wasn’t a leader on this team. Get over it. Calling us idiots doesn’t get you anywhere. I don’t hate Rose, I just call it like I see it. He was not a major contributor to our WC team. As you pointed out, he had the chance to be a leader on this team. He fell short and will struggle to make the Olympic team if D Will and Paul decide to play.

    How come you’re the only one that seems to think his D was good? And how come you’re the only one that says he was moving the ball well? And how come you’re the only one saying that he’s a decent shooter? At some point you need to question yourself.

    I’m done with the Rose discussion. Looking forward to the NBA season.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Goddamn, when did Rose switch roles with Rondo as most hated PG?

    Both parties are right, PG’s don’t shine in the international game and Rose did not play well in the FIBA tourney.

    Westbrook marginally outplayed Rose on the offensive end and I would say was better on D. Should he have started? Nah, Westbrook was good off the bench in short energy spurts.

    Nothing to worry about rose gonna put up some nice numbers this year.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    consider that you taking an L. Everything you said was proven to be wrong. “Call you like you see it” huh… it’s cool Ray charles had his own opinion too.

    As for everyone not agreeing with me… Consider me part of the hip hop nation. I hate Drake/Lil Wayne/Gucci Mane/50 Cent/Dip Set and the other fad rappers who produce bad music
    I listen to Lupe/Common/Blackstar/Big KRIT/Slaughter House/State Prop/J.Cole/Jay Electrionica and Corey gunz. consider me outside the box.

    My support for DRose is part because I like his game, and part because I hate to see people pretending like they know something (in this case basketball) when they really don’t know ish.

    Saying Rose had a bad tourney is the same as saying every other PG had a bad tourney. check the stats.

  • Qrentis

    Y’all do not know anything about basketball!!!!!!

    D rose job was to get the ball to the scorers and run the offense..
    I don’t understand how y’all say d rose didn’t do his part, or didn’t play well.. international ball is way diff from the NBA.. and as u can see by the stats Chicagorilla posted they’re isn’t a diff from the stats of the pgs…

    And plus we won the gold!! And he was the startin pg, so shut the hell up with that bs y’all talkin

  • catdog56

    im excited to not have to hear Fran talk about basketball for at least 2 years…..anyone agree?

  • droc

    Rose scored and made key plays in the fourth quarter today, and it was’nt garbage time. sure he had a below average tournament by his standards but 2 years from now nobody but a few assholes will remember it when he’s on the 2012 team. Let these guys enjoy their victory and quit nitpicking about who played better. Everybody played their role and the gold is hanging around their necks, mission accomplished

  • Sac

    I Agree UncheckedAgression. On to the upcoming NBA season!

    I always say, “What sense does it make to argue with overzealous, senseless, wayward, delusional; though relentlessly dedicated pom pom shaking dullards”?

    Rose is not ever worth arguing about anyway(too short, poor J for an off guard; poor lateral quickness & dedication on defense, Low basketball IQ, Short arms/small hands/poor vision/passing to be a truly elite point guard). He’ll have a chance to prove himself this upcoming NBA season, though. Let him!

    We’ll see! On with the upcoming season, indeed!!

    No more silly pom pom shaking arguments/responses with Rose’s Flower Children!

    I agree! I’m done to like you!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I’m not sure they understand, but i’ve proven my point.

  • Qrentis


    U don’t know shit.. and it shows..

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Your SN is SAC….like ball sac. like nut sac. do you really want to do this?

    and you insulting Rose is supposed to somehow hurt me? I’m not sure I get it. That’s like “yo mama” jokes. you corny as hell my nicca lol.

  • Qrentis

    @ ball sac

    Yea u a fool..

  • Sac

    Deep Yawn to all!

    I look forward to the upcoming NBA season.

    You should to. The world championship is over!

    Let’s move on now!

    Get a grip!

  • Stunnaboy09

    Damn, can we just let D-Rose be?

    He aint the messiah but he aint a scrub as well. Jeez you would think Rose was either dropping 28/8 or 10/3 the way guys hate/love him

    Let him be, regular season will show who D-Rose is.

  • High Release

    That Derrick Rose guy had a helluva game. He’s like an upper-middle class man’s Dominic James.

    Good to see the boys’ enthusiasm for the victory today. Durant was so spectacular! He will average 35 points this year. And Ersan will lead the league in arc per shot.

  • J

    Derrick was fine if not unspectacular. He may have been the 2nd best player on the team, but he was not asked to drop 20 points and carry the offensive load. If anything I think he probably took this as a learning experience to playing in the role of a point guard trying to set up the offense instead of being the offense.

    Westbrook clearly played towards his strength with his high energy play with some confident shooting to boot. Derrick didn’t seem to have that kind of confidence, as if he was playing expecting to be pulled after a bad decision. IF Derrick and Westbrook switched roles, I’m sure the outcome would’ve been fairly similar as well. Imma call it a wash.

  • Phileus

    Hahaha. Team USA wins a tournament that nobody expected it to win, but its fans are still bitching :P Just enjoy the gold, and resume the fighting once your teams face off in the season.

  • Phileus

    By the way, it was crazy how far Turkey got into this thing. Nobody expected them to be that good (though they got a little help along the way) and I think it was because of their ridiculous fans.

    I can’t wait to see what Spain does in 2014 when it’s their turn to host…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    your SN is Stunnaboy. put a pin in that, we’ll come back to it.

    When the fluck did I ever write that Rose was the “Next”? Rose is a freak athlete who is learning to play the PG position. something like Adrian Peterson in the NFL. They both have a big flaw (Fumbling for AP/Rose IQ) but still excell at their respective sports and provide some of the best highlights.

  • http://www.guildwars2gold.net/ guild wars 2 gold

    congratulations, our us team, congratulations Kevin Dulant.The mvp of the world champine. US team played the good basketball and deserve all our fans to be pride.Come on!!!!!!!!

  • Stunnaboy09

    Yo Chi I was on your side in this argument, calling Rose “overrated” is stupid. I also agree with you on the FIBA doesn’t suite PG’s thing. I get that.

    Sure mark my SN, I’m saying Rose gonna have a good year. But baring a jump to MVP numbers Rose is gonna be good not great, aint nothing wrong with that.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I don’t even like this FIBA ish. I think it’s lame. The Refs are somehow worse than NBA REfs (who are paid to fluck up calls) and I can’t stand this stigma that the world players are somehow good. when a guy like JR Holden (who couldn’t even be a 3rd string NBDL player) is killing for Russia or a guy like Patty Mills (another NBDL player who’ll never see significant NBA minutes) gets gassed as a top level PG.

    About the only thing I respect from FIBA play is their willingness to allow physical play. Which I wish the NBA will get back to. Really hate that WNBA 3pt line and especially hate the basket interference. It’s like watching a tribe full of morons trying to figure out how to get a square cube into a round hole.

    side note to Phileus the douche, no one in the USA cares about team USA basketball triumphs. Never really have. today was the NFL season kickoff, there were more people at the Raiders game than their were American viewers for this FIBA crap.

  • Phileus

    I agree with what you said about FIBA, but despite all that your last part is completely off. Lots of people care about Team USA. Maybe they don’t care about it as they do about their hometown teams, but they care. Nobody liked seeing Team USA lose, and everyone rejoiced when Team USA won the Olympics. Maybe people don’t care about FIBA as much, and maybe you personally don’t care about USA basketball, but that’s different from saying that nobody cares about USA basketball.

    And if you didn’t care about FIBA, I don’t think you’d bother defending Rose’s FIBA play, because it wouldn’t really matter, would it?

    (About that: Rose never made costly mistakes, never did badly on D, and while he didn’t dominate on offense, that wasn’t his job anyway.)

  • Arno

    Chicagorilla thinks the US of A are an island. It was. But isn’t anymore. It’s easy to understand why it infuriates some people, but that won’t stop evolution.

  • JAY

    Words of Phileus: “And if you didn’t care about FIBA, I don’t think you’d bother defending Rose’s FIBA play, because it wouldn’t really matter, would it?”

    ^^^in a nutshell^^^

    Stop fronting like you don’t give a shit. You’re on here the most commenting about the FIBA games.

  • http://levinsonlawfirm.com Cary

    …as happy as I’ll be to see Durant lineup alongside Wade, LeBron, Bosh, Kobe, etc. for the Olympics – I’d be really disappointed if Westbrook doesn’t also get the call.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I only have an intrest in watching basketball. As I’ve said before, I’ll watch ANY BASKETBALL THAT ON during the summer. I don’t like AND 1 basketball, but I watch it. Hell I don’t even really like NBA basketball but I watch it. I prefer watching college, high school, WNBA and womens college basketball. The NBA is only interesting to me because I am watching guys like DRose and Granger develope into the players i thought they could be.

    Take for example that 7 game series the Bulls/Celtics had in 08′. Personally, watching that series was a display of all that is wrong with the NBA and why I don’t like watching it. I’m not gonna go into details as to why. Yet and still, I watched every game that series and every minute played. Just say i’m a basketball junkie. while you on the other hand…you’re just a junkie (knew i couldn’t leave without an insult).