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Kevin Durant will be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer

Kevin Durant (photo. Jared McMillen)

The year 2010 has been a big one for Kevin Durant. He took his Oklahoma City Thunder from the Lottery to the playoffs, signed an $85 million contract extension, and is now the current “Captain America” of Team USA.

No one is the game is more humble, and there are very few players who work harder than KD. With all of his talents and skills, his current Team USA running mate, Andre Iguodala, made a bold statement about Durant’s future. In an interview with CSN Philly, Iguodala said, “Kevin Durant will be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer when it’s all said and done.”

That’s a very bold statement, but if any of today’s raising stars can do it, it’s Durant.

Even at just 21 years old, Durant scores in so many ways. His tireless work ethic shows in game action. He gets buckets inside, outside, and has touch in the mid-range. He thrives in the catch-and-shoot, while at the same time he is deadly with the pull-up off the dribble. He has a mindset to get to the free-throw line, where he hit 90 percent of his attempts last season. Even with his unselfish nature, Durant scores at such a high rate. It feels like every time the Thunder are on offense, Durant is going to get buckets. KD is just addicted to putting the ball through the net.

Also in Durant’s favor is the fact he is putting up these big numbers at such a young age. If he stayed at the University of Texas for four years, this upcoming season would be his rookie year in the NBA. However, he is three years deep and has averaged over 25 points per contest in those three years. He has a huge head start already on the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who exhausted his college eligibility in the era before players were really going pro early. Durant has yet to average over 40 minute per game in a season, and he doesn’t have a history of injuries, so I don’t see him wearing down anytime soon. Playing into his late 30’s is not a farfetched idea, and that’s all he needs to lock down the all-time scoring title: Time and consistency.

KD’s fundamental skills are at such a high level, I feel even if he loses a step physically, he will still be highly productive. Durant doesn’t dominate a game by being the best athlete, he dominates with his high skill set and his size that creates natural mismatches. He isn’t famous for out-sprinting everyone to lead the break or simply jumping over people. He is definitely not physically overpowering the competition. He just has the intelligence and the skills to make the correct move at the right time to put the points on the board.

Iguodala is not crazy. He’s played with one of the best scorers of all-time in Allen Iverson, so Andre has an idea on what it take. We will think back at these comments 20 years from now and realize that Iggy was a genius.

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  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Not out of the question. Does anyone feel enterprising enough to check his #s to see how he stacks up against Kareem, Jordan, Kobe, etc?

    PS I don’t want to jack this thread, but with all of this nonsense about extending the NFL season to 18 games, is anyone else worried that they might extend the NBA season? Kind of related, as an extra 60-100 points a season for 10 seasons could work out nicely for those interested in being all-time leading scorers…

  • bobby stew

    Even when Durant gets older/slower he could be a nice stand still shooter averaging around 10-12pts a game. A 6’10 shooter with a great attitude will always be welcomed to a team

  • WinDelRoj

    Dont think its as easy as it sounds breaking the scoring record. I really think this all depends on how much stronger he can be physically. You need a go to move (going to the free throw line doesnt count) also. All I know is I hope its him….

    @1 I do worry. The season is long enough. Adding to it would probably just make the playoffs worse.

  • Shakers

    Even when KD has lost a step in his late 30s, he’ll STILL be as good as a guy like Turkoglu or Gallinari. If health is on his side, Durant will score for as long as he wants to.

  • Marcus

    He might be able to actually score over 80 points in a game. He has that smooth of a shot and touch.

    All time leading scorer are big expectations, im sure KD will try and live up to them

  • Steve Nash

    Who are the top 4 scorers who maintained a 25+ppg avg after 34 years old? what were their games developed around as they past their prime?

    Only player I could think of is Michael Jordan and he became a jump shooter

  • Detroit Dave

    Don’t want to get into this discussion because my 2 favorite playesr got their best years taken away from them. Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway.

  • Crew Dizzy

    Way too earlier to even think about this. Way too many factors come into play, health, future teamates, work stopages, etc. I’m not sure to he can do it. One season averging 30 points does’t automatically put one in the discussion for being the leagues all time scorer.

  • Roc1980

    I think its a real possibility. He averaged 20 then 25 then 30 in his forst three years in the league… While the all time scoring record is a BIG number, barring injuries, I can see him coming very close at the very least.

  • JAY

    I’m with Detroit Dave

    Don’t jinx the kid. Last thing we all want to do is talk about how great Grant Hill, Penny and Durant could have been.

  • MadSammyboy

    I can’t stand poorly written articles that are nothing but hyperbole and filler. I can’t stand articles that are THIS article.

  • LakeShow84

    I said that when he came into the league.. Kobe will take Kareems spot.. Lebron will proceed to take Kobe’s spot.. Then Durant will take Lebrons spot..

  • Mr. TKO

    @ MadSammy,

    Hmmmm, I actually think that this article is pretty legit. He’s started scoring very well from the beginning, He has the Size to always be a mismatch, and the shooting skillset to continue getting buckets when the athleticism starts decaying.

    Lebron doesn’t seem likely unless he majorly ups his skillset so that he can continue to produce numbers when his athletic ability is gone, and my boy Kobe is hurt a lot by the fact that he came off the bench for 2 years when he started plus the fact that with the team he has now, he normally doesn’t have to score outrageously.

    I really think that even though it’s pretty damn early to be discussing this, he still has a legit shot at this.

    Don’t forget Dude is supposedly 6’11ish (watch him stand next to Tyson Chandler if you don’t believe me during the World Championships) so he can really play Like Dirk later on in his career

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I don’t see anyone catching Kareem, maybe Malone but not Kareem. Kobe is already breaking down, I see him retiring around 36yrs old. Which should give him about 18-19yrs in the L. His body looks old, not a bad old, but old for a guy who wants to be the all-time scorer. His brain is working 100% though as far as scoring goes so he may have one more year left of 27+ppg then it’s downhill from there.

    Durant will be the same way. He has a good chance to last long as a leading scorer with his playstyle. Look at Dirk, dude is still good for 20-30ppg every night and he is about the slowest most unathletic top scorer in the L. His brain does 95% of the work. Durant will be more athletic than Dirk and seems just as (if not more) agressive. I see him getting buckets until he’s 30-34 at a premium. I don’t know how many ppg he has to avg to catch Kareem, but I don’t think he’ll accomplish that.

    Unless DStern makes another crazy rule change.

  • jmg

    Kareem played 20 years, lets see if Durant has that in him

  • i am a witness

    uuhhhhhhhh i think the same was said about tracy mcgrady back in like 2002 or sumthin when he was like 21 or 22 yrs old!! so easy with the predictions…….. health and team play a big part

  • Heckler

    Kevin Durant aint breaking Kareems alltime scoring record. Jordan didnt do it. Malone didnt do it. he wont do it.

    theres a reason the record as stood for so long and has not been broken.



  • K Dizzle

    Gonna be tough. Kareem played with Oscar n Magic givin him the rock.
    Apart from Mike, when the team around you gets better, scoring usually goes down. Plus Kareem had the skyhook. A low-stress (for him), high scoring, unguardable move. Durant has to work for his buckets. Kareem ran into the post, turned n posted, got the rock, flipped the hook….same shit. 20 seasons.
    Most underrated player in league history…

  • Jerry K.

    Durant has about 6000 points. That is 32,387 points less then Kareem. For him to catch Kareem, he would need to play another 15 years,80 games per season,scoring an average of 27ppg. Even though he CAN do it, i doubt he will get to it if he wants to WIN. We saw Kobe put up insane scoring #’s but didnt win jack shit. Durant will eventually realize the same. But Durant, barring any injuries, will end up in the top 12 easy. Lebron will probably pass Kobe though just because he had a 3/4 year head start on him (coming to CLE to his OWN team,scoring as much as possible,etc…Hs students transitition to NBa had already been established,etc)…
    BTw, Durant needs to bulk up a little. Thinking about Penny and Hill, both were pretty skinny dudes. I havn’t said anything but i’m just saying…

  • downtown_brownclown

    durant? breaking the record? you gotta be kidding me… one season of leading the league in scoring and now you’re talking about breaking the record? get real… he can be next george gervin… but not kareem.

  • Jason

    the 24/7 hype never ends. KD is beyond overrated. Everyday its the same article on how this overrated shooter (or scorer since he added the bs fouls to his game) is going to be this and that.
    KD is not that good.

  • RC

    its not impossible.

    but one thing that can help is for him to start hitting the weights and gain strength and durability, that 6’11 frame is and advantage for him.

    learn some post moves like hook shots and baseline fakes and that would give him advantage when he gets older

    for now kareem is just too far to catch

    too many championships and too many playoff games it all adds up

  • Chiseng.

    He’s got a real good chance, but if he’s going to get a really legitimate chance at winning a championship then he’s going to need major help. And if he gets that then this scoring pace might not keep up. Just sayin.

  • Dagger

    It’s basically impossible considering he’s already almost 22. Put it this way: if he averaged as many points as he did last year for 13 YEARS he’d still not break the scoring record, and yes that’s including his first three seasons. Just a reminder: he scored 30.1 PPG and played in all 82 games. It stands to reason that Durant will lose at LEAST 1 or 2 seasons worth of games out of his next 13 to injury (maybe more since he’s so slight), and that doesn’t even include the possible lockout. So let’s say Durant will have to maintain his 30.1 PPG average for 15 years – until he’s 37. Yeah. Unlikely at best.

    You might say his scoring average will only increase with age, but that’s inaccurate. For one, scoring significantly more than 30 PPG is a team-warping aberration: it’s usually not beneficial for a team if a guy scores that much, and it’s evidence that A) the team sucks and/or B) the star is a shot-jacker (see Kobe’s 35 PPG season). Either way the star’s shooting percentage will almost certainly drop as A) defences are able to focus more on the star and/or B) the star keeps jacking shots, some of which are bound to be bad shots as a result (again, see Kobe). The bottom line is that Durant almost certainly won’t be a shot jacker at the expense of his team and all indications are that his team will be good for a while. Durant’s efficiency will almost certainly improve as he enters his prime, but don’t expect his PPG to skyrocket.

    So no, Durant will not be the NBA’s leading scorer unless something shocking happens. The one guy who had a chance was Lebron, but as Lebron goes to a great team his scoring will probably drop as his efficiency improves.

    I hate articles like this. Drumming up so much hype for the league’s popular, up-and-coming players only intensifies the inevitable backlash of hatred when those players don’t live up to the insane expectations the media has manufactured (see Lebron). Even worse, the players start to believe the hype, and lose what we liked about them in the first place (see Lebron again, to a certain extent).

  • Nick

    No, no chance in hell. The NBA is much, much slower than it used to be. Like 10-20 PPG slower. There simply aren’t enough possessions, so unless the basically outlaw defense entirely, Kareem’s mark will never be broken.

  • Ross

    Will not break the record…simply check Kareem’s stats thats enough..Only player that would have broke it was Jordan.