Smack / Sep 26, 2010 / 12:01 am

Kobe is kind of a big deal in China; Carmelo trade talks still going

BREAKING NEWS: Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are really popular. The NBA released its latest jersey sales figures from China, and once again Kobe and LeBron hold the #1 and #2 spots, respectively. Dwight Howard is 3rd, jumping Kevin Garnett (4th) from last year. Derrick Rose is 5th, followed by Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Ray Allen and Kevin Durant to wrap up the Top 10. T-Mac was 4th last year, but didn’t make the Top 10 this time around … And really, no Yao Ming? Believe it. Maybe it’s because every jersey-wearing person in China already has a Yao jersey and an alternate, so there’s no need to keep buying them. Sounds like somebody (Houston Rockets) is due for a uniform change … More details on the developing four-team Carmelo trade that still isn’t official because ‘Melo has (by all accounts) yet to agree to sign an extension with New Jersey: Now it would be the Nets getting ‘Melo and D.J. Augustin, Denver would get Derrick Favors and Andrei Kirilenko, Charlotte would get Devin Harris, and Utah would get Boris Diaw and Quinton Ross, plus all the draft picks involved … The Knicks are giving Shawne Williams another shot. Yes, that Shawne Williams, the Memphis trap star who last we heard was facing serious felony dealing charges. It’d be one thing if Williams had a proven track record in the NBA to make him worth the risk, but his career on the court has been as quiet as Grammy nomination night at Master P‘s house. We heard a report that Williams has lost 50 pounds getting ready for camp. Question: He’d GAINED 50 pounds?!? Dude wasn’t even out of the League for that long … The Spurs have brought on Jacque Vaughn as an assistant coach. That’s a good move, especially for the development of George Hill as he learns to become a true PG. But when the team goes into shooting drills, does Jacque just got sit in a corner or what? … Actual quote from Yao after he made it through the Rockets’ first practice on both feet: “Words cannot express how happy I am.” And that’s for one practice. Yeah, you have to move in baby steps, but it’s just a reminder that Houston simply can’t rely on their franchise guy … Lakers fans might be pissed at Andrew Bynum for delaying his knee surgery to the point where he’ll miss the beginning of the season, but Phil Jackson stuck up for his guy, saying he encouraged Bynum to go on the vacation that postponed the surgery. If Bynum’s knee checks out and allows him to make it through the most important stretches of the season unscathed, surely it will all be forgotten when/if L.A. is hoisting another Larry O’Brien … We’re out like Bynum …

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  • Tig obamo

    owwwwww 1st yheeeeee yao blah bleeee 42 dumout

  • http://www.slamonline.con Royal

    As a Laker fan, I would rather want Bynum to miss the first part of the season than miss the any part of the post-season.

  • http://www.slamonline.con Royal

    * I think there is a random “the” in my previous comment………

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Kobe/Bron Jerseys run shit, in Taiwan they are basically 90% of all the jerseys you see.

    Last week I caught an Andris Biedrins though!! A few weeks before that I caught a couple rocking matching Dwight Howard jerseys

    Be interesting to see what happens to Jersey sales this year, I wonder if Bron Bron will remain at the top?

    When do the new teams/players jerseys come out? haven’t seen any yet…

  • Mr. TKO

    Only reason people are making a big deal is because there ain’t shit going on in the news.

    Honestly would you really blame somebody that spent Last summer rehabbing, playing around 80 games during the season and another 20 or so winning a championship wanting to take a week of relaxation before getting their knee cut into and spending another summer working like hell to get the knee back together?

    This is all a big ado over nothing cuz we want our Basketball and we’re too impatient to not make a big deal out of everything

  • luke

    Kobe is Huge in China!

  • Stunnaboy09

    How the hell does Kobe lead the league in jersey sales, man at this point you would think everyone that wants one already owns it. Same would go for Lebron but his move to the Heats at least brings a new one out.

    Yao changes his number or Houston get a new jersey, he takes first place no questions asked.

    NJ actually got smart and requested DJ Augustin. Now only if Melo would sign that extension…

  • sh!tfaced

    bet the fake knock off jerseys outsell the authentic ones by a mile in China…

  • Zeitgeist

    That comment on Jacque Vaughn? cold blooded.

  • fLaVa

    @sh!tface… totally agree cuz i’ve seen some crazy jerseys here; Bulls on the front in YELLOW and its a YAO MING jersey.. only if i had a camera at the time.

    @dime.. that was definitely a haymaker at Vaughn! lol

  • HeatWave4Life

    D-Wade doesn’t sell any jerseys in China? Lol…Andrew Bynum is a 23 year old center made of glass.

  • jimmhumm

    So Bynum is okay getting a late surgery when 7 years ago shaq was villified for doing the same thing? Give me a break. Bynum is closer to being Greg Oden than being Shaq. LA should remember that for the Lakers entire existence they have always had the best Center of every era. Bynum is not it for this decade.

  • Sporty-j

    Melo is clearly going to follow his heart and go to New York so we might as well stop wasting time reporting New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, and Orlando for Melo. Its New York or Denver gets nothing and CP3 will join in 2012. D-Wade gets no love in China but after they get use to seeing him in the championships, his sales will go up. Kobes is #1 because dude stays in the ship win or lose so other countries will definitely know him unless they are being forced fed Lebron? I never understood how James, Wade, Melo, Kobe, and etc stay at the top for jersey sales period as long as those guys have been in the league. You would think everybody has 1 by now and that Durant, Rose, or maybe even John Wall would be higher im not an analysis expert and am a BASKETBALL EXPERT. Thats why when people say Lebron damaged his brand i just dont get that. Kids surely dont care if he left Cleveland unless they live in Cleveland and think its cool and fun that he joined a superteam with Wade and Bosh. I mean who is really going to tell there child that im not going to buy you those Lebron shoes, take you to a Heat game when there child is making good grades in school and stays out of trouble because of there personal venegence with Lebron. They would not have cared how he said he was leaving LEAVE-LAND if it was there team. All people are going to care about is how many ships he has 1 since this decision 3yrs from now and dudes brand will be even bigger if he wins 6 in a row and the Jordan comparisons will come right back up. Its just the hate for him now that has people DELUSIONAL…

  • derik

    I live in Taiwan, I have Eric Gordon Jersey, prolly the one and only in Taiwan.

  • S-SiN

    I heard some people talking about this ain’t being just basketball debate betwen KD and Melo and refer Chris Rock with the black man vs. n****r shit.

    KD really got it going rite now and as much as I love Melo’s arsenal of moves and versatility I would go with #35 in a long run in an NBA franchise. We haven’t seen the best of him yet.

    The other question is who starts for Team USA in London? they’re both definetly more than a load and a half to guard, but ‘Melo is a perfect fit in the international game so he should start, but he has to earn it now despite his veterancy stretching five years longer (see Jason Kidd 08 ahead of CP13 and Deron). Not take it back, but prove he deserves it for sure.

  • S-SiN


    That’s gotta be hot if no one has it but you, Gordon is gonna blow up big time.

  • S-SiN

    Also Wade’s jersey. first of all the Heat haven’t changed their unis since their championship run, ans second they weren’t winning that much in the last few years so D-Wade didn’t get nearly as much coverage as the Lakers and the Cavs who consistently dominated their respective confernces. Wade is every bit a dominant and fun to watch as the other two if not more so. Now with more exposure and him being the Man and the Legend there already I predict an unprecdented cha-ching in juans next year.

    Just hope D-Weezy does one of his “This is my house” motions this year. That woulda been classic stuff.

  • Stunnaboy09


    Same here, if Wade does do that after a game winner, and they cut to like Bron frowning, instant television drama.

  • S-SiN


    Classic TV

  • Stunnaboy09

    Yep it would be

    I’m looking forward to the millions of Miami Heat T.V specials. Gonna make Laker-palooza 2010 look like the Minnesota Timberwolves coverage.

  • kwanza

    What’s good, Dime?

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    I’m a subscriber to Dime, and along with the YouTube reviews and articles on under-the-radar ballers from the preps to college, my favorite part’s gotta be that Street Seen section.

    I’m pretty good friends with the owner of the shop and when I told him his shop was pretty raw he let me snap some pictures for my buddies back in SF. With that, as you guys know, basketball is huge over here in Espana, easily the second most popular sport other than futbol. Something a little more surprising-the parallel hip hop/urban culture that comes along with; The throwback jerseys, fresh J’s, and overall steez from both genders around this city mimics the SF vibe pretty well, and this store epitomizes the way of life here.

    Ever since my cousin showed me Saint Alfred, Uprise, and Universal Sole in Chi-Town when I was 12, I’ve always been a frequent flyer to these shoe boutiques. I love rummaging around blogs and such to find out unique shops to stop by at whatever city I visit- whether it be in LA, Hong Kong last summer or now, Granada, Spain.

    It’s been a dream of mine since I fell in love with the game with my parents both being from Chicago coppin all the local Championship gear, to somehow work in the basketball industry and write for my top mag. I’ve attached a few photos of MV’s set-up…what do you guys think?


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    If aggression/courage was in question, I have no problem dropping my pride and will run over any international media representatives to get my questions answered or get close shots. Basketball wise, I’ve been ballin’ all my life, played all four years in high school, took my co-workers to school last summer, and love playing pickup in different cities and different countries.

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