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LaMarcus Aldridge is headed down ‘Sheed Avenue

LaMarcus Aldridge (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

And we’re back to no basketball. The day after the World Championship wrapped up, reality set in that we’re still a couple of weeks away from NBA training camp and even farther away from preseason action. (Question: What happens if the All-WC squad of Serbia’s Milos Teodosic, Turkey’s Hedo Turkoglu, Lithuania’s Linas Kleiza, Team USA’s Kevin Durant and Argentina’s Luis Scola played the Timberwolves’ starting five?) … This is the time when everyone is predicting who will have a breakout season, and while there are 100 candidates for which you could make a solid argument, definitely keep an eye on LaMarcus Aldridge. According to the Portland Tribune, LMA has put on 20 pounds of good weight this summer and is walking around at 260. He’s also working on scoring with both hands, beating his man off the dribble, and you’d have to assume, rebounding. Aldridge is at a crossroads. He’s already got the big contract (5 years, $65 million), so if he decided to sit back and be content with how good he is now, he’s going to be the next Rasheed Wallace. If Aldridge decides to push himself, he could be a legit beast and a cornerstone on a Portland championship team … Yeah, we know we’ve talked about Allen Iverson a lot for a guy who isn’t getting so much as a whiff of interest from any NBA teams, but it’s been a strange offseason for anybody who remembers when A.I., T-Mac and Shaq weren’t scrounging for minimum-wage jobs … Iverson’s manager confirmed the rumor we mentioned over the weekend, that A.I. has been talking to a team in China, and added their camp was “astonished” that no NBA team has come calling … The Warriors are bringing in Louis Amundson on a two-year, $4.7 million deal. It’s pretty much a lock that Don Nelson is going to constantly confuse Amundson and David Lee with each other for at least the first month of the season, right? … Warning for Sacramento fans: Sam Dalembert is out to get buckets. Or something like that. “In Philadelphia, I was asked to focus more on defense,” Dalembert told a French-Canadian media outlet. “But with the Kings, they expect me to play a more offensive role. I’ll be able to accomplish many more things with my new team.” The Sixers asked him to be more of a defensive player, or they saw him denting the rim with 18-footers and tried to keep him as uninvolved in the offense as possible? This could get interesting in a train-wreck kind of way … We’re out like The Dalembeast-as-Hakeem

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  • YW

    Allen Iverson in China, hell yeah!

  • Sambuu

    career 30ppg going to China while Dalembert is out to get buckets???

  • IGP

    Breakout Year: Anthony Randolph

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Oh man,
    If Iverson goes to China, I’m flying over to watch Marbury vs. Iverson no question.

  • Promoman

    Nobody’s drinking Iverson’s flavor of kool-aid anymore.

  • Cha-Ching

    LaMarcus Aldridge may be putting in off season work and all but the Blazers look good as a regular season, first round maybe squad. That don’t have a good mix of youth and vets to win a chip. The team hasn’t been working together long enough. The Oden situation needs to be resolved. Rudy f’ing up chemistry. Only if Stern said the first pick goes to Kevin Du…..

  • bobby stew

    If only Iverson would follow Starbury and start selling his kicks for $15

  • Cha-Ching

    Iverson is in a situation. He does not have the mental to be that D. Armstrong, Sam Cassell, Earl Boykins, etc. He should have bow out gracefully in Philly last year.

  • Stunnaboy09

    AI is a sad sad story. how long ago was he the best player in the L going mono a mono with the bigger cats with his 6 ft body. Now he’s looking to renew himself n China. Sad.

    LMA doesn’t even need work on his game, just mentality. STOP JACKING 20 Fters. There. Done. He has 20/10 potential but he is just soft. Hopefully Roy whoops him into shape.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    2k demo just came out so i got my basketball fix until the preseason and the real game drops.

    Why wasn’t Aldrige asked to be on the USA team? With his game he’d be perfect to play the 5. Maybe not under Coach K though.

    Barbershop question for DIME readers:
    Would you rather be hit by a Manny Pacquiao “6 piece combo”, take a charge on Shaq while he’s going full speed, or catch a pass across the middle on Ray Lewis and he has a free shot at you?

    Me personally, I would very reluctantly take the charge on Shaq because i think my body would recover easiest from that.

  • Mr. TKO

    Man, ya’ll got to watch out with ya’ll headlines! I saw LA and sheed in the same sentence and I thought dude was on his way to jail, got caught with weed or something ridiculous.

    LA was one of my favorite up and coming players a while back, but I’m starting to get the feeling that he’s not that interested in asserting himself which is good for chemistry but not so much for him when it comes to maximizing his potential.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Here are the first two sentences of the Dime Vision Statement: Dime Magazine is Allen Iverson knifing through the heart of a defense. Unique. Quick. Beautiful. Dangerous. Equal parts talent and passion. The truth with style.

    Readers can interpret it any way they want.

    Anyway, maybe it is just a crazy thought but why not create a basketball tournament based on continents?

    Players from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica (Do they have any?), Europe, and Australia going against each other. Australia might be at a disadvantage though.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    52. MacGyver, Ethan Hunt, Hannibal Smith,… alf

  • petespratt

    Dime yall slacking.

    no mention of how drose dominated the fiba tournament and should have won the mvp over durant.

    He clearly was the best pg on the team, running the offense perfectly, taking great shots, and playing outstanding defense. he got robbed of the mvp trophy. Durant didn’t have nearly the impact rose did.

    rose is going to be better than jordan. Anyone that disagrees is a hater.

  • Phileus

    @12, I think I would take Shaq. He usually runs (or ran) over people when going for a dunk so it would hurt, but you wouldn’t get the full force. Manny and Ray Lewis on the other hand…

    As to Dime’s question, that All-WC team would easily beat the Wolves. Durant is a legit NBA superstar, Scola is a legit NBA player, Turkoglu might still be a legit NBA player, and Kleiza has already shown that he can score in the league. Teodosic is an unknown quantity, but he’s definitely better than Flynn/Telfair/Ridnour right now.

  • petespratt

    i think every article for the rest of the season needs to mention derrick rose at least once.

    he is the best player in the league and has completely lived up to his hype.

    you need to write an article about how he is going to be the next ray allen, reggie miller, steve nash, and larry bird combined, since he hit 3 three pointers in a meaningless fiba game from high school range. And for the tournament shot an amazing 25%. D ROSE for president. are yall dumb or something. I think chicagorrlia and I are the only ones who see how amazing he is.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    since i have time

    whats up cockprint…uh i mean ms. spratt. you didn’t take your meds? Oh i get it, you want to challenge me to an internet fight where we jab back n forth forcing the DIME readers to choose sides. Well I’ll be Biggie and you can be Tupac. I’ll be the crips and you be the bloodfarts, uh i mean bloods. we can get our internet thuggery on! Then you’ll realize your erotic fantasy of being verbally raped by the big black guy in.

  • don

    lol petepratt is a lame are you seriously actin like drose isnt a good player? wow smh drose is a top 5 pg in the league stop actin stupid son

  • ab40

    Come on now be real AI was never the best player in the L shaq only has one mvp award and that is a travesty. Any blazer player that does something with his body scares me because their medical staff obviously sucks


    HAHAHAHA @ petespratt – might as well suck drose’s cock while at it…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Alf, you divided those two sentences into, like, 8 confused fragments.

    petespratt–you need to lay off inhaling hairspray

  • Skeeter McGee

    I thought Aldridge got arrested before I read this…

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ sans

    My fault for saying they were two sentences. It was from Dime. Copied it as is. Counting them again now, they are seven not eight. Long time no see. How are you these days? :)

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    C-Rilla Imma go with Manny, dude just ain’t intimidating to me, the punches I could stand. Shaq is just to heavy lol and after watching Ray Lewis de-cleat a dude last night (WOW!) , most def. not picking him.

    LMA been doing it, if he gets better that will be ill. Does Yao have the best post moves in the game right now for a center? Sad state for centers.

  • steven56

    What would happen if Scola and Hedo played the whole T-Wolves roster?

  • http://www.hypebball.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    Break out year Pops-Mensha Bonsu check Demarcus Cousin’s Twitter Pops has been beating it for team GB this summer alongside Luol Deng, he is a tripple double machine no matter who he plays for.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    I love how people talk reckless on the Internet about gangs(bloodfarts??) but in real life wouldent say that to a bloods face. I’m not gang affiliated but I would advise people not to take shots at gangs that are known for their senseless murders

  • Heckler

    @ Dime–

    so who would you rather have then, LaMarcus Aldridge or Al Jefferson?

    I am seeing articles on both players here lately claiming they’re either going to ‘beast’ or have a breakout season.

  • Heckler

    Allen Iverson is reaching….
    going to play in China? that is just pure nonesense. I’ll believe that shit when that shit happens. I aint buying it.

    if he plays overseas, it’ll be with a Greece squad (Olympiacos?) where he can bank $10mil (untaxed) easily.

    and if he does go to China, it’ll be crazy-funny-cool to see him team up with Steph Marbury in a backcourt. or maybe even perhaps be on opposing teams and meet in the ‘chip round….

  • JA

    I would take Al Jefferson over LaMarcus – Al isn’t allergic to rebounding.

    And I’d take the shots from Manny. Just because it would be expected he’d knock you out, but if he didn’t then you got bragging rights.

  • Detroit Dave

    The difference between Sheed and Aldridge is that when Sheed was in his prime whether he felt like it or not everyone in the gym knew that he could absolutely dominate his matchup if he wanted to. Sheed had every post move and counter move that you wanted out of a PF. He played great one on one defense and was a great help defender. Sheed just didn’t play hard everygame. LaMarcus has great tools but I haven’t seen him dominate yet. He kinda reminds me of the way Rudy Gay plays.

  • http://www.guildwars2gold.net/ cheap guild wars 2 gold

    Milos Teodosic, if he go to NBA. I believe, he will have bright future, he is a big heart.

  • Darius

    Iverson deserves to b n the NBA. I’m not even goin respond to that idiot that said Rose will be better than Jordan. Dime I dont know why these people be hatin on u but still read ur articles. Keep on Goin

  • Curt

    C’mon people, 6 shots from pac will leave you brain dead, I would pic Shaq even though that will scare me more I might piss my pants. Sad with AI man, I wish a team will give him a 10 day contract and see what he can do, still sucks but man, China? No disrespect but c’mon.

  • Chaos

    I think LA heard the complaints about him not goin in to bang witht he big boys and lets face it, he may have been 240lbs but he was slight as hell and the extra weight will allow him to throw his body around. remember, bosh put on some weight last offseason and was able to throw his body around a little bit more and was averaging a lot of rebounds in the beginning of last season



  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I would never, ever want to be hit by Ray Lewis. Nuff said

  • http://Yahoo steve

    Lots of talk no action well do not fool yourself Iverson was and still can be hot at times but a good teacher for young Guards maybe he should do that make some money and have some pick up games he can do alot for a team if they treat him the way a man is to be treated respect him he will help poop on him thats the end of him helping youYou Go AI

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Manny’s power (got dude sniffin crack now)


    Shaq (not that scary looking, quality is horrid)


    Ray (not only knocks ocho down but his own man too,
    ignore the robot)


    After further review I am going to go with the Shaq charge lol.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    LOL ok after looking at Ray take Ocho down, I saw another video that said “Chad blocks Ray” so out of curiousity I peeped it. …..No buisness even trying lol.
    Check it.


  • Joe’s Momma

    Ray Lewis lights everyone up. He looks scary just standing on the sideline.

    Lamarcus is a stud. People throw around “soft” and I disagree. He doesn’t thrive with contact. His shooting is outstanding but he gets dinged becuase he does something he is good at?

    Rebounding is my only issue with him. Coach McMillan made him go the the post more the end of last year. I would like to see him in the post a lot more this year. Oden (when healthy) isn’t the #1 option in the post, nor is Camby or Vanilla Gorilla. So it goes to LA by default.

    And the only way LA could go down Sheed avenue is if he starts to play defense like a champion. Yes, Sheed did get complacent and had the talent to be a career 20/10 guy, but he had something that you can’t measure either, heart

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Gee haha the best part is how Ray doesn’t even look twice! He’s looking for the ball, ball, knock ocho down with just his arms, ball, ball…

  • http://dimemag.com Morocco

    Simple question
    Why doesn’t Riley hire Iverson as a veteran help from the bench (or hell even as a starter). With superstar James and Wade on the team I don’t see him causing any kind of unrest nor being selfish…
    Same goes for the Lakers
    I can understand a weak team trying not to hamper its rebuilding effort, but in a wining environnement, with a undiscutable leader, I cant see any risks !
    Any ideas ??

    Maybe there’s an untold story somewhere behind the surface…

  • K Dizzle

    Today’s word is…SARCASM.
    Please tell me that the average Dime reader recognizes post 13 and 15 was just being “sarcastic” to get a rise outta people.

  • Joe’s Momma

    A.I. got issues, off the court issues. He quit on Memphis, quit on Philly. Why would a title contender want a potential risk in Iverson when he isn’t a game changer anymore?

    If A.I. could still put up 20, people would be interested. But right now, you are lucky if you get 12 pts a game out of him. He isn’t going to blow past people anymore, and is only truly effective when he has the ball in his hands. Was never a facilitator, defense is suspect.

    I got love for Iverson, but he isn’t going to join a contender unless he takes a non-guaranteed deal. The alcohol issues in Detroit really killed his value. Then the Memphis debacle, then his family issues in Philly. Truth is, Iverson is more risk then potential reward at this point.

  • LakeShow84

    Id rather take a charge from Shaq cuz ive had the wind knocked out of me before and while its uncomfortable it only last a couple of minutes..

    Id rather take a combo from Manny cuz it’d be over real fast and ive been lit up before.. just feels like ur face is hot.. until the next morning lol

    Now takin a shot from Ray across the middle?? FUCK NO lol that shit might jack my nervous system..

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    I don’t think Chicagorilla knows the meaning of the word.
    Sarcasm is difficult to recognize over the internet though. Pretty much 90% of all my posts here are sarcastic. Most are good sports (Aron) and recognize it. Some do not.

  • http://dimemag.com Morocco

    I’d hire Iverson just to sell jerseys…

  • MadSammyboy

    Derrick Rose is a huge joke.

  • Era

    I dont really get the hype about rose. he’s like stephon marbury without a shot or passing game. he may not be as delusional and crazy but he can’t run a team. I’d say Curry and Jennings will surpass him within the next 2 years because they can hit threes and setup their teammates. I know the Worlds arent really a samplesize but if your a point guard with that much talent around you, and all you do is drive the lane and hope you can finish, well you arent a very good pg in my book.