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LeBron James On His New Signature: “It Just Feels Right”

We’ve been talking about all the various ramifications of LeBron James‘ decision all summer. New home, new jersey, new shoe colorway. But one thing no one’s been talking about it his new signature. If you’ve ever seen LBJ’s signature since he’s come into the League (if not, see below) then you realize it started with a looping “L” (that resembled the start of his uniform No. 23) and went into his initials. But now, wearing No. 6 for the Heat, James had to change things up.

“It just feels right. This marks a new beginning for me,” said James in an exclusive interview with Upper Deck’s Terry Melia during his latest signing session for Upper Deck Authenticated. “Miami represents a new chapter in my basketball career. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s gonna be fun. And I’m gonna do what I can to the best of my ability to bring home a championship to that city.”

“LeBron’s signature has always been in demand and now that he’s chosen to change it, UDA has the opportunity to completely overhaul LeBron’s memorabilia lineup – from team to number to design,” said Steve Sloan, UDA Product Manager. “We are excited about all the possibilities this brings to the table for our Product Development team.”

As the sole supplier of his authentic memorabilia, Upper Deck has already started to release some of the newly autographed product. The first four pieces – two autographed Spalding basketballs and two autographed photos in his new uniform – are currently on sale at www.upperdeckstore.com. The four items range from $699.99 to $899.99 each.

LeBron James' New Signature

LeBron James' Old Signature

What do you think? Which autograph do you like more?

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  • iLL MAGO


  • FedEx

    What a joke.

  • Ianny B

    Delonte West said the same thing when asked why was he fucking lebron’s mom.

  • Ross

    Lion or Lamb?

  • ERIC

    What’s next? LeBron changes the tampon he uses? WHO CARES.


    i just changed my signature too. i got signed balls going on ebay for $3.95

  • downtown_brownclown

    god, now this could be placed in ESPN as “The NEW Decision” why are they making a fuzz about him changing his signature? tsk… he can’t make headlines since the gruesome decision, now the only thing he’s on is about his signature? c’mon guys… gimme a break!

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    Waiting for someone at dime to call us out for being haters when they post this shit – and it is irrelevant shit.

  • Mink

    So old signatures of lebron are worthless now? o wait , everything is burned anyway

  • http://twitter.com/Chris_Barrio C Money

    Lebron F***Ked up his legacy and brand. Even if they win this year (the chip) it wont be James’s team and never will be his team! Nike will even pull back on James as far as marketing in the near future (if not now)becuase of this move. The only winners in the “decision” were Magic, Bird, Kobe, and Jordan. I say that cause now no matter what, James (in my opinion) should never be mentioned in the same breath as the players i listed due to their greatness and perseverance with the teams they were drafted by.And James autograph doesnt matter. If thats any indication of the person we are dealing with he will most likely be a journey man like Shaq but sooner than later shortly after the Miami disaster takes place.

  • AirKaris

    even if he started doing it backwards, he’s still a complete douche.

  • Digibot

    Holy balls!!! Lebron James is writing his name slightly different???
    Michael Jordan would’ve never EVER altered his penmanship.

  • cyro

    lebron’s a douchebag!!! who the f*** cares anyway!

  • http://Msn.com Rob

    When did Leboob learn to write?

  • Josue


  • rolf

    why dont you give Lebron a break. start “whining” to the media for posting all this nonsense, not the player.

  • suzi

    for all you little penis
    Lebron haters watch him as he makes history

  • DSCB

    if lebron woulda went to yall team then yall wouldnt b downing him, who wants to stay at a team n dont win a ring aint no point of being great if u aint got the ring to show it look at A.I greatest defender n no ring been with the sixers for a long as time n only been to the finals 1 time… lebron got 150 million in the bank what yall got nothn… Miami heat vs La Lakers 2011 finals

  • crups

    Lebron is up to making 3 letters from the alphabet now? Good for him! I would have thought they’d start him with A, B, C though….Flaming douche

  • http://webmedianetworks.com/laminateflooring/ Stephenie Seti

    LeBron James jerseys are all the rage with Miami’s homeless! http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2010/09/photographic_evidence_that_mia.php

  • keydo504

    he’s not Michael Jordan, so stop expecting him to do everything like MJ….Lebron legacy is about him. and its not over until his career is over. LBJ is just 25yrs old…hating on him is one thing,but don’t be an idiot saying his legacy is tainted b’cus he is in Miami…that’s just SILLY…look at all this noise and comments over HIS decision not yours(the fans)…..he already is just as popular, he just don’t have any rings….so when he get them, the haters won’t have anything else to say….only MJ can be MJ….did barkley,magic,hakeem,kobe do everthing like MJ? no …so LBJ don’t have to either…..