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Michael Beasley: “Pat Riley Wins At Any Cost”

Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

There’s no one that had a crazier summer than Michael Beasley. And now in sunny Minnesota, he’s looking to get things back on track. So as training camp nears, T-Wolves writer Jonah Ballow spoke with B-Easy about all sorts of topics ranging from this upcoming season to getting in 50-minute shape instead of 48-minute. (Perhaps he thinks the T-Wolves will be playing a lot of overtime games this year.) But of all the soundbites, it’s his thoughts on Pat Riley and the Heat that you’ll definitely want to hear.

Jonah Ballow: We talked a little bit about the Miami Heat last time. I know you are putting them in your rearview mirror but what do you think about what they did with LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and putting those stars together?

Michael Beasley: I think that speaks to Pat Riley, you know exactly who he is. Pat Riley is a winner, winner, winner, that’s pretty much all it is. They got three of the best guys in the NBA, they got the best role players in the NBA, you know they are trying to win championships and that’s what Pat Riley is all about. It is unfortunate they had to get rid of me but like I said, Pat Riley wins at any cost and that’s exactly what he did.

While it’s safe to say that the majority of the basketball world was disappointed the Heat had to give up on Beasley – the No. 2 pick in the Draft just three years ago – so quickly, he had to be sent packing in order to enlist James and Bosh. As far as Riley, chalk this one up as just another city he’s burned down in order to build a kingdom.

To read the whole interview on Timberwolves.com, go HERE.

What do you think? Is what Beasley said about Riley true?

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  • S.A.C

    One of the more meatier, sensible, basketball related subjects to be posted this recent end of summer/fall.


    Let’s see if Riley “burned down the city” to raise up 3-6 Royal flush championships?

  • Heckler

    Michael Beasley still sucks. he had a good freshman season at Kansas State, but I never thought of him as anything special as an NBA player.

    mainly because he really doesnt have a defined position.

    as for pat riley, im not sure what ‘city’ he’s burning down. by that do you mean cleveland? minnesota? new york? toronto?

    please explain and forgive my ignorance. but i dont get that part….

  • S.A.C

    @ Heckler.

    Hey I like your version better of the teams/cities Riley “burned down”. Lol.

    But your sensibilities are right. Aaron (the writer) said that, because the Heat had to initially trim the roster of every player, minus Chalmers; give away Beasley (who I know you don’t care for)for nothing to Minnesota. And give away several first round Draft Picks via sign and trade(albeit probably late first rounders) in order to sign Bosh and James to their promised 6 yr contracts.

    The word is; The Heat need to win now, because they got rid of some talented youth in Beasley, to sign a bunch of grizzled veterans role players. But we’ll see, if their young players in camp and their recent draft picks blossom down the road.

  • S.A.C


    Also mentioning Beasley alone, did not take away from the likes of Quentin Richardson, Dorrell Wright, etc., as far as young (or relatively young) Heat players they couldn’t keep. But they couldn’t afford them, or they weren’t the right fit within the salary cap, with the likes of Miller and UD (Haslem) on the team.

    That’s the Burn Down The City Logic (unless you were being facetious)? Lol.

  • Joe’s Momma

    I can’t take anything this guy says seriously after he said the Minnesota was the team to beat. I don’t even think he believed that when he said.

  • thenatural


    You are sweating on Beasley like you did with Sebastian Telfair… Difference being, you might be right this time about this guy.

    Speaking of Bassy, give us an update on him

  • dagwaller

    @ Heckler et al – to burn down a city to build a kingdom is just an expression, pretty sure.

    I’m impressed by Beasley’s composure. I would’ve been PISSED to be on the wrong end of those deals, but he understands it’s just a business. I wonder if you asked the rest of the 30th-100th best players in the league, “If you were stuck on a lousy team, and the GM traded you to another lousy team so that the original could be better, how would you feel?” if anyone would be more poised with their answer.

  • J

    Bassy is back with the wolves as the backup pg as of now until Flynn is ready to come back from his hip surgery. By then, he’ll probably be traded or waived sooner or later. The original idea was to waive him from the Delonte West trade and pick up a free agent for the minimum, guess it dosen’t hurt that Bassy put up his best performances as a Twolf so there should be some familiarity.

  • Shaqsclover

    Um er, Beasley was a headcase. You forgot that part and he wasn’t on a fast track to turning it around , so much easier for Heat to give him up.

  • Sporty-j

    Did he really just say with all due respect to the Lakers, that the Wolves are the team to beat lol… Beasley will definitely have a career after basketball, as a comedian. That pot really messed that kids head up and i would put my money on the Lakers second over the wolves first teamers. I would at my Heat second teamers to that bet to…

  • Sporty-j

    second string

  • jimmythesaint

    Ugh … 3-6 titles in Miami? i’d definitely quit on NBA ball if that started to happen … until Lebron learns some humility and stops speaking like a corporate machine, not interested.

  • $am

    About time they got rid of Beasley, he woul’ve effed up that great squad’s chemistry big-time. Now he’s destined for a meaningless role with the league’s worst team, exactly where his overrated, underachieveing ass belongs. Enjoy the next few seasons of a Tim Thomas-esque career in the league while preparing the working permit to join the other head cases overseas.