Smack / Sep 18, 2010 / 12:01 am

Monta Ellis wants to stay the star in Golden State

Monta Ellis, Dime #44

More than a few times this summer, we’ve been asked, “Is Monta Ellis getting traded?” One time it was even, “Is Monta Ellis still with the Warriors?” Between the moped incident right after he’d signed a monster contract, his beef with Stephen Curry being drafted, your standard beef with Nellie/management that every star player on the Warriors inevitably has (good luck, David Lee), and the fact that the Warriors just went under new ownership, it’s easy to assume Monta was either out or on his way out. But in a wide-ranging interview yesterday with NBA Fanhouse, Monta made it sound like he wants to be in G-State for the long haul … “It’s a new beginning. That’s how I look at it,” said Monta, who is also featured in Dime #58, which you can find on newsstands now. “I’ve wiped everything else away from the past. We have a new logo, a new team. We’ll just move forward, and it starts with me.” He also went into detail about the moped accident and says he patched things up with Curry. That’s good. Monta and G-State is a perfect blend of player and system; he’s one of our favorite late-night, West Coast NBA League Pass staples … For the Atlanta Hawks to have negotiations with Shaq and Erick Dampier in the same summer, isn’t that like a girl flirting with two dudes who hate each other? Dampier has reportedly added ATL to his short list, along with Miami and Houston. It’s not often that a starting-caliber center becomes available, but a lot of teams have already spent their money in free agency, otherwise Damp would have even more teams after him. We know the thought process: Put Dampier at center for the Hawks, move Al Horford to the four, and put Josh Smith at small forward. But there’s a reason the Hawks ultimately decided against signing Shaq and haven’t done that already — Josh Smith still doesn’t shoot well enough to be a small forward. He’s putting up All-Star numbers at the four, rebounding the ball and blocking shots, so they’re probably OK with him there for now. No need to force the move if it actually makes your second-best player worse … Jon Scheyer is not going to Utah Jazz camp after all. Something about how it’d be too much of a cliche … In case you missed it on the news, a storm hit New York City the other night that was like something out of The Day After Tomorrow. Some of the Dime crew was still at work when it started, but after getting to our respective homes and seeing more of the damage — there were several trees that had been completely uprooted in Brooklyn — it was a big topic of discussion (and jokes) yesterday. “It was Eddy Curry trying to spray-clean his fridge and things got out of hand,” somebody said … We’re out like Curry’s fridge …


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  • YW

    golden state still gonna suck this year

  • http://www.dimemag.com T-Pain

    Golden State can improve ONLY if they fire Don Nelson..

  • control

    People in NYC are pussies, that storm wasn’t shit. Most places in the world get hit by storms like that on a monthly basis, and it isn’t reported on. The news in NY was making a big deal about there being two tornadoes that had touched down in NY, who cares? Thousands of tornadoes touch down every day all around the fucking country and no one says shit about them. I’m just surprised someone didn’t say that the storms were a terrorist attack or something.

  • Young Gunner

    For Golden State, its gonna be a same shit, different toilet type year for them. They dont/wont/cant play defense and for whatever reason, they’re always hurt or never have enough players on the roster. Might as well sign JB Smoove. He’s not doing anything right now

  • IGP

    Curry is definitely the star of that team, then David Lee, then Monta.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Monta really is holding on to being the star, think we all know Curry got this shit on lock down.

    But hey, maybe he finally gets it together this year, doesn’t jack a SHIT load of bad shots and takes the team on his back.

    Or maybe not.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    If we flip the Shaq/Damp analogy to be a guy flirting with two girls that hate each other, it’d be like two older chicks, one of whom used to be hot, but has been with too many dudes and has a lot of “mileage” and is now just looking for one last hookup, and the other was only ever popular cause she had big bags. And anyone that ever hit it immediately regretted it.

  • Sweet English


    Only Control could actually hate on the weather… That’s a talent. You really do have hating down to a fine art control. Its impressive.

    I don’t know if you know exactly what ‘News’ is, Control, but it usually doesn’t boil down to things that have never happened anywhere ever in the world. If everyone in your city was dying of hunger and famine and we were all like OMFG SHUTUP CONTROL PEOPLE DIE OF FAMINE AND HUNGER IN AFRICA ALL THE TIME WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR SPECIAL? You might be a little confused.

  • Sweet English

    The terrorist attack thing was funny though, i’ll let you have that one.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    What if….

    The Bulls include Noah in the trade for Melo. Then sign Damp as the starting defensive center to replace Noah. Hmm… that would be a smart move…maybe too smart for the Bulls brass.


    yeh we get that kinda ish all the time here in Chicago. It’s just another day to us.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Sweet English…

    Ummm I think you either missed the point or you are from NY and took offense to that.

  • quest???

    LMFAO HAHAHA DAMN control hahahahahahahahah you are right on the money with that. In PR storms like that arrive on a bi weekly basis and its not a big deal lmao

  • That’s What’s Up

    …funny quest??? I know you meant Puerto Rico, but the NYC thing did turn into a PR storm of its own

  • control

    Sweet English

    Man, Im living in Metro Detroit right now, half the people here ARE hungry and experiencing famine. If they all WERE to die, it wouldn’t really be reported on much, except maybe as a positive thing, cause the unemployment rate would go down. Nobody would really care either, not even the other half of Detroit.

    All I’m saying is NY media blows EVERYTHING out of proportion, and over hypes the fuck out of the simplest shit (like highschool point guards).

  • Heckler

    @ Dagwaller

    i just spit up my water reading your post.

  • Paul Wall

    @ control- you are right on my man. Bunch of pussies out in NY. Come out to Colorado to see real weather.

  • Sporty-j

    Dont mess with CONTROL today lol. When i saw that pu$$y wind that they kept showing. I said the same thing and only in New York does stuff like that get reported as if the world almost came to an end…

  • Stunnaboy09

    Speaking of GSW and Control


    I leave you with that

  • the truth

    lmao at control again tearin sweet english up

  • stupid

    try living here in the Philippines, then you’d see what a real storm looks like

  • karizmatic

    I wish I would have caught this two days ago, the operative move is that Horford would probably be more or just as effective as Josh Smith is at the four, so you move Horford and then you trade Smith for a small forward or shooting guard who can score…I know it sounds crazy but that’s the kind of move Atlanta has to make if they really want to field a better team

  • ay yo..

    I thought this was Steph’s team …