NBA / Sep 27, 2010 / 10:00 am

NBA Trade Rumor: Carmelo to New Jersey takes on different look

Devin Harris

Devin Harris

First we heard that the proposed four-team trade sending Carmelo Anthony to the Nets was pretty much a done deal. Then when nothing materialized by EOB Friday, we heard that ‘Melo was basically given the weekend to decide if he would sign a three-year extension with New Jersey/Brooklyn.

Now that the weekend has passed and ‘Melo is still scheduled to appear at Denver Nuggets Media Day today, the four-team deal is still alive, but may be undergoing some changes.

According to CBS Sports, there may be a fifth team getting involved and more players. One scenario has Devin Harris — who would be headed to Charlotte in the original version of the four-team trade — now going to Denver (instead of Andrei Kirilenko), which kind of makes sense considering Chauncey Billups is approaching his mid-30s, but doesn’t make sense because Ty Lawson was supposed to be The Future behind Chauncey. But then Devin may just be acquired by Denver to become a future trade chip if the team decides to go full-out into rebuilding mode.

There have also been rumors of the Cavaliers getting involved, because the Nuggets like Anderson Varejao, and over the weekend Philly and the Clippers were mentioned.

While no deadline has been given by any of the teams, with training camps now underway, everybody obviously wants to get something done as soon as possible.

What do you think is the ideal ‘Melo trade for the Nuggets?

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  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    ‘Melo should go to Cleveland.

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Denver just traded him with JR Smith to Minny (a la KG) just to F him (without the contract ext). All Denver would have to take back would be Rubio, Wesley J, Beasley, + trade exception, + some future first round draft picks.

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    Starting Line up of




  • Nizzio

    The Knicks better come with a deal real soon. Melo wants to go there badly!

  • Crew Dizzy

    But why would the wolves trade their young pieces and draft picks for someone who will at the end of the season.

    @ Nizzio
    I agree. Donnie walsh needs go find some trade partners and get this thing done, this what the Knicks need but I dont think melo can hold out until free agency with uncertainty of the CBA.

  • ShowKase

    Melo to the Magic! Everyone but Dwight, Jameer, and JJ(?) are expendable, Otis!

  • Jah

    Melo should stay until next summer and leave as a free agent. What happened to THAT idea?

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    Because Kahn is an idiot.

  • s.bucketz

    they want gallo,RAAAAAAAAAAANDY,toney douglas AND wil chandler all in a package for Melo…can’t do that cuz then wed got no squad left

  • me

    knicks might as well. esp. if they can get curry out of there in the deal. there’s enough free agent fodder to sign to 1 dealers to make it worthwhile. melo and amare will sell more tickets than what they’ve been trotting out.

  • me

    What i don’t get it why are the bulls stuck on keeping noah? He’s just a young hustle player. He’s Brian Cardinal with youth and ugly hair. I’d be happy as hell not to have to pay that dude 8 figures. Didn’t he just turn down 12 mil? How do the bulls feel about paying him as much as Bosh is gonna make?

  • http://slamonline will

    damn guys melo’ is goin 2 the knicks. he loves nyc like he should lol. lebron was 2 scared 2 come play 4 the knicks. he will come 2 the knicks. idk if cp3 will but i almost certain hell b a knick.

  • jdstorm

    the Cavs and raps should make melo to chicago happen as an FU to lebron and bosh.

  • downtown_brownclown

    Knicks!!! get something done… you’re losing him… :)

  • Stunnaboy09

    Noah turning down 8 figures is the funniest thing I have read all day. Also, ‘Melo aint stupid. He knows that waiting till 2011 means new CBA and possibly less money. He wants the trade/extension NOW.

    New York needs to step their game up on this, at least with Melo and Stoudamire you can sell tickets.

  • mytiman

    Good Lord, this is becoming more and more complicated. Just play out the darn season, ‘Melo.