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The NBA’s Ultimate Franchise Point Guard: Deron Williams

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Having a good point guard is a must when it comes to winning a championship. With coaches sometimes getting lost in translation during the course of a game, a good team needs someone to direct the show on the floor during the most difficult of times. Here at the office, we have been in heavy debate over over the past two days who the best point guard is to build a franchise around – right now. Many argue that lead guards like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are the best in the field for the position. However, Deron Williams is the ultimate franchise point guard.

When comparing Williams with Rose and Rondo, it seems he is not the level of athlete that the latter two guards are. However, he is more athletic than people give him credit for. He has dunked on Rose in the past, and when it comes to pushing the ball on the break, it is a tossup between the three as to who crosses the finish line first with the ball.

But the main factor that makes Williams a better pick than Rose and Rondo is his jump shot. The lack of a consistent jumper has hurt Rondo in the Finals as the Lakers just backed off and dared him to shoot. With Williams on the perimeter, you have to respect his jumper while still having to watch for his quick first step.

Often, one of the most forgotten attributes of a good point guard is intelligence. D-Will has spent his entire career studying under one of the greatest minds in the game in Jerry Sloan. And Sloan has had a close hand in William’s’ development. The fact that Williams has gained Sloan’s trust, proves that D-Will is battle-tested.

Picking Deron over CP3 is a tough call. When healthy, Chris Paul puts up eye-popping numbers and is an amazing individual stat machine. But what separates the two for me is wins. D-Will is a winner. He’s come out on top in so many more meaningful games in college and the pros that he is rarely rattled. The fact that he keeps his cool as the pressure rises give me the confidence to trust that he will lead my team to the promised land. For me, the ultimate franchise point guard is Deron Williams.

What do you think?

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  • Steve Nash

    i’ll roll with John Wall

  • van city rep

    i tell ya what, john wall is gonna be a bust
    and i agree d-will is the best as much as i love rondo rose and cp3

  • Trey bing bay

    If Chris Paul wasn’t injured for 45 games or whatever it was, i think you’d go with Paul. But you no what they say, out of sight out of mind.

  • Coach Walt

    I agree with Deron Williams, my pick was him or CP3, two reasons he gets the nod, Williams is bigger and can punish guards, also Williams plays in a more controlled setting and his team probably has fewer possesions than most especially Hornets when CP3 was healthy. So it shows that D Will is more efficient with less posessions and a lack of up and down tempo….but Rose is on his heels.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Its a toss up between CP3 and D-Will but I’ve always liked D-Will’s game better

  • nawlage

    deron williams is pretty clutch too..

  • Zpear

    I think D-Will is better bc of his size. Smaller guards like Cp3 get done in on defense. D-Will is usually the one doin the killin.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    D-Will does everything CP3 does, just a little bit better. He can take contact at the rim and he’s physical. Plus having a 6’3, 208lb point guard is a major bonus.

  • http://twitter.com/IamLegend313 Love4Humanity

    If Rose’s jumpshot continues to get better and he develops at least an average 3 point shot, it will be hard to pick anyone over him. He has the strength of Williams and he’s faster than CP3. His humility is also a plus. Let’s see what he can do with Boozer and if it can come close to what D-Will did while he had him.

  • CTP

    I agree Andrew, Deron is the obvious pick..

  • alex

    Can we please stop calling him “D-will?” That is one of the gayest nick-names

  • Shakers

    With a weak team that needs their PG to do a little bit of everything, I’ll take Chris Paul. On a team with other stars that needs their PG to run the show and make clutch plays, I’ll take Deron Williams. Can’t go wrong either way.

  • WinDelRoj

    I think Rose may prove a lot this upcoming year. If he adds another element then I may have to change my mind but right now, D Will is the PG Id want.

  • Crew Dizzy

    I completely agree with this article. He has the size and body type to play the whole season and not get hurt, even though he’s been slowed by nagging injuries, he’s never out as long as cp3. He can play uptempo or halfcourt style. He’s proven he’s not a afraid to take the big shot and he’s a solid on ball defender. He has the IQ and he’s the only one on the list who had to follow and all time great in John Stockton and has filled the shoes nicely, I give him points for that. Rose could be at the top one day though if he keeps adding to his game, he has everything D.Will has with more speed and athleticism.

  • control

    Deron is a great choice, but in the next two years Rose might be the better choice. If Miami puts LeBron at PG like they should, then LeBron would be the best PG in the league.

    Of course, the only reason I am commenting here is to bash Rondo…whoever in the office is arguing for Rondo as “NBA Ultimate Franchise Point Guard” needs to become the “Ultimate Unemployed All Star”.

  • http://tolulope.edun@gmail.com Y.G.

    Sorry CP3, but I gotta roll with D Will. Dude has it all: size, strength, quickness, jumper with extensive range, nastyness, heart, handles,etc. Not to say that CP3 doesn’t have some of these skills, it just comes down to preference. Also, D. Rose is gonna fight CP3 & D. Will over the top pg spot this year. I see him being in the top 5 in MVP voting. (Kobe wins of course)

  • j

    Chris Paul has gotten his stats on one of the slowest paced teams in the nba. That actually makes him more impressive compared to other guards like Deron. Also Deron is not nearly as efficient with the ball. More turnovers and fewer assists than Paul.

    Deron does everything CP does, just a little bit worse, even shooting, which used to be a clear D-Will advantage. Look at every statistical indicator in the game and Paul wins.

    It’s great the DWill has size, but he als can’t stay with the quicker point guards in the elague so it ends up being a wash. He’s never been known as a good defender.

    I think Williams is a fantastic point, the second best in the NBA. The only argument to the contrary is that he has more wins and he has beaten Paul in head to head matchups. But would anyone argue that Paul has been on better teams than Deron? No, and yet the Hornets have had a better record 2 of the 5 years they have been in the league. Why? CP3

  • Jer Boi

    what kinda logic are u using when u say derons just as athletic as rose cuz he dunked on him? wtf?

  • karizmatic

    Deron WIlliams is a great pick for a franchise point. Great size, athleticism, high basketball IQ, plays defense, and is as clutch as they come. I would take him over CP3 just because of the size difference. I’d take him over Rose because there is no guarantee that Rose will ever really develop a great jumpshot. Ditto for Rondo, although Rondo has an advantage because he plays better defense than anyone on the list in my opinion, and he’s also a great rebounder. I’d still take Deron Williams though. He’s probably the most complete point guard in the league right now.

  • JH

    I’d pick DWill over any PG in the league today.

  • thrillah

    In head to head games, D-Will outshines Paul and even manages to make him struggle. Sure Paul is one of the best, however, D-Will is definately the better PG. He has the advantage on height, athleticism, strength, and his speed is on par with Paul.

  • Nizzio

    Umm why isn’t Steve Nash in the convo? This argument is for the best franchise point guard. Nash is the best passer in the NBA. He is also an excellent shooter and a clutch player. He might not be as fast and athletic as the other guys, but he sure can lead a team better than them.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Finally! DWill getting some love.

    He is the best pg in the game. Hands down.

    CP3 is up there, and I do think people are forgetting how great he is because of the injuries, but even when healthy, I will take Deron 10/10.

    He is just as athletic as Rondo. Rose is a different level altogether.

    Shooting is far better than any pg other than Billups and Nash.

    Assists, check the boys stats.

    Defense is underrated.

    And like the article said, boy is a winner! And Deron is a competitor, never once did he start bitching like his closest rival in CP3 about wanting a trade.

  • D Roc

    @ Joe’s Mama although I agree with your points, this may be the year Deron starts bitching and complaining. More touches for Al Jefferson in the post means fewer touches for Deron which will hurt his numbers and impact on the game. Plus big Al has never played on a team that has been even remotely close to .500

  • Matt

    @ j:

    um the crux of your argument: CP3 has had the better recored 2 out of the five years the have both been in the league. What does that say? Deron Williams has had the better record 3 out of the five years they have been in the league. they’ve both taken their teams to the western conference finals, but overall, Deron has played better over those five years.

    Deron or Derrick Rose are both great options, but I love to watch Deron in person over any other player

  • Dayinho

    Ultimate PG… behind a True Franchise player.
    Who was the last PG Franchise player winning the ring?

  • jonwall

    This article makes sense,

    But I would say it’s a toss up between d-will and cp3, with rondo very close behind (because he still can’t take over a game offensively yet, as in be a go-to option)

    I don’t see how Rose fits into this equation, hes no where near these three other guys and more in the second tier of point guards

  • LakeShow84

    Williams handles are SO SICK..

  • Conoro


    Now hopefully the Dime brass fires Burton and hires more writers like you.

  • Joe’s Momma

    @ D Roc

    You think so? I do see him complaining when they aren’t winning like they are used to, but not because his #’s dip.

    I just don’t know how good Al will be in Sloan’s offense. He is slow on defense and a black hole on offense. He is a great post player, but terrible passer if he ever decided to pass. I haven’t seen Al regularly take that 15 foot jumper, and that is valuable in that offense. I was expecting them to go after some size, shot blocker size. Not another 6’8″ pf/c

    Either way, I got a huge bball crush on Williams. I think he is the best thing since GP in his prime terrorizing pg’s on the block and on defense. Chauncey Billups is my #2

  • D Roc

    You have to put Deron and Chris Paul as the top two but the scary thing is Derrick Rose is 4-5 years younger than those two. With a little experience and seasoning Rose is gonna be unguardable and better teammates and coaching will only enhance his game.Right now its 1.Deron 2. Paul 3.Nash 4. Rondo and Rose. In 2 years from now its Rose, D-Will, Paul, Wall and Rondo

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Joe’s Momma

    Where were you during my Deron Williams leaving Utah article? I was getting hated on for leaving out Jefferson because I don’t think he’s going to be what everyone thinks

  • the truth

    D Will>CP3 period. better defender better jumper, bigger, similar athleticism

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BERN BROGDEN

    the kobe n lebron debate of point guards…

    CP’s got TWO advantages on Deron.
    He shoots better.
    And he has better vision.

    That’s what makes this argument sooooo cottonpickin close.
    CP’s been the ultimate franchise of N.O.
    So, he’s clearly in the convo.

    I see CP, DERON, RONDO as 1 2 3 respectively.
    No disrespect to Nash or Rose who would definitely qualify. There are however, tons of talented PGs on the rise who may change the complexion of this convo…sooner than later.

  • Chris

    Good article, though I’m not sure “Having a good point guard is a must when it comes to winning a championship.” What about the recent Lakers? And the Jordan Bulls? Wade’s Heat? I think you could argue point guard and power forward are the least important positions to have allstar talent at and still win a championship.

  • Ross

    Best PG in the leagues plays in Chicago. Check him out at the olympics and, watch his growth this season. Williams does not play defense and Paul is injury prone and small. Nash no defense. Rose is the complete player and only getting better.

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    D-Will is a taller more disciplined Jameer Nelson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BERN BROGDEN

    Hey Ross, have you checked him out in the Olympics…he still got the headlights on…I thought he was a BULL not a BUCK.

    His ‘assit2turnover’ ratio is 1.

    as in…11 assists and 11 turnoverss.

    oh yeah his jumper’s off too.
    Can’t hit a 3 for nothing.

    I’m a fan of Rose, big time. Emphasis on Big and Time.

    “Williams doesn’t play defense?” that’s blasphemy.

    “Paul is injury prone and small.” 1st serious injury and now he’s injury prone? c’mon son!

    “Nash no defense.” bandwagon scrutinizer.

    Everyone who knows Nash’s game, knows he plays defense.
    He’s just not that good at staying in front of the players he has to stay in front of now adays.

    You’ll never see Nash NOT try to play defense.
    When you gotta Westbrook or Aaron Brooks or TP in front of you, well…it’s hard to keep them in front of you.

    Especially if you’re a small aging point guard who’s not as athletically gifted as his counterparts.

    But you my friend, have gone OVERBULL…OVERBOARD, u kno what i meant.

  • goat

    @ ross,

    What the hell are you talking about.

    Rose is one of the worst defenders on the olympic team, routinely getting torched by opposing pg’s(inferior athletes – according to fran.)

    His defense is so bad, he makes Lamar Odom look like KG.

    It’s funny how all the hype is over Rose, while after only one season in the L Tyreke Evans is arguably a better player. I would even go as far as saying Brandon Jennings rookie season was much more impressive than Rose’s.

    Just goes to show the NBA marketing machine, generating this undeserved hype because Chicago is such a big market.

    David Stern is the founding member of the Rose bandwagon, because he knows he can profit from the Naive fans of Chicago.

    Additionally, Rose should be fortunate that Wade didn`t sign with Chicago, because if he did Rose wouldn`t even be relevant as the NBA would have been focused on marketing Wade.

  • D Roc

    Rose is right where he needs to be at 21 years old. He’s an unfinished product that shows only flashes of what he will eventually become in this league. Deron at that same age was getting lesson in humility from jerry sloan on how to run an nba team so let’s not pretend that deron and chris paul just had it all figured out from jump. It took years for steve nash and Billuos to find their games as well and at 21 they were no way near as talented as Rose.

  • Ross

    BERN BROGDEN : Olympic ball is much different than NBA ball(I meant watch his skills). The whole team is struggling. Now to the argument, he has spent his whole summer working on his three ball, watch his on ball defense in the olympics and watch it this year in the league. Everyone knows Nash does not play defense…inst staying in front of someone part of playng defense? So if you cant you should get a pass? Check Rose’s stats in the postseason against the Cavs(Considered a great defensive team last year). I like both Chris Paul and Deron Williams, even before at wake and illinois. But nonetheless the best PG resides in chicago like i stated. And this year and years beyond will prove it.
    @Goat: Im not going to argue about Tyreke Evans because the organization doesnt know if he will be a two or one in the future. Nor can he shoot work a lick. But i also like his game he is good. About your last point from what i can make of it Rose would still be relevant and actually i think the bulls are better off without wade. Who is aging(due in part to injury) and will need to develop a different style to keep his success.Period.

  • Random


  • Ross

    Rose second year stats 20.3 ppg, 6 apg, 4 rpg.(2 for 2 on playoff appearances.)
    Paul second season stats 17.3 ppg, 9 apg, 4 rpg(no playoffs yet)
    Williams second year stats 16.2 ppg, 9 apg,3 rpg. (1 for 2 playoff appearances)

    Now let me ask you a question…Who has Rose had to pass the ball too?(Boozer,West,Chandler,).

    Lets watch this season and then we will see.

  • BeEqual

    Deron in a heart beat. Newsflash, and take this one to the bank, Derrick Rose will never be the point guard that Deron Williams is. The basketball IQ just isn’t there like it is for Williams. Not taking anything away from Rose. I just don’t see him being a court leader in terms of point guard vision and technique.

  • j

    Coupel of random points, Rose made the playoffs 2 years in a row in the east. The hornets would have been a medium tier team in the east, cp’s first 2 years, but they were in the west where the playoff teams had higher win percentages.

    @Matt, that wasn’t the crux of my argument. The crux of my argument is that CP bests Deron in every single statistical category in basketball. The biggest difference is the assist/ turnover ratio which is sick because Paul has the ball in his hands so much. Most pg’s even good ones have much high tunrover rates when their assits go over 10 per game.

    But as it relates to the wins argument, Chris Paul has had worse teams the last 5 years, and despite that, he has still willed his teams to a better record than the Jazz in 2 of those 5 years. I think that is impressive. No one wouldve traded the Hornets roster for the Jazzroster in any of those years.

    Yes Williams is bigger, but Paul is MUCH quicker, and much more athletic. He is also a better rebounder, better man defender, protects the ball better, gets more steals, more efficient scorer. I can go on and on. The stats don’t lie. I’d take Williams in team defense because he is taller, but that’s about it.

    Also the CPvs. Deron one on one battles are a myth. The jazz have won cause they are a better team, and early Deron had better games, but they have been what and what in those games since the third year.

    It’s CP in a walk.

  • goat

    @ ross

    If you want to bring up old stats.

    Rose first year stats = 16.8 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 6.3 asst, 0.8 st, fg .475 3pt .222

    Tyreke evans first year = 20.1 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 5.8 asst, 1.5 st, fg .458 3pt .255

    Steph curry first year = 17.5 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 5.9 asst, 1.9 st, fg 462 3pt 437

    Based on these numbers, Rose is clearly the inferior player. But somehow he is getting all the hype.

    And your argument about not having anyone to pass to is invalid, because as a good pg it shouldn’t matter who’s on the receiving end of the passes.

    Are you really going to try and get people to believe that D-west and Chandler, were a) known and relevant before cp3 made them, and b) significant upgrades over Noah, deng, gordon, salmons, hinrich, etc

    You must be smoking crack.

    Just look at the Lebron effect on cleveland. He averaged 8.5 assist playing with a bunch of bums who couldn’t score on their own in a Ymca rec league. D-rose barely averages 6 on a team with proven scorers.

  • Mo

    Deron is the Ultimate System Point Guard.

    Deron is a foundation player?


  • Mo

    Hey Dime, when are you going to give Deron Williams a cover?

  • Mo

    And LMAO at people saying D-Will is a winner. Dude is good but exactly what the hell has he won? The Skills Challenge? When will he even lead in any stat at his position? When will he make an All-NBA First Team? When will he make an All-Defensive team? When will he be a serious MVP candidate?

  • Big E

    I can’t imagine Deron even getting CP3’s supporting casts to the playoffs. I don’t see that guy even taking Paul’s supporting casts to the playoffs. No slight to guys like West, Peja, but who here would take West and Peja over Boozer and AK47? Who would take Byron Scott or Jeff Bower over Jerry Sloan?

  • Mo

    “Having a good point guard is a must when it comes to winning a championship.”

    Why didn’t John Stockton win one?

  • Ross

    @Goat: First off is Carlos Boozer and David West and Chandler no bodies..Secondly if you look they all have inside scoring as a common theme. but it would take a person with a brain to see that. Lets see what Rose does with a proven inside scorer which he has not had at all! Secondly you must be out of a ___ if you think Curry or Evans is on Rose’s level. An what does Lebron have to do with this conversation he is not even a point guard. Mo Williams is. Nevertheless, D.Rose will prove this season who is the best PG. PERIOD.

  • CTP


    John Stockton didn’t win one, because the 2 times he got to the finals, he had to play MJ, and the Bulls (in their prime).

  • http://None NYC

    Mmmmhhhh. Dwill or CP3 take your choice.

    CP3 is faster. But Deron is bigger. Does team scoring affect their stats, as some said here? Obviously injuries has affected CP3’s standing currently with many critics and maybe again in the future?

    I’ll take Rondo third (as did Yahoo magazine).

    Rondo’s speed, quickness, length, exquisite/crafty ball handling, passing, basketball IQ, crunch time rebounding/scoring, overall fg % and defense make up for his limited outside shot attempts and free throw shooting; which he should improve on this year.

    Also Rondo is rarely hurt and only attempts 11.7 field goal attempts a game for a player that averaged 14 points. That’s very efficient. At this rate if he took 4 more shots a game, he could average 18 points a game this season. We’ll see!

    On the other hand:

    Derrick Rose is a not so impressive defender.
    Derrick can’t shoot so well either(particularly long distance).
    Derrick Rose possesses a relatively low basketball IQ (pushes the ball too hard many times, poor passes, misses open defenders, etc.)
    Derrick Rose is not a great passer at all; probably never will be. That can’t be taught and has nothing to do with team mates.
    Derrick Rose is only really 6’1-2″ tops. He’s not as big as people thinks he is (for example Deron Williams is much bigger).

    Derrick in my opinion is really not a point guard. He’s a shoot first two in a point guards body, who always seems to crouch low in the cross over position (once crossing half court) to drive to the basket, instead of keeping his head up all the time to pass to open or cutting team mate. I think that’s a major flaw in his point guard game.

    A few years from now, the band wagon will be over and we’ll be comparing him to another over-hyped 2gaurd in a one’s body Steve Francis.

    PS: To someone above that said Deron is a bigger Jameer Nelson. Jameer Nelson is not a point guard either and is quite irritating to watch play in my opinion. Those two aren’t even in the same class.

  • http://None NYC

    PS: I meant Derrick Rose “misses open team mates” earlier/above.

    Nash too slow and not enough defense at this stage. Chauncey is a better shooter/driver at this stage of his career than point guard. But their both still good.

  • http://None NYC

    The Jury is still out on John Wall. There are too many good point guards in the NBA and you have to be really good to excel at that position in the NBA.

    I just hope he doesn’t get over hyped to soon, based off of his summer league play. Though Wall did have a decent scoring average and his moments during the summer; he shot at or below 40%, tallied up a bunch of turnovers, made many poor decisions while garnishing up and down assist games.

    Let’s see and hope the NBA doesn’t over-hype him too soon like Derrick Rose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BERN BROGDEN


    CHRIS 1
    DERON 2
    RONDO 3

    *Crazy how the Olympian who didn’t make the cut…is the only one with a championship.

    Only disagreement, ehmmm Jameer WAS a shoot first pass maybe guard. That was his role at Chester High and at ST JOE’s. That’s what he had to do, for his team to get a W.

    He’s had to continuously learn and sharpen his PG skills because he naturally never HAD to defer. In the big leagues, it’s different. He’s improved his shot and also became an allstar. While I agree Deron and Meer are not cut from the same cloth, I still believe Jameer’s a WINNER.

  • Laker fan

    I would love Dwill to be on my team. I hate the jazz but Dwill always impresses me. Put him along side KOBE!!!! that would be a dream come true.

  • J-money

    Reply to J way up above…

    Paul vs Williams

    Are you kidding me? Chris Paul was put on a team where he has to do all the work or his team doesn’t win. That is why he gets the stats he does. If Williams went to a team that had but one or two other decent players only, you can bet that he would be putting up the same points you see from CP3. Which may, over the course of 5 seasons, translate to better shooting percentages – since he would be shooting so much more. The assists I’ll give you, but it is so close between Williams and Paul that you can hardly use it as a dramatic stat separator. You want assists? Look at Phoenix. D-Will does indeed turn the ball over more, I will also give you that.

    Next up is the size factor. You’re right, it IS great to have a larger, more durable, less injured point guard. Just ask the Hornets how useful that might be… Williams is not the quickest in a full court setting – true. In the half court game however, no guard in the NBA can touch him. His quick cross over and first step will get him to the rack EVERY SINGLE TIME. Like I said, no guard can keep with him in the half court game (consistently) – especially Paul who gets owned in head to head match ups. Anyone recall when Williams crossed Paul over like it was high school gym class, and then dunked over Chandler? Yeah…

    I don’t know where your defense comment is coming from. I don’t understand how Williams can average over a steal per game and under three fouls per game – and play bad defense. He takes plenty of hard charges that other guards would be terrified to take. His defense is actually not terrible. One thing that is true however, is that being a bigger guard it’s easier to snag him on a pick. So sometimes offensive players will break free for a jumper.

    My conclusion?
    Williams is a great point guard, and for franchise sake is the best in the league. Chris Paul is constantly injured and has no resources to lead his team anywhere – so how is he a better franchise PG? People talked about the Hornets being “good” for a whopping two seasons. People have talked about the Utah Jazz being good for two decades. Williams is a leader and, as noted in the article, a winner.

    – He crushes Paul in head to head games.
    – The Jazz have a better winning record with Williams than the Hornets ever will with Paul.
    – He plays more games than Paul, is healthier, and plays through injury.
    – He uses his resources (teammates) better. He’ll run a play that requires 3 or 4 passes instead of just 1. Yeah, he doesn’t get the assist for it, but the Jazz get a W. That is why the Utah Jazz dominate the league in team assists – and that whole process is initiated by the PG.
    – Who played in the last All Star game?
    – Who holds the course record for the skills challenge?

    It goes on and on. I’m not saying Paul isn’t a fantastic player, because he really is. Ball handling is off the charts, too. If I had to put together a team though, I’d take Deron Williams – every. single. time.

    Chris Paul has gotten his stats on one of the slowest paced teams in the nba. That actually makes him more impressive compared to other guards like Deron. Also Deron is not nearly as efficient with the ball. More turnovers and fewer assists than Paul.

    Deron does everything CP does, just a little bit worse, even shooting, which used to be a clear D-Will advantage. Look at every statistical indicator in the game and Paul wins.

    It’s great the DWill has size, but he als can’t stay with the quicker point guards in the elague so it ends up being a wash. He’s never been known as a good defender.

    I think Williams is a fantastic point, the second best in the NBA. The only argument to the contrary is that he has more wins and he has beaten Paul in head to head matchups. But would anyone argue that Paul has been on better teams than Deron? No, and yet the Hornets have had a better record 2 of the 5 years they have been in the league. Why? CP3

  • Caderade

    11-3 is the only statistic you need to know. 8>3

  • http://www.alsyart.com Alan Hatch

    This is a hands down winner for d-will. CP3 is as great point but when the two match up against eachother d-will always comes out on top. d-will is not as flashy as cp3 but I think the two are the best points in the league right now. d-will breaks ankles and will take you to the post. CP3 is alwys running hardly ever using a sick crossover. thee two are vastly different but for size and durability d-will gets my nod

  • hooper5013

    Deron Williams is so slept on. I will take him over every one in the league not named Kobe, Bron, Carmelo, Durant. No one else is better than him in the league period let alone at the point guard slot. He is leaps and bounds better than Chris Paul. Derrick Rose is putting it together. I wouldn’t trust Rondo to carry a bum ass team as the top player. D. Williams defense well enough to build around, and he runs the offense well enough to where you can be a championship threat with Mehmet Okur as your 3rd best player. I don’t understand what else there is to want from your point guard. As far as overall skill set offensively and defensively, Kobe and D. Will are the 2 players you can build your team around.

  • http://None NYC

    I hear your point Bern on Jameer vs Williams.

    I got you man!!