Video / Sep 1, 2010 / 10:30 am

Rudy Fernandez Gets Savagely Posterized

If you weren’t watching Spain take on Lithuania yesterday, then chances are you missed this savage posterization of Spain’s Rudy Fernandez by Lithuania’s Jonas Mačiulis. If I’m Rudy, I quit my complaining and stay in Portland, because it appears there’s a lot more where that came from overseas.

What’s the worst posterization you’ve ever seen?

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  • mike

    not savage at all.

    No body contact and he pulled his hand away from trying to block it.

  • jesus shuttlesworth

    weakest “posterization” i’ve ever seen. He gave up and didn’t even swat at it

  • marian

    come on dime, it is ridiculous to call that savagely or posterized or whatever. fastbreakdunk with rudy being only next to the guy.

    What is the agenda?

  • bily

    really? nothing savage about it…

  • celtics10

    Jordan on Ewing 91, Vince Carter on well….EVERYBODY, Young Kobe on Ben Wallace….Shaq on well EVERY CENTER HE FACED LOL. Too hard to answer, Imma go with Vince over Frederick Weis is the olympics, that was so damn disrespectful!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trey bing bay

    Chill out numbers 1 and 2. Sometimes:

    “Our business is prone to over-exaggeration: It was the best dunk ever, the worst trade ever, the sickest pair of sneakers ever, etc. We have to grab your attention and we have to get advertisers and, well, that’s just how it goes.”

  • Kevin

    Yeah I agree above, I’d still call it dunking on Rudy “Cry Baby” Fernandez, but not savage at all.

    Young Kobe on Ben Wallace was pretty nasty. But you gotta give it to Vince over Frederick Weis in the Olympics. Still, in my opinion, the best dunk of all time.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I love how the Foreign players just don’t give a f^k about being dunked on. Even when I play them in my local gym, they just don’t care about getting crossed up or dunked on. Except for the Asian kids. They seem to be aware of the AND1 mixtape culture and refuse to play any real defense. But everyone else just don’t care and I love it.

  • ianny b

    That’s how you throw down, Rudy never stood a chance. Now he’s gonna ask to me traded from the Spanish National team

  • http://dimemag.com knicks4ever

    “Rudy Fernandez Gets Savagely Posterized!” Yo! Aron Phillips, C’MON SON get outta here with “BULL”…….

  • F

    I hate this culture of playing first and foremost for ridiculizing your opponent, and of discrediting guys who have the balls to play defense.
    In Europe we would talk of the great play of this Lithuanian dude. Here in the States, it’s about a who-cares never-happened posterizing…

    Play for your team, play for the win, not for this stupid posturing and muscle flexing and trash-talking and you know it…


  • thenatural

    wow. pussy pass by rubio and then rudy fernandez gets posterized. this is coming from two guys who evidently think they are TOO GOOD for the nba…

  • M Intellect

    Just as they mentioned hyperbole in smack…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I think it’s because here in the states we have grown bored with the same old highlights. Kids in highschool and cats on the street are doing stuff like this so its nothing new to us. I know I personally see it a lot. It almost HAS to be dramatic or embrassing to get pub. just because it’s so frequent. I agree with you that its not necessary for all the ish talking but that’s just the way it is my man.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Eh. That’s what happens when you actually challenge a breakaway. It SEEMS savage because you would never see such a thing in the NBA haha

  • chris

    Word, Mike. Does Dime have editors? Those Spain unis are savagely ugly, though.

  • control

    Rudy never even had a chance to block this, he was behind the play the entire time. Not sure how that is being posterized or anything. If he were in “american” mode, he would have just stopped running as soon as the guy got a step on him.

    You see dunks like these, but without even the minimal defense that Rudy put up, all day in pickup games around where I live. All of the younger kids would rather just cherry pick and not play any defense, just so they can run ahead and squeek a weak ass dunk down then act all big and tough. The whole mentality, and glorifying plays like this as being something that Rudy should actually feel bad about, is exactly what is ruining the game in the usa.

  • Promoman

    Overrated dunk. Rudy wound up on Sportscenter but at least he challenged the turnover and it wasn’t his assignment. Good effort on his part.

  • len

    not even over rudy. he could drink a beer in the stands and it would be the same amount of being dunked on.

  • Hud

    At least he got back and (sort of) contested the shot. Why pile on this guy?

  • jav

    you’re a complete idiot if you think he got posterized. this is posterization:
    damn i hate chris dudley

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    aron..u ever heard of shawn kemp ?
    look him up sometime…then get back at us .

  • tom

    What the hell? That was a poster? are you kidding me?