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Setting the record straight on Deron Williams, Utah and Dallas

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Earlier this week, Dime’s Andrew Macaluso wrote an opinion column — and I should stress the word opinion — about Deron Williams and the likelihood of him leaving Utah in 2012 for the Dallas Mavericks. The column drew a lot of attention across the country, especially in Utah, where the understandably defensive fan base mostly blasted Andrew for factual errors and various assumptions he made in his piece.

One such response came from Utah Jazz radio/TV personality David Locke, whom Andrew interviewed (via Twitter) and quoted in his column. In a blog post titled, “Reacting to Absurdity – The Dime Magazine Piece,” Locke blew off Andrew’s column as garbage and defended his own role in supporting Andrew’s conclusion that Deron won’t finish his career in Utah.

After reading through it a couple times, I felt I had to issue a response to Locke’s response. Let’s go old-school Internet message board style and address it point-by-point:

LOCKE — “Let’s get some things clear. The writer is an intern for Dime Magazine. He is looking to make a career and didn’t do his work on the piece. He is probably excited that I am reacting to it. My real message would be to Jazz fans to stop being so reactionary and think about the facts and look into who is writing these things.”

* Yes, Andrew is an intern, but that’s no reason for Locke to use that status as an immediate strike against him. The vast majority of professional sportswriters, announcers, and media members used to be interns at some point. I’ve been an intern, my co-Associate Editor at Dime has been an intern, and all of my bosses at every media outlet I’ve ever worked were once interns. I’m assuming Locke was even an intern once. So if his position is that interns are inherently screw-ups, I guess this whole business is full of screw-ups, from NYC to L.A. to Utah.

There were definitely some mistakes in the piece. For example, Andrew said the Jazz have only “first round exits” to show for themselves since signing Deron to a contract extension, which is wrong. No excuse for that one. But if that’s the worst thing you can find in the column, I don’t think that qualifies it as “absurd,” or as so many reader responses claimed, “not journalism” and the worst article they’ve ever read. I’ll chalk that up to the growing Internet culture of negativity and overblowing everything.

LOCKE — “It included no comments from Deron in any way shape or form. Second the premise was largely based on the Jazz losing Boozer, Matthews and Korver in the off-season. Nowhere is it discussed that the Jazz answered the bell better than could be imagined with the additions of Al Jefferson, Raja Bell and Gordon Hayward.”

* While getting quotes from players/coaches is obviously ideal in every scenario, opinion columns and hypothetical “pitch” pieces don’t necessarily need quotes. I recently wrote a piece suggesting the Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony to Houston in a deal involving Kevin Martin. I didn’t talk to anybody in the Denver or Houston front office; I didn’t talk to ‘Melo or K-Mart to see how they felt. It was just an idea I had that on paper worked out for both sides, so I put it out there. Andrew’s piece about Deron eventually leaving Utah for Dallas was the same thing. An idea that made sense to him that he wanted to put out there. No quotes required.

LOCKE — “I am quoted via twitter, which is always dangerous when you are limited to 120 characters. … What was printed was not my response. My response was in fact the following “what have the Jazz done that would make his heart be out of it. If it is nothing they can do about it.”

* I’m not up in Andrew’s Twitter messages like that, but he printed Locke’s response as: “Jazz fans are concerned about losing Deron, but what have the Jazz done that would make his heart be out of it? If it is, there’s nothing they can do about it.”

That sounds exactly like Locke’s admitted response, simply cleaned up to be a bit more legible. Just because Twitter has a 140-character limit doesn’t mean Locke couldn’t have split his response into two posts if he wanted to be read more clearly. I thought Andrew did Locke a professional favor by not printing his by-the-letter response.

LOCKE — “The final premise of this ill advised article is that when Deron is a free agent he will want to go to Dallas because Dallas is better and has a better supporting cast. There is an old phrase you are better off staying quiet and being thought a fool than opening your mouth and removing all doubt. On this one the phrase would include keep writing and remove all doubt. The Jazz roster includes 25 year old Al Jefferson, 25 year old Paul Millsap 24 year CJ Miles and a 21 year old Gordon Hayward who in 2012 when Deron is a free agent will all be in their prime. Dallas, on the other hand, will have Shaun Marion, Brendan Haywood, Rodrique Beaubois and Dirk Nowitzki on the roster.

“I love Dirk but the idea that Deron would want to leave Utah in order to play with a then 34 year old Dirk is laughable.”

* Now we’re just getting into territory where it’s one writer’s opinon versus another. That’s fine if Locke thinks the Jazz have a better foundation than the Mavericks, but that’s his opinion. If Andrew thinks differently, it doesn’t make his column ill-advised or absurd. When you’re comparing rosters of NBA teams, few things are concrete. Of course the Lakers have a better roster than the Warriors right now, but if we’re talking about two Western Conference playoff contenders, the differences aren’t that large. I could argue that since Dirk is better than any player currently on the Jazz, that alone makes the Mavs more attractive to a point guard like Deron.

Also, I find it strange how Locke is being a stickler about fact-checking when he spells Shawn Marion’s name wrong. (Among other numerous punctuation and grammatical errors in his post.) Honestly, I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to typos and small mistakes like that — we’re all under tight deadlines and stressed out in this business — but when you’re throwing rocks, make sure you have your own glass windows reinforced.

LOCKE — “Finally, my favorite line of this whole collection of words “arguably the best owner in basketball, Mark Cuban” Are you serious? His basis is because Cuban is willing to go into the luxury tax to win a title. Next time in Dallas I will be sure to look for that trophy. Cuba maybe the loudest and most fined, but I can make a strong argument that he is at the core of a culture that is incapable of winning because of his antics. Moroever, the last time I checked the Millers have shown the same thing.”

* Again, this comes down to one man’s opinion versus another man’s opinion. So Locke doesn’t think Cuban is the League’s best owner. That’s cool. But his opinion isn’t any closer to fact than Andrew’s.

But I get it. I’m originally from Seattle, and I was around when Locke was working as a talk-show host on Seattle’s top sports radio station. He comes from the sports radio culture, where IF YOU TALK LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, YOUR POINT SEEMS MORE CORRECT. Locke used that STYLE … OF SPEAKING … LOUDLY … AND IN SHORT CLIPS … TO SOUND AUTHORITATIVE … AND IN A PLACE … WHERE … HE COULD CONTROL … HOW MUCH … CALLERS WERE ABLE … TO RESPOND. He’s apparently taken it over to his new job as well.

LOCKE — “Final things to the author or should I say intern of this piece. In the last 4 years, the Dallas Mavericks have won 1 playoff series. Your right Deron has no chance to win in Utah and that would all change in Dallas.”

* One more time with the blanket “intern” insult. I would hope any young kid on his way up in the sports media game in Utah doesn’t have to intern under Locke, because obviously he doesn’t think much of interns.

In a lot of ways, interns help provide the backbone of this business, doing the “little things” that salaried employees either don’t have time or desire to do, often for zero or little pay. If a business is run like an NBA team, interns are the undersized power forwards like Leon Powe, or the not-as-athletic guards who specialize in defense or shooting. They are the role players, and without them, superstars don’t win championships. I understand and respect that. Locke clearly doesn’t.

As far as Deron’s chances of winning in Utah versus winning in Dallas, it’s really just splitting hairs. Neither franchise has won a championship, and in fact, Dallas (2006 Finals) has come closer more recently than Utah. But that’s another matter of opinion regarding who is best set up to contend by 2012. That’s not my place to say the Mavs or Jazz are a better look for Deron. But even back in ’08, when I interviewed Deron for a feature in Dime #41, I asked him about the possibility of going to Dallas someday. (This was before he signed his current contract extension.) He grew up in the area and team’s owner is known to spend money on big-time players, so it’s not a far-off assumption that Dallas would be on D-Will’s radar.

Either way, when you’re representing a team (Utah) that hasn’t won a championship and trying to clown another franchise that hasn’t won a title, you end up looking silly on your pedestal. Locke is a pro in the game, and I would think he’d be better than that. But maybe I’m just being absurd.

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  • Kevin

    Man I’m not an intern anywhere but I’d definately be cool with interning for you man. Way to have your dudes back. Locke is just stressed out b/c he’s in Utah and probably has more than one wife yelling at him every night ha

  • Scott

    I gotta say I’ve been less than impressed with Andrews writing or his replies to readers posts … that said if he was my intern I’d do the exact same thing. Well played Austin … I’ve never read anything by this Locke charater but he certainly seems like a huge douche

  • karizmatic

    Way to stick up for your staff Austin. Eff dude.

  • Chuck Garabedian

    I guess you could argue that much of it is one man’s opinion versus another man’s opinion. That’s true, but there’s quite a bit of knowledge that comes with covering the league for 15 years with two different franchises. An intern isn’t going to have that perspective.

    But many props for taking up for your employees, be they interns or not. That’s what a good organization should do.

  • Rainman

    HAHA. OWned.

  • itsthehype

    wow both you and d locke are nitpicking.
    omg he spelled something wrong? Lets publicly bash on a BLOG. that will shut him up.
    the dime is basically one of those news rags that say their are aliens in the white house. This drama is what they feed on, all the rumors and hype. Its just ridiculouse

  • Thirsty

    this is so lame………….

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllThatJazz / Amar

    I’m just happy someone is calling out Locke. I don’t live in Utah (never have) and when I listen to him online (streaming radio, like I used to a few years ago, I’ve since stopped listening to his show) I felt like his ‘strategy’ of yelling opposed to using rigor was horrible. Bravo for calling him out, and bravo for sticking up for your guys.

    Locke masquerades as a numbers guy. He is a company man through and through. That’s part of the deal, I guess, when you are ‘reporting’ on a team that’s owned by the people who own the radio station, though. It’s like the Iraqi Information Minister. “There are no US troops in Iraq!” “Carlos Boozer is a great guy!” “Al Jefferson’s defense is under-rated!”

    As far as opinions go, though, there’s a thing called an educated one and a wild guess. I know you guys at dime like to post topics that sometimes elicits a certain response (any post that calls Toronto a small market, for instance) . . . but if you are supporting and propping up the credibility of an intern to be that of an expert (because all experts probably started off as interns), then his knowledge has to be equal to the task.

    You could ask a 4th year medical student (effectively what this guy is) a question that relies on his medical opinion — but that opinion will be less educated than that of a guy who has finished residency and fellowship after that.

    I can’t expect a 17-24 year old dude to know what sets the Jazz ran when Karl Malone was under 28 years of age. I can point those sets out, though, when there’s a new guy on the roster (playing for the same coach) who can do some of the same things.

    His attitude “I love all my haters” needs improvement. Part of having an intern is not just blindly following and supporting them, but also teaching and instructing them so they get better.

    The internet is full of idiots, so you have to pick and choose your battles. But don’t brush aside constructive criticism in the same wave of your hand as brushing aside the idiots.

    I think AM can be good if he sticks with it. Even opinion pieces need some level of research (even if you aren’t quoting players) — a little knowledge of the CBA, when player’s contract expire, the age of players — or even playoff records from the previous years can go a long way towards making an opinion piece have more inherent validity and ultimately, be stronger.

    You know this. You have been engaging in your works with the community and the people who read what you write. You defend your statements and provide examples. So far, all this guy has seem to do is run home to daddy (you).

    He can do better. Push him to do better. And David Locke is an idiot. (or at least, he plays one On-Air)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @Chuck Garabedian

    Agreed. And that’s exactly why he reached out to Locke in the first place for his opinion. Oftentimes, hypothetical pieces don’t even do that.

  • IGP

    I think Andrew’s writing is good. He’s an intern and everyone has rookie mistakes and growing pains. He will be fine. He listens to his readers and comments on what they say. There must be pressure at Dime to write articles and he’s been coming out with a few articles each day, so give the kid some credit.

    Austin…class act man. I don’t even know you and I have a lot of respect for you. I’d love to work for someone like you.

  • Three Stacks

    First of all, interns aren’t shit. You know this, I know this, everybody in the industry knows this. Ppl care less about interns than they do about running out of coffee filters in the office.

    Second of all, a factual error in any nationally read article should be considered more than a minor slip-up. Fact-checking in journalism is a VERY slippery-slope, and I don’t think you’re doing a young writer any favors by coming to his defense over something like this.

    This is even more true since you say Andrew’s was an “opinion” piece. Opinions can only be supported by facts, and if the facts are incorrect, the article (and the publication) loses all kinds of credibility.

  • the_don_mega

    nice one AB

  • TheJed

    I actually think the only part that really bothers me was his second “intern” shot. Really unnecessary. I have zero problem with Locke picking a battle with the article and using his platform to dispute it and the facts. But I do have a problem with him attacking status. The fact that the kid got here and had the article published online, and got a little pub is a nice experience, including the backlash which comes with the territory in the field. Attack the story, not the around 20 year old writer who’s working his tail off to learn and make a career.

  • Aaron

    Dude, is this “intern” your little brother or something? Never have I seen a bigger attempt to fix someone’s feelings that were hurt.

    Then again, Locke was probably trying to fix Jazz fans feelings that were hurt. Haha..funny.

  • Jared

    You’re missing the point, friend. All the public hate was not *really* directed at the young intern, but at the hapless editors who apparently didn’t read his piece or send it back for corrections. You fail to mention that (1) the article was originally posted in the “Latest News” category, a tag that has since been removed; and (2) Dime did not disclose the fact that the author was a brand-new, green intern. If you had mentioned that in the first place, you probably would have avoided much scorn because people would have chalked the errors up to rookie mistakes.

    But I also think you understate the problems in the article. You had the “first-round exits” line and the suggestion that Brewer was among the FA losses, when in fact he was traded during the season. But there was also projection of salary-cap space for the 2012-13 (!) season without any mention of the CBA issue. There was the failure to mention any of the Jazz’s summer acquisitions, as though the article had been written two months ago. Your intern suggested also adding some of the oldest free agents in the NBA (Ray Allen, Garnett, Duncan) in 2012, and in the comments he called George Karl one of the greatest playoff coaches in history. Seriously. These do not add to his credibility.

    But perhaps your own words best describe the most general flaw in the article: “when you’re representing a team … that hasn’t won a championship and trying to clown another franchise that hasn’t won a title, you end up looking silly on your pedestal.” That is exactly what the article did, glorifying championshipless Dallas at the expense of championshipless Utah with absolutely no facts.

  • WinDelRoj

    1. It was an opinion piece. I see worse coming out of FoxSports, ESPN, and SI.
    2. Props to the Intern for writing the material that caused some thinking (and some press lol)
    3. People make crazy ass assumptions as to who is gonna go where all the time.
    4. Way to back dude up.

  • TD

    Good lookin out and standing up for one of your own. I hate radio personalites like this guy, and although I’m not a big fan of Andrew Macaluso at this point based on what he’s written. Your doing the right thing by standing by him.

  • zak

    Regardless of Locke’s response, the article by Macaluso was factually inaccurate and poorly written. Perhaps you should address the issue of a sub-par article on your site, rather than slinging personal attacks at Locke. Who cares what Locke said? You’ve admitted that the articles facts weren’t correct, so isn’t that the bigger issue?

    One last point.

    “for example, Andrew said the Jazz have only “first round exits” to show for themselves since signing Deron to a contract extension, which is wrong. No excuse for that one. But if that’s the worst thing you can find in the column, I don’t think that qualifies it as “absurd…”

    Anytime an organization portraying itself as a legitimate news source quotes incorrect information, it is absurd. I certainly wouldn’t purchase a subscription to any magazine if that opinion wasn’t shared by the publication.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ All Dime Magazine Fans

    First and foremost, I want to apologize for my rude and insidious comments towards a few of the posters that left comments. Yes, I am a brand new intern at Dime Magazine. It was my first day on the job and I typed up my piece about Deron leaving Utah for Dallas. At the time I thought it was a really well written article when in fact It did have errors and I thank all of you for pointing those out in which it’s going to help me out in the long run and like the old saying goes, “Learn from your mistakes.”

    I understand that a few of you might not like my writing period, even after the Deron article I’ve written. But when I said “I love all my haters” that was me stating I don’t hate anyone for bashing me, hell, I don’t even hate David Locke for bashing me. I was just frustrated with all the comments and attacks I was receiving even on Twitter. I have great thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my articles here on the website. I truly appreciate all the support.

    When I seen that my article made it onto ESPN and caused a world wide stir with Salt Lake City, of course I was excited that it all of a sudden became a world wide piece, but I wasn’t expecting all the negativity. With that being said, I will do better and I will be better at what I do. I’m going to keep posting my articles on Dime and hopefully earn some sort of fan base.

    Again, I apologize for my comments and truly appreciate everyone who reads my articles and supports Dime.


  • atticusmitch

    So is this an apololgy for the intern’s mistakes or just bashing on a random radio host from Utah that no one cares about? Dime, I dont care about pissing matches between two journalists intern or otherwise.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllThatJazz / Amar

    see, that’s an awesome post. keep it up man, and don’t be afraid to ask the wider community before developing a story idea / looking for back up. each team has a very well organized and friendly fan base of guys and gals who blog. they aren’t hard to find either.

    I fell in love with hoopstv/dime because there are a great alternative to the traditional mainstream media. you will do that original ideal proud if you continue to work on your writing while looking past traditional sources of info.

    sbnation is a good place to start for people who will be willing to bounce ideas with. (but you probably know that already)

  • Ben

    Andrew got slammed in the comments on his article. It wasn’t only Locke who disagreed, nor did it appear to be only Jazz fans who felt the article was sub-par. That said, I love how the response is, “well, Jazz fans are just defensive” rather than acknowledging that most of the comments were well-reasoned and based in the kinds of facts that Jazz fans know because they follow their team passionately.

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the summation of Locke as a “douche.” I do think he overreacted slightly; Andrew’s article probably didn’t warrant a full-length blog post rebuttal. There are plenty of opinions about where players like Williams are going to end up via free agency, and Andrew is certainly entitled to his. But Locke really does understand the NBA exceptionally well and is a credit to his profession in Salt Lake City. Amar sounds like one of the people who called in to Locke’s show, made a stupid point, got shot down, and hung up in a huff, deciding along the way that Locke must be evil because Locke knows the Jazz and the way the league operates better than Amar himself does. Yes, there are those people whom Locke has offended because he has low tolerance for stupidity. But this is a rare exception where Locke’s actions did not fit the situation. He’s not Sid Rosenberg, so let’s stop branding him as such.

    As for the charge about Locke being a company man, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have heard him call out players a number of times. Has he defended Jazz management when fans have gotten antsy about the future of the team? Yes. But he has been right every time. Fans freaked out when Boozer and Matthews left. Nobody could see how this could possibly translate into a positive result in 2010-11. Locke defended Kevin O’Connor and Greg Miller. And then they landed Al Jefferson and Raja Bell, and now everyone is optimistic. He’s not working for Jazz Pravda. He has freedom and uses it more wisely than most. Should a radio host blast the Jazz just for the sake of blasting them, to prove his independence?

    Just FYI, I have no ties to Locke or his station. I’ve never met the guy. But I have lived in other parts of the country as well as in Salt Lake City, so I’d like to think I have a large sample set of radio hosts against which to compare Locke. He’s one of the really good ones, especially when it comes to the NBA. Hopefully readers — as well as Dime — will be able to forgive and forget this one transgression.

  • Seeduble

    Yo, the first article was the one that started the belittling of one franchise at the expense of another thing. Don’t try and flip the coin around

  • matt

    Haha. Locke is right, but i like dime. The mavs are perpetually overrated.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Andrew

    In journalism one of the best traits to have is thick skin..

    Your doing good bruh.. Everyone one here clamors for DIFFERENT articles and then when we start getting them people piss on the ideas lol..

    Basically you cant win lol so just remember to believin in urself is the best way to go.. like i said i can be nit picky myself and i havent a problem with ANYTHING you’ve written.. I like how u think outside of the box with your hypotheticals and opinions..

    Keep up the good work..


    Damn, is it just me, or is Utah NERVOUS. Lil Mr. Intern must have hit a nerve! lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ Andrew

    And remember you can write the BEST article u’ve ever written and SOMEONE is going to bash it..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Coney Islander

    Thats what i was thinkin lol..

  • atticusmitch


    After all this stuff you better sign this rook. He has balls and I respect his writing game(even tho some may be wack) he has potential. And look at that apology, straight up takin it like a man. But please find me some news or somethin to read about around the league. What did Shaq eat today? Just how many tatoos does J.R. Smith have? Whats the radius of a basketball? Its off season and I am in despreate need of basketball realted news.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.


    Congratulations on getting some press with your first article. You clearly love the game and have a desire to write about it. May I be sold as to suggest that you read a classic book that will help your career out immensely. ‘The Elements of Style’ will help you with spelling, grammar, structure, and most importantly rhetoric. Keep writing and ignore the haters.

    Lastly, Jazz fans, if you can’t win with Stockton and Malone good luck with Deron and Big-Al.

  • Conoro

    Respect for Burton: Risen. Slightly.

  • Matt

    Williams is not going to be Dallas

    Yes, they will have money in 2012 for a max player, and Kidd comes off the books in 2012.

    Dallas 2012 team has 6 player:
    Dirk Nowitzki – $20,907,128
    Brandon Haywood – $8,646,364
    Shawn Marion – $7,975,932
    Add in a couple of small contract (Beaubois, Jones, Ajinca)

    Chandler, Butler, Barea, all come off the books this year and Terry comes off the books in 2013.

    The only way you can sign a max player (Deron Williams is a max player), is by gutting your team (New York, Miami), or have a lot of cheap young talent (Chicago). Dallas does not have the talent. Quite Frankly the problem isn’t this season, it 2011/2012.

    If Dallas really feels they can sign Williams – they will have to really stink on the 2011/2012 season. You cannot resign Butler, Barea, or Chandler or any other free agents and have enough money to sign Williams to a Max Contract, and I don’t see Dallas’s Owner being willing to stink one year.

    Second, do you really see Williams wanting to go to play with Dirk, Haywood, Marion and a few scrubs.

  • Jared

    @Coney Islander

    With respect, damn right we’re nervous. We’re in a small market with one major pro sports team. This team, for many of us, is our #1 rooting interest. We have one of the two best PGs in the world. His contract expires in 2 years. So people get upset when the rumor mill gets started, amplified by unscrupulous ESPN web managers, and overblown. I’m sure Hornets fans got pissed when LeBron started tweeting about CP3 doing what’s best for himself, and Denver fans are probably furious everytime an unsupported rumor surfaces about a Melo trade.

    Again, I can’t fault Macaluso too much for writing the bit, but I can fault Dime for the way they presented it and their editorial oversight. Bottom line, we are nervous about something like this being true. So when we read the article and it is clearly just speculation, we vent.

  • http://www.upperbowljazzfan.com UpperBowlJazzFan

    +1 on respect for Andy Mac for the apology. It wasn’t needed. People are always going to be getting upset about articles. You should never apologize for that. Errors in information blatantly leaving out important facts to make the story seem more credible is another thing…and something that isn’t acceptable.

    -1 on respect for Austin Burton. He seems upset at Locke’s tactics but then resorted to the same ones himself. Locke’s superiority leaves a LOT to be desired…even to Jazz fans. His post wasn’t respectful…plain and simple.

    That being said, Burton backs up the “opinion” article knowing that it really was terrible. If Burton is somehow under the idea that it wasn’t terrible then I should be SUPREMELY qualified to work as a Senior Writer/Editor for DimeMag.

    You should go to bat for your employees. No question. But, plain and simple, that article should have never seen the light of day…or had someone edit it heavily.

  • nihilist

    @ Austin

    I have always respected your work and I respect you for sticking up for one of your staff. With that said, I think you’re missing the point with this response or at least you have focused it on the wrong target. Locke’s criticism of a member of your staff shouldn’t be your primary concern. I think we can agree that having a back and forth with a radio personality is pointless. In my OPINION, it seems more important to address the extensive commentary made by those of us who have been loyal readers of Dime for years.

    It is very rare that I feel the need to comment on an article. There is a reason why I, and many others, reacted so strongly to this particular article. It wasn’t just the factual mistakes, exclusion of pertinent facts, the composition, or the immature attitude of the author. It was the combination of all those things, but for me personally the commentary primarily came out of disappointment. It was disappointing to me that Dime would even publish an article that was so poorly written and so poorly executed. And as I mentioned in my first post relating to the article, I worry that it is part of a larger drop-off in quality. I have friends, huge fans of dime, who stopped reading Smack last season because they found it less insightful and less thorough than it was in the past. I have long respected Dime as a leading source for basketball incite and information. This article was placed in the “Latest News” section of your site. This was not news. This was not journalism. This was pure speculative opinion that ignored components central to journalism and had few redeeming qualities.

    I simply expect better from your site. I don’t think you need to fall into the speculation-as-news movement that ESPN and others have chosen to follow. And if you feel like you need to play that game, please don’t try to pass it off as “News,” brush the criticism under the rug, and ignore the overall short-comings of an article that shouldn’t have been published, in that form, in the first place.

    I appreciate Andrew’s most recent post and I wish him all the best. Learning from mistakes is the important thing. I hope that the tenured members of staff take that to heart. Keep the quality and content up to the level to which we’ve grown accustomed.

  • Troy

    World wide stir? I live in Utah and this story isn’t on the local news and David Locke didn’t utter one word about it today on his show.

    Dime really needs to hire some interns that are responsible journalists. This is not a good look for a first day on the job. Between the writers and lack of reporting news while it is still news, Dime is slowly become a third rate website.

  • BeEqual

    I love dime, and I will continue to read the site ALL THE TIME. Its not like a differing opinion is that big of a deal. The posters who commented and “called you out” on the article are doing exactly as the author did, stating an opinion. However, I have to admit, that creating a story (and essentially a rumor considering the age/society we live in) out of speculation is pretty bush league, and frankly, something I’d expect to find in the local Jr High. Not a well respected mag/website.

  • BeEqual

    in other words, like others have said, leave the BS speculative writing to ESPN and those type of outlets. Aside from my viewership, Dime also has my RESPECT. I hope it remains that way.

  • Three Stacks

    @ Andrew

    Any press is good press. And like many ppl have stated, it’s not your fault the editors didn’t send the piece back for corrections. If anything this is a notch on your belt for creating a stir on your first day and getting your 15 seconds, and a smudge on Dime’s face for careless journalism.

    You’re lucky you fucked up when everyone was looking, though. Journalism/writing is an extremely competitive field, and when you’re delivering news (whether opinion or not) there should be no allowance for error. If you were writing for a real newspaper and took an article that contained three or four fairly major and obvious factual errors to your editor at this stage in your career, you would have been shown the door and no one would have cared or known about it at all.

    This entire thing is ridiculous. If anyone cared about the actual news, this thing woulda ended with a simple retraction or edit. Instead, in this Twitter-obsessed age, people care way more about the REACTION to news than the news itself.

  • Sheesh

    Pissing contests get so old… And it looks a bit weak to have someone else step in to defend the intern. If there’s going to be back and forth pissing, shouldn’t he be doing his own pissing? I know the author of this has some decent points, but this all seems so unnecessary. I feel like I’m snooping on a private squabble.

    I recall reading the original article and I do remember thinking that he was really reaching with his opinion. I’m surprised that more people didn’t just ignore it.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    You tell em’ Austin. It’s alright Andrew, we all make mistakes but Locke made a far bigger mistake than you my man.

  • The Dago

    @ Lucas

    actually, in the world of journalism, the bigger mistake was made by Austin/Dime.

  • JStew

    I totally hated Maculuso’s Column, I am a total Jazz fan in Salt Lake. I think his opinions are short-sighted, but he’s allowed to voice them, Locke may be right but he’s not right for the reasons he thinks he is.

    BTW David Locke’s radio show is horrible, he spouts of stat after meaningless stat and the station he is on is owned by the jazz he defends everything they do, he’s the ultimate company man. The only thing worse is that he took over the radio broadcast from the Legend Hot Rod and even with the aging alcholic HotRod missing half of what was going on in the game, Locke has made the broadcast not even listenable.

    Locke is the only bad move the Jazz have made in the past few years.

  • Darius

    As a fan I enjoyed the article just like everything else on Dime and that really is all that matters

  • fallinup

    You make a mistake, you leave yourself open to criticism of your journalistic standards. This is why we have editors… that proof read. I understand that there are tons of topics to post on everyday… but if this incident tells us anything it’s that people take these articles on DimeMag seriously. FACT CHECK, SUCKA!

    I’m eagerly awaiting this Locke guy’s response. I’ll hold my boy Austin up to any writer/personality/whatever the hell this Locke guy is, any day. Biggups, bro.

    And to Locke, “He is looking to make a career and didn’t do his work on the piece. He is probably excited that I am reacting to it.”

    Don’t let your over inflated head hit the doorway on your way out, my man. You’re a douche… and just for the record, I aint never heard of you and you sound like your just a shill anyhow.

    Deeznutz, bitch. Go back to Mormon Land.

  • the truth

    o w n e d

  • Dave

    Locke got at the kid Dan Gilbert style, i do now know to take alot of these articles with a grain of salt now. I dont know the bball knowledge of some of these kats, kinda suspect like young buck 3 goin lady gaga on cam

  • alf (from melmak)

    First, I applaud Austin for sticking it out for his team. That was the right thing to do.

    Even if it feels and sounds like a statement drafted by a public relations firm, the apology letter of Andrew Macaluso was also the right thing to do.

    Thanks also for agreeing with me that what the person has written was opinion. Dime should really create an opinion section. Also, next time someone posts a similar article, put under that it is only the “opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect that of Dime”.

    Anyway, this is not about David Locke versus Macaluso. This is about what your intern has written. I am not even going into the “copied” territory with the other article he has written.

    Interns are not the backbone of a business. Yes, they do the little things and it is the organization’s responsibility, much like the school, to prepare them for the real world.

    Then, there is this thing about typos. You just have to get everything correct. No such thing as tight deadlines and being stressed out when you are working for a media outfit.

    This is also not about “internet culture of negativity and overblowing everything”. You are underestimating Dime readers. What you have are some of the most intelligent, knowledgeable, basketball loving, and loyal readers.

    Lastly, here is Dime’s vision statement:

    Dime Magazine is Allen Iverson knifing through the heart of a defense. Unique. Quick. Beautiful. Dangerous. Equal parts talent and passion. The truth with style. Dime is a basketball magazine written and produced by ball players for ball players. Dime is a complete celebration of the game of basketball and its culture. From the playground asphalt to the NBA hardwood to life off the court, Dime is an obsessive pursuit of the truth. The features selected to appear in Dime are balanced precariously between timely and timeless. Dime is swift justice. Dime defends the hierarchy of the game’s traditions. Dime shows much respect for few. Dime smacks many. Dime attacks those who weaken the sport. Dime will feel most comfortable in the hands of those who play the game, love the game and respect the game.

    The vision and mission statements of an organization is its backbone.

    Which part of it is Macaluso?

  • life

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s AB Man to the rescue!

  • asdf

    Does anybody realize that this article is less of a rebuttal and much more of a list of excuses for being stupid?

  • Michael M

    @ Andrew

    I gotta give mad props to my boy Macaluso for dealing with this like a champ. If this was written on his first day, that means he’s only been working a week at Dime and this is a ton to get thrown in your face in the first week. Cut the kid some slack and appreciate the fact that he has promised he won’t make the same mistake twice. Every great person has made a mistake and what seperates them from the ordinary people is that they own up to their mistakes and deliver the next time. Based on what I’ve read of Andrew Macaluso’s, he knows what he’s talking about and is very talented. This is just the first time he’s been seen in a professional outlet. I respect Dime for sticking by him and I respect Andrew Macaluso as a writer and as a man for taking it like one.

  • Chaos

    @ Coney Island…youre totally right man, Andrew ,must have gotten something right because there WAS some BACKLASH, not only to the facts but also to the OPINION that was probably closer to the truth than people think or are letting on. Just think about what D-Will is thinking about if he read it…he may be thinking what Andrew is writing about…

    Anyway, Andrew you’re an intern. you’re new to the national publication game and well, you are going to make mistakes. You are probably not even 24 or 25 yet…Locke has probably made more mistake by your age, yours right now is on a bigger scale with one that he might have had. Radio personalities such as him rather just be heard to be heard than heard for the content. But I will say this, you are new to the game and you have a good dude in Austin watching your back as well as the entire Dime team supporting you at the same time. Like anyone else who makes mistake as being new to a particular field, you are going to make mistakes and it is important for you to learn from those mistake because others will come but be glad that they are giving you a chance. Its up to Austin, Aron and the rest of the crew to help you minimize those mistakes as well as learn from them. I hope you did learn from it. Most of us Dimemag fans, readers and bloggers would love to be in your position right now as interns in the office and half of us can’t write worth a lick, if you look at all of the posts above mine. Keep up the good work man, you got where you are for a reason You def have potential. Good luck with the rest of your internship. All of us, whether we like or dislike your writing will continue to read it anyway because we love the site and the opinions on it. An as LakeShow84 said, you have to have a thick skin dude. Peace

  • David Vasquez

    Go Austin. Way to stick up for a guy who is just getting his footing. And Andy keep writing, great job.

  • asdf

    I don’t care if its his first week working. If I wrote such an opinionated paper without specifying, or at least implying that it was supposed to be read as an opinion and not based on ANY facts in the ninth grade I would’ve flunked English class.

  • BeEqual


    come on dude… for real? Mormon Land? Try something a little more original, and a little less ignorant.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Dime Fans

    I truly appreciate all the advice and support!

    @ D.H.

    I actually went out and picked up the “Elements of Style” book you were referring to. I can already tell that it’s going to help with my writing. Thanks for pointing that one out, fam.

  • Jimbo

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Dime as a result of the absurd column by Austin where he posits that Deron Williams is leaving Utah without anything resembling evidence and this follow-up post which offers nothing by way of apology. I know you have to draw readers to this website to make money, but in the future please refrain from posting this kind of junk.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Man some of you MFers kill me. Acting like you are editors or english majors. That’s flat out some b!tch made ish. Has nothing to do with wanting good articles. If you don’ like it, don’t flucking read it! it don’t get more simple than that.

    And the most amazing thing is the kid is probably right, Utah is not a place anyone wants to be and as much as Deron loves how the fans love him, no effing way he staying when that contract is done and Sloan is leaving.

    As far as AB sticking up for his intern. Good looking out, and way to capitolize on the publicity.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    here let me point you in the right direction

    all dyckheads go That way —->
    and your name is Jimbo….yeh um hmmm.


    no thanks necessary for that one.

  • asdf

    @ Chicagorilla

    “If you don’t like it, don’t flucking read it”

    If you can’t handle peoples responses, don’t write it

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Jimbo

    That was me who wrote the article about Deron leaving Utah for Dallas, not Austin.

  • adam

    Any of you Utah haters ever actually been to Utah? How can you hate a place if you’ve never been there? I’ve lived in Dallas, Utah, and the bay area in cali. I currently live in Utah by choice because I prefer it over these other places. Do us all who live in Utah a favor though, don’t come here since you “hate” it so bad. We have a clean state and would like to keep the trash out.

  • “Tha Boddy” Arenas Returns

    Good job Austin way to stick up for a friend/co-worker

  • superfreak6

    @ Andrew
    Just read your Anthony Randolph article and thought it was enjoyable. I think a lot of people are on you because of your first article, but continue doing what you do.

    as for the Locke thing, that guy just sounds like a dick. He could of said all that stuff without discriminating the fact Andrew is an intern- numerous times. “He is probably excited that I am reacting to it.” That makes you sound real professional.

  • Teabag

    Andrews piece belongs on Bleacher report. It was garbage. You did not call it out as an opinion piece to begin with. Far too late to do it now. And this counter attack against Locke is douchey as hell!

  • Teabag

    Andrew Macaluso says:

    @ Jimbo

    That was me who wrote the article about Deron leaving Utah for Dallas, not Austin.

    And you are bragging about it? LMAO.

  • Shanette Soto

    A couple of things:

    I am a CRAZY Jazz fan. You can find me on almost every Jazz site, repping my team like no other. I read everything I can about the Jazz from as many sources as possible. My obscene amounts of knowledge of the Jazz and the NBA surpasses most people I know, its borderline obsession for sure.

    When I first saw the piece on Deron leaving to Dallas on Dime, I had a brief moment of deja vu; I had previously read a similiar article on Bleacherreport.com not too long before this one was published. Strangely that writer had Deron going to Dalls in 2012 as well. Old news to me. So, I was not the surprised and I didn’t give the piece much credence on face value. Then I read the article and came to the swift conclusion that the writer did not know what he was talking about in regards to my team and dismissed the piece as opinion.


    Plenty of articles like this have been written about many different players in the league. its as commonplace as bandwagon Laker fans or know it alls on the internet. I dont take it to heart, plus I know pieces like this spark interest and conversation for the super slow off season, but usually hold very little weight.

    ESPN, the supposed world wide leader in sports, does it ALL. THE. TIME.

    I have also come to realize that a majority of Jazz fans are entirely too touchy, sensitive and overall over-reactionary, myself included. Every piece about the Jazz that says anything negative will spark statewide insecurity about the team. We have a crazy complex about our team. It’s embarassing.

    Locke is the mouthpiece for the Jazz. The head radio guy for the flagship station of the team. Considering how many overly sensitive Jazz fans were reading into Andrew’s piece and emailing Locke about it, he had to do something, you cannot blame him.

    Anyway I realize that writers can sometimes make mistakes, even Senior Writers. Charlie Rosen from FoxSports is like the posterchild of it.

  • josh

    Shut your mouth dummy writer. CJ is 23 , not 24.

  • Daniel Marks

    As a Dime intern, just wanted to say that Austin Burton, Aron Phillips, and the whole Dime team treated me with nothing but respect and it was a great experience, I wouldn’t have expected anything else from Austin, a class act

  • Chase

    Seriously? A guy rights a highly opinionated article with error. And then another rights a highly opinionated article with no errors. And Locke is the bad guy? He did his research. Kudos to interns but why was a rough draft printed on the main site? And that’s what it was. A rough draft. Nobody went over it and corrected anything. It makes the site, the writers, and everybody look bad. Obviously this a blast post to regain some of it’s credibility around here. But Locke is a class act and you just can’t point fingers at people who do work hard and cover their stories with accuracy. What a waste of time this was.

  • Isaac

    I think the errors he made and the way he fails to even mention the reasons why Deron DOES like utah make the article deficient. Saying that the Jazz have had only first round exits with Deron is not his only factual mistake. He said the Jazz have brought back the same team, but without half the players. They didn’t, because they brought a new #2 guy in Al Jefferson. That in itself makes the team noticeably different. ANd while it is true that he doesn’t necessarily need quotes, he shouldn’t say something that comes only from his head or imagination, he should base what he says on facts or statistics. Deron was frustrated at the end of the season, but it is said that now he is excited about the new players, and Al Jefferson himself said that Deron told him he would make him an All Star. That’s a fact that, if you think doesn’t prove Deron feels happy in Utah, you should explain why. I think that in your article you only mention the facts that help you make your case, while ommiting those that go against it instead of adressing them and explaining why they do not invalidate you point. Regardless of wether you think Boozer, Brewer, Korver and Matthews are better than Jefferson, Raja Bell and Gordon Hayward, it is not accurate for you to say that Deron’s supporting cast has fallen apart. It has changed, but it certainly hasn’t fallen apart. There are way too many things you state without giving an explanation.

    Al Jefferson’s numbers have been similar to Boozers for quite some time. And in 08-09 he had a season that might be better than any one Boozer ever had. His shooting percentage is much lower, but it should be taken into account that he has been playing in Minessota, with a bad team and bad point guards, dealing with double teams more often than he will in Utah.Also, He is now playing with D-will, who is one of the best, if not the best, point guard in the league. Barring injury, he will be better in Utah.

    Al Jefferson is also taller than Boozer, and has been good vs the Lakers. Now with Deron and the Jazz system, he’ll probably be even better.

    Raja Bell brings defense, shooting and leadership to the table, and that package is something that none of the players who left had. With Bell’s shooting, Korver probably won’t be missed. Actually, in a way, it’s better to have him than have both Korver and brewer, since he can play defense AND shoot. Brewer couldn’t shoot and Korver was deficient on defense.

    Wesley Matthews’ absence is the only one that the Jazz are likely to really be affected by.

    Also, the changes on the roster allow CJ Miles, who has been developing very well and was effective in the playoffs, to have more playing time. Kirilenko will probably play more, too, and history has shown that his production improves when he gets more minutes.

    Also, Boozer was a defensive liability, and as AK and Paul Millsap get more PF minutes, the team’s defense will improve.

    I am a Jazz fan, but I’m not just “defensive”. I completely disagree with you, Andrew, but I have an explanation for the points I make. I’m not saying you can’t explain what you think, I’m just saying you should have done so in your article.

  • M Intellect

    Austin your my hero

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    As someone who’s been in the journalism/publishing game for over 15 years, the responsibility for this falls squarely on the shoulders of the editors at Dime. To use a hoops analogy (hell, let’s even make it Utah-centric) it would be like John Stockton (Dime) passing to a triple-teamed Blue Edwards (Macaluso) with one second left in the game and wondering why he didn’t make the shot.

    The savvy veterans at Dime should have taken the rook’s article apart piece-by-piece behind the scenes and shown him how to improve it, even added to it themselves, rather than put it out for the public to devour and use the “we all make mistakes” defense when you get called out on sloppy writing/fact-checking.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @DJ Leon Smith

    But thats not what this is about. Its not about the blame game. DIME/Austin in this article was retaliating to the B!tcha$$ness of the Locke dude.

    As far as the article that Andrew wrote, like I wrote before, the kid is right to begin with, but it’s still an opinion. And the “Fact errors” that were in the piece is not what got the Utah fans on their period. it’s because he wrote a piece about Deron leaving them. I wish people stop frontin like it’s deeper than Utah fans freaking out over nothing. Utah fans and Toronto fans are notorious for this, but I never saw it go this far.

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    Nah but you see if the article was tighter, without the sloppy errors, they’d be able to bust back at whoever takes shots from a position of strength (or they’d give journalists such as Locke no reason to take shots to begin with).

    As it stands they’re leaving themselves (both Dime and the writer) wide open for any criticism that comes their way.

  • http://www.nba.com/mavericks/ cubano

    If we valued Dime writing after these two Deron Williams articles it would be renamed – nickel.

    Look, David Locke is actually a good writer, and a very, very good analyst. Put your bias aside, and we will look at it objectively.

    The “Intern” comment.

    All Locke was saying was that interns tend to have less experience. In no way did he blast all interns, or go as far as you did to say that your bosses (who, theoretically are writing at a more experienced level now that they are bosses, and no longer interns) don’t write well.

    Here is what http://www.dictionary.com defines an intern as:

    “A person who works as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience, and sometimes also to satisfy legal or other requirements for being licensed or accepted professionally.”

    BY DEFINITION, interns have less experience. That is all he was saying.

    The “opinion” article.

    Sure, your dime writer has a right to write an opinion column. Locke wasn’t saying anything against that. If you read his comments carefully, however, you will see that he is basically stating that articles/stories/research etc etc that are based on some kind of fact have more credibility than others. One way to add credibility to an opinion column is to piece together events that can lead to a logical conclusion. Comments from players like, “trade me,” could add credibility to the opinion column. Where there were no quotes to that effect included in the article, Locke merely pointed out that this wasn’t a factor. Of course, your dime intern could also have the opinion that the David Stern will suit up for the Mavericks this coming season, and he is welcome to print that article because its his opinion.

    “Twitter” quote.

    The man is quoted via twitter, and has a right to clarify his comments. Ironically, you are trying to do the same for your intern friend.

    “Which team has a better foundation”

    Yeah, opinions… Locke calls out two factors that he felt the dime writer believed would drive Deron to Dallas – that the Mavs are better, and that they have a better supporting cast.

    Locke rebuts that notion with the fact that the Jazz are younger, and the talent in Utah will be in its prime when the Mavs will be older, and the OVERALL talent level will be diminishing.

    One good player, heck, one great player is not enough to win a championship. Ask Michael Jordan, who tried for many years until all the right pieces came together. Dirk is a fabulous player, and no one is arguing that, not even Locke. Will that one great player be enough to bring Deron to Dallas? Locke called out the factors that the dime writer used to justify his opinion as laughable. I think he’s right.

    Calling out the misspelling of Marion’s name was petty, but that’s just my opinion.

    “Best Owner” comment.

    Locke was insinuating that this guy just sounds like a Mavs fan that wants Deron to come to the Mavs. That’s fine, but the WHOLE POINT of this article is that the intern is basing his opinions on nothing but opinion.

    This is poor writing.

    Opinions are based on something – that’s how opinions are formed. The way to present an opinion based article is to justify the opinions in some fact that drive the opinion one direction, or another.

    I haven’t really been familiar with Dime until now. If I were to base my opinion of Dime on these articles, I would never buy a magazine, or revisit the website. We migth as well bring back Fahrenheit 451. This analysis of Deron, and of David Locke’s comments were quite pathetic, but yeah, you have a right to your pathetic opinion.


  • http://www.nba.com/mavericks/ cubano

    Andrew Macaluso

    OMG – Did you really just print “When I seen…”?????

    Eff.. what is the publishing world coming too, I mean, two… I mean to.


  • jawjack

    Y’all sound like a bunch of whiney bitches who all bought the same dress for the prom. Have to agree that Dime is responsable for this mess for not editing the intern. The intern compounds lazy journalism by bitching back at folks.

    Burton is the real villion in this drama. He excuses the lack of fact checking as a ‘small mistake’ due to deadlines and camplaints reguarding it as ‘overblown’. It’s no wonder that the intern was so sloppy if this guy is supposed to me editing his work.

    Those who admire this Burton as a stand up guy for backing his player need to realize that he’s not backing his man, he’s covering his butt.

  • http://www.nba.com/mavericks/ cubano


    Nicely said.

  • Isaac


    Well, I don’t see Utah fans freaking out. I see them arguing that Deron is not going to leave them, based on facts and not on fear. THey might be freaking out if there was a real reason to believe he will, but there isn’t.

    And the kid isn’t right, his arguments are not very strong, as I proved in my previous comment.

  • Isaac

    @ Chicagorilla

    There’s no reason to think he’ll leave for Dallas is what I mean. He might leave the Jazz, but if he does, it will probably be for reasons different than the ones Andrew mentions.

    The only reasons to think he might leave are the same reasons why anyone might want to leave: the city and Sloan’s likely retirement, just like you said. But the team could be better than last year, and even better than Dallas by the time deron’s FA time comes. You should also look at the fact that Deron seems to want to win really bad, and Utah might actually give him the best chance to win. He won’t have many options, because there are many teams that already have good point guards, and the teams that, along with utah(this is important, since this cap room might allow utah to sign some FA’s and become a perennial championship contender if D-will stays) and dallas, have cap room in 2012 might not be looking for a point guard. So, while it is possible that Deron leaves, he might actually have very few or no attractive enough options other than Utah. Deron has shown a desire to win, so it’s likely that he will only leave utah if he has another option that offers the same chance to win AND a more interesting or comfortable city. I don’t think it will be easy for him to find that.

    Players care about the city they are in, but, as Bosh, James and Dirk proved, most of them want a chance to win a ring, especially if they haven’t won one yet.

    If you look at the players who have asked for trades, or wanted to be traded or left their teams through free agency, most of them have done it looking to win a ring.

    Garnett, Allen, James, Bosh, and Chris Paul are examples of this. The only player who wants a trade and isn’t necessarily looking to win is Carmelo Anthony.

    If look at the way deron talks about winning, it’s highly likely he wants to win above all else, so him leaving utah is nowhere near a sure thing.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    I’m a Jazz fan, but i’m also a guy who likes facts. I don’t have a problem with Andy’s writing. I’ve even read a few stuff from his slightly designed blog (btw, v. interesting take about dream team vs. redeem team — can’t say I agree with everything you write, but I don’t have a problem with you writing, that’s for sure). The deron piece was not as tight as some of his other work.]

    Personally, I don’t care about Locke vs DImemag or whatever. I can even understand the editors giving some free room for their interns to write stuff without going over it with a fine toothed comb. I know AM can bring it better, and he will.

    A lot of people in the comments section of that piece did not like the lack of facts or support to the statements he was making. Myself included. That’s what needs to be addressed.

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    that was supposed to be ‘slickly’ . . .

  • Dan

    1- Although I can appreciate the loyalty you show for your intern,I don’t think you help him to become a better writer by fighting his battles. This is an opportunity for him to grow and get better. Let him take his licks.

    2- Reading the comments following the original blog I was surprised to see a similar amount of non-Utah fans respond as Utah fans…and they were in agreement that it was not a great piece of work, lacked substance and clearly was a shock/rumor piece to stir people up. Even Dallas fans agreed his conclusions were extremely unlikely and poorly founded.

    3- I’ve never been a David Locke fan. But your comments show you don’t have the facts on David either…IE: (“Company man”.) He has made a living on playing Devil’s Advocate and being overly negative about the Jazz (among other teams in Utah). Most Utah fans I know don’t like him either. Like him or not, he responded due to his comments being used to support a really ba…err “opinion post”. Unless he wanted his name tagged to Andrew’s post, a response of some kind was warranted.

    4- Both your post and Locke’s showed skill, professionalism and writing ability. Both of you expressed opinions. Both of you had facts to back it up. I found both posts interesting and worthwhile…not so with Andrew’s.

    In conclusion, you may be right in that he’s young in the business and may only get better. If he were my intern I’d suggest he focus on that rather than the Deron to Dallas article. Let’s face it. Whatever the excuse, bad is bad.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ AllthatJazz / Amar

    It’s nice to see you’ve taken a notice to my other blogs and realized that my Deron piece was not my best work at all. Like you said, I will be better and bring better pieces to the fans of Dime. Also, glad you liked the Dream Team vs. Redeem Team piece.

  • Ken

    BURTON: “There were definitely some mistakes in the piece. For example, Andrew said the Jazz have only ‘first round exits’ to show for themselves since signing Deron to a contract extension, which is wrong. No excuse for that one. But if that’s the worst thing you can find in the column, I don’t think that qualifies it as “absurd,” or as so many reader responses claimed, ‘not journalism’ and the worst article they’ve ever read. I’ll chalk that up to the growing Internet culture of negativity and overblowing everything.”

    KEN: OK, I’ll grant you: one such mistake does not make Macaluso’s work “not journalism,” nor does it make it “the worst article [I’ve] ever read.” But the fact is, like most readers, my time is limited, and if I cannot trust Macaluso to get his basic, easily-verifiable facts straight (such as the timing of Utah’s playoff exits since Deron Williams signed an extension), that gives me every right to dismiss his opinion once I encounter such an error. I don’t think you can chalk THAT up to “the growing Internet culture of negativity and overblowing everything.”

    KEVIN: “Man I’m not an intern anywhere but I’d definately [sic] be cool with interning for you man. Way to have your dudes [sic] back. Locke is just stressed out b/c he’s in Utah and probably has more than one wife yelling at him every night ha”

    TALLINUP: “Deeznutz, bitch. Go back to Mormon Land.”

    KEN: Oh, please. These are the last refuges of people who can’t hold their own in an argument: irrelevantly tarring the people of an entire state and a whole religion with the same broad brush when the originator of the response with which they disagree is a non-Mormon, non-native Utahn. To put it in the vernacular popular with the younger set these days, “Fail!” (Speaking of which, how old are you, Kevin and Tallinup? ;-D)

    ALL THAT JAZZ/AMAR: “I’m just happy someone is calling out Locke. I don’t live in Utah (never have) and when I listen to him online (streaming radio, like I used to a few years ago, I’ve since stopped listening to his show) I felt like his ‘strategy’ of yelling opposed to using rigor was horrible. Bravo for calling him out, and bravo for sticking up for your guys.”

    KEN: I won’t say you’re totally off base. I don’t listen to Locke on the rare occasions when he takes callers on his show because he just uses them as foils to illustrate his disagreement with them. That said, I dare say that Locke has mellowed out a lot (well, OK: at least a little ;D) since you listened to him, and one thing I LIKE about the show is its cerebral quality: though I disagree with him (the frequency being somewhere between “sometimes” and “often,” depending on the topic of conversation), at least he backs up what he says with stats, or facts, or opinions of people who are “in-the-know.”

    ANDREW MACALUSO: “When I seen [sic] that my article made it onto ESPN and caused a world wide stir with Salt Lake City, of course I was excited that it all of a sudden became a world wide piece, but I wasn’t expecting all the negativity.”

    KEN: Then, if you’re going to survive more than a few days, weeks, or months in the business you’re in, you need to grow a much thicker skin. (To give credit where credit is due, Lakeshow84 beat me to this advice; before I finish reading, others may as well, so if I don’t mention you by name…) Besides, do you think the article would have generated NEARLY the publicity it has if there HADN’T been that negative reaction? Haven’t you ever heard the old saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity? (I see Three Stacks beat me to that point; perhaps others will as well, so…) Would you expect ESPN, absent that reaction, to chime in to say something like, “We just wanted to mention that we here at ESPN, like the rest of the world, agree with Andrew Macaluso”? If so, you’re not only thin-skinned, you’re also incredibly naïve. Any publicity is good publicity, especially in a place as vast as the World Wild Web. It’s called “Buzz,” dude, and it’s a GOOD thing! ;-D

    BEN: “Andrew got slammed in the comments on his article. It wasn’t only Locke who disagreed, nor did it appear to be only Jazz fans who felt the article was sub-par. That said, I love how the response is, “well, Jazz fans are just defensive” rather than acknowledging that most of the comments were well-reasoned and based in the kinds of facts that Jazz fans know because they follow their team passionately.”

    KEN: What Ben said!!! ;-D

    NIHILIST: “I have long respected Dime as a leading source for basketball incite [sic] and information.”

    LOL! :D Those homonyms can be tricky, can’t they? Still, given the furor this piece has caused, perhaps “incite” IS the proper word!

    TROY: “Dime really needs to hire some interns that are responsible journalists.”

    THREE STACKS: “If you were writing for a real newspaper and took an article that contained three or four fairly major and obvious factual errors to your editor at this stage in your career, you would have been shown the door and no one would have cared or known about it at all.”

    KEN: Those are unfair slams: good journalists and writers aren’t just born, they’re made. Everybody has to start someplace. Good editors don’t just serve as safety nets for their underlings by catching errors, they also know talent (albeit raw talent) when they see it, and they don’t overreact by showing talented underlings the door every time those underlings’ errors are discovered. If that were the case, there would be 100% annual turnover among non-editors at every media outlet—and 95% annual turnover among editors who didn’t catch such errors! (Think how bad the writing would be THEN!!!) Besides, I’ve seen, and will continue to see, my fair share of obvious errors concerning easily-verifiable facts, even in “real newspapers.”

    LUCAS: “You tell em’ Austin. It’s alright Andrew, we all make mistakes but Locke made a far bigger mistake than you my man.”

    KEN: How so?

    CHAOS: “Just think about what D-Will is thinking about if he read it…he may be thinking what Andrew is writing about…”

    KEN: Yeah, Mr. Williams is probably GLUED to Dime, thinking to himself, “The next couple years I’m stuck in Utah are gonna be a waste, and that’s too bad, but … just think, we’ll have it goin’ ONNN when I finally make it to the MAAAAAAAVVVS!!!” Please!!!

  • Dan

    @Andrew Macaluso

    I have no clue why my last post was removed…

    Anyway, Props for owning it. Humility will only make you better no matter how good you’ve been in the past. Good luck in the future man.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Dan

    I appreciate that man.

  • hooper5013

    Deron Williams is so slept on. I will take him over every one in the league not named Kobe, Bron, Carmelo, Durant. No one else is better than him in the league period let alone at the point guard slot. He is leaps and bounds better than Chris Paul. Derrick Rose is putting it together. I wouldn’t trust Rondo to carry a bum ass team as the top player. D. Williams defense well enough to build around, and he runs the offense well enough to where you can be a championship threat with Mehmet Okur as your 3rd best player. I don’t understand what else there is to want from your point guard. As far as overall skill set offensively and defensively, Kobe and D. Will are the 2 players you can build your team around.

    For the record austin handled this like a real boss…

  • lol

    I’m sorry but that article he wrote was just annoying. It’s the most biased thing I have read in a long time. Why you would try and defend the piece of garbage is beyond me. Locke was mentioning that he was an intern because it shows that HE LACKS EXPERIENCE, that is true so don’t act like Locke is bashing on the guy only because he is an intern, he makes a valid point and there is no denying that.

  • jawjack

    Gracias compy.

  • Pot Kettle Black

    So, was the following sentence composed this way on purpose, or is it just unintentionally hilarious?

    “Also, I find it strange how Locke is being a stickler about fact-checking when he spells Shawn Marion’s name wrong. (Among other numerous punctuation and grammataical {sic} errors in his post.)”

    It’s quite ironic that you call Locke out on his spelling, punctuation and grammar in a sentence containing grammatical errors, a misspelling and misused punctuation.

    It’s a travesty to me that such an antagonistic, hypocritical oaf so severely lacking in attention to detail is making his living as a magazine editor. If the magazine was called “Dime Magazine” because writers and editors make $.10 an issue in profits, this type of conduct would be more expected. When you charge a cover price of $4.99, some professionalism is required. Generating a new article to reply to a commenter on a posted article, even if the commenter is a person paid to cover the sport of basketball (as Locke is), is already pretty unprofessional. Posting this vitriol-laden trash and not even taking the time to self-edit is conduct far below the standards to which you should hold yourself.

    Shame on you for taking Locke’s bait.

  • Arne

    @Dime, Andrew and Austin.

    You all need to quit defending yourselves. This is getting ridiculous. AM freekin screwed up, apologized, and you still need to bash Locke (who most Utah Jazz fans don’t really like anyway). The most important piece of the matter is that while Austin issued am “apology,” it was half-hearted, and hurt the credibility of Dime Mag. You freeking posted the article in the Latest News section of the magazine. The reason people get upset is because they get all excited to read some news about their team, then log onto espn, see a pic of D-Will, and then read some crap opinion article (sorry Andrew, but your article was truly crap, even for non-Jazz fans). I am going to go ahead and use one of those voices you blasted Locke for, because this is the underlying issue of the whole fiasco, DO NOT POST CRAPPY OPINION ARTICLES IN THE NEWS SECTION OF YOUR MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!
    I like you guys, and will continue reading if you decide a little more judiciously what is news and what is not. Otherwise, you are just a crappy blog with no education.

  • brado

    Okay, why bother fighting over an opinion of an article? Aren’t fans/reporters/analyst supposed to disagree and think others opinions are crazy? Yes the initial article posted on Dime was lame – but what is worse is the fact that you feel like you have to defend yourself……it’s very childish.

    I doubt the initial did that much damage to your readership base. But this article makes you look like a pussy and makes me not want to read Dime. Just worry about you.