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Spain, Serbia set up title game rematch; Shaq is talking reckless

Rudy Fernandez

NBA TV almost got it right. For the first day of knockout-round play at the FIBA World Championship, they realized the single-announcer thing wasn’t working. So they rolled out a pair of talking heads — only they still had The Worst Announcer In The History Of Basketball involved. Viewers of the Spain/Greece game were among the unfortunate victims. Again, the action itself was good, but you’d have been better off watching on MUTE. With six minutes left, Spain was up by one before Rudy Fernandez sparked a 9-0 run to stretch the lead to double-digits. Greece got within a couple of shots a few times after that, but J.C. Navarro would either answer with a bucket, or Spain just wouldn’t miss their free throws. Down the stretch it really came down to Spain’s zone D forcing Greece to jack threes that weren’t falling … The calmer soccer announcer was fine, but his partner was terrible as usual. It was like Best In Show when Fred Willard was being a clown in the announce booth and the other guy was doing all he could to hold the show together. Dude was on play-by-play, yet he’d go minutes at a time without saying anyone’s name, just “Spain” and “Greece.” He actually kind of reminded us of back when Vince McMahon used to announce for the WWF. He introduced Spike Lee as someone “who loves basketball. And potato chips,” then wondered if Spike was at the game because he was planning a movie on international basketball. Yeah, we can totally see I’ll Take More Butter: The Baby Shaq Story as a Spike Lee joint … Although if Spike ever made a movie about Vassilis Spanoulis, he could have Russell Crowe play the lead … Serbia/Croatia came down to the last second. It was back-and-forth the whole time before Serbia went up by seven midway through the fourth quarter. Croatian PG Marko Popovic scored 11 points over the last part of the quarter — mostly at the free-throw line — and had it tied with 11 seconds left. Aleksandar Rasic scored to give Serbia the lead with nine seconds left, then after Popovic tied it with two more FT’s, Rasic got fouled with one second left. He iced the first one to send Serbia to the next round … That sets up a Spain/Serbia matchup, a rematch of the ’09 Eurobasket title game. Marc Gasol and Nenad Krstic will go at each other’s necks in the paint, but the best matchup will be between Spain’s backcourt (Navarro and Ricky Rubio) and Serbia’s led by Rasic … Rudy Gay hurt his groin in the Tunisia game, but went through a whole practice yesterday and will mostly likely be fine for the Angola game. If there ever was a knockout-round opponent against which you could rest a key player, it’d be Angola, but Team USA may not be able to afford anybody sitting out. Rudy could be the X-factor that makes the U.S. unbeatable in this tournament, but people have been waiting for him to turn on the “Takeover” part of his game ever since UConn … One of our guys is actually in Turkey, and send us this last night: “In Istanbul at a club named Reina. Notables in attendance: Marc Gasol, Krstic, Rubio, Andy Varejao, Barbosa, Jimmy Goldstein, Spike Lee and Bono from U2.” … Would it shock you to learn Shaq is already throwing his ex-teammates in Cleveland under the bus while acting like the Celtics are the greatest team in the world? “When I was with Cleveland, guys who couldn’t even play were worried about shots,” Shaq was quoted in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “Why was Mo (Williams) taking 15 shots, and I’m only taking four? If LeBron takes 20 shots, that’s cool.” Odd how Shaq hasn’t dissed LeBron yet, but you know it’s happening sooner or later … We’re out like more butter …

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  • Steve


  • OBF

    as a Cs fan it worries me how shaq freely and oftenly talks **** about so many of his old teammates…and how serious he takes the game now.

    most of the offseason news he makes has to do with celebrity appearances, not hard work hes putting in to making sure hes on a team that can win it next season.

    mo can play, especially when you look @ the recent year playoff stats he put up compared to shaq.

  • OBF

    as a Cs fan it worries me how shaq freely and oftenly talks **** about so many of his old teammates…and how serious he takes the game now.

    most of the offseason news he makes has to do with celebrity appearances, not hard work hes putting in to making sure hes on a team that can win it next season.

    mo can play, especially when you look @ the recent year playoff stats he put up compared to shaq.

  • Phileus

    Sad but true: “Baby Shaq” would be at least as good of an NBA player as Real Shaq right now.

  • Phileus

    Haha, what’s with that Swedish Fish swimming around under the comment box? Is it an ad? It’s not even a link though!

  • King

    Are you guys sure that they aren’t fiba guys doing the game

  • ab40

    Can you say shaq is wrong?
    Mo Williams is not and never will be an all star talent.
    But all of the guys who didn’t sign with cleveland were right for Lebron left this summer.

    Greece fought hard but spain was just more talented the bench score was 25-2. Serbia Croatia was close but Serbia was up the whole game great composure by the serbs.
    And dang spain serbia in the second round is one crazy matchup.

    Today’s games are wide open as well with france playing turkey and slovenia playing australia. I don’t have to work out today so I’ll be watching.

  • shuttles

    Shaq runs his mouth a lot but he’s usually got a point. Mo Williams is garbage. If I want a point guard who can shoot and do nothing else well I’ll take Eddie house

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ Shaq

    Say it with ya chest, big a$$ nicca!
    At least he speaks his mind. And truthfully, should Mo be taking that many shots? Probably not.

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    1) Shaq isn’t talking about Mo Williams – he’s talking about someone else besides Mo talking shit ABOUT Mo. Read it carefully, Shaq’s saying “guys who couldn’t even play” were saying why is Mo getting shots and I’m not.

    2) Why aren’t the names of the players in bold for today’s Smack? Not a good look during the week you were taken to task for sloppy editing. (I know I’m probably the only person to notice this, just looking out for you guys yo!)

  • Stunnaboy09

    @Leon Smith

    Thank God someone pointed that out, Shaq was talking bout the scrubs who were complaining about Mo’s shot selection.

    Shaq =/= Baby Shaq at this point in their careers, and its sad but hey if he can stay in reasonable shape, defend Dwight and score when needed I aint complaining.

  • yoda

    croatia-serboa was nice game. and serbia will have great team in 2-3 years. they are youngest team on this wc and they play like “grown ups”. they will be even better when teodosic starts playing like he did last year at euro championship.
    unfortunately i saw only last 2 minutes of spain vs greece. but still it was fun game. i liked how ricky iced those free throws.

  • sh!tfaced

    Say what you will about the announcers being full of crap and all but you gotta give props to the cameramen/directors at FIBA, they sure know how to look for all the hot babes in the crowd…

  • Shiptar

    USA have the easiest schedule to the semifinal… Come on Angola, and probably Russia, not even a real test!

  • K Dizzle

    @ Leon Smith
    good perception

    Some shouldn’t post late night. You tend to misunderstand some shit.
    I wish Shaq woulda dropped names. You already throwin em under the bus, might as well run over em…

  • http://Dimemag Smitty012

    Mo Williams is nice

  • Bilal23

    let shaq speak. he’s the only one thats keeping some kinda animosity between teams, rather that than the current love fest between players

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Mo Williams is alright…nice is a stretch,,,,

    Shaq is away more busy crashing weddings than ball…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    damn I’m drunk…I meant shaq is WAY more busy…

    whose saids I shouldnt post late0night….i’m on poynt…


  • egypt

    dime don’t be foxnews… splitting the quote up totally murdering what was actually said

  • ecco

    wow how can you even misunderstand shaqs quote ? especially as a native speaker thats just sad…

  • fLaVa

    i think the dude talkin smack is Gibson. He plays like MO, a SG stuck in a PG body and a shoot first PG.

    After checking some stats, he avg 4.8 shots a game and other players that avg around 4 shots are Jaward Williams and Moon – I just dont see them talking reckless like that.

    Cant wait til next season when Gibson/ Mo are on the court at the same time lol

  • fLaVa

    I just watched Australia score all of 8 points in the first Quarter, makes China 13 point lowest scoring output in FIBA history disappear in all of 2 days lol

    See if Aus can crack 40 points to erase China previous lowest point output for the half…

  • fLaVa

    oh snap..

    China had 13 points AT THE HALF>.. damn… looks like that record isnt going anywhere in.. FOREVER.. just like wilts 100pt record.

  • HeatWave4Life

    Gibson and Williams suck…And Shaq is always talking smack lol

  • JAX

    Shaq, Shaq, Shaq. Just like the song says, “You had it all, just like Bogart and McCall”…YOU DUMBASS!!! SHOULDA STAYED IN L. f@#$%^&*$ A.!!!! WE HAD A DYNASTY GOING!!!! I still have love for when he was with the Lake Show but he just made a mockery out of history and tradition. I’m a Laker fan for life, but because of the Laker TEAMS, not any one player. That’s what he doesn’t and never will understand. It’s time to look beyond that lame “it’s a business” excuse. EVERYBODY GETS PAID IN THE NBA!!! We need TEAMS back so that we can honor what the game truly is meant to be about. And for the record…if all these young bucks are always spouting “it’s a business” and “I gotta get mine” bulls*^&, then why is it that 72% (!!!) of the players are BROKE after an average of 5 years??

  • Sporty-j

    No suprise that Shaq is throwing another 1 of his teammates under the bus. Hes becoming the next T.O. and im suprised Boston even wanted him period. All of the fantasic 4 in Boston are on his hit-list next. It suprises me that he has yet to throw Lebron under the bus though. I guess hes still holding out hope of begging Bron and Wade to let him join the Heat if they dont win in Boston or he just wants to stay cool with Lebron because he should have been called Lebron out like Barkley did and thats not like Shaq to not have thrown Lebron under the Bus by now. Is he on the Lehype machine also or does Lebron have something on him???

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I know the NBA is a brotherhood and all that (though I do not believe it’s as tight as people want to believe) but you guys are acting like Shaq is throwing HOFers under the bus. $h!t these cats ain’t even all-stars!
    Outside of Kobe (who started ish with Shaq first by telling the media that he and Malone paid hoes to not snitch to their wives) what HOFer did he throw under a bus?

    He stole Steve Nash’s tv show idea, but never popped ish about them or the Suns. He never popped ish about the Miami Heat or Wade. I never heard him publicy say anything about Penny Hardaway (who is not a HOFer anyway) it’s just media (mainly DIME) insinuating that he did have beef with him. All in all, yeh Shaq is goofy and will say whatever he wants about anyone, but it’s never personal stuff (except Kobe) it’s always about basketball.

    side note: anyone notice that on Shaq VS (his tv show) that Shaq never takes off his tank top. The nicca is supposedly training with other athletes yet he never loses weight? amazingly lazy

  • the truth

    shaq tells it like it is

  • life

    Dime, I’m going to need you to continue to bold-type the player’s name.

  • kingralf

    no comments for the last smack?

  • K Dizzle

    Probably some alcohol related issue to turn the comments off for monday morning….

  • sh!tfaced

    Comments off? Dime crew getting sensitive already? That time of the month, eh?